Double Swag Shower Curtain

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For your full home decor, you never want to forget about the bathroom. And to accent your bathroom in a way that touches on style and elegance, we give you the double swag shower curtain. These are very fetching and come in a myriad of configurations and color styles. Look at our extensive collection for more details.

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Updated 30/09/2022
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Stylish Ruffled Double Swag Shower Curtain

Stylish Ruffled Double Swag Shower Curtain

Astoria Grand

Available in 7 different colors, including black, green, red, and more, this attractive ruffled double swag shower curtain is made from 100% polyester with a PEVA background liner to prevent water damage and leaking. The ruffles add an eye-catching touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Designer Advice:

This oversized shower curtain is perfect for standard and garden tubs with overhead showers. It measures a massive 70" by 72", giving you plenty of coverage to prevent leaks on the floor. The polyester fabric is sleek and shiny, giving an elegant touch to your master or guest bathroom.

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Charming Double Swag Shower Curtains

Charming Double Swag Shower Curtains

Available in a variety of lengths, including 63 inches, 84 inches, and 108 inches, these lovely double swag shower curtains add farmhouse charm to your home. Whether you place them in your main bathroom or use them in a guest bath, you will surely get compliments on these beautiful pastel curtains.

Designer Advice:

These curtains add a charming uniqueness to any farmhouse decor. Their lovely cream-colored polyester ruffled swag pulls apart in the center in an elegant way. While these are shower curtains, they can also work well over windows, doorways, or on canopy beds.

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Complete Double Swag Shower Curtain Set

Complete Double Swag Shower Curtain Set

This lovely double swag set is everything you need to turn your bathroom into a stunning oasis for your next hot shower. This double fabric curtain measures 70" by 72" and features a vinyl liner for water protection. The attached valance and ruffled tiebacks add a dimension of style and attractiveness to the set.

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Floral Valance Swag Shower Curtains

Floral Valance Swag Shower Curtains

House of Hampton®

Make your bathroom feel welcoming and unique with this pastel blue colored floral shower curtain. Made from 100% polyester, this shower curtain is lightweight and easy to clean while also bringing bright aesthetics to the room. This shower curtain measures 70 inches high and 72 inches wide giving you plenty of privacy. 

$29.99 $55.99

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Beautiful Bohemian Shower Curtain with Valance

Beautiful Bohemian Shower Curtain with Valance

Measuring 72 by 72 inches, this lovely bohemian-styled shower curtain is made from vertical macrame swag in a natural beige color. Made from 100% cotton and complete with a water-resistant liner, this heavy-duty curtain with valance can add a carefree style to your bathroom.

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Elegant Double Swag Shower Curtain Decor 

Elegant Double Swag Shower Curtain Decor 

Made from crystal in resin or genuine Swarovski, this double swag accentuates your existing shower curtain to add an elegant and eye-catching extra dimension to your overall decor. It's perfectly sized for any standard shower curtain rod and hooks and drops a total of 9 inches.

Designer Advice:

Add some bling to your bathroom with this beautiful Swarovski accented swag for your shower curtains. The beaded swag is perfect for adding to any shower curtain hooks and can be custom ordered in a variety of colors to match your existing shower curtain and bathroom decor. 

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Double Swag Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

When you’re taking a shower, you’re in a place of peace washing away all your troubles and stress from the day. While most showers come equipped with a basic plastic pull curtain, it might benefit you to add a little bit of swag to your shower, with a double swag curtain shower. They’re not too difficult to install and they’re not overly expensive.

What’s A Double Swag Curtain Shower?

Not everyone has heard of these beautiful curtains and if this is the first time you’re hearing of them, you’re in for a treat. Have you ever seen those ruffled curtains that flow with elegance and sit on top of a window? They share a similar look but these are for the shower.

  • Generally, they have a lot of ruffles and come with two different sections which are split right down the middle like window curtains
  • Usually, cover two panels for the larger showers and can extend their length to fit most modern showers
  • They resemble lengthy drapes that cover windows and operate the same way as well

What to consider before buying double swag shower curtains?

