Stiffel Lamp Shades

We all know how important lamps can be. After looking closely at the stiffel lamp shades and their designs, shapes and colours that are presented below, you might gain an insight into the incredible variety of available choice. There is no need to rush so take the time you need before deciding.

Best Products

Pair Vintage Stiffel Brass Table Lamps 36 Stiffel Shades Mid Century Trophy

Pair Vintage Stiffel Brass Table Lamps 36 Stiffel Shades Mid Century Trophy
Traditional drum lampshade mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. It is compatible with standard table and floor lamp. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Vintage 18 pleated linen stiffel lamp

Vintage 18 pleated linen stiffel lamp
A gorgeous lamp shade characterized by a pleated linen design and a brass-finished metal wire frame. Inspired by a vintage style, the shade emanates with warm, soothing light, creating a truly romantic ambiance.

Nyp sale vintage stiffel swag hanging

Nyp sale vintage stiffel swag hanging
Embodying perfectly well the cool vintage style of the 1960s, this Stiffel lamp shade for antique brass is a heavy and solid construction, weighing almost 12 pounds. It measures just over 15" in diameter x 9 1/2" tall.

Vintage Stiffel Co Electric Table Lamp Solid Brass Mid Century Original Shade

Vintage Stiffel Co Electric Table Lamp Solid Brass Mid Century Original Shade
Lovely and very stylish vintage stiffel lamp shade of this unique table lamp on brass construction delights. The sleek form in beautiful color captivates the details and perfectly emphasizes the style of the interior.

Vintage 17 pleated linen stiffel lamp

Vintage 17 pleated linen stiffel lamp
The unusual design of this stiffer lamp shade in vintage design delights the details and makes the decor an interesting dimension. The whole is beautifully finished with amazing and slim details.

Pair stiffel lamp shades mid century

Pair stiffel lamp shades mid century
Authentic vintage cylindrical lampshades manufactured of quality textured fabric in delicate beigish tones. They have reinforced edges, a brass spider frame, are slip-on attachable and designed for 1 bulb.

Stiffel Lamp

Stiffel Lamp
Simple and classic example of Stiffel lampshade in brown color seems to be made of cardboard. It features fan cut design and brass base and also fitting. The fabric of which was made of this lampshade is called Croissant Silksheen.

Our advice Buying Guide

Ted Stiffel designed beautifully artistic, minimalist lamps. They combined functionality with beauty, using clean lines that had little in the way of extra ornamentation. Unlike the contemporary Tiffany lamps, these understated designer lamps would tastefully grace any living room. To some extent, they continue to influence home interior design today. They were so popular that they immediately spawned a host of imitators.

But one way to tell a genuine Stiffel lamp from an imitation is to pick it up. Ted Stiffel designed weight into the bottom of these lamps, making the slender metal stems into a practical design. Another way to tell if you have found a genuine Stiffel lamp is to look at the label on the inside of the shade. There should be a tag that is plainly marked “Stiffel.”

What types of shades go well with Stiffel lamps?

  • Bell Shade

The bell shade has a graceful shape that goes well with almost any sort of lamp, from Ted Stiffel’s original minimalist designs to themed lamps. As the name implies, it is narrow at the top where it attaches to the stem and then flairs out into a bell shape. The white shade tempers plain electric lightbulbs and creates a soft glow instead of a glare.

  • Drum Shade

The drum shade takes its name from its resemblance in shape to a snare drum. It has a round frame with a top and bottom that are the same size, with supports fastening them together. The cloth covering can be white, crème or a textured brown color. Again, the lamp provides a filter for a bare lightbulb of any sort. The darker brown can even tone down an LED light.

  • Tall Drum Shade

The tall drum shade, like the smaller one, has a top and bottom that are the same size. The sturdy ribs are covered with silk shantung in various colors. This one is suitable for larger lamps on which the small shades might present an unbalanced appearance. It also adds extra protection, because of its size, for very strong lights. It is an excellent choice for any living room.

  • Square Empire Shade

This “square” is more like a trapezoid. The top square is smaller than the bottom one, and the two are joined by curving wires that give a bell appearance to the assembly. It might be more attractive than a round lamp in settings which feature strong angles and sharp corners. Or it could become a contrast in a setting that has a lot of rounded surfaces.

  • Pleated Bell Shade

The pleated bell shade doubles up on the softening effect through the use of ridged fabric sides. The fabric looks almost like those paper fans that children love to fold, with its top and bottom edges fastened to circular frame pieces. It can be very attractive with more ornate lamps or delicately grace one of the minimalist stem designs.


16" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

16" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
Bell lampshade covered with fabric. Frame is made of metal. It gives warm tone of light. Applications in all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Received great reviews from customers.

Vintage stiffel fiberglass lamp shade 15 wide and 17 tall

Vintage stiffel fiberglass lamp shade 15 wide and 17 tall
A long-lasting and vintage-looking lamp shade that is going to illuminate your bedroom with old-fashioned charm. The drum shade is made of durable, distressed yellow fiberglass. Measurements: 15''W x 17''H.

Details about signed stiffel brass bouillotte lamp w leather shade

Details about Signed Stiffel Brass Bouillotte Lamp W/ Leather Shade ...

Stiffel lamp shades

This Stiffel pleated lamp shade in smocked cream finish constitutes a perfect example of the mid-century design. It will help you create a cool, vintage vibe in your bedroom or living room decor.

Stiffel lamp shades 2

The phenomenal stiffel lamp shade is a great way to perfect the interior design. Beautiful details and impressive form of the triple base enchants with decorated details and beautiful lampshade. Ideal for a bedroom or living room.

