Animal Print Bedding

Buy the best animal print bedding selected and recommended by interior designers. By Mia Jones.

Animal print bedding gives a bedroom an exotic wild look that is a perfect match with animal print lamp shades and area rugs. They keep you warm at night while you're sleeping and grab your attention as soon as you walk into a bedroom. Here are some of the best choices we’ve picked and reviewed for you to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

Cow Animal Print Bedding

Cow Animal Print Bedding

$56.13 $179.99

Cow Animal Print Bedding

Coma Inducer

$56.13 $179.99


What We Like: Soft, cozy, and plush material

What We Don’t Like: Not an all-season blanket

Not So Good For: Using during hot summer months without A/C

Perfect For: Cold winters and farmhouse styles

This animal print comforter set has two matching shams for a balanced look and is safe to wash in the washing machine. Because it’s microfiber, make sure to wash it in cold water and by itself to keep it soft and fluffy for years to come.

The two shams match the comforter for a harmonious appeal. The three sizes this comforter comes in are king, queen, and extra-large twin, making it a good match for kid and adult beds. Its white with brown blotches looks like cow print making it most suitable for farmhouse and western bedroom styles.

Bold Animal Print Bedding With Complete Set

Bold Animal Print Bedding With Complete Set

$94.48 $98.99

Bold Animal Print Bedding With Complete Set

Willa Arlo™ Interiors

$94.48 $98.99


What We Like: Stylish and matches multiple animal print patterns

What We Don’t Like: Made smaller than the size listed and dry clean only

Not So Good For: People looking for a soft cozy comforter

Perfect For: Accenting rooms with bold animal print

This animal print bedding set comes with a comforter, two shams, three accent pillows, and a bed skirt. It has a neat box design with a light beige outline, dark brown hues, and leopard, cheetah, and tiger prints in the center. The polyester isn’t as soft as other bedspreads, but it makes it resistant to stains, mold, and fading, and is free of lint.

Its dry clean only feature is a turn-off for some, but the accent style makes up for it. The light beiges, browns, and dark browns on this animal comforter set pairs look nice with wood and rattan furniture.

Animal Print Comforter Set With Wide Stripe Sections

Animal Print Comforter Set With Wide Stripe Sections

Animal Print Comforter Set With Wide Stripe Sections

Everly Quinn


What We Like: Comes with extra pillowcases

What We Don’t Like: Runs on the smaller side

Not So Good For: People looking for a thick comforter set

Perfect For: Those who tend to get hot when they sleep

The giraffe and zebra stripes on this animal print bedding add to a wild safari bedroom theme. It is suited to use in all seasons, comes with accent pillows for a decorative bed, and is pre-shrunk to prevent it from shrinking more. It fits king and queen beds, has a channel construction type, and has a plain weave.

Stand a tall statue, like a wooden giraffe, and a grassy desert plant in your room to match the safari theme. If you’re searching for a comforter that pops, this is the animal print comforter set to go with.

Tiger Print Bedding for Queen Bed

Tiger Print Bedding for Queen Bed

Tiger Print Bedding for Queen Bed

BNF Home


What We Like: Plain and patterned side

What We Don’t Like: Only comes in queen size

Not So Good For: Anyone who likes light comforters

Perfect For: Pairing with other tiger décor

Weighted with a polyester blend, this tiger print comforter is soft and cozy to keep you warm all night. It is durable to wash in the washing machine and doubles as a throw blanket for the couch on movie nights.

Hang a tiger painted on canvas above your animal print bedspread and set a jungle plant on your nightstand. Both sides are not a perfect match which bothers some people but is preferred by others. Wash it in cold water and tumble dry to prevent the faux fur from losing its fluff and softness. 

Oversized Leopard Animal Print Comforter Set

Oversized Leopard Animal Print Comforter Set

Oversized Leopard Animal Print Comforter Set

Coma Inducer


What We Like: Oversized and warm

What We Don’t Like: Need to line dry

Not So Good For: People wanting a light-weight blanket

Perfect For: Feeling like you are being hugged while you sleep

The textured and soft faux fur on this animal print bedding gives rooms a smooth and comforting ambiance. Its lack of bold lines offers a blended charm that doesn’t cut through space, allowing you to add textured lamps as the room accent instead.

