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Buy the best medieval chandelier selected and recommended by interior designers. By Vanessa Weber.

Medieval chandeliers provide a gorgeous, gothic look that you will find nowhere else. Many of the ones in this collection are fitted with modern, electric lighting, but still retain that timeless feeling of the grand old days of yore. Sit the table round and joust through the selection of medieval chandeliers to find the one that will complete your decor.

Three tier Medieval Chandelier With Dimmer Lights

Three tier Medieval Chandelier With Dimmer Lights

$2559.99 $2569.99

Three tier Medieval Chandelier With Dimmer Lights

Fleur De Lis Living

$2559.99 $2569.99


What We Like: Dimming capabilities for mood lighting

What We Don’t Like: Its steel construction makes it super heavy

Not So Good For: Low, suspended, or conventional ceilings

Perfect For: Beam, Cathedral, and reinforced ceiling types

Stunning and worthy of respect, this large chandelier has three tiers like a wedding cake and hangs from a sloped ceiling with ease. What makes this chandelier so special is that it can hang in damp areas, like dungeons, and the lights are dimmable.

Because of its large and tall size, you’ll want to suspend it in a large room by itself to let its magnificence speak for itself. It is hardwired and the candle bulb shape looks the neatest. The curled metal scroll detail draws your eyes to it, and it should be the central accent in a room.

Two tier Wagon Wheel Medieval Chandelier

Two tier Wagon Wheel Medieval Chandelier

$2394.99 $2994.99

Two tier Wagon Wheel Medieval Chandelier

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

$2394.99 $2994.99


What We Like: Wood wagon wheel tier look

What We Don’t Like: Light bulbs are more modern

Not So Good For: Purely dungeons and dragon’s themes

Perfect For: People wanting a touch of medieval that isn’t over the top

With an adjustable height, this benighted chandelier can hang from three and a half feet to just over nine feet from the ceiling. It has a six-foot chain, fourteen lights, a timeless style, weathered zinc details, and weathered gray wood veneer accents.

The ambient glow gives off great mood lighting and the wood and metal combo makes it more sophisticated. Because it is made of metal and wood, it pairs well with hammered tables and solid wood tables below it. If you are on a tight budget and looking for a quick chandelier to hang, this isn’t the right choice for you.

Wrought Iron Medieval Chandelier With Wine Barrel Staves

Wrought Iron Medieval Chandelier With Wine Barrel Staves

Wrought Iron Medieval Chandelier With Wine Barrel Staves


What We Like: Twisted metal tendril details

What We Don’t Like: The default chain max drop is only two feet

Not So Good For: Really tall ceilings

Perfect For: Standard height and tray ceilings

Handmade out of reclaimed oak wine barrel staves and wrought iron, this medieval chandelier looks like it came straight from the inside of a castle. It features twisted and pointed tendrils that look like swords, the metal ring is painted in hammered black, and hangs from three chains.

Included is a ceiling mount, with the option of a swag mount with another cord, and hangs great on standard and vault ceilings. Its small size looks best in small rooms if by itself, or looks fine in large rooms with multiple chandeliers.

Ancient Medieval Chandelier With Mesh Shields

Ancient Medieval Chandelier With Mesh Shields

Ancient Medieval Chandelier With Mesh Shields


What We Like: Shield design really emphasizes the medieval look

What We Don’t Like: Wish it were larger

Not So Good For: Coffered style ceilings, the box and round shapes might clash

Perfect For: Hanging over an elongated feasting table

Like the edges of a castle, this medieval chandelier is one round wheel with mesh shields to push a true fortress feel. It has a rough distressed appeal, giving it a handsome and rustic style, along with its three chains.

The two layers of steel make it durable, lasting years, and it can be customized to fit your room theme better. This is the perfect chandelier to hang over your board, dice, and card game table to give it that primitive look. If you need a more elaborate chandelier, choose a tiered one instead of this one.

Hammered Iron Medieval Chandelier

Hammered Iron Medieval Chandelier

Hammered Iron Medieval Chandelier

Kathy Ireland


What We Like: Beaded and hammer-stamped pattern

What We Don’t Like: Only has six light bulbs

Not So Good For: A large hall or room space

Perfect For: Medieval, antique, and art deco styles

This chandelier is sort of a chameleon because it can blend into a few home styles and still ends up looking great. Its curly metal and small to large shape make it a more intricate piece to hang over a small table or altar.

If you are searching for a more ominous chandelier, this light will not do it for you because it is more elegant in design. Stick with a more graceful medieval appeal with this chandelier and make sure to use it in a small room because of its minimal lighting.

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Medieval Chandelier

Buying Guide

When you’re decorating with a medieval chandelier, you’ll want to play up the effects of such a dramatic lighting piece by emphasizing dark woods and metals, as well as other baroque, detailed, and heavy pieces.

See if you can find decorative elements to place around your room that are made of cast iron or wrought iron, place a large oriental rug on the floor, and display carvings made of dark wood. Place an aged map on the wall, leave books lying around halfway open, and go for a castle-study vibe with your interior. It’s a good idea to leave a few blankets and cushions out, as well, to make the space feel approachable as well as carefully-designed.

There are several types of medieval candle holders, but the most popular ones were:

  • ‘Tripod’: with an either triangular or circular tripod base
  • ‘Looped sockets’: usually hexagonal, octagonal, or—rarely—cylindrical but always with some kind of looped aperture or perforation
  • ‘Bunsen burner type’: with straight sides, a narrow stem, and a slightly wider unperforated socket

You can now find medieval chandeliers that include candle holders in any of these styles.

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Tuscanor - Tintagel Medieval Style Traditional Chandelier

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Antique copper iron huge chandelier spanish tudor gothic revival renaissance

Antique Copper & Iron HUGE Chandelier Spanish Tudor Gothic Revival Renaissance

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Bring in a bit of the medieval climate into your interiors. This gothic looking medieval chandelier features 10 candle holders, enlighting the room with a unique, mysterious flare.

Antique chandeliers vintage french medieval oak and iron chandelier

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American gothic wrought iron chandelier

American Gothic wrought iron chandelier

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Wrought Iron Chandelier Made by Jose Thenee

Medieval chandelier 50

You can meet such an unbelievable medieval chandelier visiting medieval castles. But you can have it at home too. Two iron hoops hang on strong iron chains and are imitated with real candles. Everything in a dark brown-colored iron.

Rustik Medieval Eight Light Chandelier

Rustik Medieval Eight Light Chandelier

It is a rustic medieval chandelier that has got eight lights and round shape. It is an attractive addition to your living room, bedroom or dining room area. It adds elegance and style to any home.

Rustik Medieval Twelve Light Chandelier

Rustik Medieval Twelve Light Chandelier

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... Collection CROMWELL very large wrought iron Medieval chandelier

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White Magick Alchemy - Medieval Pillar Chandelier . Old World Hanging Metal Chandelier Holds Pillar Candles, $239.00

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This artistic chandelier in rural style is made of two iron hoops in different sizes. Hoops are connected and hanged by cables. Light bulbs which are stylised on little flames make this decor's element more vintage.

Santangelo ch mvl r 4 light medieval chandelier large pendant

Santangelo CH-MVL-R 4 Light Medieval Chandelier Large Pendant, Dark Bronze

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medieval chandelier

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sand weighted tin chandelier | Art Antiques Michigan

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Medieval Candles Chandelier Dollhouse Miniature by CalicoJewels

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