Crystal Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Give you ceiling fan a classy upgrade with one of our crystal ceiling fan light kits. Not the usual tulip glass, a crystal light kit gives anything a ritzy aire, making it seem more extravagant by extension. Even the most inexpensive fan will seem like it was bought in a high-price shop, once this crystal ceiling fan light kit is installed. See more in the collection.

Best Products

Ceiling fans chandeliers attached

Very luxurious hanging lamp which connect old-fashioned chandelier with retro fan. It has metal base covered with silver. Chandelier has beautiful lampshades in a shape of flowers. It is decorated of very sophisticated hanging crystals.

Crystal ceiling fan light kit 3

This astonishing, crystal chandelier ceiling fan light kit is characterized by a glittering design with many sparkling additions. It shines with bright light, enriching your fan with new lighting power.

Crystal ceiling fan light kit

With this crystal ceiling fan light kit your home decor is going to be as chic as never before! It features many crystals with white finish. It will be great in bedroom or drawing room.

Crystal ceiling fan light kit

This 10" round ceiling fan light kit is made of several crystal discs surrounded by a chrome metal finish, providing a stunning, floating effect. An excellent choice for those, who want to bring an eye-catching flash to their ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan chandelier

If you searching for an elegant addition to your home, you have to choose this ceiling fan with the steel construction and crystal light. Trust me, everyone will tell you how fab it looks in your home.

Pink ceiling fan with light

This fan light kit is an element designed for ceiling installation. It provides luxury into the house. Its mounting surface is durable and resistant to wear. The product provides light at night and it decorates indoors at day.

Crystal ceiling fan light kit 4

This crystal chandelier ceiling fan is one beautiful expensive looking product, that won't break your decorating budget. It measures 60 inches and has a chrome, sophisticated finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

A crystal ceiling fan light kit could be just what you need to add the finishing touch to a room in your home. It’s multi-functional, acting as a source of light, decoration, as well as better air ventilation thanks to the fan. With the fanciness of a chandelier and the benefit of a fan, most people are probably not even aware these types of lights even exist. This makes them a unique piece in your home that your friends and family will have to adore.

If you’ve already made the decision to purchase a crystal ceiling fan light kit for your home, the next part is figuring out which one you want. Making the final decision can be the hardest part, especially when there is such a large variety available online. To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips and things to consider when choosing the right crystal ceiling fan.

Where to place a crystal ceiling fan light? 

The size of crystal ceiling fan you choose may depend on its location. Living rooms, foyers, and dining rooms are a more reasonable place to mount large crystal ceiling fans.

How to select the right size ceiling fan?

Generally speaking, the higher the ceiling, the larger you can go in size. So even if you want your fan in the living room, if the ceiling is low then larger may not be suitable. Smaller fans are better for smaller rooms like bedrooms, home offices, studies, etc.

What is CFM?

The higher the CFM, the more air movement, meaning more air to help you cool off on a warm or hot day. An easy way to calculate the general CFM a room needs is by measuring the sq. feet of the room, then multiplying it by 1 cfm. For example, a room that is 150 sq. feet will need about 150 cfm for proper air ventilation. Because you’re looking for a fan, the air movement measurement should be taken into consideration. You definitely don’t want a ceiling fan that isn’t effective.

Are there remote-controlled crystal ceiling fan light kits?

As technology becomes more advanced, we get to experience our day to day lives a bit more conveniently. This also includes handling the controls of your ceiling fan. If you’re someone who loves convenience or someone in your home has some difficulty moving around due to injury or old age, a remote control ceiling fan light can make things easier.

How to determine the length of a downrod extension?

The ideal height for your ceiling fan to sit at is anywhere between 8 and 9 feet high. If you have higher than normal ceilings, then you should look into including a downrod extension with your crystal ceiling fan light kit.

When calculating the ideal downrod length, don’t forget to include room for your ceiling fan. A ceiling fan that’s approximately 1 foot tall for a ceiling of 12 feet tall should have a downrod of 2-3 feet long in order for it to sit at around 8-9 feet high.

