Rainbow Chandelier

For a lovely piece that will bathe your home's interior in color, we give you the rainbow chandelier. Not your typical chandelier, this one can light the room and give it more color without having to repaint the walls or change your furniture. If you are looking for a different way to light your home, see this collection for details. They will give new color to your life.

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Rainbow chandelier 64

A magnificent theatrical multi coloured chandelier.

Rainbow chandelier 36

Very funny, decorative and durable chandelier with a nice multi-color finish. This element of home design improves aesthetics of different rooms. It also includes many electric candles that are responsible for good illumination of indoors.

Rainbow chandelier 45

Test tube chandelier! <3 Right over my future dining periodic table, please ;)

Rainbow chandelier 48

i love this.....and i want this.....but i have no idea where i'd put it.....but i still want it!!!

Rainbow chandelier 82

I LOVE this gypsy chandelier!!

Rainbow chandelier 75

*Candelier, Gummy Bear Chandeliers -

Pair rainbow spiral glass chandeliers by morris lapidus image 7

Pair Rainbow Spiral Glass Chandeliers by Morris Lapidus image 7

Rainbow chandelier 42

Somewhere in the narrow streets of India - the exotic recesses of their colorful culture, you'll find a crystal rainbow chandelier whose frame sparkles with all colors. 6 arms end with traditional Indian shapes.

Rainbow chandelier 41

Rainbow Chandelier - Cool DIY Chandelier Ideas for Inspiration,

Rainbow chandelier 71

Cirque Hanging Chandelier 25" h x 24" diameter,  handmade hanging chandelier lamp, embellished with acrylic material & glass beads.  Extends from a hook on ceiling, plugs into electrical socket.  (hook included)

Rainbow chandelier 43

Image detail for -Little Mermaid Theme Room: I love the light blue and white.

Rainbow chandelier 38

This small rainbow chandelier will add warmth and liveliness to any kind of space. Fitting perfect into children bedrooms, it will enlighten their rooms with a colourful glow.

Rainbow chandelier 40

I like this chandelier thanks to its practical and decorative character. This element of home design includes many multi-color crystals and electric candles, so it not only decorates indoors, but also improves illumination level.

Rainbow chandelier 37

Adorable setup for a tiny, cute corner in a living room, perfect for relaxation and reading a book in comfort. The red, cotton upholstered armchair fits in well with the rainbow chandelier, which provides a unique detail.

Rainbow chandelier 72


Rainbow chandelier 74

Gypsy Chandelier. Beautiful. The Incensewoman

Rainbow chandelier 54

ooooh...want to hang it from a tree..or the circus tent I pinned.

This beautiful gypsy 6 arm chandelier allows you to achieve

This beautiful 'Gypsy' 6 arm chandelier allows you to achieve stately home style without the need for a stately home-owner's bank balance! The central stem branches into six elegant arms in rich, bright colours and from these are strung hundreds of beads

Rainbow chandelier 51

A must have for anyone who has beads.... If you can have one you can a thousand!!! And you can do this!!! I'm all over it...... Love it love it love it!! Thanks!

Rainbow chandelier 62

Tree of Rainbow Keys by Keyperscove @ deviantArt

I wish i wouldnt have gotten rid of the one

I wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of the one we had! Could have used it in Kayla's room!!

Rainbow chandelier 47

I found this on a baby website but I think this is so cool! If it were in the right setting it could be very cute! #chandelier

Rainbow chandelier 77

these could be beautiful... I guess it will depend on where you end up with a venue?

Pair rainbow spiral glass chandeliers by morris lapidus image 3

Pair Rainbow Spiral Glass Chandeliers by Morris Lapidus image 3

Gwyneth paltrow hamptons house11 with tord boontje for swarovski crystal

Gwyneth Paltrow Hamptons House11 with Tord Boontje for Swarovski Crystal Palace Blossom Chandelier.jpg

Bedroom with rainbow chandelier and ornate fireplace

Bedroom with rainbow chandelier and ornate fireplace

Rainbow chandelier 44

Such a fun chandelier!

Small rainbow chandelier urban outfitters 2

Small Rainbow Chandelier - Urban Outfitters

Rainbow chandelier 55

Rainbow Mason Jar Chandelier looks amazing and will be a feature piece in your home! It will add a real touch of character and it’s fun to make.

Rainbow chandelier 39

Plum & Bow Small Rainbow Chandelier #urbanoutfitters

Jasmine 5 Light Mini Chandelier

Jasmine 5 Light Mini Chandelier

Rainbow chandelier 68

Plum & Bow Artemis Chandelier. can't decide if i love it or want to throw up..????? :)

Rainbow chandelier 79

When I'm an Earth Goddess, I will have this in my bedroom....maybe even before then....because I really like it and it would already match!

Rainbow chandelier 67

Maria S.C. single test tubes chandelier

Rainbow chandelier 46

Gypsy Chandeliers Rainbow Lights are available in 24 Colors and Styles at ShopWildThings!

Rainbow chandelier 70

Experiment with these fantastic test-tube chandeliers | Spaces - Yahoo! Homes

Rainbow chandelier 73

9 Pendant Cluster Light One fixture with many options! See pictures for many available cord colors, socket finishes, and bulb choices Pendant

Rainbow chandelier 49

Oh cute just put colored water in the tubes ur choice. what color of chandelier do you want?

Rainbow chandelier 53

Top 5 Pins: Crafty Masons & Home Creations | HelloSociety

Rainbow chandelier 76

A test tube chandelier filled with colored water would be a conversation starter for sure.

Rainbow chandelier 78

Rainbow origami crane mobile

39 original boho chic dining room designs digsdigs 3

39 Original Boho Chic Dining Room Designs | DigsDigs

Rainbow chandelier 80

Test Tube Chandelier ...

Rainbow chandelier 81

DIY chandelier: Hoops with holes drilled big enough to fit test tubes through. Fill test tubes in a liquid colored to match your decor or leave clear.

I adore this chandelier i must find a way to

I ADORE this Chandelier! I must find a way to DIY this for my sewing room! (cuz $300 is "ouch")

Rainbow chandelier 16


Rainbow chandelier on

Rainbow Chandelier, $ on

Rainbow chandelier 83

Exotic Rainbow Chandelier

Stunning chandelier flowersinlight yehuda ozan tel aviv yaffo israel

Stunning chandelier (Flowersinlight - Yehuda ozan, Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel)

Rainbow chandelier holly sent this said it reminds her of

rainbow chandelier. Holly sent this, said it reminds her of Cyndie:)