  • The first and probably the most important thing to consider is the inside curtain liner. This liner needs to be extra strong so that water doesn’t get to the fabric. The outside fabrics often used in swag curtains handle some water but if you have a leaky inside liner, this is going to become problematic and over time, the ruffles of your curtain will start to flatten out.
  • The rings that will be holding the curtains up should be made with preferably a metallic material instead of plastic like cheap linen curtains. Swag curtain showers weigh a lot more, so that’s a lot more weight being put on the pole that holds the curtains up, hence most of these curtains come with screws to drill the supporting beam into the wall.
  • Taking correct measurements before you purchase is vital to making sure the curtains look good once they’re installed. Always leave yourself a little wiggle room with the overall size from wall to wall. Also, make sure you have the appropriate floor to ceiling height available to install these curtains. When they’re fully installed, the bottom should be 3 or more inches off of the ground.
  • If you have pets or children, you should be warned in advance that these types of curtains are harder to clean and dirt or stains will leave a longer lasting impression. Most of them, however, are machine washable.

Are double swag shower curtains a good choice?

While double swag curtain showers are beautiful and add a certain level of elegance to a bathroom, they’re not a good fit for everyone. They’re harder to install, they’re a bit pricier than normal curtains and finding the right size for your shower can be a bit of a hassle. However, they’re great to look at and give a lot of style points to any bathroom they’re used in. The most important thing to look out for is making sure you have the correct measurements for your bathroom so that the curtains will fit appropriately.

Best Ideas

Double swag shower curtain 1

These beautiful curtain showers combine functionality and amazing decorative effect. Behind their case, the bathtub looks like a beautiful window. Finished in bronze with subtle decorative detail is unique.

Red double swag shower curtain

If you want to have more intimate atmosphere in your bathroom, use it shower curtain stylised on window curtain. It is made of satin and decorated of little fringes. It looks very sophisticated and vintage!

English rose double swag shower curtain

English rose double swag shower curtain

Made of the fine polyester shower curtain, this is an excellent solution that brings to the bathroom an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Beautiful coloring and floral motifs add to the charm. Vinyl liner, two tie backs, and two tie knobs are additional decorative elements.

Shower curtain valance for the home shower curtain valance

shower curtain valance for the home shower curtain valance

Colorful Bathroom Curtain Set With A Diamond Pattern

Matching shower curtain and window valance

A beautiful curtain, which can be used both in the living room or in the bathroom as a shower curtain. The combination of red and gold colors, as well as rich finish, makes it a prime choice among the owners of stylish, elegant houses.

Shower curtains with valances

Buy Croscill® Port of Call Double Swag Shower Curtain Set from Bed Bath & Beyond

Swag shower curtain

Light Pink Fabric Double Swag Shower Curtain with Matching Fabric Covered Shower Rings/Hooks and Vinyl Liner

Shower curtain and her comments and images are shared below

... shower curtain, and her comments and images are shared below

Double swag fabric shower curtain valance liner window curtain assorted

Double Swag Fabric Shower Curtain Valance Liner Window Curtain Assorted Color

Dark Brown Double Shower Curtain With Liner And Rings

Home garden bath shower curtains 5

Home & Garden > Bath > Shower Curtains

Luxury shower curtains with valance

Double shower curtain made of cotton and polyester. It is decorated with sophisticated ornament. Elegant design for any bathroom.

Double Swag Shower Curtain With Coordinated Ring Hooks

Swag shower curtain

Marvelous double swag shower curtain finished in dark gold, designed to enhance every bathroom decor. Made from high-quality, 100% polyester, has a standard 72" x 72" size.

Brown Double Swag Shower Curtain With Floral Patterns

English rose double swag shower curtain overstock

English Rose Double Swag Shower Curtain Overstock

Double swag shower curtain attached valance

Double shower curtain in the French style. It is made of fabric and finished with decorative flounces. Includes rod pocket for easy mounting. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom.

Shower curtains with valance

Double shower curtain for any bathroom according to taste and need. It is made of soft fabric and fitted with hooks holes. Elegant design for each home.

Oversized Ruffled Double Swag Shower Curtain

Fancy shower curtain


Home garden bath shower curtains 4

Home & Garden > Bath > Shower Curtains

Vintage shower curtain double swag floral butterfly by mustymusts 32

Vintage Shower Curtain Double Swag Floral Butterfly by MustyMusts, $32.00

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