Votive Candle Chandelier

Thanks to this collection of chandeliers, even those people who are very demanding, have managed to pick something for themselves. If you think that you would also like such decorative elements, feel free to get familiar with these designs. Then, you will surely have a good idea about what you can buy.

Large Wrought Iron Chandelier with Glass Inserts and Hanging Black Chain for Home Decor

Large wrought iron candle chandelier, rather simple in style, with glass inserts and hanging black chain serving as the only ornaments; no fanciness here. Serious mission style, a bit raw and kinda medieval in looks.

Candle chandelier votive metal tealight gazebo outdoor light glass candle

Candle Chandelier Votive Metal Tealight Gazebo Outdoor Light Glass Candle Holder
If you find yourself an art deco fan, take a look at this beautiful, metal, tealight chandelier. It features 4 arms for glass candle holders. The whole construction hangs on a 12½" long hook and chain, included in the set.

Votive candle chandelier 29

This votive candle chandelier constitutes a good proposition for both indoors and outdoors. Wrought iron construction enabled to create magnificent intricate shapes, which will catch the attention of your guests.

Chandelier votive candle holders

Resembling a laurel wreath with its shape, this unique chandelier will provide a sparkling, glittering experience thanks to its multiple, tiny crystals. It features space for 4 candle holders.

Votive candle chandelier 36

Votive Candle Chandelier
Antique take on a stylish, austere-looking chandelier with a structure that is held underneath a ceiling. The chandelier is made out of wrought iron and has ten separate spots for holding lights or real candles.

Votive candle chandelier 2

An iron, six arm candle chandelier with a crystal designs and tear-shaped crystals hanging down from the frame. A good addition if you’re looking for a sophisticated piece that will add elegance to your living room.

Glass tear drop chandelier candle holder votive victoria city

Glass tear drop chandelier/candle holder votive Victoria City ...

Votive candle chandelier

The crystal glass arms of this wonderful chandelier give it a look of timeless elegance that is sure to lend a special atmosphere in any home. It measures 27 inches high x 32 inches wide.

Votive candle chandelier 9

Shabby Iron Candle Chandelier

Sale mini golden scroll 6 votive candle

Sale Mini Golden Scroll 6 Votive Candle
A perfectly petite and luxurious little chandelier that will work in any room of your household, while the high quality acrylic drops and swags hang from a golden iron frame to achieve a look of utter beauty.

Votive candle chandelier 6

2 Tier Metal Candle Chandelier w/ Votive Cups - on eBay, the only one I've found so far that doesn't ship from the UK (yay less expensive shipping!)

Votive candle chandelier 8

Candle chandelier for indoor and outdoor use. Frame is made of wrought iron and finished with decorative crystals. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

Votive candle chandelier 18

24 Wrought Iron Tamara Candle Chandelier ****GREAT SALE***** All Lighting Measures 23 tall by 19 diameter

Chandelier holds eight votives in clear glass votive holders

... chandelier holds eight votives in clear glass votive holders

Votive candle chandelier 2

Propmaker Event Rentals

Votive candle chandelier 4

Round Hanging Glass Candle Holder, Hanging Round Glass

Votive candle chandelier 13

Hanging candle holders and then just added rose petals and beaded garland from craft store. I also had plain glass votives scattered around the tables.

Saint james iron and glass votive taper chandelier v0580

Saint James Iron And Glass Votive Taper Chandelier (v0580) .

Wedding candle chandelier chandelier lighting

Wedding Candle Chandelier | Chandelier Lighting

Votive candle chandelier 28

the holiday table, greenery and ornaments on chandeliers, greenery on back of chair, white linens, votive candles

Votive candle chandelier 3

Use your wine glasses as votives! Seen here: Charmerende gjenbruk: Adventslys....

Votive candle chandelier 39

Votive Candle Chandelier

Votive candle chandelier 5

Chandelier Candle Holders in Pink White & Aqua | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Votive candle chandelier 4

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Circeo 3 Light Mini Candle Chandelier

Circeo 3 Light Mini Candle Chandelier
This device is a high quality chandelier that features a solid metal construction with attractive, natural accents. It is a product that ensures light thanks to its three mini lights. It plays functional and decorative role.

