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Sometimes a chandelier is just too bright, and unless you install an oscilloscope, you might need to add some bulb covers to your chandelier. But just any won't do. You need the right bulb covers that are elegant and tasteful. And that is what we offer here. Attractive bulb covers that give your bulbs a muted glow, but keep your chandelier gorgeous.

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Chandelier bulb covers 9

These beaded chandelier bulb covers constitute a perfect proposition for all, who want to add some classic elegance to their interiors. They can constitute a good investment by the way, as the prices have gone up remarkably during the last years.

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Chandelier bulb covers 32

A set of four vintage-style table lamp covers made out of beaded crystals in the shape of a bulb. The covers are hand-cut and polished and come in four different colors: clear, dark amber, light amber, and amethyst.

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Small crystal faceted chandelier beaded bulb cover

Small Crystal Faceted Chandelier Beaded Bulb Cover

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Wonderful bulb cover chandelier shades and lightbulb covers

Wonderful Bulb Cover :: Chandelier Shades and Lightbulb Covers ...

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Chandelier bulb covers 14

LOVE this idea! I'd age the pumpkins a little or come up with a different design/look for them. VERY cool idea though.

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Chandelier bulb covers 19

mini shades, DIY to put atop the exposed bulbs on chandeliers

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Grid 5 Light Chandelier

Grid 5 Light Chandelier

Interesting novelty 5-light chandelier having a fixture of chromed metal. A long straight round stem ends with a bottom bowl joined with straight outwardly facing arms. Downlight drum-like shades are of clear glass over chromed metal mesh.

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Imogene 24 Light Mini Chandelier

Imogene 24 Light Mini Chandelier

Hanging lamp in a modern style. It offers space for 24 bulbs. The frame is made of steel. Contemporary and unusual form. Got the best recommendations from satisfied customers.

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Chandelier Bulb Covers

Buying Guide

Chandelier bulb covers present an easy, effective, and stylish way to cover the bare lightbulbs that are a part of your chandelier. The result is a more ambiance-forward light that you’re able to look at without hurting your eyes!

You can cover these bulbs by purchasing covers that match your home’s aesthetic. You’ll need one cover for each bulb for a traditional octagonal chandelier. However, if you have a more modern chandelier (such as a rectangular one or one with a boxy frame), you might be able to purchase a larger shade that covers all of your chandelier’s bulbs.

The chandelier cover you choose for your glam interior should be one that adds a distinct personality to an otherwise standard chandelier. The cover should be a perfect fit for your overall home décor while delivering a great look.

The best chandelier covers are usually made from a stiff material but the actual designs will vary. You could for example settle for antique, candle-like shapes with a dripping wax effect. Alternatively, go for bold, modern ones in a color that matches the aesthetic.

 Glass or crystal will be best in terms of the material for your glam interior. These types of material provide nice shiny glow associated with glamorous spaces.

Best Ideas

Candle bulb covers

Visit my Esty shop Atelier3059. Happy Beginning Of Summer Sale Use coupon code HAPPY20 for 20% off all orders.

Chandelier bulb covers

This wonderfully crafted chandelier bulb cover will be a real bargain for all shabby chic or French cottage style lovers. It enchants with multiple, subtle details and high-quality finishing.

Really enjoyed how the resin covers look on the dining

really enjoyed how the resin covers look on the dining room chandelier ...

Beaded light bulb cover 1

Featuring 5 lights, this antique bronze chandelier constitutes a classic and classy proposition for your living room decor. A 6 in. chain is provided to allow the fixture to hang straight and level. 24 in. Dia x 18-7/8 in. H.

Beaded light bulb covers

Satin wrapped bulbs can provide a magical lighting experience to your space, adding refinement to i.e. the living room. The resin covers also work out very well here.

Beaded bulb covers

Beaded Bulb Covers

Chandelier bulb covers 24

Between Naps on the Porch | Resin Candle Covers and Silk-Wrapped Bulbs for the Bedroom Chandelier |

Gorgeous pink beaded chandelier sconce bulb covers set of 6

Gorgeous Pink Beaded Chandelier Sconce Bulb Covers Set of 6

Small iridescent crystal faceted chandelier beaded bulb cover

Small Iridescent Crystal Faceted Chandelier Beaded Bulb Cover

Beaded bulb by atelier3059 22 00 the press glassed bulb

Beaded Bulb by Atelier3059, $22.00 // The press glassed bulb covers ...

Chandelier bulb covers 22

This set of 7 variously-sized chandelier Silk-Wrapped Bulbs comes from the Lumiere Candles inc. It will help you transform your chandelier, refreshing a bit the living room decor.

Urbanest Chandelier Lamp Shades, Set of 6, Soft Bell 3"x 6"x 5" Cream , Clip on

Faux silk chandelier / table lamp shades - soft bell shape. The fabric is cream with white liner. Appropriate for candelabra bulbs, but not exceeding 40 watts. These shades come in a pack of 6 - enough for a huge chandelier.

Chandelier light bulb covers

How to Make a Mason Jar Chandelier. Tutorial showing how to create a DIY mason jar chandelier for wedding receptions or home decor {}

Clear czech glass beaded chandelier bulb covers made in usa

Clear Czech Glass Beaded Chandelier Bulb Covers ~ Made in USA