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Toile bedding often features incredibly pastoral French country inspired prints that look refined and romantic. The repeated pattern, which in modern day is available in all sorts of colors on a variety of neutral backgrounds, adds an element of tasfeful elegance that looks completely effortless. Our design experts have put together a list of best options for you. 

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Updated 06/04/2023
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Black and White French Country Toile Bedding

Black and White French Country Toile Bedding

The Tailor's Bed

Made to order, this queen size black and white toile bedding features a traditional toile comforter duvet along with two pillow shams in the matching print. It’s made of 100% cotton, so it feels super nice against your skin in bed.

$213.99 $319.99

Designer Advice:

If you’re looking for a toile bedding set available in additional hues, this French country bedding set also comes in blue, red, as well as sepia. Also, the pillow shams feature zipper closures for easy access on washing day. 

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French Country Blue Toile Bedding

French Country Blue Toile Bedding

One Allium Way®

Available in twin size up to king, this French country blue toile bedding comforter features a traditional blue and cream pastoral toile print made of 100% cotton. This blue toile bedding is reversible with a sweet floral print featured on the opposite side. 

$219.99 $249.99

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Best for full bed
Gray and White Reversible Toile Bedspread with Floral and Plaid Sides

Gray and White Reversible Toile Bedspread with Floral and Plaid Sides

One Allium Way®

What we like: Reversible design

Not good for: Easy cleaning 

This toile quilt set has a stylish double-sided comforter in a neutral palette with a bed skirt matching the blanket and double pillow shams. The black and cream colors of the top imagery and plaid bottom can match any decor.

$339.99 $395.99

Designer Advice:

Double-sided comforters can be a great way to create different looks in your room using the same bedding piece. The print side with a floral pattern and live-action scenes can give your space an authentic vintage European vibe replicated on the pillow shams. And the gray and white checker print side adds neutrality that accents the floral print skirt.

What Users Say:

Love this toile set. It’s gorgeous. Going in updated guest room with black iron bed!

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Mint Green Garden Toile Bedding

Mint Green Garden Toile Bedding

Red Barrel Studio®

Delivering an unexpected pop of color, this mint green queen size French country toile bedding is a three piece set with a reversible quilt and two pillow shams. This toile bedding set is perfect for those that want to bring a unique take on a traditional print to their bedroom.

$89.99 $103.99

Designer Advice:

This country bedding set is an 180 thread count in 100% cotton. This toile quilt is machine washable and it’s also available for those that have a king size bed. 

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Best for a modern European nuance
Paris Inspired Neutral Color Toile Comforter

Paris Inspired Neutral Color Toile Comforter

Ophelia & Co.

What we like: Three color choices

Not good for: A lightweight blanket

This reversible machine washable microfiber comforter is perfect for invoking a Parisian print in your space. The vintage European theme with two matching shams and accent pillows displays a creative image with rich embroidery threading along the pattern print.  

$36.99 $55.99

Designer Advice:

You can give your bedroom an authentic classical European vibe with the proper bedding like this double-sided comforter. The scenery of the Eiffel tower, printed wordage, and floral overlays cast a glamorous look to the bedspread in bold color contrast. And having embroidered accent pillows with matching pillow shams give you a thorough look throughout the cover set. 

What Users Say:

I absolutely love this whole set, right down to the two buttons on the little gray throw pillow that has tiny pictures of the Eiffel Tower on them.

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Light Lavender Country French Bedding

Light Lavender Country French Bedding

The Tailor's Bed

Allow your bedroom to look and feel like a lavender field with this light purple toile country french bedding. This three piece set comes with a duvet cover as well as two pillow shams and is made of 100% cotton and should be air dried.

Designer Advice:

This lavender toile bedding comforter set is available in all sizes from twin up to California king. The duvet itself features zipper closures for easy access and there are six ties on the interior of the duvet to secure your insert snugly in place. 

