Modern Curtain Holdbacks

To allow more light in your home a curtain hold back is a wonderful tool. But most holdbacks are very classic almost to the point of being antique or are also very bland. For your modern home we offer modern curtain holdbacks they give a contemporary style while allowing additional light in your home when you don't need to block out with curtains.

Best Products

Modern curtain holdbacks 2

Solid holdbacks for modern curtains. These small elements look simple and stylish in any decor. Their durable metal construction looks attractive thanks to its nickel finish that also provides protection from external damage.

Modern curtain holdbacks 1

Curtain holdbacks designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of metal with gloss finish. Handy gadget for each home. Simple form and functional design.

Metal pin holdbacks

Metal Pin Holdbacks
Very convenient for long curtain, this modern curtain tie backs represent modern approach to household goods - stylish and practical. The holdback installs directly into the wall to hold back one drapery panel.

Metal pin holdbacks modern curtain rods

Metal Pin Holdbacks Modern Curtain Rods
A stylish modern holdbacks, that not only brings in refinement, but also functionality to the space. This small metal pin holdback helps you hook the curtain, providing an elegant appeal to your living space.

Metal holdback and modern metal brackets

Metal Holdback And Modern Metal Brackets
Modern curtain rod holdbacks. I usually come across traditional curtain holdbacks, and the more I adore these contemporary sleek chrome brackets. Best of all, they come in assorted forms. Would fit industrial interior too.

Modern tie backs for curtains

The natural style curtain holdback. A fantastic solution in the sunny days when you would like to keep the sunshine in your room also. The wooden element is stylish and perfectly composed with bleached bricks on the wall.

Integra options disc metal curtain holdbacks pair

Integra Options Disc Metal Curtain Holdbacks (pair)

Our advice Buying Guide

Modern curtain holdbacks are beautiful additions to window treatments. As you know, they’re placed on walls to hold curtains back. But, you should also know that you can use holdbacks to give a curtain a softer look and that’s only by placing the holdbacks higher on a wall. You can place them halfway down a curtain’s length as well for a more pleated appearance or effect.

As the market is awash with incredible modern curtain holdbacks, here’s a guide on how to choose the one that’s perfect for your space:

What are the best materials for modern curtain holdbacks?

  • Metal - Modern curtain holdbacks made of metal are ideal for holding back heavier curtains. They also work on windows that get direct sun exposure as they don’t become brittle even after receiving lots of UV rays. A metal holdback is either zinc plated or brass.
  • Plastic - A plastic curtain holdback is available in various sizes and shapes, but homeowners almost always choose ones that are in white as they blend well with window treatments. We suggest you avoid using a plastic holdback to hold back a window that receives direct sun exposure as the material can become brittle over time.

What are the most popular styles of modern curtain holdbacks?

Modern curtain holdbacks are designed to be decorative as they can be seen clearly when they're in use. Using a decorative holdback will help you create an elegant window covering, so consider the options we’ve listed below as they are some of the favorites among homeowners:

  • Nylon Curtain Holdbacks - Most nylon holdbacks are transparent so they are best used with curtains that have large patterns, bold colors, and prints.
  • Rubbed Bronze Curtain Holdbacks - These decorative options come with button-shaped caps made of metal. They give off a masculine and modern look.
  • Matte Nickel Holdbacks - Matte nickel options often come with decorative glass balls that are colored to work in a wide range of home décor and window treatments.
  • Carved Wooden Holdbacks - Carved wooden holdbacks can take any shape under the sun, but they often resemble a shapely stopper, simple wooden stick or stick barrette which is great at anchoring curtains.
  • Wrought Iron Holdbacks - A wrought iron curtain holdback that you can easily purchase online resembles a garland. It is incredibly stunning, especially in traditional spaces.
  • Novelty Holdbacks - There are holdbacks available that have fun silhouettes to suit children’s rooms and bathrooms. They can resemble animals or cartoon characters.

How to install curtain holdbacks?

When installing a modern curtain holdback, the first thing you need to do is determine its placement. Most people love placing them halfway up their curtains or a third from the bottom. When you’ve settled on the placement, mark it and perform the same process to the other side of your window.

As soon as you’re happy with the positions of the curtain holdbacks, you can then attach the plugs or screws that come with the holdbacks using a drill. If the holdbacks you’ve bought come with specific installation instructions, perform the process as per the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid making mistakes and needing replacements.


Metal pin holdbacks modern curtain poles

Metal Pin Holdbacks Modern Curtain Poles
Adding a bit of the contemporary chic to the space, this modern curtain holdbacks will help you create a refined living room decor. Silver finish represents the fresh, contemporary spirit.

Modern curtain holdbacks 21

Finished in stylish, transparent acryl, this curtain holdback constitutes a good example of the modern design. This small accent will bring in a new, fresh touch of contemporary chic to your bathroom.

