Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

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Shabby chic shower curtains look inexpensive, but they are far from it. They have the quality and workmanship of any other high-end shower curtain out there. They offer a very low-key look to your bathroom, and still do the job of keeping the water inside the shower. If you want shabby chic shower curtains take a look at this extensive collection for all our details.

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Updated 07/04/2023
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Shabby chic shower curtain 

Shabby chic shower curtain 

Ophelia & Co.

Add some flare to your bathroom interior with this shower curtain. Available in five toned-down hues and two sizes, you are sure to find the perfect match for your space. This shower curtain is made from polyester, which provides full coverage. 

$40.99 $116.99

Designer Advice:

When choosing this shower curtain, consider the size of your bathroom, as the big ruffled flowers might be too heavy for small spaces. If possible, try and create some contrast against your walls by painting them a color that’s a bit darker, like lavender, beige, or pink. Alternatively, use tiles with a subtle pattern to add some texture. 

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Embroidered shabby chic bathroom curtains

Embroidered shabby chic bathroom curtains

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

Add a hint of luxury to your bathroom with these sophisticated shower curtains. The airy polyester is decorated with sewn chenille in a floral pattern. Available in four colors, these curtains are water-repellent and can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Designer Advice:

With their see-through fabric and delicate pattern, these curtains are a perfect solution for small bathrooms. Put a rug in a matching color next to your shower or bathtub. Elevate the look of your bathroom further by adding a small chandelier or a decorative mirror frame. For a cohesive look, match the color of the curtain hooks, the shower head, and the sink faucet. 

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Shabby chic shower curtain hooks

Shabby chic shower curtain hooks

Avanti Linens

This fancy shower curtain is the way to go if your bathroom lacks personality. The beautiful pastel print of peonies and vines matches the floral design of the 12 included hooks. This curtain is made from a water-repellent polyester blend.

$56.99 $110

Designer Advice:

These curtains would look great against a solid wall color-coordinated with their print – a light shade of pink or green. Keep the floral theme going by adding patterned wallpaper on the opposite wall or putting a bouquet of fresh peonies next to the sink. To embrace the shabby chick look add a wooden vanity in a distressed finish.

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Solid shabby chic curtains

Solid shabby chic curtains

Charlton Home®

These simple shower curtains are elegance captured. The delicate ruffles on the bottom create a luxurious aerial look. Made from 100% polyester, you can choose from three neutral colors: white, ivory, and light gray.

$33.99 $79.99

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Patterned bathroom curtains

Patterned bathroom curtains

Avanti Linens

Bring elegant style to your bathroom with these shabby chic shower curtains. They showcase a delicate arrangement of vines and golden images of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. The look is completed with matching ruffles at the bottom.

$39.99 $67

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Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

Buying Guide

Shabby chic can be a catch-all phrase for anything crazy or a little bit retro used in conjunction with yard sale, swap-meet and second-hand store specialty finds. It can also be, well, chic.

Shabby chic shower curtains can be just about anything that is a little bit fancy and that dresses up your bathroom. They can be delicate florals, adorned with ruffles, or even display silent film stars.

  • White Roses

Team a shower drape featuring white roses with an antique tub and you have “shabby” elegance par excellence. Be sure to line the curtain with a plastic curtain if teaming it with a shower. Speaking of which, this would go great with a retro brass shower set up.

  • Sheer Ruffles

Here is another shower drape that will go perfectly with an antique claw tub and brass fittings. Layer this one over a solid colored plastic curtain for excellent color visibility, and for some real moisture stoppage. Add a vintage light fixture and an old-fashioned pull-chain water closet and you have something that could have been found on the set for Gypsy Rose Lee – especially when she does her bathtub and suds performance.

  • Stripes and Dots

If you are looking for a shower drape that is a little more family oriented, you will enjoy a vintage pattern of vertical stripes framing a field of polka dots. It is a perfect type to be accompanied by vintage cartoon character pictures or even a simple woodland picture or two.

  • Roses, Petals, and Dots

Need a little color to wake you up in the morning? Bright red multiflora roses flanked with pink wild roses and sprays of leaves could not possibly be livelier. It is a color pick-me-up for beginning your day with a heaping dose of pizzazz! Accompanied by a steamy shower with your favorite fragrance, and your day will be starting off right.

