Black And White Striped Bedding

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A dramatic grouping of black and white bedding is a wonderful idea to add a bit of flair to your bedroom or even a guest room. Lovely modern looks to catch the eye and draw you in among the pillows. Black and white stripes blend smoothly into your room and fit with any color scheme. Here, in this collection, you will find the best bedding selection for the modern aesthetic.

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Vertical Stripe Bedding

Vertical Stripe Bedding

Juicy Couture

You’re sure to feel luxurious with this six-piece black and white striped bedding set. Soft and lush microfiber material covers the sheet, comforter, shams, and accent pillows. It comes with a distressed pink reversible print. 

$95.9 $119.99

Designer Advice:

A great pick for a teen’s bedroom, especially when used to cover the mattress of a black-framed bed. The soft pink reverse side also gives room to play with soft pastel-colored bedding, along with gold-printed pillows. Easy to wash in cold water and tumbled in a low dry setting. Don’t bleach this piece, as it could affect the design in the long run.

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Glam Bedding Set

Glam Bedding Set

East Urban Home

Crafted from soft and plush microfiber, this black and white bedding set is a focal point in the bedroom. It has a lightweight duvet cover with an art print on top and two matching pillow shams. 

$126.99 $159

Designer Advice:

This set will certainly add a dramatic flair, whether for contemporary, maximalist, safari, or chic desert lodge bedrooms. Pair it with gold or black accent pillows for a glamorous and sophisticated touch. With its design, this piece is ideal for rooms with neutral or monochromatic color schemes to avoid visual clutter, especially if you’re not aiming for maximalism in your sleeping area.

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Reversible Striped Bedding

Reversible Striped Bedding


Made from ultra-light and breathable cotton, this black and white striped bedding brings comfort and style. It comes with a comforter and two pillowcases in the same design. Enjoy hotel-quality bedding in the comfort of your home. 

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Double Pinstriped Bedding

Double Pinstriped Bedding

This black and white striped comforter is fully covered from head to toe by super-soft microfiber material. The set includes two shams with matching styles. Filled with polyester material for easy machine wash cleaning. 

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Thin Stripe Bedding

Thin Stripe Bedding

This set features bold, black and white stripe bedding, bringing style and comfort. Made from 100% Cotton fabric, it has a soft touch and is machine washable. It comes with pillowcases that are based on size. 

Designer Advice:

Perfect for bed frames finished in black, white, or rich wood tones. Lend pops of color to your ensemble, depending on your aesthetic. For traditional rooms, a rust or red accent pillow would look great with this set. Meanwhile, bright hues of yellow and orange are perfect for contemporary interiors. Black pillows look ideal for modern setups.

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Horizontal Stripe Bedding

Horizontal Stripe Bedding

Breakwater Bay

These black and white stripe sheets are made through modern reactive printing and dyeing technology. It ensures a vibrant look that is durable and fade-resistant and features two distinctive yet complementary designs with duvet cover and shams. 

$30.99 $33.99

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Black And White Striped Bedding

Buying Guide

When thinking about the best bedding materials, you might be tempted to ask about thread count. Unfortunately, this is the ultimate contributor to your confusion. Believe it or not, thread count no longer indicates quality. Some companies will make higher thread count sheets with cheaper fabric. They double twist their yarn so they can claim a higher thread count.

Rather than worry about the thread count, instead consider the type of fabric. A jersey knit stretch fabric can be soft and warm while a single pick percale is crisp and cool. Here are some of your best choices:

