Southwestern Lamp Shades

Do you love the motif of the southwest? Do the barren deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and California call to you? Is turquoise your favorite color? Then you will want these new additions to enhance your southwestern decor, and make your lamps match what you feel in your heart. Get some southwestern lamp shades and complement your home.

Best Products

Mid century cholla cactus table lamp

Mid century cholla cactus table lamp
Embodying perfectly the southwestern spirit, this cool lampshade depicts a classic, western scene of a cowboy on his horse, somewhere in the desert. The base of the lamp is a (presumably) pine construction), while the main part of the lamp is cholla cactus.

Cowhide leather lamp shade rustic western 1351

Cowhide leather lamp shade rustic western 1351
Designed of a durable cowhide leather with white accents, this rustic western bell shade is going to easily enhance your country home. The top and bottom is neatly intertwined with a leather lace, beautifully emphasizing the whole look.

Western lamp shade bronc rider free

Western lamp shade bronc rider free
This stunning lamp shade offers the amazing Western styled structure and will make for a nice way of actually elevating the look of your interior, especially with the sublime man on the horse theme and the dirty cream finish.

Mesquite Lamp with Copper Shade 16" total Height with Trout Rectangle Shade &...

Made from Mesquite harvested from the Sonora Desert, being of the most diverse and dense wood found anywhere on earth, this lovely table lamp with copper shade measures 16" high.

Southwestern lamp shades

The style presented here is a package full of culture and heritage in the form of a southwestern single lamp shade. Known patterns of the wild west and indigenous people of America - are spread on a linen shade with an amber color.

Southwestern lamp shades 24

Embodying well the Southwestern style, this large punched metal lamp shade constitutes a perfect way to add your interiors a cool rustic or vintage appeal. The item was handcrafted in Mexico.

Southwestern lamp shades 1

Bring industrial accents into your home and illuminate your room with vintage flavor by using this impressive lamp shade. Drowned in rust patina, the shade features sturdy metal construction with stylish cut outs on top and bottom.

Our advice Buying Guide

Southwestern lamp shades come with a distinct style, which makes them desirable for many homeowners. Aside from the aesthetics, a Southwestern lamp shade has an essential function of providing light.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of Southwestern lamp shade varieties. In fact, the options are so many that it's easy to make a mistake of buying one that is not compatible with your situation. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for Southwestern lamp shades.

What are the shapes of Southwestern lamp shades?

The shades may come in different shapes. The common ones are the drum, empire, and bell. The right one for you depends on the lamp's primary purpose.

  • Drum - This shape focuses most of the light upwards and downwards. As the shape gets lengthier, the more the light will be funneled. Generally, drum-shaped lamp shades are used for providing focused and ambient lighting. Hence, it's an ideal shape for a table lamp or a tall lamp.
  • Empire - It's a shade that has a larger opening at the bottom when compared to the top. Also, the sides have a uniform angle, and not in a gradient. The shape directs and maximizes the light towards the bottom. It's an excellent lamp for ambient lighting. While the shape does provide more lighting coverage over a table, it's not recommended as a table lamp as there's a tendency for the bulb to become visible when in a seated position.
  • Bell - This one’s a shade that is shaped like a bell. It may come in the shape of an inward-curving or outwards-curving bell. The bell is somewhat a cross between the empire and drum shape. Thus, it can work as a lamp that provides ambient lighting and as a table lamp. On the downside, it just does an "okay" job at both, and not excellent.

Should I choose a hard-back or soft-back shade?

Southwestern shades may be hard-back or soft-back. Each has its own pros and cons.

  • The hard-back Southwestern lamp shade has the purpose of maximizing the light output towards the top and bottom. To achieve this, light coming out to the sides are blocked and re-directed. It's the reason why hard-back typically comes with a dark color on the outside and a shiny metal sheet on the inside to direct the light. Because it maximizes the light downwards, it's a good option if you need a lamp that provides illumination while doing something at a desk or table.
  • The soft-back allows the light to pass through the sides. Thus, such kind of shade comes with a sort of fabric cover. Since the light is not overly focused, the light output is more diffused. It's the reason why a soft-back lamp shade is a great solution if you are in need of ambient lighting.

The trick to avoiding costly mistakes when purchasing a Southwestern lamp shade is knowing how to narrow down your choices. The points mentioned above should help you filter your selections into a more manageable list. If you are still left with too many options, feel free to add more filters like the style, size, and costs.


Southwestern lamp shades 10

Can rust have an artistic dimension? As much as possible - in the form of a metal lampshade in the southwestern style with the Indian shade of light turquoise. The traditional shape has a non-traditional finish also with patina.

Lamp shade hand painted dimensions 6 x 21 x 13

... lamp shade hand painted dimensions 6 x 21 x 13 lamp shade only 0331 sh

Mild rust patina southwestern border

Mild rust patina southwestern border

Aztec stripe rawhide lamp shade

Aztec Stripe Rawhide Lamp Shade

Western lamp

Charming country style table lamps featuring conical lampshades hand-crafted of rawhide decorated with images characteristic for the Wild West and having edge lacing of leather. Cylindrical wooden stems on round bases are also beautifully painted.

