Large Sculptures For Home Decor

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Do you think that such sculptures and elements would make for a nice addition to your house? If that is the case, why not browse through the designs, shapes, sizes and colours that we have prepared for people like you? We can assure you that you will not be the first person to choose these models.

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Updated 21/12/2022
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Large Sculpture for a Living Room

Large Sculpture for a Living Room

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Featuring a modern design of three swooping ribbons on top of a heavy marble base, this decorative statue is perfect for making a statement in your living room, entryway, or any other reception area of your home.

$248 $247.5

Designer Advice:

At just over 26 inches in height, this beautiful statue will have the most impact when placed on a table or other sturdy surface, bringing it up to eye level. Although it’s fairly heavy, the sweeping design gives the sculpture a light and airy feel, which will work particularly well in bright, modern homes.

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Extra Large Sculpture for Living Room

Extra Large Sculpture for Living Room

Dakota Fields

Featuring a colorful abstract design, this charming giraffe statue is perfect for adding a sense of fun and personality to your home. It stands at 73 inches tall, making it one of the largest home decor sculptures around!

$163.99 $295.5

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Large Modern Sculpture for the Home

Large Modern Sculpture for the Home

Orren Ellis

Hand crafted from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, this impressive decorative statue is an ideal choice for living rooms and outdoor areas alike. It’s available in a choice of teal, red, or silver, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

$529.99 $409.99

Designer Advice:

At 48 inches in height, this large sculpture can be placed on the floor almost anywhere in your home. The flowing ribbon-like design makes it a captivating centerpiece, so it will work well in larger living rooms and entryways where you want to create a unique focal point.

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Contemporary Large Sculpture for the Home

Contemporary Large Sculpture for the Home

Ivy Bronx

With an exciting looping design, this unusual interior statue is perfect for adding a sense of fun to your space. It has a metallic silver finish and stands on a large metal block base which gives it a modern look.

$39.99 $67.5

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Decorative Venus Statue for The Home

Decorative Venus Statue for The Home

Design Toscano

A beautiful replica of the breathtaking Venus statue—perfect for giving your home a touch of classic elegance. This hand-finished piece is cast from resin, with a white finish that is designed to emulate the smooth look of white marble.

Designer Advice:

At just a touch under two feet tall, this beautiful statue can be placed on the floor anywhere in your home. However, for an even bigger impact, try placing it on a pillar, or center table, which will allow it to be viewed and admired from all angles.

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Large Decorative Statue for a Living Room

Large Decorative Statue for a Living Room

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

Crafted from iron and MDF wood, this striking sculpture will add a touch of contemporary glamor to your home. The wooden plate features a carved starburst design and stands on the iron base, which has a beautiful distressed gold finish.

$51.05 $94.5

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Large Sculptures For Home Decor

Buying Guide

When you've filled your home with basic pieces of furniture and are looking for ways to make your living spaces feel unique, an easy way to customize your interior is to turn to decorative objects. This is when you get to let your true personality and creativity shine through in your decor!

However, it can easily become overwhelming. Your decor is such a crucial element of properly finishing a home, but there are so many types of objects and so many different ways to style them that your attempts to decorate can quickly read as 'cluttered' instead of 'properly decorated'. In this guide, we'll help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls of decorative objects.

With enough imagination, anything can be a decorative object. The category can expand to pillows and wall hangings, statues and paperweights and bookends - you name it!

Perhaps a more helpful distinction would be the kinds of decorative object you should collect. When you're decorating, the focus is as much on the specific pieces and objects you choose as well as how they all come together in your home. To ensure that a room looks well-balanced, you should aim to collect the following four types of decorative objects:

  1. Something Vertical: To draw your eye upward and make use of the vertical (and often empty) space within your home, focus on collecting at least one tall piece for your arrangement. This could be a candlestick, a vase, or an interesting lamp!
  2. A Decorative, Personality-Driven Statement Piece: Your decor can (and should!) be unique to your personality. Think about what it is and what you do that is interesting and brings you joy! For example, if you like elephants, that can (and should!) come across in your decor with statuettes or wall hangings. If you've always wanted to go to Paris, find a map to use as a table topper! There should always be at least one piece in your room that is a fantastic conversation starter. Think about what you like to talk about, and incorporate that into your decor.
  3. A Living Element: Plants are more than just a way to bring a splash of green into a room; their presence can calm people and literally allow the room to breathe. The number of plants you can choose is endless, and the ways you can display them are myriad - from a patterned ceramic planter to a woven hanging basket! Even if you are not good with plants, you can easily buy an incredibly realistic fake for low-stress decorating with the same overall effect.
  4. Layers and Leaners: Lastly, to bring some subtlety to your arrangement, look for pieces which work well with your statement decorative objects without overshadowing them. Large neutral tapestries or paintings to put behind your TV, allowing for interest without distraction, are good examples. Soft blankets to throw on your couch are another. For this category, you're going to look for livable textures and colors that round out the decor of your room!

