Artificial Flowers In Vase


Flowers die. But artificial flowers last and last, and with new technology in their creation, they look so real, unless they are touched or smelled, no one will know the difference. So, get your home some artificial flowers in vases and never deal with dead flowers and fallen petals again. Get a few of these and scatter them throughout the home for a lovely display.

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Artificial Flower Arrangement In Black White Nylon Flowers In Shaped Vase

Artificial Flower Arrangement In Black White Nylon Flowers In Shaped Vase

A pretty modern artificial floral arrangement composed of large leaves and flowers made of semi-sheer black nylon with white edges. They're placed in a glossy black ceramic vase looking like a downed figure '6'.

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Artificial Flower Arrangement Peacock Feathers Mirror Vase Flower Arrangements

Artificial Flower Arrangement Peacock Feathers Mirror Vase Flower Arrangements

This wonderful flower arrangement will give your space an exotic look. The mosaic vase glitters with different shades of deep colors, with the dominance of vibrant blue. The artificial flowers inside the vase are in a motif of a peacock.

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Artificial flower vases

Beautiful faux flowers with vines attached. The flowers are also arranged in stunning glass vases for impeccable style. They are designed to add a lease of life into any space and you’re free to pick from a wide range of colors.

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Silk Dendobrium Flowers with Vase

Silk Dendobrium Flowers with Vase

This Silk Dendobrium Flowers in White & Green consists of beautifully arching steams placed in a clear vase with faux water. The whole is decorated further using bamboo pieces and river rocks.

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Large artificial flower arrangements 6

Artificial flowers can constitute a nice and functional addition, bringing warmth and coziness, while at the same time maintaining a prestigious character. Universal white color of the flowers will enhance both modern and traditional interiors.

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Artificial flowers in vase 8

Fern & Succulent Vase | Bring in the Natural Beauty of the Outdoors with Artificial Plants!

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Black and white artificial flower arrangements

Purple artificial flowers in the glass vase. These flowers at the glace looks like real plants, they simulate hyacinths. Flowers look more realistic with liquid filler in the vase. This decoration revitalize your living room whole year.

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Blue artificial flowers in vase

Charming arrangements of white flowers with green leaves made of durable silk and wires. They're glued to a bottom or to stones on the bottom of height-varied cylindrical clear glass vases filled with water and adorned with small floating candles.

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Artificial flowers in vase 1

The beautiful composition of artificial flowers in this glass vase makes the interior delight. White flowers in the arrangement and the artificial water inside the vessel precisely imitate the actual flowers.

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Silk Dendobrium Flowers with Glass Vase

Silk Dendobrium Flowers with Glass Vase

Transform your bare dining room table with this superb faux flower centerpiece. The flowers are set on a glass vase too and offer a beautiful combination of yellow and white, with a touch of green foliage below. You can also use the arrangement for your kitchen island.

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Artificial Flowers In Vase

Buying Guide

Fresh flowers are indeed unbeatable when it comes to their scent and soft feel. However, regularly buying bouquets of fresh flowers can be more expensive in the long run, especially when the flowers aren’t available all year round. If you don’t have the budget for pricey flower arrangements or are allergic to pollen, artificial flowers may be your best bet.

Artificial flowers certainly look realistic these days, so no one will be able to tell whether your flower display is real or not unless they smell it. You can find plenty of fake flowers with petals, colors, and textures that closely mimic real blooms. Your favorite flowers will also always be available to purchase, even when they aren’t in season.

In addition, maintenance isn’t a problem with artificial flowers. They won’t wilt nor fade, no matter how long you choose to keep them in your space. On top of that, they’re affordable compared to buying a fresh flower arrangement that’ll only last for several days.

Lots of people choose to place artificial flowers in a vase with water. The reality is that real flowers are always better, but fake flowers do work wonders for those times when your favorite varieties are not in season. Here are some tips to make your fake flowers look real.

Real flowers are not perfect, and this goes for the stems and leaves as well. So don't arrange them too perfectly or symmetrically. When using a transparent vase to display your flowers, ensure that you separate the single stem that bunches fake flowers together.

Also, bend the stems to resemble real flowers that droop to the sides of the vase. Cut off visible metal ends on the stems to keep rust marks from forming in the glass and make them look more realistic when placed in water.

Finally, if you don't want to use water in your clear vase, use resin instead and secure your fake flowers inside.

Best Ideas

Artificial flowers in vase

Suitable for enhancing modern and contemporary interiors; this elegant decoration is made of nice-to-touch silk, consisted of 2 branches with faux blooming magnolias. The branches are placed in a stylish vase made of clear glass.

Artificial flower vase

Craft a charming centerpiece or lush vignette with this autumnal arrangement, featuring faux sunflowers and gourds nestled in a glass vase with artificial pi...

Faux Florals in Glass: 30-Plus Unique Arrangements in Clear Vases and Other Glassware

Bring a dash of romance into your home with these beautiful faux flowers, neatly arranged in a stunning glass vase. Available in an array of vibrant colors, these flowers are the perfect centerpiece for your dining table but can work in several different spaces.

Turquoise and brown lilies and dahlias

Turquoise and brown lilies and dahlias

Floral arrangement consisting of faux flowers and ceramic vase. It is finished with abstract pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior. Received very good reviews from customers.

Dendrobium with Vase Silk Flower

Dendrobium with Vase Silk Flower

Are you looking for some simple and stylish decorations for your house? Then, this intriguing and pretty dendrobium is gonna match your needs! Check it out and enjoy refreshed design in your living room or bedroom.

Fake flowers in vase

Due to their lovely pink color, peonies constitute a fantastic addition to white and transcendent vases. A small vase with peonies is a smooth way to add a charming, warm accent to your living or dining room.

Artificial flowers in vase 3

Give your home the ultimate dining table centerpiece with these faux flowers in a vase. Designed to look like real roses, the flowers are neatly arranged in a modern glass vase for that impeccable charming elegance.

Artificial lilies in vase

Beautiful faux flowers in a vase designed to add a little touch of vibrant appeal to any space. The flowers are great as a dining room centerpiece but you are free to use them in any room. The superb bold colors will provide the ultimate conversation starters for all your guests.

Fake flowers and vase

Another beautiful calla lilies and glass vase. All artificial and last forever!

Decorative lemons in an apothecary jar would look fabulous in

Decorative lemons in an apothecary jar. Would look fabulous in my pumpkin colored kitchen.

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Artificial flower arrangement red white in pot for grave memorial

Artificial Flower Arrangement Red/ White In Pot For Grave/Memorial Vase

Tulips with vase silk flower arrangement white

Tulips with Vase Silk Flower Arrangement White

Artificial flowers in glass vase

This square shaped glass vase is definition of simple class. They are transparent, which makes the fit to every decor. The flowers inside the vase are presenting very beautifully, vase can be also a decoration even without them.