Antique Hurricane Style Glass Lamps


Few lamp styles say classical elegance like an antique hurricane style glass lamp. Their curves, their delicate touches, give them such an air of fine beauty, they enchant anyone who has the luck to gaze upon them. One of these in your home will add a classy charm that every home should desire. Take a look at this collection and see what we have to offer.

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Our Picks

Vintage Gone With The Wind Lamp

Vintage Gone With The Wind Lamp

This atmospheric wind lamp light in antique style is an excellent way to bring an extraordinary climate into the interior. The beautiful rose motifs on the glass elemental lights captivate, and the solid steel construction adds all the stability.

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Large Vintage Oil Lamp Hurricane Lamp

Large Vintage Oil Lamp Hurricane Lamp

Although the glory years of the kerosene lamp have only spanned over a period of 6 decades, it is now sought after in many forms. This antique hurricane style glass lamp is made of glass and has a traditional slender design with brass elements.

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Antique glass lanterns

Antique table lamp intended to living room or dining room. It has elegant base and frame made of carved brass. Kickstand and lampshade are complete - both are made of porcelain and decorated of hand-painted pink flowers.

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Vintage amber glass fenton cherub

Vintage amber glass fenton cherub

A vintage cottage style electric table lamp. Its base has a brass foot and a bulb of amber-yellow glass above. Its showy amber-colour lampshade with a narrower top rests on a round brass holder. Glass parts feature beautiful convex floral patterns.

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Antique hurricane lamps

Stylish oil lamp with glass lampshade decorated with floral theme. Carefully carving base is made of metal with gold finish. Tasteful accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

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Consolidated glass company antique oil

Consolidated glass company antique oil

This antique hurricane style glass lamp will a proposition for the fans of the genre. Its turquoise spherical silhouette is combined with antique brass framing, adorned with rich curves and volutes.

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Clear glass hurricane oil lamp from the

Clear glass hurricane oil lamp from the

To add evening conversations the special charm - you can apply vintage lighting. Such as this hurricane oil lamp, made of clear strong glass in the 1930s.

Will find itself on a home table, or in the garden.

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Rose gone with the wind lamp huricane by

Rose gone with the wind lamp huricane by

This beautiful lamp made of a combination of pink glass and steel details creates an unusual element of interior design. The beautiful motifs of rural flowers delight, and the beautiful glow of pink glass delights in giving the interior a magical atmosphere.

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Antique Atterbury Boston Sandwich Glass Eapg Victorian Old Oil Kerosene Lamp

Antique Atterbury Boston Sandwich Glass Eapg Victorian Old Oil Kerosene Lamp

Oil lamp mounted on pedestal base. Lampshade is made of glass and finished with sophisticated ornament. Perfect as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

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Hurricane style gone with the wind table lamp


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Antique Hurricane Style Glass Lamps

Buying Guide

A hurricane glass lamp is something that every home should have, especially for the ones that are located in hurricane-prone areas. However, there's something better than a hurricane glass lamp, and that is an antique hurricane glass lamp. With it, you won't just have an emergency light source during power outages, but you'll also have a beautiful decor. Of course, finding the right antique-style hurricane glass lamp can be tricky as there's plenty of them to choose from.

In this article, we are going to help clear a bit of the confusion by providing you with a buying guide for an antique hurricane glass lamp.

When it comes to picking the right hurricane lamp, the first thing you need to know is that antique styles come in many different categories. Some of the most common antique styles are Victorian, Renaissance, Gothic Revival, and Greek. Hence, if the room is themed to the Victorian style, then you'd want an antique hurricane lamp that's also Victorian by design. The same goes if the room is Greek, Renaissance or Gothic Revival. Knowing the antique theme you want is essential as it's going to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

An antique hurricane glass lamp will come with a glass that will protect the flame from draft or wind. The glass may come in different types.

  • Annealed glass is the most basic type of glass. It has the advantage of being cheap and it's readily available. On the downside, it can be hazardous when it gets broken as the shards tend to be sharp and pointy.
  • The toughened type of glass is a bit more durable compared to annealed glass. It has the added benefit of being less hazardous. This is because when a toughened glass breaks, it results in shards that are small in size and squarish in shape. On the downside, it's a bit more expensive than an annealed glass.
  • If your safety is your concern, then laminated glass is probably the best for you. Laminated glass has a polymeric material, which significantly reduces the chances of producing sharp glass shards when it breaks. On the downside, it's a bit difficult to find one used for a hurricane lamp, and it's also more expensive than annealed glass and toughened glass.

If you are looking for a genuine hurricane glass lamp, choose reputable dealers, especially if you don't know much about antiques and how to verify their authenticity. Not everything sold as antique really is a genuine item. Always ask questions about the origin of the lamp. If it truly is an antique, the dealer will have plenty of information about the lamp. You may also ask an appraiser to evaluate the piece.

However, the beauty of having many options is that you are not forced to go for something expensive just to have something nice-looking. There are cheaper alternatives that you can go for. For example, rather than going for the more expensive genuine antique hurricane lamp, you can buy one that is styled to look old. It's a lot cheaper, and it will serve the purpose.

Best Ideas

Where to buy hurricane lamps

This antique hurricane glass lamp is all you need to break the monotony and boredom of your interior. Nice, light blue colour makes it refreshing, while the rich, bronze ornamentations give it a luxurious, rich vibe.

1950s vintage cobalt blue glass oil lamp

1950s vintage cobalt blue glass oil lamp

Moody and unique approach to an old-fashioned oil lamp made in an oriental fashion. The lamp is made out of stained glass in a dark, cobalt color with the middle part made out of brass, providing an unusual touch.

Vintage orange amber glass 3 way globe table lamp with

Vintage Orange Amber Glass 3 Way Globe Table Lamp with Hurricane Chimney Light - Gone with the Wind Style Antique Parlor Lighting Nouveau

Hurricane lamps for sale

A pair of hurricane lamps, perfect for creating soothing and romantic atmosphere around the house. The milk glass hurricane sits tightly inside of the hobnail basket that's connected to the plate-like base for good stability.

White milk glass hurricane table lamp shade vintage gwtw style

White Milk Glass Hurricane Table Lamp Shade Vintage GWTW Style Globe ...

Swirl hurricane lamp

Swirl Hurricane Lamp

Antique gone with the wind style hurricane parlor hand painted

Antique Gone with The Wind Style Hurricane Parlor Hand Painted Large Table Lamp | eBay

Pink Red Roses Medium Hurricane Night Light Table Lamp

Floral hurricane antique brass finish table lamp

Floral Hurricane Antique Brass Finish Table Lamp

Gone with the wind style hand painted red w flowers

Gone with The Wind Style Hand Painted Red w Flowers Table Lamp | eBay

Gone with the wind gwtw hedco hurricane lamp 1950s by

Gone With The Wind GWTW HEDCO Hurricane Lamp 1950's by Moosemom, $165.00

Antique blue glass oil lamp

A gorgeous indoor lamp with antique silhouette and eye-catchy design, splendid for enhancing contemporary interiors. It's made of white glass and an antique brass finish footed base, boasting of a stylish touch of Victorian era.

Vintage white milk glass with globe yellow roses hurricane gwtw

Vintage White Milk Glass with Globe Yellow Roses Hurricane GWTW Style ...

Vintage l l wmc electric gwtw style hurricane lusterglass table

Vintage L&L WMC Electric GWTW Style Hurricane LUSTER`Glass Table Lamp ...