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Best soft floral aesthetic
Green Toile Bedding Duvet Cover 4 Piece Set

Green Toile Bedding Duvet Cover 4 Piece Set

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Muted colors

Not good for: Use as a stand-alone blanket

This four-piece toile bedding set has an elegant muted pastel color palette covered in lovely pale blossoms on rich brown tree branches to create a European-inspired traditional Oriental motif. The duvet cover fits over any comforter in four size options.

Designer Advice:

Duvet covers allow you to turn any blanket in your room into a new design by slipping over a blanket like a slipcover. When picking a duvet-style quilt set, pay attention to how the cover stays on the blanket. Some closures are zippers, others are buttons, and some have other fasteners. Many sets have matching shams but not accent pillows.

What Users Say:

Gorgeous duvet cover, like the sheen, quality, even prettier in person.

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Grey Branch Toile Bedding

Grey Branch Toile Bedding

Laura Ashley

Utterly timeless and refined, this light grey toile quilt is 136 thread count and comes with two coordinating pillow shams. This toile bedding is made of 100% cotton and the quilt itself is reversible with a charming pinstripe on the other side. 

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Toile Bedding

Buying Guide

A toile quilt set doesn’t sound like much, but it is actually capable of whisking you away into a luxurious getaway every single time you enter your bedroom. If you've owned a set before, then you know exactly what we mean.

The patterns on toile quilt sets create a serene, calming atmosphere, which is great for any bedroom. They can even add organization and style to your room décor. If you're out to get a new set, consider the factors we've listed below as they will lead you to the best toile quilt set.

Thread count is used in measuring a fabric's quality and fineness. It's also used in determining the number of thin threads present per square inch. Generally, a higher thread count means a softer fabric. The material will also wear better and soften over time. A good toile quilt set ranges anywhere between 200 and 800, but you'll be able to see numbers that are over 1,000.

Anything that's over 1,000 does NOT guarantee a top-quality toile quilt set as it may just mean that the yarns were twisted together. Yarn twisting does not improve a material's soft feel.

Now that you know how to select a toile quilt set based on its quality, let's move on to color. Most interior designers would suggest that you consider the existing color palette of a bedroom before deciding on a set. As soon as you've determined the palette you have to work with, you can either match it with similar colors or complement with pops of color. Choose a color that's subtle to create a relaxing atmosphere – one that's not cluttered and easy on the eye.

When you're having second thoughts about a certain pattern, remember to take an important aspect into consideration: the scale of the pattern. A large pattern is calming. A tiny one, on the other hand, will look busier. Toile is great for antique beds and beds with minimal detailing. If your room's carpeting has geometric patterns, color blocking or stripes, you may want to forego a toile quilt set altogether as it will look odd in the space unless you can find a set with a pattern that's given by the quilt's stitching.

Keep the design of your toile quilt set muted if your furniture and bedroom décor are elaborate and flamboyant. What extra features to look for in a toile quilt set?

If your goal is to have luxurious bedding using a toile quilt set, don’t forget to get a coverlet as well to layer under the quilt. It will add an exciting color or splash of texture to your bed. You can also add complementary pillow shams to your bedding for visual interest.

Quilt sets are excellent solutions if you're planning to change your bedroom's look regularly or according to the season. If you don't want to buy several sets, choose a reversible toile quilt set so you can update your bedroom in the quickest way possible.

You know that matching bed sets create a cozy atmosphere. But what is the difference between a quilt and coverlet?

A quilt is a relatively lightweight bedspread that usually has a woven, artistic top and a softer layer underneath. Quilts are much lighter than traditional comforters or duvets, as they only have a thin layer of batting in the middle.

A coverlet is a type of bedding that you find at the foot of the bed. It is an extra cover that goes over the top of the main quilt or bedspread and only covers the bottom third of the bed.

As well as being decorative, a coverlet is perfect as an extra layer of warmth and texture on the bed. Coverlets are great for guest beds as they can be pulled up in the night instead of fetching more blankets.

This style of bedding can make great bedding in summer homes and warmer climates where comforters can be too heavy.

