Beaded Shower Curtains

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Reclaim that classic look of the golden era of Hollywood in your bathroom with a dramatic beaded shower curtain. Feel like a total pampered diva while you're getting ready for your next closeup. Choose a color from our selection presented below that really shouts Hollywood glamour to you.

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Updated 16/02/2023
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Beaded tassel shower curtain

Beaded tassel shower curtain


Offering a glamorous yet bohemian feel, this tassel shower curtain is made from a fine sheer fabric with ornately applied beads. It’s 95cm wide x 195cm long with five rows of beads and features a hole at the top for easy rod installation.

Designer Advice:

Pick up on the glamorous feel of this curtain with a couple of bejeweled sanitizer jars. Add life and color to your bathroom by incorporating touches of nature. Choose plants that are easy to maintain based on the amount of natural light humidity your bathroom has. You can have a few aloe plants on your windowsills, or opt for tropical orchids that can handle the humidity and heat.

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Diamond beads shower curtain

Diamond beads shower curtain


This shower curtain is even more glam, with iridescent acrylic beads that look like diamonds cascading across 34 strands. It measures 3” wide x 6” long and is available in different colors like blue, sky blue, iridescent pink, and rainbow.

Designer Advice:

These lightweight beaded curtains are easy to install and would be the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. Think sleek tiles adorned with bejeweled detail and open shelving to keep hand towels, bath salts, and a decorative container for storing extra towels for your guests. The beads emit a lovely sparkle that can be enhanced by light from the sun or your light fixtures.

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Iridescent raindrop acrylic beaded shower curtain

Iridescent raindrop acrylic beaded shower curtain


With 34 strands of raindrop-shaped acrylic beads, this shower curtain looks like a cascading waterfall that descends from a white hanging bar. Not only is it easy to hang, but it’s adjustable too.

Designer Advice:

If you want your bathroom to take on a whimsical and otherworldly feel, this is the shower curtain for you. It’s available in colors like iridescent blue, iridescent pink, metallic silver, and iridescent crystal, all of which go well with modern neutral finishes. Expressive and contrasting textures on the walls and ceilings can aid in creating an unpretentious eye-catching feel.

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Sheer beads shower curtain

Sheer beads shower curtain


Here we have an Art Deco-style string curtain with opaque sequin-like strands that measure 39x79 inches and look like decorative beaded crystals. It’s completely washable and easy to install.

Designer Advice:

Thanks to its versatile design, this curtain doesn’t have a defined style and can look good in any decor scheme. It’s available in multiple shades you can mix and match, including purple, black, and silver gray. Order two or more pieces to give this curtain a thicker look, and enhance it with a few stylish bathroom accessories.

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Boho bamboo bead shower curtain 

Boho bamboo bead shower curtain 


Perfect for privacy and light control, this boho-chic shower curtain is finely crafted from natural wooden beads. It measures 36” wide and 72” long with two pre-attached hooks for easy installation.

Designer Advice:

This curtain is perfect for when you want to create a barrier between spaces, and it’ll add a colorful hippie-chic vibe to your space. It goes well with vibrant Jungalow-style decor with Dark Academia accents, and you can lean into that with accessories such as apothecary jars. You can use these to store things like bath bombs and bath salts while adding a retro yet luxe feel to the space.

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Beaded Shower Curtains

Buying Guide

Yes, beaded shower curtains should only be used for decorative purposes as they will not prevent the water from falling onto the floor, and they aren’t thick enough to provide enough privacy.

That’s why we either recommend:

  • Pairing up your beaded shower curtain with a liner
  • Using them above a freestanding bathtub for a glamorous touch

In the same way you consider the bathroom’s overarching style, pattern and color theme when choosing bathroom towels, you need to similarly choose beaded shower curtains that resonate with the decor.

The curtain does not have to be in the exact color shade as your towels and the rest of the bathroom but it should fall within the same color family so it contributes to pulling the room together. If you don’t want towels and other accent pieces as the foundation, you could focus on the wall color.

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Beaded shower curtains

This beautifully beaded shower curtain constitutes a luxurious, prestigious proposition for your bathroom decor. Black and white accents bring sophistication and class to the interior.

Crystal beads curtain for home

Crystal beads curtain for home

I wouldn't mind having such a glamorous bathroom at my house! Oval bath tub is encircled by crystal beads curtain that reflects light obtained from a crystal chandelier mounted above the tub. I'm left speechless!

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Yes I would like a rhinestone shower curtain.. thank you

Crystal beaded curtainglass beads

Crystal beaded curtainglass beads

Add these charming crystal beads that create a fair and beautiful curtain to your interior and enjoy a boost of elegance and warmth that they bring along with them. The piece offers a two-colored silver and purple finish as well.

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Shower curtain consisting of clear beads. It can be used as room divider. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

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