Black And White Vase

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All the bright, luscious colors of your flowers are sure to pop when placed in one of these black and white vases. These bold designs will draw everyone's eyes without stealing enter stage away from your blooms. Find the perfect vase to let your next bouquet really stand out below.

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Updated 13/02/2023
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Three Piece Multi Sized Black and White Vase Set

Three Piece Multi Sized Black and White Vase Set

Andover Mills™

 These ceramic vases have a bumpy textured surface in white or black with a bulbous base that narrows and flares into a wide mouth. The trendy multi-color design and tiered sizes add a chic yet simplistic nuance to any style.


Designer Advice:

You can get black and white vases in various styles and shapes. Some designs may have a single vase with both colors, or you may have multiple vases in each solid color. A textured surface not only add visual interest, but also makes it easier to hold the vase while moving, cleaning, or refilling it. 

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Black and White Striped Stoneware Vase

Black and White Striped Stoneware Vase

Dakota Fields

This eye-catching vase has a stylish striped pattern in a flat white over a black satin base. The contemporary bulbous shape has a 6.5” width and a 5.75” height with a narrowed 1” wide by 1” deep mouth. 

$41.99 $45.99

Designer Advice:

Most vases have a tapered neck that narrows for a secure hold of your flowers. A rounded size adds a versatile look that goes with any decor. And a vertically lined pattern can make the vase look larger, drawing the eye to the inner botanical contents. The black-and-white layout gives a modern yet neutral aesthetic.

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Skinny Striped Contrasting Mid Century Modern Vase

Skinny Striped Contrasting Mid Century Modern Vase

Etta Avenue™

This capsule-shaped vase features a sleek black and white horizontal striped pattern that covers the middle. And short gold and black vertical lines grace each tapered end. Rubber stoppers are on the vase’s bottom for stability.

$62.99 $74.99

Designer Advice:

Vases in a black and white pattern and a tapered shape look sleek and modern, whether you fill them with real or faux flowers and greenery. Lovely gold lines add a chic, glamorous touch that accents the unique taper of each end. And rubber stoppers make your vase stable and prevent damaging scratches on your furniture. 

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Asymmetrical Split Black and White Contemporary Vase

Asymmetrical Split Black and White Contemporary Vase

George Oliver

This 12” tall by 6” wide by 5.5” deep contemporary two-tone stoneware vase features a speckled white upper half with a glazed black bottom section in a watertight material. The bold design enhances the coffin silhouette of the diagonal diamond-shaped vase.

$43.99 $51

Designer Advice:

Diamond-shaped vases give you an elegant height with a geometrically pleasing silhouette. And an asymmetrical paint job accents the unique shape and noticeable curves. The neutral palette with the flat black lower and speckled white upper paint adds a natural artistic nuance that looks exquisite no matter where you place it in your home or outdoor space.

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Brown Black and White Hombre Vase

Brown Black and White Hombre Vase


This multi-toned ceramic vase in a modern bud shape stands 7.5” tall with a 6.25” width and a 6” wide mouth. The base of the vase is a matte black that flows up to a mottled brown, then a dotted white and a smooth cream top.

$32.91 $48.99

Designer Advice:

Ceramic is a popular material used for vases because it’s durable, easy to mold into any shape, and holds paint well for fantastic paint jobs. Some black and white flower vases also use other colors to create a more earthy neutral palette. You can also get vases in various sizes, from tall and wide to small and thin. 

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Black And White Vase

Buying Guide

If you're wondering what to fill empty vases with, then keep reading. Stones and water add an elegant touch to a large vase that's filled with candles. When the candles are lit, it creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in any room.

Another great idea is covering Styrofoam balls in colorful thumbtacks and adding them to your vase. The next tip is a classic idea but never seems to lose its nautical flair, and that is adding sand and seashells to the vase in any room of the home.

Feel free to use alphabet magnets when decorating a vase for a child's room or classroom. For a more adult version of the idea, use scrabble tiles instead.

Painting pinto beans or dying cheap rock salt to look like gemstones around candles is another amazing idea to spruce up any clear vase in your home.

Also, try filling up branches and then topping them off with flowers to create the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.

There are countless great spots to place a black and white vase in your home. For example, depending on the room, you could choose to place it:

  • Living room: in the middle of your coffee table, on a bookshelf, on a wall shelf, on a side table, in an empty corner, or on your fireplace
  • Dining room: as a centerpiece
  • Corridor: next to a door or in an empty corner
  • Bedroom: next to your dresser, on your nightstand, or next to a tall mirror
  • Bathroom: next to your freestanding bathtub, on a cabinet, or on a long sink unit

Glass is an excellent material for vases, as it doesn’t cause a reaction between the vase water and the vase. It is also resistant to scratches and easy to clean. Glass vases are also aesthetically pleasing as they show the complete flower bouquet.

Ceramic can also be used for your black and white vase and may be the most artful choice for displaying a geometric black and white design. Ceramic is usually lighter than glass and handles extreme temperature changes well. If you are using your black and white vase for decorative purposes, metal is another great material. Whether your vase is large or small, metal is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear.

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Black and white vase

With its handmade decorations, this vase will bring in a light, spring climate into your interiors. FIlled in with i.e. tulips, this black and white striped item works great in a contemporary surrounding.

Black and white flower vase

Black and white flower vase

Black and white vase 1

Vase designed for small sized flowers. It is made of high quality ceramics and decorated with striped pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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