Outdoor Hanging Chandelier


A chandelier doesn't necessarily only have to be on the inside of your home. But if you're going to have a chandelier outdoor it needs to be a little heavier duty while still being elegant and beautiful. For your outdoor spaces we offer you a collection of outdoor hanging chandeliers that are stylish and very attractive while also being versatile and durable.

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How to make an outdoor chandelier

With such a marvelous chandelier you can easily enchant your wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Its design is, simply, breathtaking, shining with numerous lights, creating romantic atmosphere all around.

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Metal hanging candle chandelier and led pillar candles

Metal Hanging Candle Chandelier And LED Pillar Candles

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Outdoor hanging chandelier

Made of sturdy wire basket hanging from the chandelier is a perfect composition of captivating design and beautiful appearance. The whole will be excellent for the outdoor decoration of terrace, patio or garage.

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Chandelier 8 Light Candelabra Sockets Curved Arms Hanging Chandelier

Chandelier 8 Light Candelabra Sockets Curved Arms Hanging Chandelier

Big hanging chandelier accommodating eight lights, hanging on a chain. It has airy design with curved arms that give the whole a romantic and whimsical character. The chandelier is made of metal with dark bronze finish.

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Outdoor hanging chandelier

These fabulous outdoor chandeliers are an awesome decoration for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other special occasions. The lights are inside the cotton balls, and they are hanging on the solid rope.

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Chandeliers and outdoor weddings photography lacie hansen venue haiku mill

Light up your next party or outdoor event with outdoor hanging chandeliers. Suspend from a solid framework or from the underneath of a picnic shelter or gazebo. Branching candelabra style lends beauty and illumination like no other lighting fixture.

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Outdoor hanging chandelier 1

This project shows how simple and inexpensive and outdoor chandelier can be. Just reuse 2 flower baskets frames, some black pipe cleaners and white holiday lights and voila! You can enjoy your own glowing chandelier.

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Outdoor hanging chandelier

This patio set includes high quality chairs made of all weather wicker. Their frames are very solid, so they are ideal for adults. Of course these chairs provide support and comfort, so their users will be happy about their outdoor relaxation.

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Watashi 5 Light Japanese Hanging Lantern Chandelier

Watashi 5 Light Japanese Hanging Lantern Chandelier

Bring a huge load of Janapese style and oriental charm to your home thanks to this unique chandelier with 5 lanterns made of delicate white glass. It is a beautiful and natural alternative to modern accessories.

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Outdoor hanging chandelier 2

A stunning hanging chandelier that will work outdoors as well as indoors and offers a sublime structure, perfect to invite some warmth and charm into your household. It comes with the crystal look to it to best complete your home.

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Outdoor Hanging Chandelier

Buying Guide

Yes, there are lots of different outdoor hanging chandeliers that are battery operated.

In fact, this is a particularly handy option if you’re looking for an outdoor lighting solution that is fairly flexible rather than permanent, whether that’s because you’re currently renting the house or because you occasionally like to move your seating area around.

If your outdoor hanging chandelier will be exposed to direct sunlight, you could also consider an eco-friendlier solar model, too.

Yes. Unless you have practical experience in wiring external appliances, this is definitely a project you should not DIY. Running wires outside and weather-proofing them to ensure that rain, snow, or other elements do not trigger an unsafe atmosphere requires a special set of skills. It will be more expensive, but it’s well worth the peace of mind to have an electrician help you with this project.

How much light you get from an outdoor chandelier depends on the amount of lighting you want. That said, an outdoor chandelier is decorative in nature. It is typically meant to be less bright than its security-oriented counterparts such as floodlights and motion sensor lights.

The light from a light bulb is measured in lumens which indicates the bulb’s brightness and the intensity of light emitted. A standard 40-watt bulb generates more than 400 lumens of light. The more the wattage, the higher the lumens.

For an outdoor chandelier, it is recommended that you use bulbs with an intensity of anywhere between 100 and 400 lumens. Anything greater than 400 lumens may be overkill.

Best Ideas

How to make a hanging chandelier

A creative way to spice up your outdoor area, with this beautiful plant pot chandelier. It's hand-painted, consisted of a durable metal frame and 5 flower pots instead of hurricanes, and you can easily hang it on a tree branch.

Wedding decor hanging flowers lanterns chandeliers lights wedding party 1

Wedding Decor: Hanging flowers, lanterns, chandeliers & lights | Wedding Party

Homemade outdoor chandelier

A cool traditional hanging pot rack and candle chandelier in one for outdoor use. It's made of a rectangular wooden plank with raised edges of slats and has a dark brown finish. It hangs on 2 robust metal chains.

Patio chandelier

These string balls are easy to made by your own, but you can purchase them too. They will be an attractive addition at indoor and outdoor space.

How to make outdoor chandelier

I Love this thrift store chandelier repurposed into a patio or garden solar light by My Repurposed Life

Outdoor hanging chandelier

People living in the city center must really make an effort to find a place for their own rocking garden swing bench,so spacious that it is suitable as a place to sleep during summer nights. The design is wooden,lined with foam cushion with decorative pillows.

Patio candle chandelier

A breathtaking idea for illuminating your outdoor wedding with romantic ambiance. Those hanging chandeliers are, simply, exquisite, in their form, with numerous sparkling crystals, pearls, and beads that hang on a pure white metal frame.

Make with hula hoops and flowers maybe hang from trees

Make with hula hoops and flowers, maybe hang from trees for outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding chandelier

Your daughter is no longer playing hula-hop, it's understandable, children are growing. But hula-hop is in good condition, so why not use it, surround it with lights and create a outdoor hanging chandelier on the veranda.

Lighting hanging chandelier strung lights outdoor round bulbs

... - Lighting | hanging chandelier strung lights Outdoor round bulbs

Outdoor hanging candelabra

You do not have to rent the entire ballroom - just the nearest and the garden behind the house - to decorate a delicate, rustic wedding in a fashionable trend. With wooden benches, long tables, a gripper and outdoor hanging chandelier full of little bulbs.

Outdoor hanging chandelier 4

Comprising multiple, tiny crystals this chandelier will be a perfect proposition for a wedding decoration. Representing the empire or glamour style, it will look gorgeous, when mixed with boho motifs and i.e. hanged on a tree.

Outdoor hanging chandelier

There are many ways to get an unconventional, aesthetic patio- this is what hanging brown outdoor chandelier pots can help.Mounted in the open space above a subtle blue outdoor bench, they hang on black cords forming a basket and make a spectacular impression.

Want this for the special day rustic branch chandelier with

: : Want this for the special day! : : Rustic Branch Chandelier With Hanging Votives : :