Adding a crystal ceiling fan to your home, let alone a crystal light fixture is exciting! Use our tips to make the most out of your ceiling fan. Check out the options below to see what you can order online.

A final word

The lighting in a room can have a lot more effect on the overall essence it gives off. Crystal ceiling fans give a luxurious look and feel to any home entrance, living room, dining room, and even your bedroom. They’re so extravagant that they can take any nice room and transform it into something even more elegant or sophisticated than it was from the start.


Acrylic crystal chandelier type ceiling fan light kit

Acrylic Crystal Chandelier Type Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Fan with chandelier

Pull Chain Crystal Bead Candelabra Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Acrylic crystal chandelier type ceiling fan light kit 3

Acrylic Crystal Chandelier Type Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Ceiling mounted fan light. This crystal chandelier is paired with a ceiling fan. It provides good illumination and improves interior aesthetics thanks to its original and attractive appearance. This light is also resistant to wear and ageing.

Ceiling fan with chandelier

What do you think about this crystal ceiling fan light kit? This is one beautiful expensive looking piece, that won't break your decorating budget.

Ceiling light fixture design ideas with fashionable crystal on

... Ceiling Light Fixture Design Ideas With Fashionable Crystal On

Chandelier with fan

This ceiling mounted light kit is a contemporary element of equipment that decorates indoors at day and provides light at night. Its crystal and chrome materials are very attractive and they are also durable.

Light store ceiling fans and accessories ceiling fan lights

Light Store Ceiling Fans and Accessories Ceiling Fan Lights

Ceiling fan with crystals

A sophisticated approach to an elegant crystal ceiling fan light kit made in a shabby style. The ceiling fan is made out of aluminum frame with a high polish finish and consists of a multitude of little crystals, which provide a unique touch.

Chandelier fan combo

The elegant and modern look has been brushed and makes this crystal ceiling fan light kit in a luxurious way an addition to the classic living room. It contains shiny crystal elements, steel rims, and a 3-speed dual-function engine.

Crystal casa devilletm rubbed white chandelier ceiling fan modern ceiling

Crystal Casa Devilletm Rubbed White Chandelier Ceiling Fan Modern Ceiling Fans
This attractive combination of a ceiling fan and light is very functional at day and night. Neutral white color of this construction looks nice in different indoors. Crystals decorate the ceiling in a very aesthetic way.

Minka aire two light crystal cut detail universal ceiling fan

Minka Aire Two Light Crystal Cut Detail Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit
This element has got a functional and decorative role in the house. This fan light kit is designed for ceiling installation. It includes a chain with decorative fob and it requires a screw in bulb to provide light.

Casablanca kg210 crystal bowl fan light kit

Casablanca KG210 Crystal Bowl Fan Light Kit

Crystal fan by fanzart india

crystal fan by fanzart india

Craftmade cortana exclusive light kit in peruvian crlk pr

Craftmade Cortana Exclusive Light Kit in Peruvian CRLK-PR

4-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Chandelier Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Possini euro design crystal 10 round ceiling fan light kit

Possini Euro Design Crystal 10" Round Ceiling Fan Light Kit - #V0392 ...

Harrison lane 3 light crystal chandelier plug in kit yes

Harrison Lane 3 Light Crystal Chandelier - Plug-In Kit: Yes at

Fan chandelier

This charming chandelier made from oil rubbed bronze is a masterpiece that gives the interior a whole new dimension. Beautiful crystals add all the subtlety and delicacy. The whole is beautifully finished.

Ceiling fans with crystals

Minka Aire Cristafano with GC900 Crystal Kit F900-BCW-GC900-SET - Airflow Rating: 5110 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

Livex Lighting 6523 Chesterfield / Pennington 2 Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture,

Country cottage 52 casa chic antique white chandelier ceiling fan

Country Cottage 52 Casa Chic Antique White Chandelier Ceiling Fan Modern Originals And Limited Editions
A great example of the antique design. This 52" diameter Casa Chic white chandelier ceiling fan will be an original set, adding a refined character, wherever appearing.

