Blue And White Porcelain Table Lamps

The colors blue and white go together so well, in striped upholstery, in wallpaper and paint tones, and in living space accessories. And it is with that ideal in mind that we give you the blue and white porcelain table lamp collection. These are gorgeous, and will fit in with any decor. Take a look at all of our porcelain lamps in blue and white and see.

Best Products

Ralph Lauren Mandarin Floral, Mandarin Blue & White Traditional Porcelain Ceramic Table Lamp

As you can see, Ralph Lauren is not only a designer of fashionable clothes but also a stylish blue and white porcelain table lamp with a ceramic rectangular shaft, hand-painted dark blue floristic patterns. The white lampshade has a square form.

Blue and white porcelain table lamps

A beautiful addition to homes and offices, this table lamp boasts of decorative design and stylish accents. Its body is made of quality porcelain with white and navy blue floral pattern. It stands on a mirrored square base, and holds an off-white fabric shade with crystal ball finial.

Blue and white porcelain table lamps 1

A table lamp with a solid porcelain construction. Its white and blue pattern perfectly matches a neutral styled, white shade. Porcelain base of this lamp is not only attractive, but also resistant to wear.

Ralph lauren lamps

Boasting of geometric design and fashionable aesthetics, this table lamp knows how to sparkle with elegance and sophistication. Designed of white and blue porcelain, it supports a lovely drum shade made of an off-white fabric.

Blue and white porcelain table lamps 2

Tasteful table lamp in the Oriental style. Porcelain base is finished with sophisticated ornament. Lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

New lauren by ralph lauren blue and white porcelain koi

New Lauren By Ralph Lauren Blue And White Porcelain Koi Fish Detail Table Lamp
With the sublime and beautifully detailed base this table lamp will make for just the most fitting solution for a lighting fixture for your home. It is made of high quality porcelain and brings the koi fish theme.

Asian blue and white porcelain lamp asian table lamps

Asian Blue And White Porcelain Lamp Asian Table Lamps
Asian blue and white porcelain lamp in bird and garden scene. This lamp has hexagonal shape and accent with pomegranate. It is dressed with silk lamp shade. This element is inspired of East Asia culture.

Our advice Buying Guide

A blue and white porcelain table lamp has a way of lighting up rooms even when it's switched off. Yes, that's how enduring its beauty is. If you're the type of person who loves being surrounded by stunning objects like fine paintings, ornate sculptures, and fresh flowers, then read on as we've created a buying guide on blue and white porcelain table lamps.

Where to put a porcelain table lamp?

  • Living Room - The living room is often the biggest room in a home; therefore, it offers lots of opportunities in getting creative using table lamps. So, try mixing and matching blue and white porcelain table lamp bases and shades with your floor coverings, living room furniture or even your wall décor. If you have a dark corner, you can use a blue and white table lamp in lightening up the area.
  • Bedroom - When you’re searching for a blue and white porcelain table lamp for your bedroom, get the one that can balance soft light with the style that you love. You will need one which can give off just the right amount of light for getting dressed and bedside reading. Porcelain table lamps for bedrooms come with different patterns, sizes, and textures, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Just don’t forget to choose the one that complements your room’s overall mood and feel.
  • Dining Room - A dining room table lamp can make the space more inviting or romantic enough to share several meals with family and friends. Pair your chosen table lamp with candles to create a lighting effect that’s layered. By the way, try to avoid using the lamp as your table’s focal point as the focus should be on your guests and on what is served on the table.
  • Bathroom - Lighting up your bathroom can seem really tricky with the reflective surfaces present like your shower screens and mirrors. So, get a small-size blue and white porcelain table lamp instead to give off just enough warm glow which can help you transform your bathroom into something luxurious. Remember that your lamp shade should not be fabric as it attracts mold. Opt for plastic as the shade of your porcelain lamp.     

How to style with a blue and white porcelain table lamp?

Blue and white porcelain table lamps come in various designs to reflect different styles from vintage to modern. So, decide what your room’s theme should be and match that with the style of your table lamp.

