Single Curtain Panel

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For smaller windows where a double curtain will just be too much, a single curtain panel is a much more elegant choice. They can be hung with the tie on the right, or the left, of the window. Can be a roman shade style, or hanging straight down from the bar, and pair them up with two windows to draw the eye to the center of the wall. Many fabric styles to choose from ensures you will find your perfect panel.

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Updated 28/08/2021
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French Door Single Window Curtain and Tie

French Door Single Window Curtain and Tie

The French door single window curtain was built for single patio doors. This style removes the question of one-panel verse two-panel curtains altogether.

They look magnificent against French doors and windows with a colonial, diamond, arch, or rectangular build. For arch windows, leave the arch uncovered and place the single panel curtain over the rectangular window portion.

French door single panel curtains prevent ninety-five percent of sunlight from entering the home causing your electricity bill to decrease. If you prefer filtered natural light, then find a light-colored sheer French door panel curtain.

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Traditional Darkening One sided Curtains

Traditional Darkening One sided Curtains

With traditional darkening panels, one curtain or two per window look stunning. These types of curtains are the hallmark of all curtains and come in abundant supply.

There are various ways to hang traditional darkening single panel curtains. You can hang them straight on a curtain track or dangle them loosely on a pole with rod pockets, curtain rings, eyelets, tab, or tie tops.

They are energy efficient and decrease the electric bill in the summer months. Leave them untied and partially covering a window or door. You can also tie them back with a drawstring or wall hook. 

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Window with One Curtain Panel Scarf

Window with One Curtain Panel Scarf

Natural light is important to several design styles like Scandinavian, contemporary, nautical, and other styles. A window with a one curtain panel scarf allows in every ounce of light while adding an elegant soft atmosphere.

Scarf curtain panels have a romantic sensation to them. They are frequently used at weddings, tied around arches and benches. If you want your windows and doors to carry a more romantic vibe, add a single window curtain scarf.

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Ruched Taffeta Single Panel Curtain

Ruched Taffeta Single Panel Curtain

Ruched taffeta curtains on only one side of a window add a voluminous elegance to a living room window or bedroom balcony door. They are the most spectacular when loosely draped to one side.

A door or window with one curtain panel with a Ruched taffeta design is most dramatic when combined with a curtain puddling or pooling technique. This technique is more suitable for people without small children. 

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Ruffled Valance Single Panel Curtain

Ruffled Valance Single Panel Curtain

Your ruffled and hemmed valance single panel curtains come in all sorts of colors and patterns. They look wonderful over kitchen and dining room windows and French doors. A ruffled plaid valance adds farmhouse flair to your kitchen.

Hang them on the top half or lower half of your kitchen and dining room windows for classic panache. For a clean streamlined appeal, hang a straight hemmed valance above your patio doors. 

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Shabby Sheer Ruffle One sided Curtains

Shabby Sheer Ruffle One sided Curtains

House of Hampton®

Ruffle sheer one-sided curtains were made for the shabby chic design stylists. They add a soft and girly design to your windows and doors. You can find ruffle curtains short or long, with cascading or flounced design patterns.

The short-length ruffle single panel curtains are dazzling over fully rounded windows. If you’re crafty, you can also trim and round out the bottoms of these curtains to fit flawlessly nestled in your round windows!

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Tie up Single Window Curtain

Tie up Single Window Curtain

Tie-up single window curtains possess a cute and quaint charm. The attached curtain ties can hang long and loose for a feminine feel or tied tightly with the ties cut short and hidden for a masculine appeal.

You can find them in all sorts of patterns, colors, and materials. For a rich and mature style, choose an earth tone. A floral or stripe pattern lends a hand to the light and playful décor fashion.

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Airy Sheer Single Panel Curtain

Airy Sheer Single Panel Curtain

Ivy Bronx

A sheer single panel curtain is glorious on practically any window and door. The transparency that comes with a sheer curtain provides your room with a soft and comforting glow.