If you are investing in high-quality bedding, you need to find the best materials for your quilt and coverlet. Most bedding is sorted into natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and there are features to consider for both.

Natural fibers

Natural fibers are materials that occur naturally. This category includes materials like cotton, wool, and silk. It can also include flannel, however, this can be made synthetically as well. Natural fibers are usually more expensive options but will last longer because of the quality. Your choice of material will often depend on what kind of climate you will be using the quilt.

You will need to compare the natural fibers to decide which one you want for your quilt:

  • Cotton - lightweight, durable, usually machine washable. Higher thread-count cotton is usually of higher quality and feels softer.
  • Wool - warm, cozy, and stays cleaner for longer. Wool is usually unsuitable for the dryer, so not as good for low maintenance bedding.
  • Silk - naturally hypoallergenic, luxurious feel. Real silk (instead of synthetic) is known for having a higher price tag. If you want the silky, luxurious feel without the price tag, opt for cotton with a sateen weave or something synthetic.
  • Flannelette - 100% brushed cotton, cozy feeling, better for slightly colder temperatures.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers have a more accessible price tag and are especially good if you have allergies. Economically, synthetic quilts are appealing, and they are still good quality. However, their lifespan is usually a lot shorter than natural quiltsand covers and can feel "plastic" before washing them properly.

Here are a few synthetic materials you might find for your quilts and bedding:

  • Polyester - affordable, can be "scratchy". Polyester is the name of the synthetic fiber "group". It is often combined with other materials like cotton.
  • Microfibre - machine washable, silky feel, microfibre is a finely-woven polyester.
  • Acrylic - not as soft as other synthetic fibers but is often used for more colorful fabrics like the ones found on top of quilts and coverlets. The bottom half of the quilt will usually be made of something softer.
  • Micro flannel - softer than some other polyesters, wrinkle-resistant

When choosing duvets, you should keep in mind that they come in direct contact with your body, and thus, you may wish to consider the choice of materials a bit more, focusing on your personal needs and conditions (e.g. allergies). As for coverlets, they are generally more decorative and are not directly on your skin, so you can play around with the design a bit more.

The next tip for buying quilts and coverlets is to make sure you get the right size.

  • Like most bedding, quilts are sold to match standard bed sizes from single to kings.
  • It is important to remember that quilts and coverlet dimensions will be much wider than the mattress size. The overhang creates a more luxurious look and hides any space underneath the bed.
  • For example, a double bed is 54"x75". A standard quilt for a double bed is 81"x96". Even though there are standard sizes for quilts, it is a good idea to measure from the top of the mattress to the ground so you know how low it will hang.
  • Coverlets are usually not as wide as traditional quilts. This helps you get that "layered" look. Buying quilts and coverlets in a set will have balanced sizes to achieve this look.
  • As well as measuring the width of the quilt, you should look at the length. If you have a lot of throw pillows on the bed, then you might want to get something shorter or longer to keep it balanced. The quilt should hang down equally on all three sides of the bed.

The next step on how to choose quilts and coverlets is the style. How do you match it to your bedroom decor? How heavy should the quilt be for the climate?

We have a few style tips to help you choose the perfect bedding set:

  • Consider the climate first - No matter what color or style quilt you buy, always consider the climate first. There are many beautiful quilts and coverlets that may be too heavy for warmer climates!
  • Use complementary colors/patterns - A quilt and coverlet set need to complement each other. If they are made from exactly the same material, you lose the luxurious effect. In the same way, if they do not have a color that ties them together, it will look messy.
  • Stick to one color palette - This is interior design 101. As well as complementing each other, the quilt and coverlet set should have one color palette. More than two colors from a different palette will distract the eyes and risks looking unrefined.
  • Mix and match throw pillows - Your pillows and cushions should match and complement your bedding. It is good to have a couple that match the quilt and then mix complementary colors and textures to add interest.