If you want a modern blue and white porcelain table lamp, opt for clean lines and a bold shape. It should have no small details. A striking geometric shape can enhance a room’s modern look.

A table lamp with ornate details and fancy curves tend to give off a vibe that’s antique, traditional or vintage.

What kind of bulbs can be used with porcelain table lamps?

A table lamp’s light output will depend mostly on the intensity of the light bulb, the ability of the shade to filter light, and where you place the table lamp. If you want your table lamp to give off more brightness, you can increase the light output by switching an incandescent bulb with an LED or fluorescent bulb. However, you need to be careful about using a bulb with a higher wattage than the maximum wattage rating of your lamp.


Ralph lauren lamp blue and white

Vintage table lamp. It has unique kickstand made of porcelain vase decorated with hand-painted blue, floral pattern. Lampshade is simple and made of blanched canvas. It will play its role the best as night light in elegant bedroom.

Nwt ralph lauren blue white porcelain lamp

Nwt Ralph Lauren Blue White Porcelain Lamp
Ralph Lauren is known of its style and design - so presented here blue porcelain lamp by his design is everything what any interior needs. White classic lampshade based on blue&white floral ceramic base, with wooden round ground.

Blue and white porcelain vase buffet table lamp

Blue and White Porcelain Vase Buffet Table Lamp

Small blue and white lamp

A gorgeous pair of table lamps with a beautiful navy blue floral pattern. Each lamp includes an off-white fabric bell shade, a ball finial on top, a porcelain body and an espresso-finished round base.

Kristiana white and blue porcelain table lamp

Kristiana White and Blue Porcelain Table Lamp

Blue and white porcelain table lamps

In addition to the decorative function, Chinese ceramic dishes, like plates, dishes, were used at the sultan's court for meals. Sometimes like the core of this blue and white porcelain table lamp had a decorative function. Here, topped with a linen shade.

Porcelain lamp base

Presented here blue and white porcelain table lamp comes to us from limited production and Chinese style set. Blue and white are dancing together on ceramic shaft and base of the elegant lamp. The lampshade has a neutral beige color.

Blue and white porcelain lamps

Beautiful blue and white porcelain table lamp, ready to spark some style and fashion in your house. Radiant, lively blue is the best choice for any room. We can’t imagine a house that wouldn’t be prettier with such a lamp.

Blue white fern porcelain 1 light candlestick lamp 1

Blue/ White Fern Porcelain 1-light Candlestick Lamp

Blue and white lamp

A table lamp that features a very solid porcelain base with blue and white pattern. The base also includes some crystals for additional aesthetic value. Traditional drum shade is very attractive and matches modern indoors.

White porcelain lamp

This type of white and blue porcelain, visible in the stem of this table lamp, accounted for the majority of exports (around 80%) during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The origins of its production date back to the Tang Dynasty.

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
It is a table lamp that has got a rectangular shade and is made of light blue crackle porcelain. It has got a very adorable look and is great for bedroom, living room and more. It adds style and beauty to any home.

Rose Vine Blue and White Temple Jar Table Lamp

Blue and white decorating 1

Blue And White Decorating
Phenomenal interior in white, wood and dark details is more beautiful due to the amazing porcelain lamps with classic white shades. The whole is beautifully combined with the interior design bringing subtlety and elegance to it.

Blue and white oriental lamps

The porcelain was called white gold. It was often a commodity and made China famous all over the world. Today, it was used to create a dignified porcelain core of this blue&white porcelain table lamp painted in traditional Chinese blue landscapes and dragons.

Temple 30" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Temple 30" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
With such a captivating, handcrafted design, this 30-Inch Height Table Lamp blends perfectly with contemporary décor. The lamp features porcelain construction, an empire shade, rosewood base, and 3-way light socket.

Crystal table lamps ebay

Both porcelain covered with cracks and this white-blue hand painted by a man is for the Chinese a manifestation of the natural beauty of nature. The use of only 2 colors is the manifestation of the simplicity of this blue and white porcelain table lamp.