Stiffel lamp shades 11

Stiffel replacement glass lamp shade for authentic Stiffel floor lamps ...

Classic stiffel pleated ivory lamp shade authentic signed replacement

Classic STIFFEL Pleated Ivory Lamp Shade Authentic Signed Replacement

Classic drum lamp shades 6 sizes tall cylinder stiffel lampshades

Classic-Drum-Lamp-Shades-6-Sizes-Tall-Cylinder-Stiffel-Lampshades-Silk ...

Stiffel lamp shades 9

Stiffel Lamp Shades

Stiffel lamp shade pair bouillotte lamp replacment shades black gold

STIFFEL Lamp Shade PAIR Bouillotte Lamp Replacment Shades Black Gold ...

Rembrandt lamp reflector lamps by stiffel rembrandt lenox richards chapman

rembrandt+lamp | Reflector lamps by Stiffel, Rembrandt, Lenox, Richards, Chapman and ...

Stiffel lamp shades 3

Classic drum shaped lamp shade in cream white - when your old stiffel lamp shade doesn't look nice anymore and you need replacing it with something fresh that still sports unquestionable timeless elegance.

Stiffel lamp shades 15

Drum shaped lamp shade, rather tall, sewn of white fabric with pretty satin sheen. The white fabric has a slight cream tint to it, but it's luckily not yellowish (I appreciate that). Finest quality (reportedly).

Modified Bell Lampshade - Linen White 7.5 x 12 x 9.5


A charming vintage style lampshade manufactured of quality creamy silk with a pleated design. It has reinforced edges and a metal spider (frame). It's designed for 1 classic bulb and slip-on attachable.

Stiffel_vintage_milk_glass_torchiere_lamp_shade_white_ribbed_003 jpg


Stiffel replacement lamp shades

If you want to flood your bedroom with romantic atmosphere, this fashionable lamp shade will give you few pointers. The imperial shade is made of premium yellow silk that is wrapped around a pair of metal wire circles.

Shallow Drum Bell Billiotte Lampshade - White 13 x 19 x 11.26 (BS-711-19WH)

Bouillotte lamp shades

A wonderful authentic vintage table lamp having a brass base with a round feet and a stem with collars, widenings and narrowings. Its drum-like lampshade is of quality plain off-white silk. It's slip-on attachable, has reinforced edges, metal ribs.

Stiffel lamp shades 10

Stiffel Lamp Shades

Bottom Outside Scallop Bell Lampshade - White 9 x 18 x 14

Stiffel lamp shades 9

Pair of Vintage Stiffel Hollywood Regency Lamps TALL Heavy Brass with Original Stiffel Shades. . SOLD

Pair of vintage stiffel lamps brass table lamps with shades

Pair of Vintage Stiffel Lamps Brass Table Lamps with Shades | eBay

Stiffel lamp shades 6

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Stiffel glass lamp shade replacement

stiffel glass lamp shade replacement

Stiffel lamp shades 1

An exquisite lamp shade that will add dignity and class to your living room decor. The imperial shade is designed of a quality off-white fabric supported by a gold-finished metal wire frame.

Stiffel pair mid century modern drum 17 cylinder lamp shade


Stiffel torchiere shade white 15 w 5 h 2 25

Stiffel Torchiere Shade White 15"W, 5"H, 2.25"bottom, 1 7/8" Hole

Victorian silk drum lamp shades v notch bell cylinder stiffel

Victorian Silk Drum Lamp Shades V Notch Bell Cylinder Stiffel Lampshades 6 Sizes #LampShadeProbyHoyleFineLamps #VictorianTraditionalTransitionalModernRetro

25 Inch Buffet Lamp Antique Brass BL-AC9639-AB

29 Inch 3-Way Table Lamp Distressed White TL-A667-DW

Stiffel 3-way Table Lamp TL-N6086-N6085-SB Satin Brass, White / Creams, Metal

Stiffel enamel and brass hollywood regency table lamp shaded inventory

Stiffel enamel and brass Hollywood Regency table lamp, Shaded. Inventory Number A024. $425.

Bouillotte lamp shade

A handsome pair of Stiffel brass table lamps coming with original cylindric shades in cream that exqusitely suits the brass bases in tone. Very nice idea for vintage decor lighting. Some pastel mint accents are present here too.

Pair of mid century brass and enamel table lamps by

Pair of Mid Century Brass and Enamel Table Lamps by Stiffel USA c. 1960s A pair of vintage brass lamps by Stiffel with pale blue enameled bodies and white glass shades

Stiffel torchiere glass lamp shades

Classic vintage size-varied cone-shaped lampshades manufactured of quality pale green glass with a pleated pattern. They're suitable for standing, ceiling and wall lamps. A shade accommodates 1 bulb.

Stiffel white and gold ceramic lamp with brass by dceclectichouse

Stiffel White and Gold Ceramic Lamp with Brass by DCEclecticHouse

Stiffel lamp 44

Stiffel Lamp

Stiffel brass bouillotte french candlestick lamp tommi parzinger w orig

Stiffel brass Bouillotte French Candlestick Lamp Tommi Parzinger w orig. shade

Stiffel lamp shade 1

Matte black Stiffel lamp shade - in case your current interior ambiance were not moody enough. This American made lampshade boasts steel framework and brass-coloured inner shell. Classic choice for vintage layouts.

Stiffel lamp shade

Vintage Stiffel lamp shade in white with golden rim on bottom. Round, cylindric shape is fitting in style for traditionally decored interiors. I have no idea whether it needs some restorage or not, but it seems to be in good condition.

18" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

18" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

Lamp shades sold vintage 50 s 60 s torchiere style

... lamp shades sold vintage 50 s 60 s torchiere style stiffel lamp shades