Bamboo Chandelier


A chandelier idea you never thought of because it's just too unique, you might be intrigued by these bamboo chandeliers. They're stylish, sustainable, hypoallergenic, and fully functional. They come in plenty of looks to fit your home and can be painted to match the decor. Take a look at this extensive collection of our bamboo chandelier options.

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Our Picks

Pagoda chandelier

Pagoda chandelier.

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Bamboo chandelier 18

Exoticism combined with gothic - can it succeed? Yes! The form of the bamboo chandelier refers to the old gothic lighting, also the artificial candles inside. In contrast, it was made of bamboo wood, which reminds of warm exotic countries.

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Bamboo lantern chandelier

Pagoda Chandelier from The Well Appointed House

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Bamboo chandelier 40

Green Bamboo Chandelier

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Pagoda chandelier 10

Asian styled chandelier for traditional and contemporary indoors. Its faux bamboo construction features an attractive antique gold finish. This frame is durable, supportive and provides good level of aesthetics.

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Spiral 10 Light Chandelier

Spiral 10 Light Chandelier

Are you dreaming of an incredible design in your living room or bedroom? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and stylish light chandelier! Check it out and bring a unique style to your house.

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Light fixtures edward linacre

Light fixtures. Edward Linacre

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Bamboo chandelier 2

Bamboo Chandelier

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Bamboo chandelier 31

Very fresh, cottage design for a cute little ceiling lamp with a thin, bamboo shade. Perfect for a rustic, exotic look in your living room, sure to give it a new life with its unusual, unique appearance.

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Faux bamboo chandelier 2

Faux Bamboo Chandelier

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Bamboo Chandelier

Buying Guide

A bamboo chandelier almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. After all, a chandelier originally supported candles, providing extra illumination in an age when lighting was difficult and uncertain. Today, however, a chandelier is more likely to support electrical lighting which can manifest in a variety of bulb and bulb cover designs. Bamboo is a sturdy material, highly ecological and quickly replaced with new growth. It is lightweight and can be used to create a variety of designs.

Bamboo can be used to create simple, drum-shaped shades for hanging chandelier lights. These can range for a single drum shape, rather like a snare or kettle drum to more complex designs such as three cylindrical “drums” in graduated sizes, with the largest hung at the top and the smaller ones in successively smaller sizes hung below it. Three “drums” is a classic design of the latter sort, but they can also be arranged in spirals or in offset star patterns.

Another frequently used option is to use bamboo to make an openwork frame for a metal chandelier arrangement. The bamboo is cut into small lengths and wired together to create an elegant framework for designer light bulbs, such as those that imitate candle flames. The bamboo frame is then gilded with metallic paint to simulate gold or silver ornamentation that matches the metal used to house the wiring and the bulb holders.

Bamboo can be used as a framework for other kinds of materials, as well. Silk is an ever-popular choice for lamp shades of any kind because the fine fabric can easily be woven into a translucent covering that diffuses light with a minimal reduction of illumination. Furthermore, the silk can be plain or it can have patterns woven in or be adorned with embroidery, paint or even small gems.

Young bamboo can be pre-bent into shapes, allowing it to easily be formed into spheres. These can be plain spokes of natural bamboo, slabs of cut bamboo, or even bamboo withies that are threaded through beads or other decorations. They can be sparse, simple suggestions of a sphere or they can be dense or even woven over to create a thicker shade.

Bamboo can also be formed into what in the art world are known as organic shapes which are shapes that do not conform to geometric dictates. As with most such artwork, there is no real limit to how the forms are configured. They can resemble clouds, driftwood, branching trees and more.

Best Ideas

Bamboo chandelier 44

Another interesting idea for a chandelier that provides light and decorates indoors at night and day. This element features four faux candle electric lights based on a durable frame in natural bamboo finish.

Bamboo chandelier 20

A breathtaking, bamboo chandelier with a gorgeous twisted shape, makes this one look really one-of-a-kind with an exotic appearance. The Asian look is a perfect attribute if you’re looking for something elegant and classy.

Faux bamboo pagoda chandelier 18

Suzie: Lighting - Bamboo Chandelier, Green ($20 fs) | Gump's San Francisco - green, faux bamboo, chandelier

Exceptional venini spiral chandelier 12 long crystals

Exceptional venini spiral chandelier 12 long crystals

This spiral chandelier brings to mind a waterfall made of glass - frozen in time, with a golden glow. Designed in Italy, it consists of 12-millimeter triangular glass rods, arranged in a wavy multi-layered unity.

Bamboo chandelier 51

Japanese style restaurant lamp single pendant light modern bamboo brief lamps wool lamp rustic lighting room Factory Wholesale

Vintage faux bamboo pagoda chandelier 8 lights 1

Vintage Faux Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier 8-Lights

Bamboo chandelier 46

Transitional Bamboo Circle Tiered 20" Wide Pendant Chandelier ...

Bamboo chandelier 26

Jamaica Lane - Meg Braff Interiors love Palm Beach style.. look at that railing.

Spiral chandelier 18

Fabulous spiral chandelier with dazzling crystals all over it. Oh my, this light fixture is bound to bring lots more than a single sparkle indoors! What's more, the chandelier is gold plated. 100% glamour

Spiral chandelier 11

This is surely one of the best chandeliers ever created with the sublime and immensely unique shape and structure that will make it into an eye-turner for each guest visiting your home. It sports the spiral shape and the strong, iron construction.

Spiral chandelier 25

Modern, decorative and practical design in the house. This chandelier is a high quality product that features a solid metal frame. Its spiral theme looks very interesting in many stylizations. It also assures good illumination of indoors.

200 bamboo chandelier

An extraordinary chandelier in a rustic style. It's made of bamboo, which makes it an environmentally friendly piece that features a cool, natural look. It's attached to the ceiling by a simple chain.

Square bamboo lantern in gold or black a classic theme

Square Bamboo Lantern in Gold or Black: A classic theme takes on a lattice look in this modern bamboo metal hanging lantern. In burnished Gold leaf or Black crackle, it can stand alone as a chandelier as well. 4x60 watts candle sockets. (24"Hx20"Wx20"D)

Great pagoda lamp

great pagoda lamp