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Votive candles are the tiny candles traditionally used during the Holidays or when lighting pumpkins, but have you ever considered a votive candle chandelier? Well you will now. We have a collection of votive candle chandeliers that are quite fetching. And it is something no one expects.

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Updated 17/02/2023
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Votive Chandelier Candelabra With Ring 

Votive Chandelier Candelabra With Ring 


Made to use indoors and outdoors, this cute chandelier is made with a sturdy round iron ring that holds eight candles spaced evenly. The chain that holds the ring has metal bars and circular connectors, giving it more charm and style, and it is connected to a hook.

Designer Advice:

The small candles give an ambient light, not a ton of light, but enough for a relaxing or romantic vibe in a gazebo. This chandelier can hang over a dining table, small round tables are the best. If you have high ceilings, this is not a good choice because the chain is not adjustable.

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Small and Elegant Votive Chandelier

Small and Elegant Votive Chandelier


This chandelier gives off a moody vibe with its curved tinted glass candle holders, teardrop beads, and curvy iron. It holds six votive or tealight candles, real or faux, and gives a decent amount of light over dining room tables.

Designer Advice:

To enhance the moody feel, choose red or black wax candles over white ones. For a neat black-and-white contrast, use white candles and place large white poofy flowers in a tinted glass vase below it. Rustic and more natural home styles should avoid this chandelier as the beads throw off a raw appeal.

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Votive Candle Chandelier With Open Frame

Votive Candle Chandelier With Open Frame

Deco 79

Country cottage and farmhouse styles are drawn to the shape of this distressed votive chandelier. It holds six candles, comes in a few sizes, and you can choose between black or white to fit colors in rooms.

Designer Advice:

Its gorgeous airy frame allows you to easily reach candles to light and replace them. Dangle this chandelier in the bathroom over your bathtub or in the corner of a tall stairwell. If the open flame seems dangerous because you have young children, you can swap them for battery-operated tea lights.

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Candle Chandelier Votive Metal Tealight Gazebo Outdoor Light Glass Candle Holder

Candle Chandelier Votive Metal Tealight Gazebo Outdoor Light Glass Candle Holder

If you find yourself an art deco fan, take a look at this beautiful, metal, tealight chandelier. It features 4 arms for glass candle holders. The whole construction hangs on a 12½" long hook and chain, included in the set.

Sale mini golden scroll 6 votive candle

Sale mini golden scroll 6 votive candle

A perfectly petite and luxurious little chandelier that will work in any room of your household, while the high quality acrylic drops and swags hang from a golden iron frame to achieve a look of utter beauty.

Glass tear drop chandelier candle holder votive victoria city

Glass tear drop chandelier/candle holder votive Victoria City ...

Chandelier votive candle holders

Resembling a laurel wreath with its shape, this unique chandelier will provide a sparkling, glittering experience thanks to its multiple, tiny crystals. It features space for 4 candle holders.

Votive candle chandelier 2

An iron, six arm candle chandelier with a crystal designs and tear-shaped crystals hanging down from the frame. A good addition if you’re looking for a sophisticated piece that will add elegance to your living room.

Votive candle chandelier 8

Candle chandelier for indoor and outdoor use. Frame is made of wrought iron and finished with decorative crystals. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

Votive candle chandelier 6

2 Tier Metal Candle Chandelier w/ Votive Cups - on eBay, the only one I've found so far that doesn't ship from the UK (yay less expensive shipping!)

Wedding candle chandelier chandelier lighting

Wedding Candle Chandelier | Chandelier Lighting

Votive candle chandelier 1

Wrought Iron Chandelier, Iron Votive Candle Chandelier, 4 Candle Chandelier, Wedding Chandelier, Outdoor Chandelier, Shabby Chic - SOLD!

Iron chandelier iron votive candle chandelier 4 candle chandelier

Iron Chandelier, Iron Votive Candle Chandelier, 4 Candle Chandelier ...

Votive candle chandelier 12


Votive candle chandelier 5

Affordable Elegance Bridal - 10 Mini Chandelier Candle Vintage Wedding ...

Colorful chandelier

If you want to create a wonderful, vibrant glowing experience, this chandelier will provide the full gamma of colours into your space. Featuring the 6 colours of rainbow, it will enchant all guests, both the younger and the older ones.

Votive candle chandelier 3

Use your wine glasses as votives! Seen here: Charmerende gjenbruk: Adventslys....

Votive candle chandelier 27

3 Tier Metal Candle Chandelier w Votive Cups 35828 | eBay

16 aria candle chandelier with images candle

16" Aria Candle Chandelier- (With images) | Candle ...

Metal and glass candle chandelier 6 candle chandelier for

Metal and Glass Candle Chandelier, 6 Candle Chandelier for ...

Crystal chandelier lighting chandeliers with candle

Crystal Chandelier Lighting Chandeliers with Candle ...

Los feliz 6 candle votive chandelier mica lamp company

Los Feliz 6-Candle Votive Chandelier|Mica Lamp Company

Ambrose round candle votive chandelier

Ambrose Round Candle Votive Chandelier

Amazon com 6 clear glass votive candle holder hanging

Amazon.com: 6 Clear Glass Votive Candle Holder Hanging ...

Tea cup chandelier for votive candles with images tea

Tea cup chandelier for votive candles (With images) | Tea ...

Wrought iron wanda candle light chandelier candelabra for

Wrought Iron Wanda Candle Light Chandelier Candelabra for ...

Votive candle chandeliers

Votive Candle Chandeliers