Parchment Lamp Shades

Are you on the hunt for the perfect lampshade? have you ever considered parchment? Well consider it now because we have an extensive collection of parchment lampshades it might be exactly what you're looking for. take a trip to the past every time you turn on the light. Take a look at this collection for more details. We have the lampshade for you.

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Parchment lamp shades painted paper

Parchment lamp shades painted paper
To embellish this pair of old vintage French, parchment lamp shades - there were added bunches of grapes and painted vine leaves. Frames are made of wire. They are made of thick parchment, in shades of ivory with slightly red tint.

8" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

8" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade
Empire lamp shade for all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Frame is made of metal and covered with fabric. It gives warm tone of light. Neutral design for living room, bedroom and more.

Atomic era parchment lamp shade vintage

Atomic era parchment lamp shade vintage
Unique lampshade made of fabric and finished with solid seams. It is decorated with interesting application. Received many positive ratings from customers for high quality and elegant design.

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
A beautiful shade for your lamp in traditional style and yellow finish to allow adding some warmth and coziness to your interior, while the material provides strength and reliability with the silk and shantung combination.

Parchment Lamp Shades Painted Paper

Parchment Lamp Shades Painted Paper
Beautiful traditional lampshades manufactured of parchment in creamy shades and featuring painted in restful colours scenes connected with foxhunting. These conical lampshades have metal frames and dark brown edges.

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade
Aesthetic traditional shade for table lamps. It is made of creamy solid-patterned linen which can be dry wiped. This shade has a brass wire shell and it is click-on attachable by sliding a clip over a bulb top.

Parchment lamp shade 4

A simple, but impressive lamp shade, which you can attach to both a floor or a table lamp. It's made of parchment that will give warm and rich light. The material used has a very unusual and distinctive texture.

Our advice Buying Guide

Parchment lamp shades come with their own unique sets of advantages that are hardly duplicated with other types of lamp shades. For one, parchment is much more durable than plain paper. It may not be as tough to fabric, but it's a lot more economical. Replacing a damaged parchment lamp shade won't burn a hole in your pocket. Despite having plenty of advantages, it is still not smart to buy the first parchment lamp shade you see.

Everyone has a different situation, and you need a parchment lamp shade that is suitable for your circumstance. To help you avoid costly mistakes, this article is going to feature a buying guide for parchment lamp shades.

How to determine the right height for parchment lamp shades?

When it comes to finding the right height, it's best to follow the eye-level rule. The rule suggests that the most bottom part of the parchment lamp shade should not be higher when compared to your eye level. If you choose to ignore this advice, it's likely that the bulb will be visible as you sit on your couch. In such an instance, you'll experience great discomfort due to too much brightness and glare.

Before you take the measurements, make sure you are seated on a chair that is closest to where you want to place the parchment lamp shade. If you are buying a lampshade for a table lamp, then measure the distance from the eye level and the desk top. If it's a floor lamp, then measure the gap between the floor and your eye level.

What are the major types of lighting?

In lighting design, there are two major categories. There's the ambient lighting and the task lighting. Knowing the difference between the two can help you pick the better lampshade in relation to your wants and needs.

If you simply want to illuminate the room, then you need ambient lighting. If you want a light to help you with reading, writing or other tasks, then task lighting is what you need.

Because parchment paper does not do an excellent job of blocking and redirecting the light, parchment lamp shades are often used for ambient lighting. Having said that, you can still use one for task lighting if you do a bit of optimization on the shape of the parchment lamp shade.

What are the best parchment lamp shades for ambient lighting?

Since parchment lamp shades are already excellent for ambient lighting, you don't have to do a lot of optimization. Almost any kind of shape will do at least a decent job of providing ambient lighting. However, if you want to maximize, the drum shape lamp shape is your best bet.

What are the best parchment lamp shades for task lighting?

Task lighting lampshades tend to prevent light from going out the sides and redirect it to the bottom. Hence, a coolie, empire or bell lamp shade is your best option.


Parchment lamp shades 1

Parchment Lamp Shades

Parchment lamp shades 1

A vintage lamp shade made of parchment in a beautiful ivory color. It features a hand painted image of butterflies and flowers. The lamp shade can be used for table and floor lamps. It will suit interiors in a rustic style.

Thirstystone Parchment Lamp Shade

Parchment lamp shades 4

Presented here parchment lampshade casts a warm amber-yellow light into the room interior. Highlighting the color patterns in the shade. The most characteristic elements are leather lashing around the top and bottom.

Parchment lamp shades

Unique in its form, this parchment lampshade will be a great proposition for all, who want to create a romantic, warm ambiance in their living space. Designed by Ironwood industries, distinguishes itself with solidness and durability.

Parchment lamp shades

A unique, vintage lamp shade that will suit minimalist interiors. It's 100% eco-friendly material as it's made of parchment with a touch of leather. It can be used as a shade for table or floor lamps.

