Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp

Once considered the best way to light the home before electricity, now a very attractive collectable item that still functions, these glass kerosene oil lamps are a very nice way to give homage to the old frontier. And the glass bases have been redesigned and updated for style and sturdiness. See all our glass kerosene lamps in this collection.

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Antique Old Kerosene Oil Victorian Eapg Emerald Princess Feather Glass Lamp

Antique Old Kerosene Oil Victorian Eapg Emerald Princess Feather Glass Lamp
Antique glass kerosene oil lamp is a real treat for lovers of original design details. The gorgeous green glass design allows you to bring to your room a subtle light source that captivates. Beautiful ornaments are fabulous.

Rare Authentic Antique Princess Feather Oil Lamp Kerosene Blue Large Glass Eapg

Rare Authentic Antique Princess Feather Oil Lamp Kerosene Blue Large Glass Eapg
It's an authentic antique princess feather oil lamp with Kerosene blue large glass construction. Beautiful addition to the living room , bedroom or outdoor dining table.

Antique Victorian Green Satin Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Iron Metal Base Gold

Antique Victorian Green Satin Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Iron Metal Base Gold
Such a kerosene oil lamp is a treat for environmental advocates and for saving electricity supporters. Like oil lamps, they are useful for lighting without electricity. This one besied that bring an antique victorian green satin style of glass, and metal base.

Sale antique oil lamp hand blown glass

Sale antique oil lamp hand blown glass
This antique climax oil lamp is almost 200 years old, patented on January 21, 1830. Features a hand blown glass shade with a raised star pattern, and a metal base in a rustic brass finish with a touch of beautiful patina.

Glass kerosene oil lamp 2

Oil lamp with antique finish. It is mounted on glass base. Classic form and elegant design for each place according to taste.

Glass kerosene lamps

Antique design for a retro-looking kerosene oil lamp with a frame made out of brass metal with an amber-like finish and a matte texture. The top of the lamp is fitted with a glass cover, so the flame does not flicker on wind.

Kerosene oil lamp

"Rare" Art Deco Green Depression Uranium Vaseline Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp

Our advice Buying Guide

Are glass kerosene oil lamps safe to burn?

A glass kerosene oil lamp is safe to burn indoors as long as you provide some type of ventilation. K-1 kerosene contains impurities, such as sulfur, that lead to unpleasant odors when burning, so providing an escape for these fumes is crucial.

You also need to use approved fuels in your lamp. Look for instructions that come with the lamp to find out the right fuel for your model. K-1 kerosene is the most popular choice and is widely available and usually inexpensive. You can find smaller containers at hardware stores.

Also, know the flash point of the kerosene you use in your glass lamp. It should not be below 124°F or higher than 150°F. If it is not within this range, your lamp can burn uncontrollably and may lead to a fire in your home.

It’s especially important with a glass kerosene oil lamp to avoid using dyed kerosene because it causes staining and clogs the wick.

How do I clean a glass kerosene lamp?

To clean a glass kerosene oil lamp, start by removing the wick, globe, and reservoir cap. Put these items to one side and pour the old oil out of the reservoir into a jar or can. You can use a funnel to prevent spills.

Next, add a small spoonful of dishwashing liquid or detergent to the reservoir. Fill it ⅔ full with warm water. Cover the top of the reservoir so you can mix the water and soap around to coat the inside of your lamp. Then use a bottle brush to scrub the interior and remove debris or film. Pour out the dirty water and refill it with fresh soapy water, all the way to the top of the lamp. Let it sit for 12 to 24 hours.

Dump out the water and see if the reservoir has come clean. If not, you can use a glass cleaner like Windex on a cloth to scrub the remaining film away. Then rinse it out and air dry before refilling the lamp with oil and reattaching the globe, wick, and cap.

What home aesthetics do glass kerosene oil lamps go with?

A glass kerosene oil lamp is a style statement that’s much more traditional than modern—so we’d hesitate to recommend it for minimalist, modern, or mid-century modern homes.

This type of lamp would be most at home in your eclectic vintage or farmhouse-chic setup—or if you’re trying to go for a maximalist aesthetic.


Cut glass oil lamp

With this lovely kerosene oil lamp, your room will be swimming in vintage aesthetics and timeless elegance. The body is shaped like an ancient goblet and made of stained glass, holding a mouth-blown hurricane designed of clear glass.

Antique kerosene lamp

Made of glass kerosene oil lamp is a stylish element of interior design. Beautiful clear glass lamps on a phenomenal basis in a golden hue is elegant and exceptionally efficient. Perfect for the living room or office.

Antique paraffin lamp

A 19th century banquet lamp in green vasaline glass.

Clear glass kerosene oil lamp chimney with eagle burner wick

Clear Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp & Chimney With Eagle Burner & Wick - 17 ...

