Waterford Crystal Crystal Table Lamp

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Waterford crystal crystal table lamps are some of the most beautiful table lamps you will ever see. They are one of the few lamp companies that can actually rival Tiffany's. And that is because instead of utilizing stained glass, the people who designed Waterford table lamps only use the finest crystal. They are as elegant as they are classical. Take a look at our collection and so what we mean. They are all very lovely.

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Vintage princess house leaded crystal

Vintage princess house leaded crystal

This Waterford crystal table lamp will add a glamorous antique touch to any space. Embodying elegance and refinement, it originates from the 1970's and measures only 11 inches high.

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Waterford kilkenny 29 inch table lamp

Waterford kilkenny 29 inch table lamp

This Waterford crystal table lamp will be a gorgeous way to the so-called empire or glamour appeal to your decor. Polished brass finish complements well the intricate detailing of the Kilkenny pattern’s signature cuts. It measures 29 Inches overall.

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Waterford crystal table lamp belline with original shade brass accents

Waterford crystal table lamp belline with original shade brass accents

This Waterford Crystal table lamp will add style and chic to any living room or bedroom decor. Its beautiful brass base and original shade emphasize the refined character of the item.

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Belline 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Belline 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

It is very pretty, decorative and extremely decorative lamp on the cabinet. It is made of crystal base and a delicate shade in the Empire style. This makes it extremely elegant, has a lot of class, and at the same time is very decorative.

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Lismore 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lismore 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

It is unusual and very elegant lamp, which is ideally suited to the bedroom. Leg lamp is transparent, which means that a lot of the class. It looks interesting and intriguing. At the same time, very interesting lamp is diffused by the glass leg.

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Waterford crystal hospitality pineapple lamp with brass trim shade

Waterford crystal hospitality pineapple lamp with brass trim shade

A highly-decorative table lamp for accentuating contemporary homes and offices. Its design is, simply, impeccable, consisted of a crystal glass body, a brass-finished metal base, and an off-white fabric bell shade.

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Waterford lamps discontinued

Made in stylish vintage crystal form, table lamps are a lovely addition to any interior design. Romantic elements create a unique composition that makes the interior take on a beautiful and stunning character.

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Waterford crystal table lamps

The effective crystal base of this cute table lamp makes the interior more elegant and unique in style. Beautiful gilding adds style and glamor style. Beautiful lampshade captivates by adding all lightness.

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Waterford pineapple lamp

This Waterford Crystal lamp with white shade enchants with its glamorous finish, being a great proposition for all refined or sophisticated interiors. Golden base and crystal, glazed body create a prestigious appeal.

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Waterford lamp 2

This crystal glass lamp is a contemporary element of equipment that provides small light and decorates indoors. Its lower part includes a round base for more stability and support. This crystal construction is solid and attractive.

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Waterford Crystal Crystal Table Lamp

Buying Guide

Waterford crystal lamps are the best option if you want to transform your room into something well-designed and graceful. They provide graceful lighting and bring elegant ambiance, so they are more applicable where the decor is formal. In more casually decorated rooms, these lamps may appear a bit awkward.

Waterford crystal table lamps can beautifully complement master bedrooms, study rooms, drawing rooms, guest rooms, and living rooms alike. Nowadays, these lamps are also used in royal weddings and make the event look even more regal.

You can find different kinds of Waterford Crystal lamps when you step into the market and if you know the basics of these lamps, then buying a perfect table lamp is not tough anymore. Some different types of crystal lamps that you will find in the market are:

  • Belline Table Lamp: It comes with a white shade with pleats on it. This helps to bring a touch of class and grace to your entire room. It is elegant yet glamorous in a style that is perfect to bring oomph to your room décor.
  • Hospitality Lamp: Suitable for living rooms, it comes with a pineapple-shaped stand which gives a modern touch along with elegance. It is accompanied by a white shade. While buying Waterford lamps, you are sure that you are buying some quality as well as durability.
  • Waterford Finn Table Lamp: This lamp style is unique as compared to the other styles. It is sleek and elegant which will give an executive look to your room. It comes with a brass finish which makes it even more exclusive. It is comparatively less priced than other ones. The shade consists of a combination of 2 colors i.e. gold and white that diffuses light in an exquisite way.
  • Waterford Hurricane Crystal Table Lamp: This piece is made with some specially cut glass and is a perfect selection for bedrooms, drawing rooms and living area. These crystal cuts create an amazing corona of light that adds a unique sparkle to the room. This design is a classic and never goes out of fashion. The main benefit of this piece is its timeless beauty.
  • Waterford Beaumont crystal table lamp: This comes in a deep honey color and is among the finest crystal lamps. It comes with two light options i.e. two bulbs can be placed in a single lamp. This option makes it even more unique. Two lights combine to bring out an exclusive pattern of light. It has a distinctive power button i.e. two heavy hanging chains are pulled to switch it on or off.
  • Waterford Lighting Kells: This style also comes with a brass finish and a white starlight shade. It is more recommended for study rooms or bedside table. It makes reading more luxurious and easy. It brightens the area incredibly which makes it a perfect pick for study purposes.

These lamps are delicately designed with detailed cuts. The spark and the shine only last when they are cleaned on a daily basis.

Best Ideas

Waterford lamps

A breathtaking table lamp for contemporary interiors, with a waterford design and snow-white fabric imperial shade. Embellished with gold accents, the lamp shines with timeless elegance and extraordinary appearance.

Small waterford lamp

A piece of simply utmost beauty and refined appeal. This crystal table lamp sports the gold finish of its base that contrasts perfectly with the transparent, clear glass of the shade creating a true masterpiece.

Waterford lamps 3

Table lamp in elegant style. Glass base is decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with ruffles. Stylish accent for bedroom, living room and more.

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Waterford lamp shade

Finery - is a perfect word to describe presented here Waterford crystal table lamp. It will surely bring an elegant glow to your desk. Brass finishes, combine subtly with the characteristic cuts in the base glass.The lampshade has a traditional and beige form.

If i needed a hurricane lamp id want one like

If I needed a Hurricane Lamp, I'd want one like this...not the country Cracker Barrel kind! :-)

Waterford crystal 2 piece alana electric hurricane table lamp



Waterford crystal table lamp 1

Waterford Crystal Large Table Lamp, Achill 22.5 inches Retials $1,650 Signed #Waterford

Waterford crystal belline accent table lamp

Waterford Crystal Belline Accent Table Lamp

Waterford crystal lamp base

Enchanting with its crystal finish, this Schonbek Princessa table lamp enchants with its exclusive, antique appeal. Having a Waterford crystal base, it will add refinement, wherever used.

Waterford crystal lamp shades 1

Waterford Crystal Polished Brass Kells Table Lamp 102-947-30-00 30" high $650

Waterford crystal lamps for sale

Waterford Hospitality Lamp - Crystal Classics