Small Staffordshire-styled Blue White Porcelain Dog Table Lamp

Table lamps have taken on various forms. For fans of a specific breed of dog, or all four-legged dogs, we present a blue&white porcelain table lamp with a ceramic dog figurine, hand-painted in cobalt accents. He looks proud while holding a white lampshade.

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Pair of chinese blue white porcelain table lamps

Pair Of Chinese Blue White Porcelain Table Lamps
Inspirations from the Orient never go out of fashion.People who want to bring a bit of exoticism and learn about the far-eastern art of porcelain creation and centuries-old hand-paintings-should be interested in a pair of this blue&white porcelain table lamps.

Iris Blue And White Porcelain With Crystal Table Lamp

Blue porcelain lamp 5

Candlestick lamps inspired by English stylization from late 18th and early 19th century. Their construction features brass and cut glass mounted cylindrical drums with applied white classical figures in relief.

Lauren lamps

Skye Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamp -

Vase 16" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Vase 16" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Callisto blue roses on white ceramic table lamp

Callisto Blue Roses On White Ceramic Table Lamp

5 chinese blue white porcelain table lamps simply beautiful over

Chinese Blue White Porcelain Table Lamps, Simply Beautiful. Over 3,500 Classic designs inspirations, now on line, to enjoy, pin, share inspire. Including unique limited production, bedroom, living room, dining room, furniture, beds, n

Delft lamp

Pair of Porcelain Blue and White Table Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Ralph lauren lamps blue white

Large Scenic Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamp with Shade. Product in photo is from

T7 014 blue white ginger jar ceramic table lamp gilded

T7-014 Blue/white ginger jar ceramic table lamp, gilded base

Sarasota 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Sarasota 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

20 inch classic blue and white porcelain jar lamp china

20-inch Classic Blue and White Porcelain Jar Lamp (China) | Shopping - The Best Deals on Table Lamps

Blue and white china lamp bases

Do you know that even Queen Elizabeth II is a lover of porcelain, traditional for England, with white-blue pattern? This table lamp is full of the blue and white floral ornaments. Classic white lampshade,only highlights the tradition of this lighting example.

Unique blue and white porcelain table lamp country scene 19

Unique Blue And White Porcelain Table Lamp Country Scene 19 034
We all know that it is China that has the greatest tradition of capturing beautiful porcelain items, such as this base of blue and white porcelain table lamps from beige porcelain, hand-painted in rural Chinese landscapes.

Ralph lauren table lamps sale

It was not until 1709 that Europeans learned the secrets of the raw material and the process of making porcelain mass - today we are privileged to enjoy the eye with such a white and blue stem of a Chinese-style porcelain lamp with 3 spheres.

Table lamps blue and white porcelain vase ceramic table lamp

... > Table Lamps > Blue And White Porcelain Vase Ceramic Table Lamp

Blue and white table lamps

Do you want to change something in your home decor? So, you need to consider these antique Chinese porcelain table lamps. They have got the blue and white oriental pattern.

Blue porcelain lamp 9

Embodying the best features of the antique design, this pair of blue porcelain lamps will fit into all classical interiors. Brass base and a stylish porcelain shade will create a romantic glow.

Table lamp collection ginger jar oriental blue and white ceramic

... Table Lamp Collection GINGER JAR Oriental blue and white ceramic table

Blue and white table lamp

Beautiful porcelain table lamp is an excellent way to bring Chinese subtlety and aesthetics to the decor. The beautiful design and interesting details of the lampshade create a coherent and unique whole which impresses.

Queens Gate Vase Table Lamp

Queens Gate Vase Table Lamp

Kristiana white and blue porcelain table lamp 1

Kristiana White and Blue Porcelain Table Lamp

Blue and white table

Hand painted ceramic table lamp with classic blue-and-white toile design. The stunning ornamental base on crystal clear pedestal supports simple white silk cubic shade encircling the single 100 watt bulb.

Amzdeal® Solar rechargeable table lamp porcelain of Jingdezhen blue Solar Table Light blue and white porcelain and white porcelain Chinese restaurant LED night light bedside lamp table lamp