Lead Crystal Lamp

Found here is a wide variety of lead crystal lamps to make your room, and let your personality sparkle! With appearances ranging from the modern to the antique, and so many options in between, there is bound to be an option that's right for you. Whether you just love the classic elegance of them or love to watch the light bounce off of all the crystal facets, you will not be disappointed when you look through this exquisite collection of lead crystal lamps.

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Vintage hand cut lead crystal lamp and

Vintage hand cut lead crystal lamp and
A breathtaking table lamp that will be an eye-catching accent of every room. Both the base and the shade are made of transparent crystal with subtle decorations. The lamp beautifully sparkles when it's on.

Lead crystal brass lamp tritschler

Lead crystal brass lamp tritschler
Vintage led crystal lamp, with beautiful classy golden bottom finish. I have no idea what it was made for, but I would use it to keep my beautiful flowers. :) In fact this lamp presents well in any interior.

Lead Crystal Lamp

Lead Crystal Lamp
This beautiful hand-cut glass lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to create an elegant ambiance with a clear vintage vibe in their interiors. It was crafted in old Yugoslavia.

Lead Crystal 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Lead Crystal 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Alluring contemporary 1-light table lamp featuring a base consisting of a square brown brass foot with tips and a stem built of 4 size-varied crystal balls with brass fittings. A round shade is of creamy fabric with a solid pattern.

Vintage pink depression glass cut

Vintage pink depression glass cut
Glass cut crystal lamp with a durable and decorative construction. This element of home equipment not only provides illumination on desks and tables, but it also decorates indoors at day. Its glass construction looks very nice with blue crystals.

Pair of vintage hand cut lead crystal lamps

Pair of vintage hand cut lead crystal lamps
Those crystal lamps sport the vintage hand-cut design and the clear structure made entirely of crystal, while the shape only adds more to the overall look and allows you to produce an extra source of light in your household.

Imperlux lead crystal lamp

Imperlux lead crystal lamp
Whatever you want to do - cool down or warm up your interior, choose a lead crystal table lamp. It has a beautiful glass bowl that imitates the ice-like structure. The base is partly made of crystal, most importantly all the elements were made by hand.

Our advice Buying Guide

A crystal lamp will bring sophistication to any living space or foyer. However, a lead crystal lamp containing 23% to 33% lead oxide will show off your immaculate taste in fine furnishings. The right base and shade will compliment the sparkle.

More expensive than cut glass or crystal, the difference comes from changing the calcium content to lead oxide during the manufacturing process. This causes a refraction of light, lending more clarity and brightness of the glass. Lead crystal uses lead oxide which changes the dynamics of the chemical structure. The result is a softer material that is usually cut into facets instead of rounded edges as commonly seen in non-lead crystal.

What are lead crystal lamps crafted from?

  • Lead Crystal - All crystal is made from manganese, soda, silica sand and lime. Lead crystal goes one step further to include lead oxide that actually makes the glass sparkle. There may be additional minerals added for specific color tones. Some of these include saltpeter, borax or arsenic.
  • Brass - Brass bases and ornaments compliment lead crystal by adding substance and an enhanced backdrop of sophistication.
  • Polished Chrome - A reflection of the crystal can be seen with a polished chrome base.
  • Wood - A way to bring transitional beauty into many different decors.
  • Linen Shades - Linen offers a shadow of light while highlighting the crystal.

How to clean a lead crystal lamp?

A lead crystal lamp is very delicate. Compare the quality to a fine oil painting. Regular weekly cleaning is recommended by using a blow dryer to shake off any dust particles. If dusting is preferred, use a feather duster with no chemicals or a dry cloth for gentle wiping. Harsh cleaners should never come into contact with lead crystal.

The fabric lamp shade should be vacuumed or brushed with a magnetic dust collecting device.

What are lead crystal lamp standard dimensions and weight?

Lead crystal is heavier than regular crystal. Take this into consideration when placing a lead crystal on an end table or bedside table. Depending on the percentage of lead oxide used, a lead crystal lamp can weigh 18% to 40% more than a glass-cut model.

  • Lamp Height - Measure the table height. Your total lamp height should be no more than 1 1/2 times this number.
  • Lamp Width - The lamp shade width will be in balance with the base if it is within 2" of the total base length. For instance, if your base length measures 20", the diameter of the shade should be 18" to 22".

How to style with a lead crystal lamp?

Lead crystal lamps were once reserved for formal areas and traditional designs. However, almost any decor can now support the elegance of a lead crystal lamp with the proper design, base, and shade. A pair of tall crystal lamps may support a long foyer console in contemporary or modern beauty. Romanticize a master bedroom with small crystal lamps sporting matching crystal shades.

Keep lead crystal lamps away from busy family rooms or areas where traffic is heavy for better longevity and lasting beauty.


Vintage French Cage Crystal Lustre Chandelier W French Pink Opaline Crystals

Vintage French Cage Crystal Lustre Chandelier W French Pink Opaline Crystals
With the charming pink crystals and the lavish design this chandelier is a truly fitting choice for your interior for when you want to go for some elegance and a look of utter class. It offers a perfect way for the light to disperse beautifully in the room.

Pr French Art Deco Style Pink Cut Rock Crystal Lamps20th Century

Pr French Art Deco Style Pink Cut Rock Crystal Lamps20th Century
Attractive antique table lamps featuring rectangular lampshades cut of natural rock crystal in beautiful pink shades. A lampshade has a top tile with a barrel finial of brass. A brass base resembles a trapezoidal ingot of gold on 4 low square feet.

