Curtains With Valances Attached


Once you have seen a curtain with a Valance, you can never look at another curtain again without it. To beautify and complement your curtains, maybe it's time to just replace them altogether with some of the curtains with valances we have in our collection. They are very well made and quite beautiful. Look in this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Lace Curtain With Attached Valance 60 X63 Sage Burgundy Or Blue

Lace Curtain With Attached Valance 60 X63 Sage Burgundy Or Blue

This lace curtain with valance attached is a great proposition for all elegant living rooms. Its valance has an 18" drop. The extra-wide 60" panel is suitable for almost any kind of window. Available in 63" and 84" lengths.

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Curtains with valances attached 18

Beautiful window curtains with valances neatly attached at the top. The curtains are ideal for small windows and come with a bright and vibrant white color. They are also easy to clean and are made to let in as much natural light as possible.

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Felice Window Treatment Collection

Felice Window Treatment Collection

Curtain panel featuring appealing design and elegant pattern. Additionally, thanks to the neutral color the panel is perfect for almost any interior, and high quality material the curtains are very durable.

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Luxury Dallas Jacquard Panel with attached valance 120" x 84" + 18"

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Curtains with valances attached 8

High-quality curtains with a neutral navy green color and valances attached at the top. The curtains are uniquely layered too and come with little embroidery touches for stunning accent value. They run from the window to the floor as well, making them important wall accents for your home.

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Curtains with valances attached 22

Modern curtains designed for large French windows. The curtains also come with matching valances at the top and an easy rolling mechanism for easy opening and closing. They are available in different colors including neutral shades that will easily match up with your décor.

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United Curtain United Curtain Burlington 5 Piece Window Curtain Set

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2 pack valerie curtain panels with attached valances assorted colors

2-Pack: Valerie Curtain Panels with Attached Valances - Assorted Colors at 72% Savings off Retail!

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Curtains with valances attached 4

Beautiful curtains designed for large French doors and other windows. The curtains are made from high-quality fabrics and also come with a valance attached at the top for impeccable versatility and stylish class. They should be perfect window treatments for any modern home.

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Curtains with valances attached 7

Featuring beautiful flower motifs, a nice brass-like color, and top of the line fabrics, these high-quality curtains with valance are the ultimate window treatments. The pieces are very long too, measuring up to 84 inches in height. They are great for large French windows.

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Curtains With Valances Attached

Buying Guide

Although most people think of valances as outdated and old-fashioned, there are plenty of more up-to-date designs these days that can suit all sorts of home styles. Furthermore, there are an array of fabrics to choose from, such as lace for a vintage-esque look, silk for a luxurious appeal, and cotton for a cozy and welcoming setting.

When it comes to colors, prints, and patterns, the options are endless. There are floral, chinoiserie, ikat, geometric, and many more fabrics available. If you’re not sure which curtain with valances attached to get, consider buying a simple design with no more than two features. Valances with excessive details such as buttons, accent fabrics, and trims all combined together are quite hard to decorate with and are more likely to be outdated.

Although most curtain fabrics claim to be washable, it’s best to stick with dry-cleaning if you don’t want your valances and linings to shrink in the washing machine.

Of course, curtains with valances attached that include lace netting details, pinch pleats, fringed trims, and other intricate embellishments should only be dry-cleaned. To do so, remove the curtains from the rods and spray them with a specialized, dry-cleaning solution. This will remove the dirt without any shrinkage or color fading risk. Then, toss the curtains in a dry-cleaning machine and steam press to prevent wrinkles. If this cleaning process seems too laborious, you can easily get it done by professionals.

Remember to regularly dust your curtains with valances attached to keep them in tip-top condition. If you want to quickly remove dust without taking the curtains down, simply vacuum clean on a low setting with a soft brush attachment. For stains and hard-to-remove dirt, a handheld steam cleaner will get the job done.

Best Ideas

Curtains with valances attached 5

Curtains with tabbed heading and attached valance

Curtains with valances attached 14

Carly Lace Curtain Panel with Attached Valance & Tassels - Assorted Colors #GoodGram #FrenchCountry

Curtains with valances attached 1

Vintage curtains with attached valance are always a beautiful decoration of the window. The ones in the picture feature a distressed, blurred flowery pattern with old-fashioned tassels in a beige hue. They will give your room a rustic touch.

Shower curtains with attached valance

A homey bedroom arrangement due to charming accessories. The window is decorated with stunning curtains and valance in a vivid, flowery pattern. The bed features pillows with cases in various colors and patterns that match the rest of the room.

Curtains and valances sets 25

Designed for all those, who love cottage or rustic style, this set of curtains resemble the best features of cottage design. Finished in smooth, white, grey and black checkered pattern, will fit into almost every kind of interior.

Curtains with valances attached 1

Penelope Curtain with Attached Valance (Purple)

Carly lace curtain panel with attached valance tassels ecru

Carly Lace Curtain Panel with Attached Valance & Tassels ecru

Anna lace curtain panel with attached valance set of 2

Anna Lace Curtain Panel with Attached Valance, Set Of 2 ...

30 best tulle sheer with attached valance and blackout 4

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Sheer curtains priscilla panel pair with attached valance 2

Sheer Curtains Priscilla Panel Pair with Attached Valance

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Carly with attached valance white lace curtain panels

Carly With Attached Valance - White | Lace curtain panels ...

Curtain tulle sheer with attached valance and blackout 4

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Country lace curtain panel with attached valance tassels

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