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An interesting concept in chandeliers, the palm tree chandelier is a fun and elegant way to light a room. They are available in a few different styles and if you want something different than the normal crystal chandeliers, this will definitely fit the bill. Take a long stroll through all of the options and see if we have the perfect palm tree chandelier for your home.

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Updated 25/09/2023
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Art Deco Style Palm Branch Chandelier

Art Deco Style Palm Branch Chandelier

House of Hampton®

Perfect For: Elevating the elegance in any living or dining space

What We Like: Stunning combination of brass and crystal elements

This Art Deco Style Palm Branch Chandelier showcases a captivating synergy between brass and crystal, creating an exquisite and timeless centerpiece. Skillfully crafted, the chandelier features palm-mimicking arms adorned with sparkling crystals, paired with a rope-patterned column and intricate canopy accent. With dimensions of 36 inches by 20 inches, this chandelier is a perfect statement piece for any stylish interior. *Please note: requires assembly and does not include bulbs or installation. UL Certified for safety.


Designer Advice:

To enhance the luxurious feel, install this chandelier over a classic dining table or in a high-ceilinged living area, complementing the brass with gold-toned accessories and rich fabrics.

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Art Deco-Inspired Naples Chandelier

Art Deco-Inspired Naples Chandelier

Lowcountry Originals

Perfect For: Vintage and elegant living or dining spaces

What We Like: Individually cut steel palm fronds

Embrace the charm of vintage Floridian design with this Art Deco-inspired Naples Chandelier. Eight candelabra-style bulbs adorned with beeswax candle covers create a beautiful, soft glow, while individually cut steel palm fronds surround the frame for an exquisite touch. This captivating chandelier is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your living or dining space.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with dark wood furniture and luxurious fabrics to complete the timeless look. Metallic accents and art deco patterns in your decor will further enhance its elegance.

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Art Deco Palm Tree Chandelier

Art Deco Palm Tree Chandelier


Perfect For: Adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your interior

What We Like: Customizable design options

Elevate your interior design with this stunning Art Deco Palm Tree Chandelier, which offers an exquisite blend of opulence and style. Customize the chandelier to your specific needs with options for number of lights, style, color, and size. Create a cohesive room design by pairing it with matching table lamps and wall lamps that complement the chandelier. Illuminate your space while also bringing a relaxing and welcoming ambiance, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for any room setting.


Designer Advice:

Consider the dimensions and style of your room to decide on the optimal chandelier size. Combine it with Art Deco-inspired furniture and geometric patterns for a truly harmonious and luxurious ambiance.

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Three Tier Copper Palm Tree Chandelier with Crystals

Three Tier Copper Palm Tree Chandelier with Crystals

Rosdorf Park

Perfect For: Adding a touch of tropical elegance to any room

What We Like: Unique palm tree design and hanging prism crystals

This stunning three tier solid copper palm tree chandelier features clear hanging prism crystals that capture and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere in any space. The unique palm tree frame adds an exotic touch, meeting the perfect balance between elegance and tropical flair. Ideal for a living room, dining room, or even a bedroom, this chandelier transforms a room into a sophisticated, relaxing oasis.

Designer Advice:

Consider pairing this chandelier with natural materials and earthy tones for a cohesive, island-inspired decor theme, while maximizing its visual impact and beauty.

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Playful Palm Tree Chandelier

Playful Palm Tree Chandelier

Bay Isle Home™

Perfect For: Adding a touch of British colonial charm to your living space

What We Like: Balanced design with palm tree leaf accents

This playful palm chandelier draws inspiration from British colonial design, featuring a central stem with 8 arms that each hold a bulb. The arms are adorned with beautifully crafted palm tree leaves, providing a delicate sense of balance and visual interest. This unique chandelier is perfect for elevating the ambiance of your living room, dining room, or even a bedroom.

Designer Advice:

Pair this chandelier with natural materials like rattan furniture and jute rugs, along with tropical-themed decor and lush green indoor plants to create a soothing and exotic atmosphere.

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Realistic Bronze Palm Leaves Chandelier

Realistic Bronze Palm Leaves Chandelier


This unique chandelier can be the perfect addition to your coastal or tropical home, made from bronze and created to mimic a single layer of attached palm leaves. Measuring just over 25 inches in diameter, you’ll find this vintage-style chandelier is an eye-catching and unique design piece.

Designer Advice:

We love the bold and vintage style of this bronze chandelier. Not only does it lend itself nicely to any coastal or seaside home, but it can also be a unique design element in any vintage whimsical decor room. The three low-wattage chandelier bulbs help provide usable accent lighting to any area.