  • Cotton is a high quality material but it's also the most expensive one. If you want the highest quality money can buy, choose 100% Egyptian cotton. The extra-long fibers are soft and luxurious but very durable.
  • You may also want to choose supima or pima cotton for medium fibers that are soft and sheen, but a bit more affordable.
  • Linen sheets are also pricey, but they're excellent quality, durable, and perfect for hot climates. They're breathable, they wear well, and they will quite literally last for dozens of years. In fact, some linen sheets you can buy to look worn already, and they simply get better with time.
  • Jersey knit is thick, soft, and warm. It's perfect for cool climates because it doesn't breath as well, so it holds in your body heat. A jersey fabric is also stretchy and versatile, but it can get misshapen and wear out over time, so it doesn't last as long as cotton or linen.
  • Silk is a luxurious fabric that many people don't use, simply because they don't understand the benefits. It feels pretentious, but it's well worth it if you're looking for something that feels great and is healthy for you.
  • Yes, it's true. Because silk retains moisture, sleeping on silk sheets can do wonders for your complexion and your hair. You'll wake feeling refreshed, your skin will glow, and your hair will have a healthy shine.
  • It's also naturally hypoallergenic, so for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, silk is a great solution.
  • Poly-blend sheets are easy to care for and resistant to wrinkles, so they're the least labor intensive type of sheets you can buy. They're great for all climates, so if you're looking for less maintenance, this is the way to go.
  • Different materials fit in a variety of climates, but if you live in a place where the temperature changes with the seasons, you may need to vary your bedding according to the time of year. When choosing your material, think about it in terms of what kind of clothing you wear all day. This will help you understand a little bit better how it will feel sleeping on it all night.

There are many different types of weaves, leading to a variety of qualities you may want to watch out for. For instance, a dense weave makes the fabric more wrinkle resistant. Tightly woven materials are also extra soft and water-repellant.

Something labeled ultra-soft or lustrous sheen will retain moisture, which can be better for your skin, but they stain easier.

Flannel-type textures are tightly woven and great for cooler climates while linen is loosely woven for breathability in hot climates.

Of course you want your sheets to match your decor. The color, pattern, or design is important for a cohesive look and relaxing experience. You want your bed to welcome you to crawl in at night rather than stimulating your senses.

Busy Bohemian patterns may be fun, but they can excite your brain activity and prevent you from entering into the deep sleep you need. However, that doesn't mean you should rule out all patterns.

Patterned bedding can draw on accent colors from other decor in your room, pulling it all together. It gives you the ability to highlight small doses of your favorite color without being overwhelming.

Florals are also great ways to invite relaxation while making the colors in your bedroom pop. The secret is to mix your patterned bedding with solid colors, too. This balances out your bedding, making your accent pieces pop against your pattern. Tiny floral prints are

If you'd rather choose a solid color, layer your colors by starting with your main color and then choose accent pieces that feature lighter and darker shades of that same color. This monochromatic scheme encourages relaxation and feels luxurious.

What goes on top of your bedding is just as important as the bedding itself. It often comes as a set, so you'll need to factor in what you want to cover your sheets with to offer the best look and sleeping experience. People tend to throw around the terms 'duvet,' 'quilt,' and 'comforter' willy nilly, and it gets confusing to say the least.


Here's where things get confusing. A duvet cover is the covering that goes over your comforter. They're usually sold in sets with matching pillow shams. However, many of these terms are used interchangeably.

The idea of a duvet is that you have a plain comforter that goes inside the duvet cover. You use the comforter repeatedly while changing out the cover. It's a great way to mix it up and change the look of your bedding more often.

A duvet is also a great option for tying your covering to your pillows, and it also makes your bedding much easier to wash. The cover comes off so you don't have the throw a giant comforter in the machine.


A comforter is a topper that features a plush feel and appearance. It can make your bed look incredibly fluffy and welcoming. They're soft, but can be heavy, making for a cozier experience when snuggling up at night.

A plain comforter could go inside a duvet cover, but many comforters come with their own outer layer sewn on so you only have one piece. While it can eliminate the hassle of having to put a cover on what is essentially a giant pillow, it also means you're cramming the whole thing in your washing machine when it's time to do laundry.


What springs to mind when hearing the word quilt is probably Grandma's vintage patterns in some pretty unattractive color combinations. While you have the right idea, quilts don't have to be ugly.

A quilt is simply a bed covering that's thinner than a comforter. It's not as plush, but it's also not as warm, so it's a better option for warm climates.

Typically quilts have patchwork designs, but that's only because of the way they're made. Quilts are sewn in sections and then each section is stitched together to make the final product.

It gave quilters an excellent opportunity to create elaborate designs, but you can find more modern quilts in solids or muted colors as well.

How many pillows you sleep with is entirely up to you. It's more a matter of comfort than style. However, when making your bed every morning, you can choose the size and number of pillows you have based on the size of your bed.

