Clip On Ceiling Shades

Did your new house come with some lonely lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling? Or perhaps you got tired of your old lighting fixtures? The right clip on ceiling shades will immediately revolutionize them.

They’re extremely versatile and easy to install as they can literally be clipped or screwed to your existing fixtures.

For a cohesive result, we recommend choosing one in a color that matches that room’s palette: a secondary hue for a more subtle result or your accent color if you want it to pop. In most cases, it’s best to avoid your palette’s primary color if it’s also that of your walls, otherwise your new shade will end up blending in.

It’s also wise to keep your interior style in mind. For example, a heavily ornate ceiling shade would look out of place in a minimalist room.

Standalone clip on ceiling light cover or a set?

Standalone clip on ceiling light cover or a set?

Before purchasing your new clip on ceiling shades, it’s worth taking the time to decide whether you’re going to buy different ones individually or a cohesive set.

Of course, if you only have one lightbulb, that’s an easy decision, but what if you need them for more rooms?

A set is usually more cost-effective and it can help you maintain a cohesive feel throughout your house. However, if each room tends to have a different theme and palette, it’d make more sense to purchase them individually.

Traditional empire clip on ceiling shades

Traditional empire clip on ceiling shades

Following a tapered cone shape, empire clip on ceiling shades are vastly popular options and probably what most people picture when thinking of lamps and lighting fixtures.

We recommend them if you appreciate a sense of symmetry and are after some clip on ceiling shades that diffuse light throughout your room in a more uniform way.

In most cases, you can also turn them into uplighters by clipping them upside down, which is handy if you’re looking to reduce glare and create a slightly dimmer atmosphere.


Classy clip on drum shade for ceiling light

Classy clip on drum shade for ceiling light

Another iconic alternative is the clip on drum shade for ceiling light. Shaped like a cylinder, it tends to be the brightest option as it casts light both downward and upward.

While most drum shades consist of a single layer, don’t forget that you can get creative with unusual designs too: how about this three-layered shade?


Clip on ceiling light shade in a streamlined but elegant design

Clip on ceiling light shade in a streamlined but elegant design

Fabric clip on ceiling shades are the most adequate ones to inspire a sense of coziness and tradition.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to experiment with more contemporary designs, you could consider other materials (such as acrylic), too.

This type of design would also work divinely in Scandinavian and minimalist settings that favor clean lines.

Ornate clip on ceiling shade

Ornate clip on ceiling shade

Your new clip on ceiling shades could also be more decorative. Perhaps you have shabby chic, French country, or vintage interiors full of details and harmonious lines?

Then scout for models that go beyond traditional designs and neutral colors: they’ll certainly complement the rest of your room and make a strong statement whenever you or your guests raise your eyes.

Opaque clip on light bulb covers

Opaque clip on light bulb covers

In most cases, translucent clip on shades are the most obvious choices for your ceiling. This is because they let the light filter through, resulting in a brighter room.

However, if you’d actually prefer a dimmer effect or you need them for task lighting, you can consider opaque designs, which are available in both lighter and darker colors.

Beaded clip on ceiling bulb cover

Beaded clip on ceiling bulb cover

Were you hoping for something truly special and eye-catching? Perhaps something that could bring a sparkle into your room? Then check out some beaded clip on ceiling shades, and especially those consisting of multiple layers.

Thanks to their jewel droplets, they’ll cast hypnotizing patterns throughout the room while still guaranteeing an elegant glow.


The right clip on ceiling shades for a specific style

The right clip on ceiling shades for a specific style

While certain colors and lines are enough to complement most decors, don’t forget that you can sometimes take this to the next level, too: how about some prints or patterns?

For example, floral motifs on a white background are perfect for shabby chic interiors, whereas this clip on ceiling shade would be a dreamy match for coastal rooms.

$27.99 $40.99

Industrial exposed light bulb cover

Industrial exposed light bulb cover

Perhaps you’re not actually looking to restrict the light in that room: you’re just not a fan of that bare light bulb dangling from the ceiling?

In that case, turn it into a conscious statement by embracing the charming rawness of industrial decor.