Vintage miniature oil lamps

Oil lamp with decoratively rounded base. It is made of metal and glass. Great addition in vintage style for each place.

Kerosene lamp antique

#Prepper - We have oil lamps with colored glass and clear, nice addition to table centerpieces, I saw on your board with the black lanterns in center, oil lamps give same look

Glass kerosene lamps for sale

An adorable antique oil lamp of cut crystal glass. It has a round foot, a tall round stem with twisted ornaments, an oval cistern. A burner and a shade holder are of brass. A tulip-like lampshade is of frosted glass, a chimney - of clear glass.

Glass kerosene lamp

Antique Green Glass Miniature Mini Oil Kerosene Lamp C 1890's Sweetheart Pattern | eBay

Green depression glass oil lamp

I do collect these.

Clear glass oil kerosene white flame light lamp w ruffled

... Clear Glass Oil Kerosene White Flame Light Lamp W/ Ruffled Chimney

Atwood red milk glass hurricane paneled oil kerosene lamp lantern

... Atwood Red & Milk Glass Hurricane Paneled Oil Kerosene Lamp Lantern

Antique glass oil lamps

This astonishing Aladdin lamp is available with kerosene or electric burner, boasting of breathtaking design and flawless silhouette. It comes with a glass bowl that allows to easily monitor the fuel level, and a fill cap for easy refilling. Holds 1 quart of kerosene.

Clear glass kerosene lamp oil lamp jpg


1911 greek key clear glass hurricane kerosene oil lamp light

... 1911 Greek Key Clear Glass Hurricane Kerosene Oil Lamp Light 18 1/4

Clear glass paneled ribbed hurricane shade kerosene oil lamp light

... Clear Glass Paneled & Ribbed & Hurricane Shade Kerosene Oil Lamp Light

Clear glass kerosene oil lamp chimney with eagle burner wick

Clear Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp & Chimney With Eagle Burner & Wick - 17 ...

Glass kerosene oil lamp 2

... Nu Burner Model B Clear Glass Washington Drape Oil Lamp Kerosene

Glass kerosene oil lamp 4

Mosser Glass...GLORIOUS

Antique brass student lamp original oil kerosene lamp green grape

Antique Brass Student Lamp / Original Oil Kerosene Lamp Green Grape ...

The Ellipse Oil Lamp (Set of 4)

The Ellipse Oil Lamp (Set of 4)

Double handle pressed glass oil lamp kerosene lamp jpg


Glass kerosene oil lamp 1

Price $ 35

Clear glass kerosene oil lamp base 8 25 tall

Clear Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Base - 8.25" Tall

Oil lamps mixed in with clear glass bottles milk glass

Oil lamps mixed in with clear glass bottles, milk glass and mason jars...color in centerpieces coming from flowers only

Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp

Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp

Princess feather glass kerosene oil lamp w shade pink cranberry

Princess Feather Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w Shade Pink Cranberry Victorian Ruby | eBay

Glass kerosene lamps large oil lamp sl47071

Glass Kerosene Lamps - large oil lamp SL47071

515213c98e60e_194072b jpg


Green glass finger oil lamp kerosene lamp jpg


Rl1068 1l jpg


Antique kerosene lanterns

A kerosene lamp is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene (paraffin) as a fueil. That's a rare retro example of kerosene oil lamp, made of glass in amber shades. It is said that amber closes things within for eternity - here was closed the good style.

Clear glass kerosene oil lamp base 8 25 tall 2

Clear Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Base - 8.25" Tall

Details about vintage kaadan ltd clear cut glass hurricane geometric

Details about Vintage KAADAN LTD Clear Cut Glass Hurricane Geometric ...

Kerosene lamp for sale

An American or English Patinated Bronze and Cut Glass Banquet Lamp, tripartite paw foot base, cut and etched shade, chimney

Kerosene lamp glass


Cargo Oil Lamp

Cargo Oil Lamp

Peacock feather pedestal finger oil lamp kerosene lamp1 jpg


Antique glass base for oil kerosene lamp clear bubble glass

Antique Glass Base For Oil Kerosene Lamp Clear Bubble Glass Old Brass ...

Old sail boat green glass hurricane geometric oil kerosene lamp

... Old Sail Boat Green Glass Hurricane Geometric Oil Kerosene Lamp Light

Vintage glass container oil kerosene lamp oil for sale in

Vintage Glass container Oil / Kerosene / Lamp Oil for sale in Erwin ...

1930s aladdin kerosene clear glass oil lamp item 422 for

... 1930's Aladdin Kerosene Clear Glass Oil Lamp Item #422 - For Sale

Antique glass kerosene oil lamp primitive painted flowers glass air

Antique Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Primitive Painted Flowers ~ Glass Air Bubbles

Finger oil kerosene lamp light queen ann no 2 scovill

... Finger Oil Kerosene Lamp Light Queen Ann No 2 Scovill Glass Lantern