Add an elegant Japanese bonsai or vase arrangement, and an ornamental toilet paper dispenser, and you have the shabby chic bathroom of your dreams.

Best Ideas

Shabby chic shower curtains 2

These curtains reminds me of the romantic and girly style. They have got the Victorian era design, with roses, pink and beige colors, fringes on edges and shabby chic details.

Shabby chic shower curtains 3

The shabby chic shower curtain is a combination of attractive styling and beautiful details. The impressive ornaments at the bottom of the curtain delight, so the decor becomes cozy and romantic.

Shabby chic shower curtain by angelhonor

Shabby chic shower curtain by angelhonor

Shower curtain shabby chic

On Auction\EBAY NOW!! Layered Ruffled lace shower curtain~FrenCH ChiC Romantic ShabbY Ivory~Cottage

Burlap shower curtain shabby chic burlap

Burlap shower curtain shabby chic burlap

The unusual and very impressive shabby chic shower curtain delights and makes the bathroom decor a unique atmosphere and mood. Interesting combination of burlap and cotton materials and colors captivates.

Shower curtain ruffled shabby chic or

Shower curtain ruffled shabby chic or

Now you can get all the privacy you need, with those fashionable shower curtains, made from repurposed drop cloth. The bottom part is decorated with beautiful valances, while the top has multiple holes to easy install them on a rod.

Curtains shabby chic

This rustic burlap shower curtain lace ruffles, embellished with a flower motif. Ideal to add a warm and charming, country or shabby chic appeal to the space. It measures 72 inches long.

Burlap shower curtains

Shower curtain made of fabric and decorated with floral theme. It is made of fabric and fitted with hook holes. Classic form and elegant design for each bathroom.

Grey shabby chic curtains

Shabby Chic Bathroom - I love the white ruffled shower curtain - via Heavens rosé Cottage

Shabby chic door curtain

Luxury Shabby Chic Shower Curtains 324 Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

Gypsy Ruffled Shower Curtain Cream

These unusual, but very stylish curtain bathroom is a great idea to shielding the tub. Beautiful decorative frill model, add the bathroom, romantic and very cozy character. Easy to clean, it can be washed in a washing machine.

Gorgeous cream ruffled shower curtain

Gorgeous cream ruffled shower curtain

Ideal for shabby chic or cottage design enthusiasts, this set of cream, ruffled shower curtains will bring warmth and cosiness to the space. Extra long, they will be a distinguishing accent.

White cotton ruffle shower curtain

With the amazing and truly beautiful lace ruffles and the flower theme to it this shower curtain is truly a completely different and original piece that will complete your interior and make for a nice addition to the decor.

Pink shabby chic curtains

Another great shower curtain idea - maybe a romantic skirt or window treatment or a skirt around a pedestal sink that is not attractive.

Ruffled shower curtain shabby chic pink

Ruffled shower curtain shabby chic pink

Original, decorative bathroom design. This shower curtain is finished in many different shades of pink color. This practical stylization is resistant to wear caused by water or very intensive use or frequent washing.

Cheap shabby chic curtains

Lace shower curtain I gues it doesn't protect from spills but it looks great and at least protects your intimacy euh from your husband? white

Shabby chic shower curtain

Shabby Chic shower curtain

Chic shower curtains

Wooden slats and corrugated steel work their way up the food chain of trends, and they make this sophisticated rustic bathroom look just awesome. To make this play with texture full, a ruffle shower curtain was added.

Burlap ruffle curtains

Shabby Chic Bathroom, this theme is very close to how I pictured mine, but with a floor to ceiling curtain.

Country chic shower curtains

Love this idea if you find cheap curtains that may be a little too short or something!

Shabby french chic shower curtain bathroom curtain cottage

Shabby French Chic Shower Curtain Bathroom Curtain Cottage ...

Shabby chic curtain

shabby chic curtain

Shabby chic shower curtain extra long white pin tuck with

Shabby Chic Shower Curtain Extra Long White Pin Tuck with

Custom altered shower curtain long pink flower tulle shabby

Custom Altered Shower Curtain Long Pink Flower Tulle Shabby