We'll go more into detail for each of these categories below.

In order to get your vertical, horizontal, layering and leaning pieces in place, you're going to have to scour the stores and markets for unique pieces from each category that appeal to you. Here's a further breakdown of the styles and designs of decorative objects you'll usually see.

  • Decorative spheres: From globes to hollow balls of twine to geodesic gear designs, decorative spheres can help you break up the right angles commonly found in furniture with soft, round corners. These come in every finish imaginable, from rough wood to wrought iron all the way to finely polished metals.
  • Star-shaped objects: With pointed edges and angles that interest the eye and then instantly direct away, star-shaped decorative objects often promote a sense of movement in the room. While these can come in a wide array of finishes, they're often found in gold and silver metals.
  • Animal figurines: Even if you aren't an animal lover, having bookends in the shapes of birds or even an art model human statuette can bring dynamic recognition and interest to any arrangement.

There are two good ways to choose the specific style and design of your decorative objects.

Look around at your home

Take in the general aesthetic of your current things. Even if you're just getting started with decorating, it's very likely that you've already collected a few mementos, heirlooms, or other pieces that can dictate the trends you will follow for years to come. Go look at your treasures! What color are they? What metals are they made of? How old are they? Do they have any strong patterns, whether they are small and Baroque or large, bold, and geometric?

Note all of this information down and keep it in mind when you're out shopping. With your mind already focused on what you have, you'll be primed to notice when new items fall in the same pattern.

Look for inspiration in magazines

If you don't have much to go on or if you feel like you'd rather have a completely fresh start, excellent! There's a very fun exercise you can complete to forge your path forward. Clear out an hour or two when you will have no distractions, pour yourself a beverage, and open up a magazine. It doesn't even have to be a home goods catalogue - anything will do. Start to leaf through the magazine. Notice when you come across something you like. Take a marker and circle everything in the magazine that catches your eye. Then, put the magazine down and walk away.

The next day, go in and review the things you circled. Are they of a specific pattern? Do they have similar colors or shapes? Note these details for the next time you go shopping.

If you can't discern a pattern among the decorative objects you've circled, it's very possible that you have an eclectic style, one which delights in diverse and random objects. You'll have to be very careful with how you style these objects, but the result can be very artistic and modern as long as you do it just right!

If it helps, here are some common styles and the types of decorative objects that might go with each style. See if any of these catch your fancy:

  • Victorian: Porcelain figurines, shiny or scrolled mirror frames, stained glass
  • Coastal: Starfish and shell figurines, light pastel colors, transparent cylindrical vases, pieces of rope, vials of sand
  • Rustic or Farmhouse: Baskets, natural wood edges, neutral colors, ladders, distressed frames, decorative plates
  • Bohemian: Wooden animal figurines, flower art or sculptures, bowls made of natural materials like twigs or leaves, twinkle lights, wall hangings with tassels, tapestries
  • Industrial: Wrought iron, pipe, bolts, and other 'found' art pieces, blueprints and schematics, dark colors
  • Minimalistic or Contemporary: Contrasting colors, sleek silhouettes, vases with small openings and cool-toned wooden sculptures
  • Scandinavian: Bird figurines, geometric wooden sculptures, white frames, star-shaped objects,
  • Mid-Century Modern: Bold patterns, pops of teal and coral, wooden frames and geometric silhouettes matched to both furniture and decor

With so many options available to you with your decor, picking decorative objects can be overwhelming. Choosing colors to start out with may help you narrow down your choices! To choose colors, go back to the magazine spreads you were circling and see if any colors stand out to you. Those may be colors you'd like to emphasize in your arrangements!