Best Ideas

Toile quilt set

This charming bed linen set is an exceptional, fantastic laid down for an elegant interior. Gorgeous beige and blue colors and captivating embroideries make the whole look fabulous and encourage blissful laziness.

Red toile bedding

Opulent French country inspired bedding set in white, with variegated patterns: checker, tiny roses, big roses blossoms, stripes... It sounds gaudy and hodge podge, but it is all well-balanced and harmonious.

Toile quilt set

This charming bed and breakfast in blue and white colors is a nice element of every bedroom. The combination of floral motifs, interesting textures, and classic colors captivates and introduces an exceptionally cozy character to the interior.

Embroidered hem white bluesheet set sheet sets seasons gifts and

Embroidered Hem White/BlueSheet Set - Sheet Sets - Seasons Gifts and Home

Black White Natalia Patchwork Toile Polka Dots Queen Cotton Quilt Shams Set

Black White Natalia Patchwork Toile Polka Dots Queen Cotton Quilt Shams Set

Adding your bedroom glamour and chic, this black and white patchwork quilt will turn around your decor. The lovely patchwork pattern features dots, stripes, mosaics and Jacobean patterns.

Toile quilts

Quilt set decorated with patchwork theme. It is made of pleasant to the touch cotton and finished with decorative frills. Perfect gift idea. Elegant design for each bedroom according to taste.

Dorma toile blue bed linen

If you want make your bedroom more vintage, you should buy this unique set of bedding. It is composed of bedsheet, comforter, bed cover and a lot of pillows. Every element is covered with white cloth decorated of pink flowers and stripes.

Toile quilt set detail ballard french country sage green toile

... Toile Quilt Set detail Ballard French Country Sage Green Toile Quilt

Toile quilt set 1

Duvet set made of high quality cotton and decorated with floral theme. It consists of duvet and 2 shams. Elegant accent for each bedroom according to taste and need.

Toile quilt

If you dream of creating a bedroom in a French countryside, this fantastic set of linens and quilt bed will be perfect. Excellent materials, beautiful colors, floral motifs and a rooster make this a unique whole.

Blue toile bedding

Straight from the farmhouse storage, this stripe bedskirt will enhance your decor in a blink of an eye. Made of 100% cotton, the bedskirt lures with its refined country elegance, and allows you to throw it into your washing machine.

Toile bedding sets

An elegant set of bedclothes for a daybed. All pieces are of quality white fabric with variegated patterns in pinks and reds. A quilt, a bedspread and smaller duvets have floral patterns while a valance and larger flounced duvets are striped.

Black toile bedding

A decorative quilt is something that can bring out the visual potential of your bedroom in no time. Especially this country, floral-patterned, French quilt with white and pink roses and scalloped edges.

Red toile king quilt set french country florentine sage comforter


French Toile 100% Cotton 3-piece Quilt Set

Black and cream quilts

blue toile by Azizah / Beautiful bedding and room. It looks sooo comfortable

Brighton red toile quilt and bedding discount home bedding

Brighton Red Toile Quilt and Bedding - Discount Home Bedding

Blue white toile bedding

Lyon toile quilt set

Toile Quilt Set

Toile Quilt Set

This is an extremely practical and very beautiful set on the bed to the bedroom. With the combination of white and black color obtained very elegant and at the same universal and practical set. The whole thing is very elegant and pretty. Recommended as the decoration and covering.

Red toile

Quilt set in the French style. Includes quilt, shams and more. It is made of soft fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant addition for each bedroom according to taste.

Toile bedding

Phenomenal bedding set decorated with sophisticated ornament. It is made of pleasant to the touch material. It consists of comforter and a lot of pillow cases in various sizes. Perfect gift idea.

Toile bedspreads

Bedclothes in neutral colors that look very stylish in any type of bedroom design. These materials are made of 100% cotton, so they are comfortable, safe in use and resistant to excessive wear. Attractive floral themes are interesting and pretty.

Toile comforter set

Stripes with toile French Country Brown Toile de Jouy Quilt Set

Love this teal toile quilt set