Multicolor chandelier

Bright and colorful design for an exquisite, over the top multicolor chandelier with an abundance of hand-blown Murano glass ornaments and a cast iron frame painted in a reflective, golden paint giving it a rich look.

Votive candle chandelier 27

3 Tier Metal Candle Chandelier w Votive Cups 35828 | eBay

Votive candle chandelier 7

Five Votive Candle Chandelier- Garden Oasis-Outdoor Living-Outdoor Lighting-Decorative Lighting

Multi color chandelier 6

One could get a split personality - or just admire all the colors in one crystal place - in the form of a multi-color chandelier. This highly decorative piece of lighting offers multi-color crystals and electric candles.

Unique multi color chandelier light fun funky for teens room

Unique Multi Color Chandelier Light Fun Funky For Teens Room Bright Colors
I love this multi-color chandelier with decorative crystals and functional electric candles. Its solid construction based on metal and glass not only decorates indoors, but it also improves interior illumination.

This chandelier was retrofitted with votive holders and candles id

This chandelier was retrofitted with votive holders and candles... I'd love this on a porch!

Colorful chandelier

If you want to create a wonderful, vibrant glowing experience, this chandelier will provide the full gamma of colours into your space. Featuring the 6 colours of rainbow, it will enchant all guests, both the younger and the older ones.

Votive candle chandelier 1

Wrought Iron Chandelier, Iron Votive Candle Chandelier, 4 Candle Chandelier, Wedding Chandelier, Outdoor Chandelier, Shabby Chic - SOLD!

Multi colored crystal chandelier

Decorative and practical element in any interior design. This chandelier is based on durable metal frame and multi-color crystal elements. It assures illumination thanks to its electric candles. It also features a solid metal chain.

Votive candle chandelier 19

love these for wedding

Multi color chandelier 10

Crystal chandeliers decorated the palace chambers even before Thomas Edison at the end of the 19th century presented his first light bulb. Return to these times with the boho multi-color chandelier, full of rainbow crystals with the predominance of fuchsia.

5 Light Crystal Chandelier

5 Light Crystal Chandelier
Are you a fan of extraordinary stylish and intriguing solutions? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this unique and stylish light chandelier! Check it out now and enjoy an awesome design in your house.

Sale mini golden scroll 6 votive candle chandelier made to

Sale Mini Golden Scroll 6 Votive Candle Chandelier MADE TO ORDER on ...

Votive candle chandelier 25

William Aiken House - gorgeous chandelier detail!

Annelise 3 Light Drum Chandelier

Annelise 3 Light Drum Chandelier
If you're dreaming of an extraordinary look in your living room or bedroom, this awesome chandelier might be an intriguing option for you. Check it out now and enjoy the perfection brought to your house!

Venezia 6 Light Chandelier

Venezia 6 Light Chandelier
This extraordinary stylish and elegant light chandelier is gonna perfectly match every traditional living room or bedroom. Check it out now and enjoy its charming design and the highest functionality!

Americana 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Americana 5 Light Candle Chandelier
Beautiful traditional chandelier for dining rooms. Made of metal finished in high-polished brass. It has a chain-hanger, decorative column tipped with a sphera and small ring, 5 semi-circular arms with sockets for at maximum 60-Watt candle-bulbs.

Votive candle chandelier 12


Bohemian 10 Light Crystal Candle Chandelier

Bohemian 10 Light Crystal Candle Chandelier
Glamorous crystal chandelier - it looks just perfect with candle type lights. It grabs with huge load of elaborate bohemian style! It is made of glass. It accommodates 10 bulbs. It hangs on a single silver chain.

Votive candle chandelier 21

Wagon wheel-turned-floral chandelier with greenery and hanging votives

Votive candle chandelier 11

Black Wrought Iron 6 Arm Votive Candle Chandelier USA

Votive candle chandelier 4

- Wrought Iron 6 Arm Votive Candle Chandelier w/ Pots-Hand Made - Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Votive candle chandeliers 1

Votive Candle Chandeliers

This hand wrought 6 arm votive candle chandelier is smaller

this hand wrought 6 arm votive candle chandelier is smaller than our

Rustic branch chandelier with hanging votives

Rustic Branch Chandelier With Hanging Votives