Beyond that, you can rely on color theory and its influence on mood to choose colors to feature. Think to yourself: how do I want to feel when I see this decorative object? Let's discuss a few different ambiances and their associated colors:

  • Bright and Cheery: All the colors, all the time! If you're going for bright and cheery vibes, think primary colors, pastels, and white walls with bright blue and green accents. You'll have to be careful to keep it from reading childish, but if you do it right the resulting space should be a dynamic, energetic place to be!
  • Dark and Moody: If you're going for mature, nuanced vibes, then consider rich plums and reds, navy blue, tonal blacks and emerald green. Dark jewel tones and grays are beautiful for allowing color variation while remaining somewhat subdued.
  • Neutral and Natural: Wood tones, pastels, whites, and grey would look fantastic in this color niche! If you're going for natural, experiment with different materials as well, such as iron, glass, fiber, and wood.

It might seem like a small thing, but you'll want to ensure that the decorative objects you pick are well-made so they don't fall apart, unravel, or start to look bad (after all, that would defeat the entire point!).

Look for objects with good reviews, from reputable sellers, and ones appropriately priced. It can be tempting to source lots of decorative objects at low prices, but the resulting tableau may not measure up to your ideals. Go slowly, and pick up decor piece by piece, thoughtfully, at investments which make sense to you.

While some larger pieces of furniture might be easy to place in your home (a bed, for example, might only fit in your bedroom in one way), decorative objects are usually more portable - giving you a far wider range of ways to display them to their best advantage.

Based on universally flattering design principles, here are a few guidelines for optimal decor arrangement:

  • Place objects in groups of odd numbers: This will help you have a central object (usually one of your personality-driven statement pieces), with others grouped around it for symmetry. If you're aiming for more of a minimalistic look, note that one is an odd number!
  • Before you arrange, empty the space you're decorating entirely: This will help you avoid over-decorating so you don't end up with a cluttered space.
  • Alternate heights: When you're placing your objects in an arrangement, choose objects of different heights to stand right next to each other.
  • Repeat colors: Especially if you're using a wide variety of different objects with different sizes and textures, using a similar color to unify the space can help draw the eye through the space!

Don't forget to have fun with it! Decorative objects are usually smaller investments than large pieces of furniture, and because they're smaller and more portable, you can work with an endless array of differing positions and placements to find out what works best for the flow of your home.

Just remember to avoid clutter, select well-made objects, and vary your decor in terms of texture and height, and you'll be well on your way to having a beautifully decorated home.

Before you go looking for decorative objects, you should definitely come up with a budget - as the price range for good decor is quite wide. Decide before you go shopping just how much you'd like to spend, and have an idea going in what type of object you'll be looking for. This will help you avoid buying things you haven't carefully planned and avoid buyer's remorse after you've purchased your items!

There are many ways to use a large sculpture as home decor, even if you don't have large open spaces to display them. Large sculptures usually become conversation starters, so keep them in a room that family and friends frequent when they come over.

Large sculptures will likely be the focal point of any room or foyer, so why not go bold and keep them at the entrance of your home to give your guests a taste of what's inside. Don't forget the outside of your home, and if you have metal sculptures, they make wonderful additions to your garden area.

Large sculptures for home decor can be anchored to the wall and left freestanding, depending on the size and weight of the piece.

The first thing you need to do is determine the weight of your large sculpture. You’ll then need to find out what type of wall surface you have so that you can choose the best anchor hardware for the mounting. The most common wall types are plaster or hollow drywall. If possible, use a stud locator to find the wall studs for the most secure anchoring position.

There are a few pieces of hardware that are most commonly used for hanging large and heavy items. These include winged wall anchors, self-drilling anchors, and toggle bolts.

Large sculptures with a wide base and narrow top can be left freestanding, as long as they are displayed in an area with limited foot traffic to prevent toppling.

Best Ideas

Large uruguay amethyst quartz crystal

Large uruguay amethyst quartz crystal

Large sculpture dedicated to decorate night table or table in the dining-room. It is made of little crystals and it is stylised on amethyst. It is inserted on circle irregular base made of lacquered wood.

Sculptures for home decor

What you can see in this project is: the inspiration of nature, the cerebral process of design,and the love for metals. That's why this 3 panels of sculpture for home decor are so intresting. Animal motifs, copper and gold colors and wavy carving of the metal.