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Vintage Tole Palm Leaf Chandelier

Vintage Tole Palm Leaf Chandelier

Made in an Italian style with a touch of vintage design, this stylish palm leaf chandelier can fit into almost any decor. Coated in a cream coloration, this 18-inch wide and 19-inch high unique chandelier could serve as a great conversation piece in an entryway or dining area of your seaside home.

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Three Tiered Palm Frond Chandelier 

Three Tiered Palm Frond Chandelier 


Measuring 22 inches high and 23 inches wide on the bottom tier, this bronze palm frond chandelier creates an eye-catching lighting element in your home. When lit, the bronze fronds create a unique shadow on the ceiling that helps add to the overall design element of this chandelier.

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Exotic Hand Painted Palm Tree Chandelier 

Exotic Hand Painted Palm Tree Chandelier 

Measuring 18 inches in diameter, this exotic chandelier has had each of its five palm candelabras painted in a dark green enamel. Other accents, such as the four finial accents and ceiling caps, have also been hand painted in matching green to create a practical yet attractive design element in your home.

Designer Advice:

This chandelier brings back a vintage 1970’s design style with the cast bronze scrolled design and unique patterning along the ceiling canopy as well as the bottom bowl. Each of the five electric candles can accept a low wattage flicker bulb to create a memorable ambience in your home.

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Palm tree chandelier 31

Antique Palm tree chandelier

Vintage hollywood regency gold gilt palm

Vintage hollywood regency gold gilt palm

Having a unique form of a palm tree, this beautiful chandelier will help you achieve the effect of a luxurious tropical hotel. Add style and prestige to your decors with this unique crystal chandelier.

Palm tree chandelier 41

Vintage HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Gold Gilt PALM Leaf by fabulousmess, $995.00

Palm tree chandelier 6

Original chandelier with palm tree theme. Frame is made of metal and mounted on adjustable chain. Includes 6 light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Very unique vintage italian gilt metal palm tree chandelier

Very unique vintage Italian gilt metal palm tree chandelier ++

Palm tree chandelier 11

tole painted palm tree hanging delightful...

Palm tree chandelier 13

1stdibs - Midcentury Gilded Tin Palm Tree Chandelier explore items from 1,700 global dealers at

Arm tole palm frond chandelier on

Arm Tole Palm Frond Chandelier on

Palm tree chandelier

PALM TREE Chandelier

Palm tree chandeliers 1

Gilt bronze palm tree chandelier

Palm tree chandelier 18

Bronze Palm Tree Chandelier Sm

Palm tree chandelier 29

Cut Crystal Palm Tree Chandelier

_design image_name_selection faux bamboo palm tree chandelier jpg

... _design--image_name_selection-faux-bamboo-palm-tree-chandelier.jpg

Palm tree chandelier 23

Tole Palm Tree Chandelier on

Vintage hollywood regency hot pink palm tree tole chandelier

Vintage HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Hot Pink PALM Tree Tole Chandelier

Italian 4 arm gilt metal palm tree bamboo chandelier from

Italian 4 Arm Gilt Metal Palm Tree Bamboo Chandelier | From a unique collection of antique and modern chandeliers and pendants at

Palm tree chandelier 10

Monkey Chandelier by Mario Lopez Torres Mexico 1975 Rattan palm tree chandelier with monkey signed by Mexican artist Mario Lopez Torres. The fixture has six arms and is all woven with occasional brass details

Palm tree chandelier 24

Old Florida Brass Palm Tree Chandelier

Tropics 6 Light Chandelier

Tropics 6 Light Chandelier

Palm tree ceiling lamp this palm tree chandelier is perfect

Palm Tree Ceiling Lamp - This palm tree chandelier is perfect for a room which is already filled with or devoted to plants. Without leaving too much to the imagination, this palm light structure holds four bulbs and undoubtedly gives off a nice wisteria l

2148 l crystal palm leaf chandelier paul ferrante

2148-L Crystal Palm Leaf Chandelier - Paul Ferrante

Crystal palm tree chandelier small venice beach house

Crystal Palm Tree Chandelier Small - Venice Beach House

Arte de mexico palm tree chandelier for sale at 1stdibs

Arte De Mexico Palm Tree Chandelier For Sale at 1stdibs

Large palm tree chandelier gilt bronze and crystal circa 1

Large Palm Tree Chandelier, Gilt Bronze and Crystal, circa ...