Nautical Lamp Shades

For those souls who love the sea, we offer you our collection of nautical lamp shades. Feel the wind in the spray , and hear the sirens call , as you gaze upon these handcrafted nautical lamp shades that will give you a feeling of the high seas every time you look at them . Look in this collection and see if we have the nautical lampshade for you.

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Nautical Lamp Shade

Nautical Lamp Shade
Choosing one of the 18 designs can be a hard task, especially if all of them enchant with their detailed surface, resembling well the cool, nautical climate. A great accent in all summer or coastal decors.

Serious Pirates Drum Lamp Shade

Serious Pirates Drum Lamp Shade
For everyone who loves pirate themes, we have something just perfect. This drum lamp shade features a durable design, decorated with a beautiful, pirate treasure map print. The shade is shatterproof, and resistant to tarnish, fade, chip, and rust.

Nautical Lamp Shade

Nautical Lamp Shade
Dress up your beach house with this beautiful and unique nautical-themed lampshade, featuring a white rope against a bold red fabric shade. This shade are crafted using cotton fabric over an opaque backing and are hand-trimmed and sewn.

Rope Table Lamp

Rope Table Lamp
More than a common nautical table lamp - the unique design of this lighting fixture incorporates a smart abaca rope base, which makes the beige linen shade look as if it were hovering in the air. (shade not included)

Anchor lamp shadenautical decor coottage

Anchor lamp shadenautical decor coottage
If you want to get to the port in your home, in good taste - we propose a table lamp with a classic triangular nautical lampshade, inspired by the sea. Together with two-colored stripes in white and navy blue - there is an embroidered dark anchor on it.

Vintage genuine seashell leaded tiffany style lamp signed

Vintage genuine seashell leaded tiffany style lamp signed
To retain summer memories for longer, you just need to surround yourself with cheerful additions, referring to coastal landscapes. Like, for example, a nautical lampshade made of real small sea shells, glued together in one illuminated lump.

Sea glass lamp shade for nautical decor

Sea glass lamp shade for nautical decor
Turquoise, white, blue and a bit pink shimmer in the crystals, that create the bottom of the lampshade. It may seems to be clasical white lamp shade, but with a crystal finish and specific texture of the lampshade cover, it is a uniqe nautical lampshade.

Our advice Buying Guide

Aaargh, Maties! Whether you are about to sing “Sixteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest,” or “Octopus’s Garden,” nautical lampshades will help set the tone. Perfect for an oceanside room theme or even one that has to do with boating or fantasy worlds that involve merfolk, selkies and world-encircling sea serpents, these nautical lampshades will blend in well with your general décor. While maintaining a single theme, they range from rollicking jolly good tar themes to the understated elegance that might bring visions of the Titanic and her sister ships. Even if your home is completely landlocked, you can enjoy the ambiance of the ocean with these beautiful or quaint shades.

What are the best nautical lamps shades out there?

  • Anchors Away Baby or Child Lamp Shade

This pretty lamp shade is a standard small conical shade. It is banded in navy blue around the bottom and the top of the shade and has a stylized anchor on its side. Perfect for the youngster who has a mom or dad in the Navy, or for an ocean-going nursery rhyme theme that focuses on verses such as Owl and the Pussycat, Pretty Bobby Shafto, or Rubadubdub Three Men in a Tub. The crisp, white shade can easily transition from a nursery theme to a bedroom for an older child.

  • Nautical Explorer

If your child thrives on tales of sailing ships and ancient explorers, this is a perfect lampshade for your young person’s room. Still keeping that navy-blue trim theme found in Anchors Away, this one depicts a line drawing in Navy blue of clipper ships in full sail accompanied by seagulls. It could even go with a Jonathan Livingston Seagull theme. It could even entrance a child who is fond of the classics, such as Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

  • Found on the Beach

This is perfect for anyone, young or old, who loves to walk along the beach picking up driftwood or shells. This fabric lamp shade is printed with seashells, a seahorse, branches of coral and seaweed along with other things you might expect to find washed up from the ocean. The youngster who loves to weep over the seaside scene in Little Women or the older reader who likes stories about chopping turf, digging clams and generally living at the ocean’s edge will be enchanted with this graceful depiction of the things that can be found at the ocean’s edge.

  • Yo-Ho-Ho, Skeleton Chest

Be sure to put your copy of Treasure Island next to this lamp! The lamp base is cast resin molded to look like a decaying tree trunk behind a pirate chest, with the skeletal remains of the pirate – wearing his obligatory skull and crossbones tricorn hat – seated atop the chest. The shade is an ornate treasure map, complete with a compass rose and giant X to mark the spot.


The look serene seaside table lamp

The look serene seaside table lamp
The maritime trend is marked by products related to the coast, maintained in the style described as coastal. In an abstract edition, the painterly colors of the sea and the beach are presented on the cylindrical lampshade of this table white table lamp.

7" Nautical Nights Empire Lamp Shade

7" Nautical Nights Empire Lamp Shade
It is a lamp that has got a nautical theme and an empire shade. It is a fantastic decoration and addition to your kids room, bedroom, living room and other. It has got blue and red accents.

Nautical lamp shades 15

If you want your table lamp shade to be a bit more original then this one is surely a nice choice with its world map theme and the vintage style to it. It offers the warm tone of its finish and will correspond well with any nautical themed interior.