Large sculptures home decor 1

Woodworking,Celestial Sun, Sculpture, Driftwood Art ,Home Decor,Indoors or Outside

Large wood angel wings wall sculpture

Large wood angel wings wall sculpture

Home decoration of a very unique and original character. This large wooden sculpture in the form of angel wings features some metallic pewter accents. These wings look very original in many kinds of indoors.

Large statues for home

"Large Water Jar" Wood Vessel Created by Joel Hunnicutt. A free-flowing form in wood. Large, hollow turned vessel of dyed maple, finished with high-gloss lacquer for a smooth, glass-like surface

Wire tree of life ancient spirit

Wire tree of life ancient spirit

Sculpture that increases attractiveness of any home design. This handmade wire tree features a durable and attractive copper wire and metal construction with multicolor minerals in its lower part. This decoration uses no adhesives.

New Mosaic Glass Seahorse Sculpture Candle Holder Home Decor Coastal Accent Art

New Mosaic Glass Seahorse Sculpture Candle Holder Home Decor Coastal Accent Art

Home decor sculpture that decorates indoors. This seahorse candle holder is a very interesting element that brings stylish coastal design into the house. Its round, flat top provides support for a candle and its square base assures stability for the whole element.

Fala Leaf on Stand Sculpture

Fala Leaf on Stand Sculpture

Lean on stand sculpture. Turn your decor into aesthetically pleasing place with this beautiful sculpture. This leaf shaped piece will bring some nature and tranquility to your decor. The sculpture has been hand crafted from ceramic and finished in white.

Large sculptures home decor 16

Bélier, tête de bélier grand, tête Faux empaillés, Animal, blanc Ram fausse tête, taxidermie blanc, Hodi Accessoires décoration, bois, Ram, ...

Sculpture home decor

- Foyer Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014 on HGTV Love this piece of ancient wood used as art.

Home decor sculptures 7

Such an amazing little detail, great for any and all architectural styles! A cute little angel statuette mounted on a corner of your door, bound to spice up any room with its beautiful, unique design.

Large wall art for decorate home bar wall decors favorite

... large-wall-art-for-decorate-home-bar-wall-decors-favorite-large-wall

Rodney Large Sculpture

Rodney Large Sculpture

Large wooden angel wings wall sculpture

Large wooden angel wings wall sculpture

I really like these DIY, handmade angel wings with a very rustic, primitive design and an austere coating of paint. Great for a wall-mounted decoration for a more industrial, rough living room design. Very unique.

Angel wings large wood carved wall

Angel wings large wood carved wall

Welcome an angel accent in your life by simply adding large wood carved wall sculpture shaped as angels wings to your interior. Thanks to distressed finish, this unique sculpture brings a shabby chic accent to its surroundings.

Large sculptures home decor 10

Charming and beautiful - this large Ganesh statue is a beautiful option for everyone, who is just looking for a bit of uniqueness and would like their interior to be spiritual and colorful. It sports the mosaic finish and looks truly breathtaking.

Horse Table Decor Statue

Horse Table Decor Statue

It is a horse décor table statue that is made of polyresin and has got a brown finish. If you looking for a fantastic decoration and accent piece for your living room, you need to choose this one.

Large Brass Abstract Himmeli No 1 Wall

Large Brass Abstract Himmeli No 1 Wall

Such a beautiful, very modern setup for a corner in a contemporary, mid-century living room. The brass wall decoration gives the room a nice touch, and the smooth, white side table is a great finishing touch.

Faux taxidermy full size wolf head wall

Faux taxidermy full size wolf head wall

Crafted with attention to slightest details, this lovely sculpture brings wildlife straight into your cozy home. Designed of durable material, the decoration is shaped like a wolf's head, bathed in an off-white finish.

Home decor sculptures 3

Original sculpture made of high quality stone. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Lotus flower large outdoor metal wall art garden sculpture 1

Lotus Flower Large Outdoor Metal Wall Art Garden Sculpture ...

Left facing large lion decoration ornament home decor

Left Facing Large Lion Decoration Ornament Home Decor ...

Best asian home decor selections elegant wood carved wall

Best Asian Home Decor Selections. Elegant Wood Carved Wall ...

Wallwave by kerry vesper wall sculpture artful home

Wallwave by Kerry Vesper (Wall Sculpture) | Artful Home