But hand paint them antler curtain tie back holdback cabin

-but hand paint them-- Antler Curtain Tie Back Holdback Cabin Decor Primitive Natural Rustic Woodland Size

Large holdback for 1 1 8 inch metal contemporary curtain

Large holdback for 1 1/8 inch metal contemporary curtain rod

Metalware Curtain Holdback

Metalware Curtain Holdback

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Modern tie backs

If you’re looking for a simple way to provide your bedroom or living room with a little extra style, take a look at this traditional curtain holders, crafted out of chromed aluminum with a unique, brass-like appearance.

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Antler curtain tie backs

Classic finish for your curtain. This wooden holdback is simple, classic and elegant. Made from light wood will be great accent for light, classic curtains in minimalist decorated living room or bedroom.

Modern Acorn Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Modern Acorn Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)
A pair of beautiful curtain holdbacks in an ethnic style. They are made of 100% metal, which makes them a solid and durable piece. The top is in the shape of an acorn with an elegant golden finish. It will be an exotic accent of the room.

Curtain tie back created using marbelized paper under a glass

Curtain Tie Back created using marbelized paper under a glass tile. Retro and modern curtain holdback!

Modern curtain holdbacks 29

When should you use tiebacks or holdbacks, and when should drapery panels hang straight? Tiebacks are often used in more formal or traditional settings. Straight panels look right in a cleaner, more modern setting.

Modern metal curtain pole with a matching holdback will make

modern metal curtain pole with a matching holdback will make your ...

Drapery Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Drapery Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Eileen Mosaic Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Eileen Mosaic Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Theyre not tiebacks but whatever those are holding back the

They're not tiebacks, but whatever those are holding back the curtains, they're fabulous! // House of Turquoise: Kelee Katillac Interior Design

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Rolls modern country curtain holdback

Rolls Modern Country Curtain Holdback

Modern curtain holdbacks 12

Modern Ivy Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Modern curtain holdbacks 19

Modern Ivy Curtain Holdback in Satin Nickel (Set of 2)

Modern curtain holdbacks 6

Modern Faceted Curtain Holdback in Satin Nickel (Set of 2)

Modern curtain holdbacks 5

This Menagerie holdback enhances any home decor, and is a great addition to your curtain set. Constructed from resin, this holdback features a 4-inch projection, and a beautiful bella noir finish with a starburst pattern

1Pair Peacock Drapery Curtain Tiebacks Holdback Hooks--Antique copper

Modern curtain holdbacks 10

Holiday Gifts Under $50 For the Home

Modern curtain holdbacks 33

Two "Petite Pois" Holdbacks at Horchow. These are great for pinning curtains on the wall on each side of windows. Have to be special orderd at Sugar Bakers.

Modern curtain holdbacks 18

Rod Desyne Modern Ivy Curtain Holdback & Reviews | Wayfair

2 Pairs Curtain Tie Hold Back Hooks Modern Solid Brass 45Mm With Screws

Modern curtain holdbacks

Regency Modern Collection Large Wood Holdback, Mink

Modern curtain holdbacks 24

Rod Desyne Modern Fan Curtain Holdback | AllModern

Curtain tiebacks french guilt bronze

Curtain Tiebacks French Guilt Bronze

Modern curtain holdbacks 3

Rod Desyne Modern Curl Curtain Holdback - Finish: Antique Brass (Set of

Modern curtain tie backs

Modern Twist Curtain Holdback

Modern curtain holdbacks 1

Umbra Ball Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Contemporary tie backs

victorian curtain tiebacks Clear and opalescent flower motifs, such as Petal & Shell tiebacks

Fashion Avenue Venezia Curtain Holdback

Fashion Avenue Venezia Curtain Holdback

Modern Ivy Curtain Holdback Finish: Satin Nickel

Rolls modern country holdback in satin silver the modern country

rolls modern country holdback in satin silver the modern country wood ...

Modern curtain holdbacks 32

Modern Faceted Curtain Holdback

Modern Twist Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Modern Twist Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)
Modern curtain holdbacks boasting trendy open concept twist design, sold in pairs. Crafted from metal with a finish that resembles brass to some extent. I'd willingly see such an accessory in a contemporary bathroom.

Modern curtain holdbacks 4

- Verona Scroll Curtain Holdback (Set of 2) - This set of two modern curtain holdbacks features a lovely scroll pattern that adds a sophisticated touch to your living space. Available in five antiqued color options, they add character to yo

Royal Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Royal Curtain Holdback (Set of 2)

Curtain Holdback U Arm (Set of 2)

Curtain Holdback U Arm (Set of 2)

Modern curtain holdbacks 31

Modern Coil Holdback / Tieback in Satin Nickel (Set of 2)