Ceiling fan with crystal chandelier

Antoinette 3-Light 14" Aged Verde Crystal Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Silk Shades ECK898AV

Schoolhouse ceiling fan light kit

Schoolhouse ceiling fan with four maple blades, polished nickel elements and clear ogee shade that accommodates a single bulb. A fan with light kit, very purposeful. Reversible AC induction motor features 3-speed switch with pull chain.

42" or 28" Villager 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

42" or 28" Villager 4 Blade Ceiling Fan
Classy ceiling fan featuring durable frame made of quality materials, four bladed motor with regulated speed, detailed construction with sturdy mount, and elegant design with additional lighting for added convenience.

Fan chandelier combo

Vintage approach to an old-fashioned ceiling light kit, made out of white-painted wood with a slightly distressed layer. The four-light chandelier is fitted with crystals hanging from the bottom, providing an elegant detail.

Possini chrome and cyrstal strands light kit

Possini Chrome and Cyrstal Strands Light Kit

Crystal fan

A very interesting and functional combination of a fan and ceiling lamp. This brown fan features an upper lamp that decorates indoors and provides good level of light. A fan includes five brown blades.

Black flush mount ceiling light 8

Practical and attractive ceiling light with a scalloped fondine or ascot white fabric shade. Its metal frame features a blackened antique nickel or aged brass finish. Neutral colors look very good in any interior design.

Universal Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Universal Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit
If you want to add a bit of glam to your ceiling fan, this frosted glass bowl is right for you. There is a hole in the center that allows to attach it to the fan. Traditional style and a simple way to add beauty to your room light.

Chandelier ceiling fan light kit

In the picture I can see a very functional fan light with a durable and decorative frame finished in dark brown color. Three light bulbs feature attractive shades. The whole kit is functional and decorative at day and night.

Industrial ceiling mount light metal

Industrial Ceiling Mount Light Metal
A stylish lamp combining a metal shade with a beautiful light bulb impresses. This is an industrial and highly efficient interior design element. This black mount ceiling light is an excellent way to create a spectacular interior.

Black flush mount ceiling light 4

Inspired by art deco geometric forms, the curving frame of this black flush mount ceiling light sets the stage for updated style in any interior space. The iron frame is hand forged, utilizing vertical lines to create visual interest.

Black flush mount ceiling light 3

The impressive combination of black and white stripe pattern and unusual form make this stylish mount ceiling light look phenomenal. Beautiful details fascinate, which makes the interior has an interesting dimension.

30" Wengue 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

30" Wengue 3 Blade Ceiling Fan
Beautiful ceiling fan offering quality frame made of wood and metal in chrome finish, solid motor with three durable blades, additional light with glass shade, and classy design emphasizing elegance and functionality.

Ceiling fan with chandelier light kit

Pendant lamp as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed. Fabric lampshade is finished with gold accents. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Chandelier light kit

Elegant ceiling fan fitted with 4 lights. Frame is made of metal and finished with sophisticated pattern. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers for elegant look and functionality.

Schoolhouse ceiling fan light kit 3

If you are you looking for some rustic, vintage accents to your interiors, this ceiling fan light kit shall appeal to you. Mounted under the roof, it will grab the attention of everyone entering the room.

Universal Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Universal Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit
This is a high quality product that plays a functional and decorative role in the house. It is a glass bowl light designed for a ceiling mounting. It look very attractive and provides appropriate amount of light.

Ceiling fans 2

Ceiling Fans

Black flush mount ceiling light 1

This unique and original looking flush mount ceiling light is an amazing addition that would match almost any interior design. Decorated with fancy black elements looks really amazing and provides to you romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

Sea gull lighting manor house 3 lights flush mount

Sea Gull Lighting Manor House 3 Lights Flush Mount
This black flush mount ceiling light has got the classic shape and design. It can be used at interior and exterior. It is suitable with any style and decor in kitchen,patio,porch, living room and more.

Wall sconce lamp lights 2014 new

Wall Sconce Lamp Lights 2014 New
Ceiling lamp in industrial style. It is mounted on metal frame and fitted with 4 glass lampshades. Neutral design for living room, kitchen, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.