Custom Shower Curtain Rods


If you have a unique shower situation like perhaps a claw foot tub that is independent of the wall are you are more than the average person, then a regular shower rod just is not going to work for you. That is why we have a collection of custom shower curtain rods that fit a myriad of different style showers to suit all body sizes and shower needs.

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Our Picks

Custom shower curtain rods 32

Ceiling mounted curtain shower rods designed to bring a dash of modern flair into your home. The curtain rods also feature a superb stainless-steel finish, with a little gloss, for incredible stylish appeal. They work great with a wide range of curtains too.

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Custom shower curtain rods 1

Looking to add privacy in your bathroom with a curtain? Well, consider these stunning custom-made shower curtain rods first. The rods are constructed from metal for long-lasting service and they feature that impressive chrome-plated finish for immense modern appeal and style.

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Custom shower curtain rods 2

Ultra-modern shower curtain rod with a thick metal tube construction for longevity. The rod also comes with beautiful curves that make it easier to install different types of curtains. It’s finished in a superb powder coat for water resistance and impeccable style.

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Custom shower curtain rods 3

Minimalist shower curtain rods designed from metal and finished in a recessed industrial black shade. The rods are also fitted with mounting hardware and should be installed on ceilings for the best outcome. They are designed to hold all kinds of shower curtains without any problem.

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Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Aesthetic practical wall-mounted rod for shower curtains. It is made of quality stainless steel, has 1-inch diameter and is slightly bent for better space management. Most suitable for smaller bathrooms.

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Custom shower curtain rods

Who said that all showers need to look the same – take a look at this asymmetrical design for a custom shaped bathroom stall with a bendable shower curtain rod and a purple curtain that adds more color to the room.

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Custom made shower rods

Why not go for custom made shower curtain rods, if your bathroom is just that tiniest bit more original when it comes to shape and yet you would still like to make the best out of it and provide your family with all the functionality they need?

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Custom made shower curtains 2

Adorable design for a fresh and vibrant shower curtain for an extra-large shower space. The ceiling mounted curtain bar with a brass finish nicely complements the deep-green color of the curtain itself.

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Custom shower curtain rod 3

airy white bathroom remodel with a black, clawfoot tub with a white shower curtain and a built-in custom sink cabinet with clear drawer knobs

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Moen r old world bronze double curved shower rod 2

Moen® Old World Bronze Double Curved Shower Rod -

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Custom Shower Curtain Rods

Buying Guide

Bathroom measurements depend on the style of custom rod you want and where you’re fixing it. For custom shower curtain rods attaching to the ceiling above your tub, you need to get the correct measurements of the bathtub’s perimeter to determine where the shower rod and curtain should sit to provide sufficient water protection.

Measuring for a curved shower rod for a corner shower is a little more complicated than a standard one. You’ll need to measure up both walls to the point where you want the rod to attach on both sides. If you’re going with a standard length 72” shower curtain, then the height of the rod should be roughly 74”.

Mark these points, then measure the distance between them. Since the rod will curve, you will need to add approximately 6” to this distance to get a proper sense of how wide the correct rod should be.

The weight capacity of a custom shower curtain rod depends on the mounting technique and hardware used.

Most high-quality shower curtain rods are made from heavy-duty brass rather than stainless steel because brass has higher corrosion-resistance. These brass models can typically support between 20-25 lbs.

The more ceiling and wall supports you have, the greater the weight capacity. Ensure that you mount the shower curtain correctly in wall or ceiling studs instead of drywall using the anchors and screws provided to get the optimal load-bearing capacity as specified by the manufacturer.

Custom shower curtain rods allow you more freedom in the way you decorate. Not all homes are built alike—and there might be some types of homes that feature bath or shower stalls that just don’t comfortably fit with most standard-issue shower curtain rods.

In addition, if you’re opting for a fancier shower curtain or would like a curved shower curtain to give yourself more room in the shower, you might need a custom rod!

This can also be a great option if you’ve just built a custom shower in a nonstandard space, such as in a corner, or outside.

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