Chandelier For Kids Room

Why should your kids room not have a chandelier? The answer is, there is no good reason. If you have high ceilings and a very defined decorative flow in the home, no room should ruin the overall continuity, and that includes the kids room. Take a look at these stylish, durable chandeliers and let us know if you want to put them on in your kid's room.

Best Products

Pretty 3 tier multi colour beaded chandelier lightshade

Pretty 3 tier multi colour beaded chandelier lightshade
Enlighten the space with all shades of rainbow thanks to this lovely, enchanting chandelier. Featuring a multiplicity of colorful crystals, this unique chandelier will provide a magnificent glittering experience.

Flower Garden Chandelier with Optional Shade

Flower Garden Chandelier with Optional Shade
This awesome flower patterned chandelier will amaze everyone who would visit your house. Put in anywhere you want and just enjoy the perfect and intriguing design together with the highest functionality.

Princess 1 Light Crystal Chandelier

Princess 1 Light Crystal Chandelier
Beautiful and very elegant chandelier decorated with rhinestones. It is very decorative solution. Perfect for a large and elegant living room, which is classically styled and lavishly. At the same time, with the appropriate arrangements, check out the aforementioned modern interior.

Tadpoles 4 Light Chandelier

Tadpoles 4 Light Chandelier
It is a tadpoles four light chandelier that has got very luxurious and gorgeous look. It adds more style and glamour to your any room. It is available in three colors: black, pink and white.

Victorian mod custom chandelier for

Victorian mod custom chandelier for
A cute classic style chandelier for kids' rooms. Its frame is light blue. It's built of a candlestick-like stem on a large ball-shaped base and 6 bowed arms with sockets for candelabra bulbs. It's adorned with clear faux crystal pendants and chains.

Ballroom Chandelier with Optional Shade

Ballroom Chandelier with Optional Shade
Impeccable design and multiple embellishments of this Ballroom Chandelier with Optional Shade make this masterpiece perfect for larger rooms. The chandelier is made in slightest details, providing an excellent blend os class and sophistication.

Tadpoles 1 Light Shaded Chandelier

Tadpoles 1 Light Shaded Chandelier
Gorgeous chandelier featuring wrought iron construction in polished finish, beautiful fabric shade with decorative crystals in various shapes and sizes, and durable frame with easy to install and sturdy mount.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you size a chandelier for a bedroom?

When you’re sizing a chandelier for a bedroom, you want to make sure that its size doesn’t overwhelm the room or create a hazard for getting in and out of bed. If you are sizing the chandelier for a master bedroom, you can look for a slightly larger scale. If, however, you are sizing a chandelier for a kid’s room, you’ll need something less intrusive.

One of the easiest methods for sizing chandeliers is to add the room’s dimensions together and then convert the sum into inches. If your room is 10 ft. by 13 ft., you should look for a chandelier base with a diameter of 23”.

To make sure the chandelier is always clear of anyone’s head, put 7 ft. of space between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor. If your ceilings aren’t high enough to permit this, placement is another consideration. Many bedroom chandeliers are centered over the bed rather than the center of the ceiling, so nobody is ever standing directly beneath the unit.

A chandelier in a bedroom adds a romantic, diffused light that is perfect for a serene setting. Look for fun tassels for a kid’s bedroom chandelier or classic crystals to add a touch of class to any peaceful sleeping chamber.

Is a chandelier safe for a kids room?

A chandelier is safe for a kids’ room if you have the right height ceilings, install secure fixtures, and pick appropriate material.

When sizing for a chandelier for a kid’s room, you should add the dimensions together, and convert them into inches. For example, if the room size is 10’ by 13’, your chandelier base should have a diameter of 23” (10 plus 13). The top of the chandelier should be at least 7’ away from the floor to ensure it won’t hit anyone, adult or child, in the head.

Both the fixtures and the materials have to be appropriate for a child’s room, and not break into sharp pieces should a toy hit the chandelier during vigorous play. Shell, light woods like ash or balsa, and high-grade plastic are all excellent choices.


Chandeliers for kids rooms

Designer accessories for kids room can be expensive... Apparently, a nice stars chandelier might be made by own hands of a creative mum or dad. DIY star chandy light fixture looks awesome in a nursery room, too.

Chandelier for kids room 4

Sweet and simple little girl's room. I especially love the chandelier and little table. I think I'd paint the angled wall a bright color though.

Diy party chandelier

Chandeliers for kids room shall bring not only light, but also vibrancy and liveliness. This colorful, white, blue and yellow mosaic creates a wonderful glittering experience.

Kid room chandeliers

Candy Chandelier: Kevin Champeny's Gummi Bear Chandelier photo Audrey Kitching's photos - Buzznet

Kid chandelier

This chandelier is so beautiful for a young girls room...I love it!

Chandelier for kids room

This adorable ceiling medallion from @Marie Ricci Collection, Inc. is the perfect pop of color (and fun!) to any #biggirlroom! #kidsroom #kidsdecor

Colorful chandeliers add dreamy touch to kids room 1

Colorful Chandeliers: Add Dreamy Touch To Kids Room

Kids room chandeliers 14

Dreamlike chandelier in the shape of air balloon. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. It is fitted with 6 lights. Great addition to the living room, kid's room and more. Classic form and elegant design.

