French Country Chandelier Shades


French country chandeliers are lovely, but sometimes they can be a little bright. And if you haven't installed a rheostat, the next best option is to put shades on your chandelier bulbs. These shades fit only French country chandeliers, come in a myriad of styles and colors, and are all well-made and quite attractive. Take a look at this vast collection of shades and see what we have to offer.

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French country chandelier shades 36

A chic French country style chandelier with a base in whites and creams with charming floral and bird motifs. Six S-curved arms feature scrolls and bobeche-like sockets for candelabra bulbs. White fabric lampshades have floral motifs along edges.

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To french country lamp shade country lamp shades french country

to french country lamp shade country lamp shades french country ...

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Break the bank vs cheapskate french script chandelier shades

Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate {French Script Chandelier Shades}

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6 Light Chandelier with Fabric Shades

6 Light Chandelier with Fabric Shades

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French country chandelier shades 7

Embodying well the French countryside character, this beautiful chandelier shade constitutes a smooth white and red checkered pattern proposition. An adorable Christmas decoration for example.

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French Country Basket Chandelier W New Black Ticking 6 Shades For Summer

French Country Basket Chandelier W New Black Ticking 6 Shades For Summer

A French country style needs a black country basket chandelier as topping off. Four bulbs chandelier features a wire basket where you can put fruits in - genuine fruits or artificial ones (not included) from local crafts store.

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French country chandelier shades 38

French Country Chandelier With Hand Painted Shades

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French country chandelier shades 26

So detailed and charming that it is just a sure must-have for any interior, this lamp shade chandelier will elevate the look of your country-styled interior with its red and white finish and the rooster theme.

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French country chandelier lamp shade in mustard yellow rooster fabric

French Country Chandelier Lamp Shade in Mustard Yellow Rooster Fabric ...

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Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier Lighting Country French White , One Light , Free Shipping , Ceiling Fixture

This made European-style chandelier is tasteful and very classic detail for remarkable interior. Beautiful design and decorative crystals make it look phenomenal. Perfect for your living room.

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French Country Chandelier Shades

Buying Guide

As soon as you see the word 'chandelier', you may be thinking of a grand piece of furniture that you need to climb on a step ladder and try to install in your living room. However, this certainly isn't the case, and French country chandelier shades are much simpler. Chandelier shades can be used on large and elegant chandeliers, but they can also be used for smaller and simpler chandelier designs, such as a set of 4-5 light bulbs.

In order to find the right size, you should measure the chandelier or lamps that you have in your home. Once you have these measurements, you will be able to easily match them up with suitable options, either online or in a store. You can also ask for help from the sales advisors who will be able to assist you in finding the correct items.

As well as ensuring that the shades fit your lights, you should consider how large you want them to be and how much you want them to extend outwards. You can buy various sizes of chandelier shades which may fit, but some of them are narrower and more subtle, while others are bolder and allow you to express your creativity more.

Arguably the main thing which gives away the French country style is the pattern which is used. Let's take a quick look at some of the most popular patterns that you will come across.

  • Blue floral pattern: This is mainly blue, with small floral designs which are often in light pink and white. There may be elements of green in this pattern, to embed the floral design and add a natural effect.
  • Beige rustic pattern: If you don't want too much color in your home or you're trying to achieve a modern and minimal look, it doesn't mean you have to rule out French country patterns. The beige rustic effect is very subtle, but has a natural look and a subtle linear pattern which appeals to a wide audience.
  • Simple flowers: Rather than having a floral pattern with many small flowers, a pattern which has much fewer yet larger flowers might take your fancy. These shades normally have a plain background, such as cream or beige, and then two or three flowers around the shade which are painted or crafted on using a minimal number of colors, such as green, yellow and pink.

This will usually depend on which type of shades you end up settling on. Since many French country shades are made from fabric, you should buy a special fabric cleaner for them. It's best to have a conversation directly with the supplier about the best way to clean the shades you have just bought. To be on the safe side, if you haven't received any specific advice, there is little that can go wrong with dry dusting regularly and occasionally light damp dusting.

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