Exposed lightbulbs are one of the most recognizable elements of this style, so an open cage-style shade is your best bet.


Clip on drum shade for chandelier

Clip on drum shade for chandelier

Finally, while clip on ceiling shades are mostly known for overhead lights and pendants, did you know that you could find them for chandeliers too?

Because they’re a bit rarer, you’re bound to impress your guests with your unique decorative choices.

$12.99 $20.25

Our advice Buying Guide

The clip-on shades are an inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of a room and to diffuse the light so that it is more efficient. The shades come in a variety of styles and designs. Some of them can be used to diffuse the bulbs beside a bathroom mirror or even added to a single bulb table lamp.

What are clip on shades?

Clip on ceiling shades go back to the times when cheap apartments often had only a bare bulb in the center of the room as lighting. A clip-on ceiling shade has two wire loops that can slip over a standard lightbulb shape and hold it in place. They are unlikely to work well with the curly fluorescent bulbs.

What are the most attractive designs of clip on ceiling shades?

  • Basic Bowl Shape. A pretty bowl, especially with soft floral designs, is a beautiful way to diffuse a strong light and make it easier on the eyes. Say goodbye to glare on glossy magazine covers, tablets or computer screens and say hello to gentle vine shadows on your walls.
  • Scrollwork Lamp Cover. Delicate machine-made scrollwork will cast patterned shadows all over your room while adding a bit of charm to that bare, overhead bulb. Create an air of mystery and intrigue in your ordinary living room. Add some soft, fringy throws and you are on your way to developing a bohemian decorating theme.
  • Pretty from Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s cut glass and lamp shades just go together so well. It is sure to excite comments from guests and to be enjoyed by people who live in your home.
  • Modernistic Glass Paper Shade. A shade with a unique pattern reminiscent of paper sculptures can turn that ugly hanging bulb into a hanging piece of modern art.
  • Satin Tulip Shade. A softly tinted and gently molded clip-on shade formed to resemble a tulip blossom will beautifully complement feminine spaces.
  • Chandelier Shades. Transform that old chandelier with its bare bulbs into something far more attractive with colored clip-on shades. Your ceiling lamp will look more like art nouveau that as if it were dragged out of a 1920’s rundown hotel.
  • Honeycombed Lanterns. Turn your hanging bare-bulb lamp into a Japanese lantern with a hanging, bare bulb shades. Honeycombed with triangles, these lamps come in white, beige and black for a unique statement.

Don’t get rid of those ugly bare bulb lamps, transform them with clip on ceiling shades. The shades can also be used on candlestick bedside lamps and bulbs surrounding mirror lights. By diffusing light from these lamps, you can diffuse glare.


Pottery barn clip on drum shade natural raffia

Pottery barn clip on drum shade natural raffia
This clip on shade is suitable for different ceiling lights. Its easy in use construction also looks very nice, so the shade also offers a decorative value for its users. Its simple, round shape matches any room style.

4.75" H Glass Bell Ceiling Fan Fitter Shade ( Clip On ) in Beige

4.75" H Glass Bell Ceiling Fan Fitter Shade ( Clip On ) in Beige
This classic bell-shaped clip on ceiling shade lends a sophisticated touch to any room. The simple design blends well with most decor styles, while the sleek lines make it extremely easy to clean. The beige color glass diffuses harsh light, giving your room a soft, appealing glow.

5" H Faux Linen Fabric Bowl Lamp Shade ( Clip On )

5" H Faux Linen Fabric Bowl Lamp Shade ( Clip On )
Add class and elegance to your home with this clip on faux linen lampshade. Simple and elegant, the bowl-shaped design conceals unsightly light bulbs and softens bright light. The clip on fixture, which fits any standard light bulb, is available in four attractive colors, and it couldn’t be easier to install.

5" H Jacquard Textured Fabric Bowl Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Off-White

5" H Jacquard Textured Fabric Bowl Lamp Shade ( Clip On ) in Off-White
If you’re looking for an attractive light shade which isn’t too large or extravagant, this gorgeous clip on piece is perfect for you. At just 5” in height, it’s bowl shape doesn’t dominate the room, making it an excellent choice for low-ceilinged spaces. The jacquard textured fabric will add interest to any refined room.