Parchment lamp shade 2

This parchment lamp shade embodies rustic charm and unique style. It's wonderfully crafted, with a lot of attention to details. It will add warmth and brightness to all kinds of bedrooms or living rooms.

Parchment lampshades

Try to imagine yourself as a kid, who wanted to be a cowboy. This lamp shade would perfectally fit every cowboy and cowgirl's room. Parchment, leather lace, a bit creamy with this dirty, oldish accent.

Ebay image 1 vintage country french parchment floral lamp shade

eBay Image 1 Vintage Country French Parchment Floral Lamp Shade OLD

Parchment lampshades

Rustic lampshade. Sewn of fine parchment, with visible stitches that add to Wild West style. Great in Texas ranch stylized interior décor; it's in fact just a detail, but details matter for the general impression!

Parchment lamp shades

Admittedly this lampshade isn't very unique or stylish, but due to its simplicity, it can be used in every type of interior. Light of lamp will be very bright because this lampshade is made of translucent canvas.

Parchment lamp shades 5

Large Parchment Lamp Shade with Leather Lace

Product code cream parchment shade coolie

Product Code: Cream Parchment Shade Coolie

Vintage parchment lampshade with scenes of paris

Vintage Parchment Lampshade with Scenes of Paris

More mod novelty lamps lampshades vintage ivory parchment lamp shade

more mod novelty lamps lampshades vintage ivory parchment lamp shade ...

More mod novelty lamps lampshades vintage ivory parchment lamp shade

more mod novelty lamps lampshades vintage ivory parchment lamp shade ...

Parchment lamp shades 3

Parchment lamp shades:

Parchment Lamp Shade w/ Leather Lace

Lamp shade parchment paper

Lampshade designed for table lamp. It is covered with parchment. Adds freshness and elegance to each place. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Parchment lamp shades 25

Pair of Louis XIV style carved wooden lamps with custom made parchment lamp shades. France. CIRCA: 1800 DIMENSIONS: 40" (base only 24") h x 7.5" (base) h x 19" (shade) d

Vintage mid century green floral paper parchment lamp shade clip

Vintage Mid Century Green Floral Paper / Parchment Lamp Shade Clip On Bulb Fitter by BornAtTheWrongTime

Parchment lamp shades 20

cool light for my log home!

Parchment lamp shade 1

parchment lamp shade

An aladdin lamp with a parchment shade covered with fabric

An Aladdin Lamp With A Parchment Shade Covered With Fabric

Atomic wire table or desk lamp mod laced parchment shade

... atomic wire table or desk lamp, mod laced parchment shade in aqua

Parchment lamp shades 11

Pack Of 2 Teal Parchment Lamp Shade Pendant

Upgradelights Oiled Parchment Barrel Drum Chandelier Shades Set of 6 Bottom Is 4 Inches and Clips to a Bulb

Parchment lamp shades 24

Tall bedside table lamp

Parchment lamp shades 2

This lamp shade will be a perfect addition to rustic decor in your cottage. It will provide you a delicate light, perfect for chilling and relaxing evenings during your holiday. Rustic and vintage look just in your home.

Neptune accessories lamps bloomsbury antique lamp with henry parchment shade

Neptune Accessories Lamps - Bloomsbury Antique Lamp With Henry Parchment Shade

Parchment lamp shades 9

vintage mid century modern parchment lamp by CreativeObjective, $45.00

Parchment chandelier quantity price 16 95 16 95 kraft parchment

parchment chandelier quantity price $ 16 95 $ 16 95 kraft parchment ...

Parchment lamp shade

Leather lampshade intended to overhead light. This type of lampshade suppress light, so lamp with this type of shade has mysterious subdued light. This decorative element works out in dark inmost interiors.

Incandescent candelabra lamp black parchment shade 23 high brass

... Incandescent Candelabra Lamp, Black Parchment Shade, 23" high, Brass

Parchment lamp shade 3

Parchment lamp shade

Parchment lamp shades 18

Geo Lamp | Alexander Lamont: an ivory parchment column with natural chocolate shagreen shade lined with pure gold leaf and supported by bronze arms

Parchment paper lamp shades

This black round lampshade delights with its combination of black and gold, embodying style and prestige. Made of a heavy paper, this parchment shade ideally fits onto a desk lamp. It has has a spider fitter 1/2" below the top.

Parchment lamp shades 5

Green Parchment Lamp Shade 2 Tier Square Mid Century Gold Snow Flake Decor | eBay

Aladdin 12 sailing ship parchment oil lamp shade

Aladdin 12" Sailing Ship Parchment Oil Lamp Shade

Parchment lamp shades 4

Vintage Parchment Lamp Shade Hand Painted with Music Symbols

Table lamp parchment shade

#Table #Lamp Parchment Shade

Parchment lamp shades 14

Antique Mid Century Eames Era Two Tiered Parchment Lamp Shade Stamped Decoration | eBay

Parchment paper lamp shade 3

Parchment Paper Lamp shade