Lodge Rustic Shower Curtain


Large rustic shower curtains are the type of shower curtain you might see in a log cabin out in the woods that you could rent for the weekend with your special somebody. Will be very much at home going to house in Colorado or Montana where trees and snow-covered hills are just outside the window. Take a look at our collection and see what we mean.

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Lodge rustic shower curtain

Splash your bathroom with a bit of wildlife accents by choosing this durable and easy to clean shower curtain. It's beautifully embellished with a moose and forest print, drowning in hues of beige, brown and green.

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Lodge rustic shower curtain 1

Depicting a pine forest, this rustic shower curtain constitutes an ideal decoration for a lodge or country house. It has the standard length, therefore fitting to most of the interiors.

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Deer Buck Trees Shower Curtain Bathroom Cabin Log Lodge Rustic Decor Hunting

Deer Buck Trees Shower Curtain Bathroom Cabin Log Lodge Rustic Decor Hunting

The unique curtain which can be used in rustic interior both as a shower curtain and room separator. This curtain is made of delicate fabric decorated with the hand-painted natural pattern with three, beautiful deer.

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Lodge curtains

Rustic patchwork shower curtain with pine trees pattern - when you'd like to feel like being close to the woods even at your own bathroom. The design utilizes warm hues bringing autumn colors to mind.

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Rustic shower curtain

A shower curtain suitable for rustic bathrooms. Its multicolor design with animal themes perfectly decorates indoors. This material features resistance to wear caused by frequent use and large amounts of water.

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Lodge rustic shower curtain 2

A fashionable accessory for bathrooms, that will keep your privacy while taking a blissful bath. Emanating with rustic flair and country design, this shower curtain is durable, machine-washable, and spiced up with checkered pattern.

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Lodge rustic shower curtain 4

Elks, deer, wild game straight from the forest. This time it has been stopped in a graphic form on a beige lodge moose bear shower curtain, which has been traditionally made of polyester and perfectly retains the water in a rustic style.

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Cascade Lodge Shower Curtain

Cascade Lodge Shower Curtain

Checkerboard pattern on this shower curtain is fashionable and pleasant to the eye. The curtain features also a black bottom trim and rustic geometric pattern on top. Iconic lodge pattern depicts bears, pinecones and other details.

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Rustic cabin curtains

Give your home a unique farmhouse vibe with this lodge shower curtain. The curtain is finished in white and comes with beautiful accents of brown and green, neatly imprinted to reflect a forest and animal theme. You will also find matching mats and towels too.

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Log cabin shower curtain

"Rustic Montage" Lodge Bath Accessories and Shower Curtain by Creative Bath

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Lodge Rustic Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

If you want a harmonious, country-inspired bathroom, consider pairing your shower curtains with neutral and/or rich earthy tones. Hues of brown, green, white, gray, black, red, blue, and beige are common color choices that go well with lodge rustic shower curtains. Having your bathroom decors and accessories pull colors from your shower curtains will help tie the room together. For instance, if your shower curtains feature green wildlife accents, you may want to paint your wall in a similar shade of green to create a cohesive bathroom scheme.

If you’re wondering what size your lodge rustic shower curtain should be, you’re in luck—there’s a very simple formula. Measure your shower width with a measuring stick or tape—in inches. Then, add 12 inches to that number, which will result in the optimal width for your shower curtain. When in doubt, order up; it’s easier to swag a shower curtain to the side or fold it over to make it shorter than to try and make an awkwardly small curtain look appropriate.

Best Ideas

Lodge rustic shower curtain 3

Briarcliff Rustic Lodge Shower Curtain

Lodge or cabin shower curtains northwoods shower curtain

... Lodge or Cabin » Shower Curtains » Northwoods Shower Curtain

Lodge rustic shower curtain 4

If you love the outdoors then you will love this beautiful shower curtain. Constructed from high-quality and long-lasting materials, the curtain comes with a unique combination of sage green and white for impeccable style. It also comes with a black panther neatly imprinted and several cat-like footprints too.

Moose bear shower curtain 1

... Lodge or Cabin » Shower Curtains » Moose Shower Curtain Collection

Shower curtains cabin decor

Rustic composition of furniture in a country-like bathroom, furnished with a set of furniture crafted out of reclaimed wood and finished off with a decorative shower curtain made out of buffalo-plaid cotton material.

Vintage lodge moose and bear 5 piece bath set cabin

Vintage Lodge Moose and Bear 5 Piece Bath Set, cabin decor shower curtain rug

Rustic country shower curtains

Shower Curtain Deer Design Rustic Cabin Lodge by FolkandFunky

Cascade lodge bear shower curtain

Cascade Lodge Bear Shower Curtain

Lodge rustic shower curtain 12

Shower Curtain At The Cabin Lodge Rustic Log by FolkandFunky

Log cabin shower curtains

Live Love Lodge Shower Curtain - #rustic #homedecor #bathroom

Rustic cabin shower curtains

Black Bear Lodge Shower Curtain - this item and a lot more - from - 'Cabin Fever'~gifts and decore - (I could pin all day!)

Cabin Moose and Bear 5 Piece Bath Set | Cabin Decor Shower Curtain, Rug and More

The house on a forested hill, with rustic ornaments of what we love most - the forest animals and natural colors. Moose bear shower curtain with images of forest animals and Christmas trees is a nice feature in a bath.

Bear Lodge Cabin Bathroom Shower Curtain Pump Bath Rug Toothbrush Country Moose

Bear Lodge Cabin Bathroom Shower Curtain Pump Bath Rug Toothbrush Country Moose

A beautiful and funny shower curtain that presents a lovely image of forest animals taking a bath. The curtain will be a humorous accent of a traditional bathroom and will go well with wooden elements.

Moose bathroom accessories

The Woodland Wildlife Shower Curtain gives a glimpse of nature at its most beautiful. Featuring whitetail deer, moose, ducks, and mother bear with her playful cubs, this early morning scene is a great addition to the home of any nature-lover.