Chandelier for kids room 17

Original chandelier with houses theme. Lampshade is made of paper and gives warm tone of light. Modern accent for kid's room and others interiors as needed.

Chandelier for kids

Gypsy Chandelier Multicolored - $65.00 (small, 14" x 11") One of our bestsellers, the Gypsy Chandelier adds a touch of outrageous baroque class to any interior. A delightful mixture of decoration, beading and elegantly positioned lamps, the Gypsy Chandeli

Kids room chandeliers 16

Charming chandelier consisting of colorful pompons. Frame is covered with fabric. Stylish accent for kid's room and others interiors according to taste.

Chandelier for kids room 13

With the hot pink finish and the simple look that is still just immensely eye-catching this chandelier will catch everyone's eye and with its vibrant finish it is more than likely to fit those modern decor choices.

Chandelier for kids room 2

chandelier for kids room

Chandelier for kids room 27

Birds of a Feather... cute playroom / tv area for your kids :)

Chandelier for kids room 6

#DIY Kids Chandelier - perfect for a little girl's Princess Room

Chandeliers for kids room

ok girls/guys...these chandeliers are made 100% of cardboard. Sell for $125.... Ummmmmm. NOT. So easy to DIY..... awesome aren't they? I think i would use real beads to make them look even more them

Chandelier for kids room 3

I'm completely obsessed with this gummy bear chandelier. I definitely can't afford it, but maybe I can DIY?

Chandelier for kids room 1

YES! finally, a tutorial on customizing the dandelion chandelier from ikea! I need to make this for my Sister!

Chandelier for kids room 2

modified pin: DIY Chandelier- use hanging baskets for the capiz pendant instead of wreath frames!

Chandelier Lighting With Crystal Pink Hearts H25" X W24" - Perfect for Kids' and Girls Bedrooms!

Spectacular Chandelier Lighting with Pink Empress Crystals is going to transform your home into royal chambers. Mixed with an ambient light, various crystals give amazing sparkling effects, making your room magical and charming.

Pink flower chandeliers perfect for a little girls room

Pink flower chandeliers, perfect for a little girls room

Kids room chandeliers 11

A pretty traditional farmhouse style chandelier for kids' rooms. It has a white-coated metal frame built of long curved up arms with sockets for candelabra bulbs. It's adorned with artificial leaves in white shades.

Chandeliers for girls room6

Chandeliers for girls room6

Kids room chandeliers 2

A unique idea for a child's room chandelier. Captain Hook's ship hanging down from the ceiling takes us to a fairy-like world. Its beautiful white and silver finish combines rustic design with modern finishing.

RoomMates RMK1805GM Chandelier with Gems Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal

Chandelier for kids room 18

diy for bubble Chandelier, this was originally from ReadyMade (which is no longer around), so here's the tutorial for it from Fentalks blog

Chandelier for kids room

butterfly chandelier

Ikea kids chandelier

Beautiful black chandelier, cute dress-up rack, all with Tiffany Blue paint and accessories

Chandelier for kids room 1

Creative DIY project for a chandelier in kids’ room – a simple ceiling light decorated with beautiful, plastic ovals in different colors to spice up the room with a colorful detail and reflect the light to brighten it up.

Diy kids chandelier

hanging a chandelier in the great room to add drama and warmth

Kids room chandeliers 1

Decorative and functional chandelier for kids' rooms. This element of design features a starburst theme with metal frame in gold color and attractive crystals. It not only provides light at night, but also decorates rooms at day.

Chandelier kids

Girls Fancy Bedroom Makeover with pink planked walls, fabric pennant banner, stenciled ceiling, and a great DIY gallery art wall home decor

Kids room chandeliers 3

The crown ceiling light. Ideal solution for the nursery or the kid's room. The round LED lamp has been encircled with the gold metal elements. If you are a parent of the little princess, you should think over buying it. Your little girl will be impressed.

Chandelier kids room

Elegant design for a classy, vintage bedroom with a cozy detail. The bunk bed is fully covered with tufted fabric which gives it a unique vibe, and the tiny, mirrored nightstand gives the room a glamorous finishing detail.

Chandelier for kids room 7

RAINBOW Connection MASON Jar Chandelier - Upcycled Hanging Mason Jar Lighting Fixture Direct Hardwire - BootsNGus Lamps Rustic Home Decor

Wall Pops WPC96861 Ready-to-Hang Bling Chandelier, Cupid

This superbly made chandelier is a tasteful decorative detail for each type of decor. Perfect for sowing child's room. Robust construction and numerous decorative details captivate.

Chandelier for kids room 26

Love the prints and colors. Definitely doing this to my new room.

Room style crystal hearts chandelier for kids rooms 1015308

... : Room Style : "Crystal" Hearts Chandelier for Kids' Rooms 1015308

Chandelier for kids room 8

Inside a Groovy Pad Fit for a Queen// chandelier, pink blanket, girls room

Childrens chandeliers wayfair kids chandelier nursery light

Childrens Chandeliers | Wayfair – Kids Chandelier, Nursery Light

Chandelier for kids room 29

East Coast Creative: How to Spray Paint a Chandelier

Harp 4 Light Chandelier

Harp 4 Light Chandelier

Philips 40096/34/48 KidsPlace Flower and Butterfly Ceiling Light, Multi-colored