Chunky Crystal 22.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Chunky Crystal 22.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This charming and stylish table lamp is gonna totally amaze all of your guests! If you're looking for some unique and intriguing solutions for your house, this awesome item might be a perfect match for you.

Slender Crystal 26" H Table Lamp Drum Shade

Slender Crystal 26" H Table Lamp Drum Shade
If you're a fan of charming and extraordinary solutions, you're gonna fall in love with this unique table lamp with drum shade! Place it in your living room or bedroom and enjoy its intriguing design.

Lead crystal lamp 4

Original table lamp made of crystal and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Perfect solution for bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need. Classic form and elegant style.

Details about vtg lead crystal dome shade table lamp night

Details about Vtg. Lead Crystal Dome Shade Table Lamp / Night light

Lead crystal lamp 29

Lead Crystal Lamp

Princess house lead crystal lamp princess house lead crystal lamp

princess house lead crystal lamp princess house lead crystal lamp ...

Crystal lamps vintage

Quaint vintage lead crystal lamp. Oozing with charm, it could effortlessly meet the taste of retro design fans. Clear crystal base matches the shade; the former has additionally been adorned with flowers pattern

148 pair of heavy german 24 lead crystal lamps

148: Pair of Heavy German 24% Lead Crystal Lamps

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Like this item?

Crystal clear industries handcut 24 lead crystal from yugolavia 33

Crystal Clear Industries Handcut 24% Lead Crystal from Yugolavia 33" Table Lamp

Details about vtg lead crystal dome shade table lamp night

Details about Vtg. Lead Crystal Dome Shade Table Lamp / Night light

Lead crystal lamp 2

Sophisticated and vintage electric lamp. It is made of crystal and stylised on old-fashioned crystal vase or big vial. Due to transparency this lamp has very bright light. This item make your house more luxurious.

Stunning lead crystal table lamp stacked beveled squares with cut

Stunning Lead Crystal Table Lamp Stacked Beveled Squares With Cut ...

Antique crystal lamp

Vintage 24 Lead Crystal Lamp with Diamond Cuts by PrimaTreasures, $40.00

Princess house 24 lead crystal glass table lamp


Pink crystal lamp 30

Inspired by the Edwardian era, this vintage pink crystal lamp enchants with its rich adornments, along with the vintage Indian sari trim. The shade features hand-beaded fringe in golds, pale pinks, greens and silver.

Lead crystal lamp 3

This lead crystal lamp shade makes a great proposition for all, who love the elegance in its traditional way. Transparent glass, covered in different subtle accents creates a wonderful glittering experience when turned on.

Lead crystal lamp 31

Lead Crystal Lamp

Fifth Avenue Crystal Portico 7-1/2-Inch Mini Candle Lamp

Set of 25 2" High Quality 30% Lead Tear Drop Crystals For Lamp & Chandeliers!

Lead crystal lamp 10

Vintage Lead Crystal Lamp

Anna hutte lead crystal

crystal lightbulbs - traditional materials in unexpected places, also combining elegance with industrial

Lead crystal chandelier hurricane lamps 1 pair ebay

lead crystal chandelier hurricane lamps (1 pair) | eBay

Vtg gorgeous large 24 fine lead crystal made in germany


Lead crystal lamp 18

Artemis Clear Lead Crystal Table Lamp with Off-White Shade -

Lead crystal lamp 5

voguelivingmagazine: 'Katerina' chandeliers, hand-threaded with European lead crystal, at the dinner celebrating Lancôme's new collaboratio...

Lead crystal table lamp

Lead crystal lamps. Bathroom?

Lead crystal lamp 6

Lamps made from old glass bowls, vases and decanters. Seen at Glasets Hus in Limmared.

Lead crystal lamp 14

Hello, gorgeous! This lead crystal lamp is even more stunning in person. Topped with a crisp black silk shade the look is polished and modern, with a little traditional touch. From

Pink crystal lamp

Table lamp which connect kitsch with vintage, elegant style. It has stylish kickstand made of glass and decorated of crystals, but lampshade in a shape of chalice is made of pink ceramic and decorated with floral pattern.

Crystal lamp 24 percent lead crystal cut glass vintage table

Crystal Lamp - 24 percent Lead Crystal cut glass vintage table lamp ...

Pink crystal lamp 24

Ceiling mounted lamp with a durable and attractive construction based on crystals finished in pink color. Its top frame also includes some decorative accents and it is painted in antique white color for aesthetics.

Lead crystal lamp 1

Old-fashioned take on an antique oil lamp with a frame made out of crystal glass and a copper top. The lamp is still functioning and requires only additional oil, and comes with an attached bottom made out of brass.

Lead crystal lamp 2

28 " Leaded Crystal Lamp

Lead crystal lamp 19

Crystal Lamp, black, white, taupe, mirror | Neiman Marcus

Lead crystal lamp

Lead Crystal Lamp

Waterford crystal 3

waterford crystal

Lead crystal lamp 15

Antique VintageRARE Cage Chandelier Lighting Lead Crystal Lamp 14in 1940s #French

30 inch satin nickel full lead crystal table lamp 361

30-Inch Satin Nickel Full Lead Crystal Table Lamp $361 Bellacor

Lead crystal lamp 23


Lead crystal lamp 22

>> 2 antique lead crystal lamps - $75 (Roanoke)