Bright Colored Bedding Sets


For adults as well as kids, add some vibrant colors to your life. Get yourself a bright colored bedding set, and show how much you love a wide array of lovely hues. In sizes from twin, all the way to California king, your bedroom will be accented in a myriad of wonderful colors that will brighten your day, every time you see them. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Bright colored quilts

A colorful dream-full of fuchsia turquoise and greenery that fills you with a spring mood.All this in the form of not flowers on the trees, but a set of cotton bright colored bedding set, with a slightly quilted bedspread and a wealth of designs in boho style.

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Vineyard Paisley Bedding Collection

Vineyard Paisley Bedding Collection

This charming set of bed linen is a great way to change the decor bedroom. Beautiful design and colors make the entire interior takes on a remarkable style and class. The perfect solution for large beds.

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Bright bedding collections

A marvellous proposition for all, who love patchwork design. This vibrantly coloured printed bed set will bring so much warmth and positive energy to one's bedroom. Ideal to create a cool, Bohemian vibe.

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Cynthia rowley duvet cover king

Is there anything more pleasant than the new,sunny linen?The sun will be splashed,will add a bright yellow,pastel bed set.Floral accents are hand embroidered on the bedspread.Country flowers,which decorate the individual elements,add lightness to the interior.

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Bright colored bedding sets

Add your bedroom a cool, funky appeal with this 100% cotton bedding set. Its bright, summer finish will take your straight to a tropical island. Features blue and violet flowers and leaves on an orange, sunset background.

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Bright colored bedding sets

Oozing with vivid colors and white floral pattern, this savannah bedroom set will be a real hit amongst teenage girls. Designed of quality material, the set is machine-washable, and it features a gorgeous mix of red, purple and blue hues.

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Deer Meadow Deluxe 7 Piece Bedding Set

Deer Meadow Deluxe 7 Piece Bedding Set

It is a 7-piece bedding set that is perfect to refresh your bedroom. This set includes bed cover, 2 shams, bed skirt, plus 3 euro shams. If you looking for fantastic bedding set, you need to choose this one.

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Home bedding bedding sets 4 piece bedding sets

Home > Bedding > Bedding Sets > 4 Piece Bedding Sets

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Romantic bedding set 20 greatest multi colored spring bedding sets

... romantic bedding set 20 Greatest Multi Colored Spring Bedding Sets

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Bright colored teen bedding

Bright colours and mixed patterns unite in creating a merry, relaxed design of this bedding set. Quilt with lots of pillows. Multicolour layout is hard to describe in a few words, but basically the colours used are in cool tones (mostly blue , green and purple).

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Bright Colored Bedding Sets

Buying Guide

Since we spend 8 hours or more a day asleep, it only makes sense that we choose the right bedding. Here is some helpful advice on how to shop for your dream bright colored bedding sets.

One of your best options is going to be 100% cotton, first because its affordable and second even though its easy on the pocket, the material is still soft and supple. Pima or Egyptian cotton is a softer option, and it’s also longer lasting, you will also get similar quality from extra-long staple cotton, (ELS). The only drawback is that they are a bit more expensive; your budget will determine what you can afford. If you are looking for a cheaper option that’s also durable, cotton/polyester blends are a great alternative. The fabric feels slightly more synthetic, but the price is right, it's sturdier, and it doesn’t wrinkle as much.

Make sure you measure your mattress before handing over your cash, not all standard sizes are the same. Most people look at whether its king, queen, single or double, but you might have a taller mattress or use a mattress topper so standard sizes might not fit. You should also take shrinkage after washing into consideration.

The rule of thumb to stick to regardless of the color and style you plan on purchasing is to buy three sets. One that the bed is laid with, one in the closet and one in the laundry, not only does this help to minimize wear and tear but you will always have a spare bedding set ready.

If you are looking for quality, then thread count is important. The word thread count is self-explanatory, it means how many threads have been used for each square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the better the quality. If you are looking for that plush, lavish feeling to rest your head on at night, opt for a higher thread count.

Depending on the color, different schemes will lift and brighten your sleepy room. Terracotta orange is a good way to lighten the mood without disrupting the rest of the décor. You can balance it out with white sheets, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of grey or yellow to spice things up.

Say yes to stripes! You can select a mix of colors all on one surface, and they don’t have to match either. How about purple, green and yellow? Perhaps, blue, pink, silver and lime? Sounds insane but looks adorable.

Best Ideas

Bright bedding

Bedding set in patchwork form. It is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Includes comforter, shams, pillow cases and more. Positive accent for bedroom, teenager's room and more.

Bohemian bedding collections stripe and bohemian bedding sets

Bohemian Bedding Collections | Stripe and Bohemian Bedding Sets -

Pixie in Aqua Bedding Set

Pixie in Aqua Bedding Set

It is a set covering the bed. It is decorated in pastel and very delicate style. The whole is decorated with delicate polka dots. The whole set is very delicate and graceful character. It is perfect for a room for the little princess.

Bright colored bedding sets

Bringing in a joyful, positive ambience to your bedroom, this funky coloured modern style bedding style will be a comfy 100% cotton product. Its white surface is beautifully covered with various splashes of yellow, red, blue and green.

Brilliant by davenport home furnishings

Brilliant by Davenport Home Furnishings

Bright colored bed sheets 3

Contemporary bedding set using bold colours: fuchsia pink and apple green popping against unobrtusive white and gray. With its trendy design, the comforter set can occur particularly fitting for a teenager room.

Bright bedding sets

A beautiful contemporary queen bedding set crafted of quality washable fabric. A duvet and 2 rectangular shams feature intricate eye-catching floral and feather designs in prevalent purples and blues with yellow accents on a white background.

A huge thanks to busy bee mummy bex for featuring

Why not actually add a bit of fun color to your kids' room with this amazing bedding set that is packed with it due to the flowery finish and the ideal combination of pink, bright blue and turquoise.

Bedding sets jewelly 4 piece bright color strips print comforter

Bedding Sets >Jewelly 4 Piece Bright Color Strips Print Comforter Sets ...

Bright color bedding 16

An eye-catching contemporary bedding set for kids. A duvet cover and bigger flanged shams are crafted of soft textured fabric in vivid colours. A skirt and smaller flanged shams feature colourful floral designs. They're machine washable.

Childrens bedding brigght colors hot pink velvet brightly colored

Children's bedding, brigght colors, hot pink, velvet, brightly colored ...

Home bedding bedding sets cotton bedding sets

Home > Bedding > Bedding Sets > Cotton Bedding Sets

Lush Decor Lake Como 4 Piece Comforter Set

Lush Decor Lake Como 4 Piece Comforter Set

This is a comforter set that includes a comforter, bedskirt and two pillow shams. The pattern and colour is attractive and it fits into any decorative style of a bedroom. Of course the level of comfort and solidity is very high.

Bright color bedding

Bedding set consisting of comforter and pillow cases in various sizes. It is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. Contemporary design for each home.