An all-white single window curtain sheer gives your room a fresh and clean vibe, while a dark-toned one generates a dramatic allure. Use hook belts instead of rod pockets and grommets for a relaxed yet powerful statement. 

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Feminine Drop Cloth One sided Curtains

Feminine Drop Cloth One sided Curtains

Drop cloth one-sided curtains give a vintage ambiance to any room. The drop cloth segment reminds you of a skirt or dress giving your living room windows the womanly touch it deserves.

Tie them in the center of your window with a ribbon or draw them to one side. Hang drop cloth one-sided curtains over short and small windows to give the illusion of a larger window. 

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Waterfall Valance Single Window Curtain

Waterfall Valance Single Window Curtain

Astoria Grand

One of the more luxurious and elegant fashions comes from the waterfall valance single panel curtain. They are breathtaking in a Victorian-styled living room, office, and bedroom.

You can find waterfall valance single window curtains elegantly overlapping or separated for a crisp outline. For an antique take, add tan beige or gold scalloped waterfall valance window curtains to a copper or bronze brushed window frame.


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Single Curtain Panel

Buying Guide

Single curtain panels are a refreshing change from the norm. They can instantly perk up the décor, irrespective of the width of the window.

Sweep them over to one side for a romantic setting or let them hang for a classic, uncluttered appearance. Not to mention that they are easier to maintain.

If you are confused about what type of single curtain panel to choose or whether or not they can replace your frumpy multiple panels, then here’s some insight into what factors to consider while shopping for these.

Curtains should fall naturally without flaring and this will largely be determined by the material you choose.

  • Linen, velvet and faux silk strike the right balance between durability, aesthetics and price. Faux silk in particular, is most preferred by designers because it can be put in a room with surplus sunlight without the risk of premature fading.
  • If you are looking for a single curtain panel that can add to the insulation, then look for a heavier material like suede or tapestry. Alternatively, add a middle lining of bump to create an insulated curtain.

Always check whether the fabric can be machine-washed at home or needs to be dry-cleaned. Most homeowners prefer a home-washable fabric. But if it’s a high quality fabric, like real silk, then there’s always the risk of causing accidental, irreparable damage to it.

The right curtain will make the room. And the fabric and the color are undoubtedly the most important factors to consider.

  • Neutral colors work best for living rooms and rooms that receive ample light. These blend easily into the décor and don’t fade as quickly as brighter colors.
  • If you hate racking your brains, go for a sheer white curtain which fits into any room.

Hanging the curtains panel above the window frame creates an illusion of higher ceilings. And there’s no rule set it stone about the ideal height. While most designers stick to 6-inches above the window, you can, by all means, go higher to create some drama.

Once you have decided on the height, grab a measuring tape and measure from that point to the floor.

  • If you have a modern décor theme, you can have the panel hanging exactly up to the floor, a contemporary flush look. Else, add three to four inches to allow the curtains to puddle, for a classic, traditional look.
  • While measuring the width, decide on how full you want the curtains to look. For standard fullness, it is recommended that you multiply the width of the window by 2.
  • For an ultra-full look, multiply the width by 3. This will also allow you to block out any light that might creep in from the sides.

The general consensus is that curtains must be tailor made, like a well-fitting blazer. However, while buying single curtain panels, it is completely possible to find a perfectly-sized one off the shelf.

And these are available in a multitude of configurations. The only caveat, is that you will have to trawl through the internet for hours to find the right one. If you aren’t limited by your budget, then go for a bespoke curtain panel by all means. These will allow you to narrow down to the tiniest detail.

Best Ideas

Single curtain panel 21

single panel with tieback | I like the placement of this holdback- keeps the line of the curtain straight on the left side. A great idea for curtains mounted inside the frame.

Single window curtain ideas

Single Pleated sheer criss cross linen curtain by kirtamdesigns, $280.00

Single tieback curtain panel millstone lined single tieback curtain

single tieback curtain panel millstone lined single tieback curtain ...