5.25" H x 8" W Acrylic Bowl Ceiling Fan Bowl Shade ( Clip On ) in Clear

5.25" H x 8" W Acrylic Bowl Ceiling Fan Bowl Shade ( Clip On ) in Clear
Transform your home or office with these exquisite diamond-cut clip on light shades. Suitable for lamps as well as ceiling lights, this pack of two shades is incredibly lightweight, thanks to its acrylic material, making it a quick and chic option for covering exposed bulbs. The antique style would give a touch of glamour to pretty bedrooms and classy offices.

Mid century clip on ceiling tiny light

Mid century clip on ceiling tiny light
This tasteful clip on ceiling little light shade is a stylish detail that allows you to change the interior. Steel-based design with decorative glass is elegant and very practical. It gives the interior a pleasant atmosphere.

Clip on ceiling lamp shades

Some bulbs are just too strong, and that's what these amazing bulb shades are for. Decorated pattern casts nice shadows, to enhance the aesthetics of your interior. The gentle beige colour is good for your eyes, so you can be sure your eyes won't get tired fast.

Clip on light bulb covers

This delightful clip-on shade is going to decorate your room in two ways. Firstly, thanks to its beautiful scrollwork, it will be a lovely addition for your ceiling. And secondly, after turning the light on, it will generate patterned shades that will be covering the whole room.

Clip on ceiling shades 1

Make sure your interior is truly beautiful and up to the highest standards from the floor to the ceiling with this amazing clip-on ceiling light lamp shade that sports the octagonal structure and stunning white finish.

Clip on light bulb shade

Set of three multi-functional furniture – each of them has shape of drum. First is a covered of bright brown cloth, second and third are white and decorated with green and navy blue stripes. You can use them as a seats, coffee table or adornments.

Clip on ceiling shades 2

Ceiling lampshade in round shape. It is made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornament. It is compatible with standard ceiling fan. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Ceiling clip shade 1

Ceiling Clip Shade ...

Clip on bulb lamp shade

Easy to assemble and install and handy replacement for ceiling light shades, made out of plastic-covered, laminated glass wool with handy clip-on hinges on the top, which makes them cheap and provides a minimalistic touch.

Celine clip on ceiling shade 11

Celine Clip On Ceiling Shade

Shades for ceiling light bulbs

clip on light shade from the latest pottery barn catalog it s a simple ...

Clip on light shades for ceiling lights

If you are looking for a unique lamp shade that is going to bring modern accents into your home, then, look no more! With this clip-on shade you can easily cover your ugly, old lamp, transforming it into a spectacular piece of decoration. It's easy to install, and lightweight, made of glass fiber paper.

Clip on ceiling shade

A very good choice for anyone who prefers functional and decorative solutions in the house. This ceiling shade features green, yellow and gray colors. Its butterfly pattern looks very attractive and its clip on mechanism is easy in use.

Clip on shades for ceiling lights

Elaborate umbrella shaped openwork ceiling lamp shade with rich abundance of romantic swirls motifs for nature-inspired look. Definitely art-nouveau-ish! Here it sports cream finish, but darker finishes are available as well.

Drum shade ceiling light shade

Drum Shade Ceiling Light Shade

Ceiling shade

Ceiling lamp shade with a neutral color. It is covered with linen that is not only attractive, but also practical. The shade looks very good in different indoors and assures good interior illumination.

Clip on ceiling light shade

Use this clip-on ceiling shade on your lamp, granting it a whole new appearance. The white shade features beautiful scrollwork with a ball finial on the bottom. it's easy to install, all you need to do is to clip it on.

Westinghouse 86015 Clip-on Octagonal Shade, Ivory

Go for a piece that oozes traditional appeal and at the same time provides your interior with a boost of functional use thanks to its spacious frame, ensuring plenty of light thank to its ivory shade.

Clip on ceiling shades that cold fact might change jump

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Vintage ceiling light covers

Vintage Pair Textured Round Popcorn Pebble Clip on Ceiling Light Shades | eBay