Black And White Vase

All the bright, lucious colors of your flowers are sure to pop when placed in one of these black and white vases. These bold designs will draw everyone's eyes without stealing enter stage away from your blooms. Find the perect vase to let your next bouquet really stand out bellow.

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Glass Bottle Vase

Glass Bottle Vase
It is a glass bottle vase that is perfect for your bouquets of flowers. It is classic and elegant so it is perfect for many decors in your home. If you want something elegant you need to have it.

Simply Natural 3 Piece Vase Set

Simply Natural 3 Piece Vase Set
A set of 3 size and shape-varied ceramic vases with distressed and crazed white-creamy glaze. One vase is wider up and has a short neck. The second one is very wide in the centre and flattened. The third ball-shaped vase has a long flared neck.

Tibores aka ginger jars from emilia ceramics

Tibores (aka ginger jars) from Emilia Ceramics

6" Hand Blown Glass Murano Art Style Vase Bowl Candle Holder White Black Red Striped

Black and white vase 11

Table vases made of high quality ceramic and finished with striped pattern. Designed for small floral arrangement. Modern accent for each room.

Black and white vase

With its handmade decorations, this vase will bring in a light, spring climate into your interiors. FIlled in with i.e. tulips, this black and white striped item works great in a contemporary surrounding.

Black and white vase 4

temporary stripes (tutorial)

Our advice Buying Guide

What to fill empty vases with?

If you're wondering what to fill empty vases with, then keep reading. Stones and water add an elegant touch to a large vase that's filled with candles. When the candles are lit, it creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in any room.

Another great idea is covering Styrofoam balls in colorful thumbtacks and adding them to your vase. The next tip is a classic idea but never seems to lose its nautical flair, and that is adding sand and seashells to the vase in any room of the home.

Feel free to use alphabet magnets when decorating a vase for a child's room or classroom. For a more adult version of the idea, use scrabble tiles instead.

Painting pinto beans or dying cheap rock salt to look like gemstones around candles is another amazing idea to spruce up any clear vase in your home.

Also, try filling up branches and then topping them off with flowers to create the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.

Where to place a black & white vase?

There are countless great spots to place a black and white vase in your home. For example, depending on the room, you could choose to place it:

  • Living room: in the middle of your coffee table, on a bookshelf, on a wall shelf, on a side table, in an empty corner, or on your fireplace
  • Dining room: as a centerpiece
  • Corridor: next to a door or in an empty corner
  • Bedroom: next to your dresser, on your nightstand, or next to a tall mirror
  • Bathroom: next to your freestanding bathtub, on a cabinet, or on a long sink unit

Is glass, ceramic, or metal better for a black and white vase?

Glass is an excellent material for vases, as it doesn’t cause a reaction between the vase water and the vase. It is also resistant to scratches and easy to clean. Glass vases are also aesthetically pleasing as they show the complete flower bouquet.

Ceramic can also be used for your black and white vase and may be the most artful choice for displaying a geometric black and white design. Ceramic is usually lighter than glass and handles extreme temperature changes well. If you are using your black and white vase for decorative purposes, metal is another great material. Whether your vase is large or small, metal is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear.


Black and white vase 1

Vase designed for small sized flowers. It is made of high quality ceramics and decorated with striped pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.


Black and gold marble vases marble vases products buy black

Black and Gold Marble Vases, Marble Vases products, buy Black and

John ward via

John Ward via

Black and white vase

Black and White Vase

Black and white vase 12

Adorable decoration set for a bedroom side cabinet or a night table. The composition of black and white combined with pink roses and a pink textbook create a vibrant variety of contrasting colors, providing a cozy look.

Black and white vase

kate spade new york Sunset Street Vase Collection

Ornamental vase black and white digital art

Ornamental Vase - Black And White Digital Art

Black and white flower vase

Black and white flower vase

Black and white vase 16

Sophisticated Wedding Reception Ideas from White Iilac Inc

Black and white striped vases

Ooh la la, painted and lace wrapped wine bottle turned into a vase

Ceramic Ornaments Ornaments Black And White Silver Flower Vase (one pair)

Faceture vase black white red elegant handmade faceture vase by

Faceture Vase black white red Elegant Handmade FACETURE Vase by Phil ...

Black and white vase 8

Never heard of floating pearls, throw in some pink and yellow ones would be perfect. Floating Pearls: Take the vases to your local Things Remembered and have them engraved with your wedding date.

Black and white vase 2

Chevron urn // Nate Berkus for @Target love these! Just moved to AZ from UT and saw these. Wanted them badly but for some reason my daughter thought we should buy food first. Priorities?

Black and white vase 18

Vintage 'art pottery' vases and planters in white.

Black and white vase 23

Ralph Lauren Home, elegant but not a good look if u have dandruff

Black and white zebra glass vase l12970503 jpg


Black and white vase 2

White Ranunculus In Black And White Vase Photograph

Glass Bottle Vase, Amber

Glass Bottle Vase, Amber

Denby stoneware burlington black and white vase

Denby Stoneware Burlington Black and White Vase

Black and white vase

Sherwin Williams Antique White paint color. Joanna Gaines's Blog | HGTV Fixer Upper | Magnolia Homes

Distressed white bed

Kitchen Centerpiece - however would want for my bedroom!

Black contemporary sofa 5

Via that nordic feeling

Black and white vase 6

Modern Black and Gold Wedding Ideas // Love these table numbers in black stripes and glitter numbers.

Black and white vase 5

Set of three elegant vases. These modern vase has very slim and interesting shape. Every vase is made of other glass. First is made of transparent grass, second and third aren't pellucid, they are white and black.

Vase black and white

Frosted purple vases of varying heights are accented with blooms of white hydrangeas.

Black and white vases wholesale

Not the color but the idea is cute and you could make this with stuff from the dollar stored #diy #cheap #centerpieces

Wall leaning mirror

Rectangular mirror designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of wood. Possibility of vertical and horizontal orientation. Applications in all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Black and white vase 13

These elements are vases for flowers or other decorations. Their construction is based on solid glass painted in milky white color. Their neutral stylization matches different applications and indoors.

Black and white vase 15

Feminine and edgy - you can't go wrong with this girly color palette of black and white mixed with gold and pale pink. /BR |

Black and white vase 17

We've updated the classic Roman urn with a dynamic, hand-painted design and a finish that mimics glazed ceramic. Perfect addition to your entryway or garden.

Black and white vase

striped table runner, photo by Lang Photographers #tablerunner #stripedtablecloth #weddingideas

Modern black console table

Feel the breeze.

Naoto fukasawa bunch flower vase

Naoto Fukasawa Bunch Flower Vase

Black and white vase 20

7 Clever Renovating Ideas for a Small Bathroom | Apartment Therapy

Carry About Vase

Carry About Vase

Black and white vase 24

Ethier need black vases or the tall candle sticks. As long as the black stems are used with the tea light candles in it and a few feathers

Pearl Vase Filler - Black and White - Large Assorted Sizes - 34 pieces

Black and white vase 19

Tips for a Champagne & Cheese Party! from #ArtofCheese @President Cheese

3 Piece Mercury Glass Stem Vase Set

3 Piece Mercury Glass Stem Vase Set

Black and white vase 21

Love this idea. Black wine glasses as small floral arrangement around the main centrepiece.

Mod black and white vase mid century porcelain geometric vase

Mod Black and White Vase Mid Century Porcelain Geometric Vase