Feminine Bedding Sets


Give your home a woman's touch with feminine bedding sets. These incorporate soft colors, floral prints, and other distinctly feminine qualities that would be unmistakable by anyone looking at your sheets and a comforter set. We have sizes to fit every bed and they are all soft and made with high thread count fabric. If you are looking for a bedding set that will accentuate your femininity, this is the collection for you.

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Our Picks

Jennifer lopez vintage glam bedding

Feminine beddings set is the perfect way to get in the bedroom. This sleek shabby chic decor of the bed makes the interior eye-catching, full of romantic floral accents, and beautiful colors like roses, white and beige.

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With such a feminine bedding set, your master bedroom will be drowning in stylish valances, fancy floral ornaments and decorative bows. Designed of a delicate shear fabric, the bedding is so nice-to-touch, making you sleep on your bed like on a soft cloud.

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Feminine bedding sets

This beautiful bed cover is an excellent combination of beautiful materials and floral motifs. Subtle cream colors bring to the decor a charming atmosphere with a hint of romanticism and coziness.

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Vera bradley bedspreads

This lovely bed linen in beautiful pink and white is an unusual combination of excellent materials and craftsmanship. Beautiful floral motifs are captivating, and the quilted details on the pillowcases add to the coziness.

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Country cottages

country cottages

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Feminine bedding sets 1

girl bedroom Pink 'Antoinette' bed linen - Duvet covers & pillow cases - Bedding - Home & furniture -

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Harbor House Coastline Bedding Collection

Harbor House Coastline Bedding Collection

This beautiful bedding set is a subtle blend of colors and patterns that will give your interior a cozy and almost romantic nature of marine-style. It is perfect also as a decorative element.

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The beautiful bedroom anabel comforter set in ivory

The beautiful bedroom anabel comforter set in ivory

The most frequently chosen feminine bedding color is white. Most often associated with purity and freshness, and without it there can be no question of comfort - hence this white-ivory cotton set, decorated with the pulls of the fabric - is a good choice.

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Shabby chic bedspreads

Every girl dreams of a beautiful bedroom, and thanks to this fabulous set of shabby style bedspreads, the room will have a unique style. Nice decorative details and top quality materials create a unique whole.

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Feminine bedding sets

I've always wanted to have such a glamorous golden beads chandelier in my bedroom. I find the textured blue gray bedding set stunning, too, it's so feminine. And it perfectly matches the patterned stone blue wallpaper.

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Feminine Bedding Sets

Buying Guide

Finding the right feminine bedding sheets for your bedroom isn't always easy. Trying to get the right price, the right items, and the right style is never an easy combination to achieve. Whether you're hoping to buy something special for your wedding night or another special occasion, or you just want something feminine and pretty for your bedroom, here are some of the various styles that you'll come across. We'll look at some of the most popular features which are used to make bedding look more feminine.


White, pink, red and lacy bows are a great addition to any bedding, and can instantly uplift it and make it appear more feminine. The bows may be at the bottom of the duvet cover and made from ribbon. These can be tied once you have put the cover over the duvet, creating the feminine and beautiful look of bows lining the end of your bedding.


You'll come across the material lace a lot when shopping for feminine bedding. While lace is very often used for the entire bedding, you will see small pieces of it used appropriately in various locations. For example, there may be a horizontal piece of lace stretching across the middle of the duvet cover for an elegant feel. Lace isn't used on sheets unless it is around the edges where people won't be lying.


Chiffon is a very popular material for feminine bedding sheets. It is delicate, beautiful and also very comfortable. Most often manufactured in light colors such as white, pink or baby blue, it can be used underneath another sheet for extra effect, or you may find elements of chiffon around the duvet cover.


The addition of feathers to your bedding can effortlessly add a feminine style. Small feathers are often placed around the edges of sheets and duvet covers to achieve a delicate effect. They may be dyed darker colors for a starker contrast between whites and lighter shades. Feathers are often a popular choice if you have bird décor or other feathers within the bedroom already.


Disrupting a standard bedding design, ruffles are used for lots of different bedding. Rather than the sheets and duvet covers being straight all the way down, there are ruffles every few inches to create the fluffier and cozier feminine style. Some bedding is entirely ruffled all the way down, with soft ruffles which are comfortable, elegant and feminine. The most common colors for this type of bedding are white, red and grey.

Although they are not often found attached to sheets and covers, fairy lights are a popular feature for feminine bedding and bedroom items. Fairy lights can be positioned above the bed and around the bedroom, not only providing softer light to the room when you need it, but also making the room appear more feminine and pretty. When used alongside the features mentioned above, you can achieve a beautiful effect in the bedroom which is warm and cozy.

Best Ideas

Air of romance to your master suite with this charming

air of romance to your master suite with this charming comforter set ...

Living beautifully english cottages

Living Beautifully: english cottages

Ruffles and lace bedding

Bring to your bedroom a touch of feminine charm by using this striking bedding set with puckered floral design. Designed of high quality gray fabric, the set compliments the appearance of your bed, making it much more invinting.

New waterford kiana queen floral comforter

New Waterford Kiana Queen Floral Comforter

Frilly bedding

Spice up your dorm room, girl's room or master bedroom with this feminine bedding set. Consisted of 5 pieces, the set is designed of quality off-white fabric and beautified by lovely embroidery.

Feminine comforters

Captivating female bedding sets are an excellent combination of top quality materials, beautiful design, and color. Grays and beige make the interior of the bedroom delight and give a minimalist but very cozy atmosphere for the decor.

Feminine bedding sets 2

If you're looking for that perfect combination of rustic and feminine then this bedroom decor is the way to go, since it offers plenty of unique appeal with the four poster bed and beautifully carved chairs and tables.

Pink ruffle bedding

This feminine ruffled bedding set it's sophisticated enough that really dress up my bedroom. The light pink pastel color look romantic and light. It could be a perfect birthday gift for friends.

Frilly bedding sets


Shabby chic california king bedding

Jennifer Lopez Vintage Glam: Saw this in person at Kohl's. So much prettier in store. The colors are gorgeous and the textures are amazing

Very bedding sets

If you simply can't help but fall in love with ruffles and pink color then this headboard with matching linen will surely allow you to beautifully complete the look of your master suite and make it into a truly wonderful setting for peaceful sleep.

Top 10 luxurious feminine bedroom sets ideas feminine 1

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Feminine floral stripe bedding cottage style pinterest

Feminine floral & stripe bedding. | Cottage Style | Pinterest

Beige bohemian tribal vintage shabby chic victorian lace

Beige Bohemian Tribal Vintage Shabby Chic Victorian Lace ...