Flat iron table lamp with southwest painted shade 32 in

Flat Iron Table Lamp with Southwest Painted Shade 32 in

Southwestern lamps sale

This lamp shade is a functional and decorative item with a rawhide stylization. Its standard shape and color looks very good in any decor and it doesn't block light. This shade matches different types of lamps.

Paprika hide lamp shade

Paprika Hide Lamp Shade

Lamp shade with clear glass star

Lamp Shade with clear glass star

Hhome decor the use of painted lamp shades for rustic

Hhome Decor - The Use of Painted Lamp Shades for Rustic

Southwestern lamp shades 2

Made in southwestern style shade lamps are a beautiful combination of pleasant color, classic form, interesting decorative details, and warm lighting. Ideally suited to traditional lamps that will gain a new style.

Southwest lamp shades

Inject Southwestern intonations into your urban apartment. This unique table lamp boasts sculptural base with full moon and desert cacti - the base is crafted from recycled steel for a reduced environment impact.

Southwest style lamp shades

A fabulous lamp shade with a southwestern design, decorated with green cactuses on a durable metal structure. The shade fits table lamps, and it can be a great embellishment for country interiors with a splash of an old western style.

Click to enlarge 467

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Goodnights legacy lampshade western decor cabin decor

Goodnights Legacy Lampshade - Western Decor - Cabin Decor

Southwestern lamp shades 14

Southwestern Mission Style 26" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Southwestern lamp shades 19

: Southwest Pattern Paprika Shade Table Lamp : Home Improvement

Product details 25

Product Details

Southwestern lamp shades 28

Unique lampshade dedicated especially to table lamp, but other available sizes will fit to different types of lamps. This metal lampshade has beautiful, hand-made decoration inspired of rising sun over mountains.

Southwestern lamp shades

The excellent base of this southwestern lamp shade makes it all captivates in every interior, giving it an original and highly stylistic look. Beautiful carvings on the base are exquisite details.

Tuscan lamp shades

Richly decorated table lamp in southwestern style. It is made of coloful glass. Empire lampshade gives warm tone of light. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Southwestern floor lamps

Deliver a Southwestern edge to your space and add some soft lighting too: this tall floor lamp with 3 way socket switch utilizes earthy brown tones and primitive Indian deers motifs to tell its Wild-West-immersed story.

Hopi bear fetish lamp and southwestern mica lamp shade

Hopi Bear fetish lamp and Southwestern Mica lamp shade

Southwestern floor lamps 1

For anyone who is inspired by the culture of Native Americans. This lamp can scare the rain! The stand of this table lamp has a form of rain dancer. Southwestern style is definitley unclichéd. Made of recycled steel. The lampshade has natural earth color.

Southwestern lamp shades 4

Southwest Shade on Braided Iron Rod Table Lamp 32 in

Southwestern lamp shades 9

Enchanting with its turquoise shade, this Southwestern cross lamp is a handmade construction. Its deeply wooden appeal will add a cool accent in any traditional or classic decor.

Standing elk design


Southwestern floor lamp

This original and exotic looking stylish southwestern table lamp would create fascinating atmosphere and would attract a lot of attention. made of orange and gray materials with high details precision would match any table.

Painted ponies rustic hand painted rawhide leather lampshade lamps lighting

Painted Ponies Rustic Hand Painted Rawhide Leather Lampshade - Lamps - Lighting Lamp Shades - WEST BY SOUTHWEST DECOR

Southwestern table lamp more lamp details 29 5 hydrocal lamp

southwestern table lamp more lamp details 29 5 hydrocal lamp southwest ...

Return next tribal wrought iron table lamp mica southwestern lampshade

return next tribal wrought iron table lamp mica southwestern lampshade ...

Kachina ii southwestern 25 in table lamp shade

Kachina II Southwestern 25 in Table Lamp & Shade

Wm shade juka lamp shade faux leather shade cream black

wm shade juka lamp shade faux leather shade cream black lamp shade ...

Southwestern lamp shades 31

Beautiful Animal Ceramic Lamp with Light Shade

I think i just found my new favorite place to

I think I just found my new favorite place to shop! Crows nest Trading Co!! Yee Haw!!

Details 28 5 hydrocal lamp southwestern lamps 100w paprika hide

... details 28 5 hydrocal lamp southwestern lamps 100w paprika hide shade

Southwestern Style Table Lamp

Southwestern spirit giclee set of four shades 3x6x5 c rustic

... Southwestern Spirit Giclee Set of Four Shades 3x6x5 (C rustic-lamp

Ts041 262 western table lamp bronco buster

(TS041-262) Western Table Lamp - Bronco Buster

I think i would change the color of this shade

I think I would change the color of this shade, but I do like this lamp.

Southwestern lamp shades 20

Southwestern Mission Table Lamp Stained Glass Shade 16" 231118G TL2 | eBay

Rustic lamp shade western leather hair on cowhide 421 bz

Rustic Lamp Shade Western Leather Hair on Cowhide 421 BZ

Southwestern design lantern american craftsmen series use 15 coupon code

Southwestern Design Lantern- American Craftsmen Series "Use 15% coupon code and save: JUNE15"