Single curtain panel 2

A beautiful window decoration that features a subtle, grey curtain with colorful tassels that give it an ethnic character. The curtain is a pretty highlight of an old-fashioned, framed window and brick walls.

Aldreda Extra Wide Solid Room Darkening Thermal Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Aldreda Extra Wide Solid Room Darkening Thermal Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

This single curtain panel is made with pure polyester, so you’ll have no issues with spot cleaning and maintenance. The weighted hem allows this material to fall gracefully to the ground and stay in position. This panel comes in 5 understated colors and features 3 different hanging options, including rod pocket, hook belt, and back tab.

Single panel window treatments

The single curtain panel dedicated to the balcony door. It allows you to protect your privacy and also provide the needed shade when you are watching TV. It looks better than the standard net curtain.

Ruffle curtain panels

If the overall look of your interior is one of minimalism then this angel ruffle curtain will certainly add a nice boost of charm to it thanks to the dirty pink finish and layers of structure that catch your eye instantly.

Single Curtain Panel

Single Curtain Panel

This 100% cotton sheer curtain panel combines durability with class. The dark, cocoa-colored fabric will complement living rooms or kitchens with a traditional or French country design, while the golden thread pattern brings a dash of traditional-style decadence to any room. They’re simple to install using the rod pocket to create the perfect pleat.

Single curtain panel 1

A beautiful roman shade with single panel tie back will embellish your bedroom or living room space. It resembles elegance in a traditional way, fitting well into shabby chic interiors.

Single panel curtains

Magical Thinking Arch Curtain $29.00-$34.00 •Buy 2 Get 15% Off

Single curtain panel 10

Scarf Curtains With New Design Model Beautiful - I'm doing this in a greenish blue in the livingroom

One curtain panel

Sara & Becky's Collaborative Abode

Single curtain panel

The curtain designed of the densely braid burlap material. It ideal for the bedroom, when too much sunlight is waking you up in the morning. The natural, neutral color of the curtain makes it great for the coloristic diversified spaces.

One panel curtain ideas

What an amazing bedroom! Gorgeous design and perfectly matching furniture, with a beautiful, queen sized bed with simple, bright bedding and fitting pillows. The framed photos behind the bed give it a cosy detail.

Single curtain panel 24

love these for my new small kitchen window!

Geometric Sheer Single Curtain Panel

Geometric Sheer Single Curtain Panel

Fans of industrial or transitional styles will love this large sheer curtain panel. The lightweight polyester material and minimalist decorative squares fit neatly into any living space that values symmetrical, sleek design. The robust and metallic grommet-hole rings make this product a breeze to set up, while the weighted base keeps the fabric in place.

Maillet Crushed Taffeta Tailored Graphic Print & Text Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Maillet Crushed Taffeta Tailored Graphic Print & Text Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Add a splash of character to your living room with this single panel curtain design. The lightweight fabric is decorated with postal stamps, handwritten notes, and postcards, and your friends and family will love deciphering the hidden messages. The hem is well-embroidered for added durability, and the semi-sheer texture offers the perfect combination of filtered light and privacy.

Single curtain panel 13

Put bed in front of small window. Fake it out with window panels on either side running all the way up to the ceiling, and leave the bed centered under a roman shade for privacy. The small side tables reveal there's just enough room to sneak by and get i

Graphic curtain panels

If you want some more color for your household then these graphic curtain panels will do the trick, allowing you to both achieve full comfort and functionality in your space and keep it bright and welcoming.

Single curtain panel 6

Beautiful valance/panels/drapes found

Single curtain panel 4

Scarf Border Curtain from Urban Outfitters

Single window curtains

Very nice mixture of elegance and romance - would be nice for the bedroom, the fullness of it makes the single swag still luxurious on this treatment - "This swag and jabot on one side and panel on the other add a casual elegance to - curtains - boston -

Cassidy Window Curtain Panel

Cassidy Window Curtain Panel

Single curtain panel 18

Bay Window Design Ideas. View some great ideas on how to use the space! #windowtreatments