Sheer Shower Curtain


For the person who doesn't want the heavy clunky shower curtain, and likes to be a little risqué, perhaps a sheer shower curtain will tickle your fancy. These are very well made, will fit into any shower size, and will accept most rings. Take a look at this collection for more details.

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Spring Shower Curtain

Spring Shower Curtain

Usher the sunshine with this sheer shower curtain filled with bright floral patterns. This piece is made of sheer fabric and comes with a charming scarf that can be draped on the outer part of the curtain. Easy to maintain and can be cleaned by handwashing.

Designer Advice:

Available in pink, yellow, and gray, this shower curtain is perfect for cottage-style, farmhouse, traditional, and transitional bathroom interiors. We recommend getting one that has a slight contrast to your bathroom tiles and décor for an interesting composition while maintaining a soft aesthetic. For a dreamy look, we also suggest choosing a rod curtain that has a vintage or matte appeal.

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Polka Shower Curtain

Polka Shower Curtain

Modern and sleek, this gauzy shower curtain is made of polyester material. It features a textured polka dot pattern that lends a charming factor to your shower or tub. The fabric’s metallic sheen also adds to its attractiveness as it elegantly shines when light passes through.

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Floral Shower Curtain

Floral Shower Curtain

Made of PEVA material, this sheer waterproof shower curtain is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Its translucent surface is accented and printed with blossoming Japanese flowers that give the piece a dainty touch. Doesn’t require a liner.

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Lacy Shower Curtain

Lacy Shower Curtain

Give your bathroom that sweet vintage vibe with this embroidered sheer fabric shower curtain. Made of lace, it features English rose motifs and is further made elegant with the addition of a crocheted header with tassel accents.

Designer Advice:

Soft and dreamy, this shower curtain will look perfect in transitional, bohemian, shabby chic, cottage-style, and vintage bathroom interiors. The golden linen option is also a great option if you want a dramatic and intimate impression in your space. Maintain the quality of the fabric material by pairing it with a clean, non-patterned clear curtain liner. 

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Grid Shower Curtain

Grid Shower Curtain

These sheer shower curtains will make your bathroom a modern sanctuary. Made of EVA material, it has a geometric crisscross that lends privacy by creating a distorted effect. The alternating translucent and transparent effect also adds to its attractiveness.

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Contemporary Shower Curtain

Contemporary Shower Curtain

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa with this white sheer shower curtain. Made of polyester, it has a clean, breezy look from afar. As you go near, you will notice its embossed stripe patterns that lend a textural touch to the piece.

Designer Advice:

A versatile piece that works in all types of bathroom styles. It is machine washable and can be tumbled dry. Depending on the aesthetic that you have, we recommend matching this with a curtain rod that matches your theme. Opt for a polished one if you have a modern or contemporary space or a matte one for more traditional looks. 

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Sheer shower curtain 1

If you feel at home freely, you do not have to hide from anyone and you can use a slightly transparent, delicate white sheer shower curtain. It is very subtle, though still made of resistant polyester.

Sheer shower curtains

Sheer Shower Curtains

Sheer shower curtain 35

Savannah Smocked Sheer Shower Curtain in Cream

Ready made woven sheer linen shower curtains easily soften a

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Sheer shower curtain

This unique curtain is multi-functional, because you can used as a shower curtain or hang in your living-room as a window curtain. It is made of delicate, translucent cloth, which is decorated with little golden circles.

Sheer shower curtain 3

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Sheer shower curtains

Dainty petals on a sheer backdrop distinguish this beautiful sheer shower curtain from the rest. Made from polyester, available in two color schemes. It has the standard measures: 72" x 72.

Sheer shower curtain 7

Clawfoot tub. Bricks. Plants. Shower curtain. LOVE it all

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Bloomfield Sheer Embroidered Floral Shower Curtain

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Eileen Fisher Sheer Linen Shower Curtain

Vintage home bathroom shower curtain elegant sheer ruffles


Sheer shower curtains furniture ideas deltaangelgroup

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100 polyester 71 x 74 white hookless shower curtain

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Sheer Shower Curtains:

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