  • twin bed looks great with a king pillow that covers the width of the bed with one or two accent pillows.
  • full size bed welcomes two standard size pillows, two standard size or Euro shams, with one or two accent pillows.
  • Queen size beds hold two queen pillows, two queen shams, and three accent pillows. You can also replace the accent pillows with a single bolster if you prefer.
  • King beds hold three standard pillows and two king shams, with three standard pillows or three Euro shams, and three smaller accent pillows.
  • For a more plush look, really load it up with fluffy pillows that make it more welcoming.

However, you can overdo it, so make sure that your pillows span the width of your bed, but make sure they're between one quarter and one third of the length.

While this is largely a personal choice, this buying guide should help you determine what types of bedding are best for you based on climate, decor, and budget. There's no wrong answer, as long as you're sure you're going to love it.

Best Ideas

8 Pc. Faux Silk Bella Comforter Set with Black, White and Grey Stripes Queen Size

Finished in stylish black, white and grey stripes, this bedding set brings modern character to the space. The set comprises 1 comforter, 2 shams, 2 euro shams, 1 bed skirt and 2 decorative pillows. It is machine washable gentle cycle with cold water.

Black and white striped bedding

An interesting glamorous bedding set for queen beds. It's manufactured of quality nice to the touch synthetic fabric with a black and white striped design. A duvet cover, a sheet and pillowcases can be machine washed.

Black and white stripe bedding 27

Bed Linen. Great graphic design with the addition of grosgrain ribbon

Black and white stripe bedding 36

Black and white bedroom with embroidered bedding

Bella Ruffle Quilt Set

Bella Ruffle Quilt Set

Chic contemporary set having all surfaces and filling of cotton. A quilt and 2 rectangular quilted shams feature ruffled edges and top surfaces with a colourful across striped design against an off-white background (this colour backs have, too).

Black and white stripe bedding 11

moroccan black + cream stripe blanket with pom pom trim! gimme.

Black and white stripe bedding 20

black/grey/white/yellow...this is what I want in my bedroom!! Jonathanadler_rect540

Black white striped comforter

Gorgeous Black & White the striped walls - Javier Castilla

Country cozy chic this would be great for the spare

country cozy chic, this would be great for the spare room at my parents place, it is after all my room when I visit!

Black and white striped comforter

Bedclothes with neutral but attractive white and black stripes. This set includes bedclothes made of durable and comfortable materials. They are also resistant to many forms of excessive wear or damage.

So classic and clean probably would be best in a

So classic and clean. Probably would be best in a beach house not in my city loft! Designer Betsy Brown

Black and white stripe bedding 6

dogs on furniture, gallery wall, white sofa, comfy nook, black and white photography, eclectic style

Black and white stripe bedding 5

So simple. Maybe for A or spare bedroom!

Black and white stripe bedding 28

17 Fabulous Modern Bedding Finds

Lavievert Decorative Cotton Canvas Square Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case Handmade White and Black Chevron Stripe Toss Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper Closure (For Living Room, Sofa, Etc... Fit a 16 X 16 Inches Insert)

Decorative pillow cover with modern style chevron stripes pattern, made of top quality cotton canvas - durable and environment friendly. Features an zipper which becomes "invisible" when closed. 1000percent handmade.

Black and white stripe bedding 30

Afrocentric Style Decor - Design centered on African Influenced Elements

Black and white cottage stripe duvet cover decor by color

Black and White Cottage Stripe Duvet Cover | Decor by Color

10pc black white modern sleek striped comforter set cal

10pc Black/White Modern Sleek Striped Comforter Set Cal ...

Amazon com marrikas 600tc king stripe black with white 1 MARRIKAS 600TC KING STRIPE BLACK WITH WHITE ...

Rugby black white stripe duvet cover

Rugby Black White Stripe Duvet Cover

Black and white striped comforter by sin in linen

Black and White Striped Comforter by Sin in Linen

Graphic stripe reversible comforter set in black white

Graphic Stripe Reversible Comforter Set in Black/White ...

Dan river r full queen black stripe reversible comforter

Dan River® Full/Queen Black Stripe Reversible Comforter ...

Hiend accents blackberry vintage striped comforter mini 1

HiEnd Accents Blackberry Vintage Striped Comforter Mini ...