Nautical lamp shades 2

The white shell sometimes remained symbolically in connection with the moon and thus with the feminine principle - it functions beautifully as a hand-painted symbol on a nautical beach lamp shade in bright shades of beige and ivory.

Nautical lampshades

Anchors away! This stunning bronze resin anchor lamp is just what your nautical decor is missing!

Nautical sea shells fabric lamp shade 10 sizes to choose

Nautical Sea Shells Fabric Lamp Shade (10 Sizes to Choose From!)

Nautical seahorse lamp shade

nautical seahorse lamp shade

Nautical lamp shade 3

With this nautical lamp shade your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It features the world's map on all shade. It's a fantastic addition to the kids room, home library and more.

Nautical lamp

Retain or emphasize nautical inspirations in your indoor decor - a rope knot base lamp delivers a worthy inspiration. Similar designs can be purchased, our one can save some money by doing it themselves.

Beach light shade

Lovely nautical lamp shade with glass base full of phenomenal shells and lovely shade is an excellent way to create a unique interior detail. The beautifully decorated shade with a shellfish finishes the design.

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illumalite Designs Starfish and Shells Shade

Such starfish live on the bottom of the seas and oceans, under rocks and on coral reefs. They also live hand-painted in delicate pearly shades of the cylindrical beautiful nautical lampshade with other shells and creatures from the bottom of the seas.

Beach Journal Lamp Shade

Decorative shells, starfish, and fish throughout the year will remind you of a successful vacation. Especially if they appear on the drum nautical beach lampshade to the lamp, in Marianist style and shades of blue, white or beige.

Coastal Images Drum Shade 13x14x10 (Spider)

illumalite Designs Lighthouse/Sailboat Shade, 7-Inch

Nautical lamp shades 2

This is a very non-flashy form of the lamp. Instead of a standard metal frame, was used a rope. It seems to be a lamp straight from an ancient ship. A nautical table, white with brown finish lampshade is hanging on simply, but stylish rope.

Beach lampshade

This cute element is not only table lamp, but of course beautiful decoration. It has brass kickstand in a shape of seahorse and blue lampshade. It will be fit especially to the children's bedroom or other interior in a naval style.

Maitland smith finely patina monkey on books desk lamp penshell

Maitland Smith Finely Patina Monkey on Books Desk Lamp, Penshell shade 1753-884

Nautical lamp shades

Drown your room in a sea of warmth and coziness, thanks to this pretty lamp shade with nautical accents. The drum shade is made of durable fabric - hand-painted using watercolors.

Diy rope lamp shade

Nautical lamp shade in drum shape. It is braided with thick rope. Perfect as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Beach lamp shade

quick natural update to a lamp shade or lamp

Nautical lamp shades 5

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Anchor lamp shadenautical decor coottage 1

Anchor Lamp Shadenautical Decor Coottage

Nautical themed lamps

The delightful lighthouse-shaped night lamp is a charming and exceptionally attractive element of the interior of children's room. Made entirely of white and navy blue, the details are delightful and brings a pleasant character to the room.

Aqua seahorse beach cottage lamp fun and whimsical

Aqua Seahorse #Beach Cottage Lamp - fun and whimsical!

Nautical lamp shade 1

A unique way of illuminating your home, using this untypical table lamp with imperial burlap shade. The base is sculpted from sturdy wood in distressed finish, shaped like a human body with the bulb-head and the shade for a hat.

Nautical lamp shades 10

Nautilus - Rebecca Asquith - Furniture & Object Designer/Maker

Hand painted and hand made nautical style lamp with burlap

Hand painted and hand made nautical style lamp with burlap shade. V...

Lifeguard Chair Beach Summer Table/Desk Lamp-Blue & White Shade

A unique approach to a decorative table lamp made to resemble a lifeguard beach chair, painted in a white coat of paint. The lamp is fitted with a blue and white, cone-shaped shade which provides a nautical detail.

White Lantern Table Lamp with Rope Shade 20"H Blue or Red

Starfish garland around lamp shade simple but elegant

starfish garland around lamp shade - simple but elegant

Crafted of metal with a glass shade raised wall plate

Crafted of metal with a glass shade Raised wall plate is outfitted with rounded screws with a matching finish Hardwire or plug in with a cord cover in a matching finish Includes 13W CFL bulb (40W standard bulb equivalent); 40W max. In antique brushed

Nautical lamp shade 4

Attractive and functional lamp with a natural design of its frame. Its lower area looks like a few pieces of wood and the upper part features a traditional lamp shade in neutral color. This original stylization provides light and decorates indoors.

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Beach themed light shades

Turquoise Distressed Beach Bucket Shell Lamp - these lamps are simply coastal cottage perfect!

Coastal lamp shade

Have fun with your chandelier and decorate

Nautical lamp shades 9

Nautical Rope and Bronze Square Chandelier Nautical rope adds rugged textural appeal to this square 3 light bronze chandelier. A favorite for coastal and rustic interiors

Nautical themed floor lamps

Handmade Medium Grey Anchor/Nautical Theme Drum by PerrelleDesigns, $40.00

Nautical light shade

Atomic Wire Guard Sconce, 311-Jadite | RIB-Ribbed Glass

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Nautical lamp shade

nautical lamp shade

Diy nautical lamp

Navy and Gold Chest Makeovers via #furnituremakeover #homeright #finishmax

Handmade medium aqua anchor nautical theme drum by perrelledesigns 1

Handmade Medium Aqua Anchor/Nautical Theme Drum by PerrelleDesigns