Copper Track Lighting


Track lighting is a fantastic way to light a space if you want specific spots illuminated. Great for artwork, bookshelves, and office space, getting away from the flickering and headaches induced by fluorescent lighting. They are easy to install and easy to adjust and this copper track lighting is extremely attractive and stylish.

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Designing an industrial house? This copper track lighting solution is just what you need. Just look at this factory-like, minimalistic beauty. It’s also very reliable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by the accidental hit.

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Copper track lighting 1

Rejuvenation Industrial: We'll admit we're jealous of this ceiling treatment at streetwear retailer UBIQ in Philadelphia.

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Copper track lighting 2

This track lighting suits modern indoors such as bars, bachelor pads, living rooms, and offices. The rail is made of metal in copper finish, and it's attached to a ceiling with strong metal fixtures, firmly holding everything in place.

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Hampton bay templeton 4 light bronze copper track lighting bar

Hampton Bay, Templeton 4-Light Bronze/Copper Track Lighting Bar, 18312 ...

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Copper rail track lighting 1

Copper rail/track lighting.

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Plumbing pipe light fixture

Original and functional lighting based on solid copper construction. Its durable frame includes spaces for light bulbs. Thanks to this construction it is possible to provide lights in large indoors and to decorate them.

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A fantastic choice for bachelor pads, game rooms, and kitchens. This decorative track lighting is designed of premium metal in a copper finish, providing 6 shiny lights - perfect to suspend them over your pool table, bar counter, or kitchen island.

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Copper track lighting 18

Industrial Pulley Sconce Lamp. Plug in. by IroncladIndustrial

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Buy track lighting

Original and industrial styled light. Its double pulley frame provides space for hanging four light bulbs. This element provides light at night and it also increases interior aesthetics at day thanks to its unique appearance.

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Flexible track lighting ikea

Interesting proposal for an industrial interior, preferably with high ceilings. Modern pipes were used to create a plumbing light fixture.Copper track lighting is a fabulous solution for people who love groovy lamp.

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Copper Track Lighting

Buying Guide

Track lighting gives purpose and beauty to tall ceilings and walls that may lack sufficient task light. Modern designs call for ingenuity in providing well-lit spaces like bathrooms, corridors and kitchens. Copper track lighting lets you add a sophisticated look while creating the right amount of pleasing light where it is needed.

Ambient and accent lighting can also be generated by track lighting. Once installed, your decor can easily be updated without removing the rails. The diversity in customizing this system lets you render different types of light by changing bulbs and redirecting light.

Track lighting is made of quality metal that is wired to accept bulbs. The metal can consist of bronze, nickel or chrome. LED and Halogen bulbs are the most common types of bulbs used. The bulb may be surrounded by the metal finished cone or glass fixtures can be added.

Different spaces require custom lighting. Everything from one fixture to a row of several heads is possible, depending on the area to be serviced.

  • Linear - Suited for commercial or residential settings, linear track lighting has 4 to 8 foot sections for mounting multiple track heads and lights.
  • Rail - Rail lighting is bendable for maneuvering around a room instead of having a straight line. These rails work well in kitchens where cabinets and appliances are not evenly set.
  • Heads - A variety of heads give you a standard plain look with a step head, a head with rounded backing, or smaller pinhole heads that have an open back. Pinhole heads are used primarily in industrial decors. Flexible heads allow you to turn the light to different angles.
  • Fixed/Plug-In - Fixed track lighting is used when the area has been hard-wired for placement. Plug-in kits give you the ability to plug into an outlet without additional wiring.
  • Pendants - Track or rail lighting can hold multiple pendants over a kitchen island or workspace. This is a good way to add pleasing light to an otherwise dark area.

Almost any style is accepting to track lighting. Rustic styles may place linear bars in wooden ceiling beams while a contemporary bedroom may highlight an entire wall of paintings. Copper track lighting is popular in industrial style kitchens or modern minimal living spaces. Brass or bronze coatings on metal can offer a copper-type presence. These are popular in a wide assortment of decors.

Track lighting comes with 3 to 6 heads per track rail. Additional rails can be added to extend the number of heads. One foot per fixture is a common rule to use when spacing heads. How many heads depends on the area that needs direct lighting. For example, when hanging above a bathroom vanity, copper track lighting with 3 lights is usually sufficient for highlighting the immediate area. If you have double sinks or a long counter, consider adding more heads.

Best Ideas

Felis Line Voltage Mini Pendant

Felis Line Voltage Mini Pendant

If you're looking for some stylish and unique items for your living room or bedroom, check out this amazing light pendant. You're gonna fall in love with a huge dose of an intriguing design brought to your house!

Mid century glass pendant

Mid century glass pendant

A high quality pendant made of durable glass. It not only provides light, but it also looks very attractive in different decorative styles. It has got a solid metal frame and an adjustable height. It measures 15"diam. x 32"h.

Copper track lighting 3

Simple and at the same time very well executed Cooper track lighting is an interesting solution to modern industrial interior design. Several lamps on a solid base delight in style and beautifully illuminates the interior.

Diy track lighting ideas

Wall sconce as the main or additional source of light. It is made of brass electrical fittings and porcelain sockets. Modern design for each room.

Copper track lighting 13

Copper fittings and clear glass make the perfect setting for Edison bulbs. The effect successfully combines elegant sophistication with primitive invention. It can be used almost anywhere, but especially in kitchen or dining settings where utilitarianism is the expected norm.

Track lighting track lighting image track lighting systems

Track Lighting Track Lighting Image Track Lighting Systems

Copper serving trays

High-end burnished copper serving tray from B&B Italia. Though metal, it's pretty light in weight due to steel sheet frame. These tables are stackable - good news for those striving for efficient storage.

Copper track lighting 31

Bring a piece of industrial art into your home or office with this eye catching copper suspended strip light with vintage light bulbs.Cable is available in a selection of colours. Cable can be in a twisted or round style, see pictures. All of the availabl

Copper track lighting 15

Simple track-light, wall mounted light fixture, in copper - classic Scandinavian style offer. 6 adjustable lights are affixed to a brass bar, in one row. Fitting for Scandinavian decor, industrial design influences, or just contemporary interiors.

Minimalist kitchen dining design with all kitchen installations on one

minimalist kitchen/dining design with all "kitchen" installations on one wall from Dering Hall article

Alternatives to track lighting

A fine idea to splash your modern home with industrial accents, thanks to this vintage track lighting. It's characterized by a ceiling installation and copper pipes construction, while firmly holding 2 adjustable lights.

George kovacs track lighting 3

The track lighting will be great finish to the contemporary room decor. Three bulbs provide perfect, warm light in your room. The classical, curved line of the frames provides the elegant finish of whole decor.

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You do not need a frog plumber at home to find a hydraulic factory pipe, renew it - or rather stylize it with bronze and copper, and in the holes add ordinary bulbs to create an industrial copper track lighting in the existing loft style.

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Tatami Japanese Restaurant / Jassim AlShehab