The comforter has two cozy shams, a thick sensation that works great in the winter, and is oversized to pull the sheets to your chin. The least attractive part about this animal print comforter is it’s best to line dry. This means you will need a long banister to drape it over to dry properly and prevent it from getting wrinkles.

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Animal Print Bedding

Buying Guide

The wall colors that go with animal print bedspreads and comforters typically either pick up on the prints’ color palette or complement them. Either way, you can get a stunning effect.

There are animal prints in natural colors, and then there are those that use hues you wouldn’t find in nature. Zebra prints come in classic black-and-white, or you can find the same pattern in pink and aqua.

The more laid back your bedspread, the bolder your wall colors can be. For a soothing, natural look, choose wall colors in tan, olive green, or even gold. Think about choosing wall colors that are the complementary color to your bedspread, located opposite on the color wheel. For example, if you have a saffron-colored animal print comforter, lilac walls will look sublime.

If you’re using animal prints that are black-and-white, you can be a little more daring in your wall color choices. Red looks fabulous with zebra print bedspreads, as it creates a pop of color against the high contrast pattern.

Your animal print bedspreads and comforters are detailed and vibrant—so you should take some simple steps to keep them unfaded.

First, don’t leave your animal print bedspreads and comforters in direct sunlight. Use curtains or sheets to cover them, particularly if you won’t be using them for a long time (such as an off-season).

Secondly, use gentle laundry detergent, and consider air-drying these pieces to avoid the friction of a tumble dryer.

Finally, consider using these specific comforters for special occasions or for designated times throughout the year, and switching them out for another set so these bedspreads have time to avoid wear and tear.

Best Ideas

Cheetah black white oversized 8 piece comforter set

Cheetah black white oversized 8 piece comforter set

This printed comforter set will add a contemporary touch to your bedroom decor. Featuring an animal print atop a colorblocked black and white background, it will bring style and chic to any refined bedroom.

Animal comforter

Glamorous Leopard Animal Print 6 Piece Comforter Set

8pc Zambia Chocolate Brown Zebra Print Comforter Set Queen

8pc Zambia Chocolate Brown Zebra Print Comforter Set Queen

A beautiful bedding set for your queen sized bed that sports the zebra animal print and the perfect brown shades of the material to keep the master suite looking warm and welcoming for everyone's joy.

Leopard print comforters

If you are a fan of animal print beddings, you’ll surely love this set of cheetah bedspread and comforter. It comes in a full set of comforter, bed sheets, and pillowcases. Each item features cheetah prints on the outside and soft comfortable inner layer.

Pink Leopard Microfiber Queen Duvet

Pink Leopard Microfiber Queen Duvet

Bedding set with attractive pink finish connected with animal print. This combination looks very attractive in any bedroom decor. These bedclothes also provide softness, comfort and good safety of sleep.

Crazy bedspreads

This is a luxury 12-piece animal print comforter set designed to keep you warm all night long while enhancing the look and style of your bedroom. The set includes a comforter, bedspread, pillows, and bed skirt. It is a unique addition to your bedroom.

Cheetah print bed set

The gorgeous animal print and natural colors in brown, yellow and black colors of this bedspread and comforter delight and create a unique atmosphere in the decor. The whole is spectacularly presented on a king size bed.

Add a playful touch to your bedroom decor with a

A very attractive and comfortable set of bedclothes. They look very stylish thanks to their cheetah print. They are made of 100% polyester that is comfortable, resistant to damage and machine washable.

Cheetah print twin comforter

Enjoy guilt-free fabric animal print comforters and pillow covers for your bed. These giraffe print coverlets and matching pillow slips bring the feeling of the jungle into your bedroom. Add some plants and a textured floor cover for full effect.

Cheetah print queen comforter set

Gold Rush Bedding by Carstens A western bedding set in a palette of chocolate brown with leopard spot accents, the Carstens Gold Rush bedding ensemble will turn any bedroom in to a soothing western inspired sanctuary but with a leopard print twist

Reagan Comforter Set

Reagan Comforter Set

This lovely set of sheets is the perfect solution for the girl's room or teenagers. The beautiful combination of colors and patterns will make a big impression, and the rest will be even nicer.

Animal bed sets

So much patterns here... But the uniqueness of the effect is indisputable. We have zebra like monochrome stripes here, animal patterns, polka dots, purple animals patches (elephants, giraffes) and many more.

Zebra print comforter sets

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