Custom Shower Curtain Rods

If you have a unique shower situation like perhaps a claw foot tub that is independent of the wall are you are more than the average person, then a regular shower rod just is not going to work for you. That is why we have a collection of custom shower curtain rods that fit a myriad of different style showers to suit all body sizes and shower needs.

Best Products

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket
If you decide to choose this bathroom accessory, you are bound to be satisfied for a long time. This shower curtain rod and mounting bracket is created of metal (solid brass) and is available in a plethora of finishes.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Curved Shower Curtain Rod
Aesthetic practical wall-mounted rod for shower curtains. It is made of quality stainless steel, has 1-inch diameter and is slightly bent for better space management. Most suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Shower Curtain Custom You Choose Colors

Shower Curtain Custom You Choose Colors
Fully customizable, available in different colour variants, this shower curtain is a high-quality bathroom item. Made from sustainable 100% polyester, this flower mosaic composition will embellish your bathroom for years.

Steel Shower Curtain Tension Rod

Steel Shower Curtain Tension Rod
This rugged steel shower curtain tension rod is the perfect solution for your shower. Robust continue every curtain, allowing for a comfortable bath. Practical and very versatile check on a daily basis.

Designer custom made shower curtain 72w

Designer custom made shower curtain 72w
Shower curtain with a nice white pattern on gray background. This element of bathroom stylization is able to decorate many types of bathrooms. It is also resistant to excessive wear caused by tearing or moisture.

Waverly pom pom play confetti shower curtain

Waverly pom pom play confetti shower curtain
Shower curtain with modern pattern. It is made of microfiber, which due to its water-proofing protect your bathroom from sloshing water around. Over-print with colorful floral pattern make this curtain more beautiful.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do I measure my bathroom for custom shower curtain rods?

Bathroom measurements depend on the style of custom rod you want and where you’re fixing it. For custom shower curtain rods attaching to the ceiling above your tub, you need to get the correct measurements of the bathtub’s perimeter to determine where the shower rod and curtain should sit to provide sufficient water protection.

Measuring for a curved shower rod for a corner shower is a little more complicated than a standard one. You’ll need to measure up both walls to the point where you want the rod to attach on both sides. If you’re going with a standard length 72” shower curtain, then the height of the rod should be roughly 74”.

Mark these points, then measure the distance between them. Since the rod will curve, you will need to add approximately 6” to this distance to get a proper sense of how wide the correct rod should be.

What is the weight capacity of a custom shower curtain rod?

The weight capacity of a custom shower curtain rod depends on the mounting technique and hardware used.

Most high-quality shower curtain rods are made from heavy-duty brass rather than stainless steel because brass has higher corrosion-resistance. These brass models can typically support between 20-25 lbs.

The more ceiling and wall supports you have, the greater the weight capacity. Ensure that you mount the shower curtain correctly in wall or ceiling studs instead of drywall using the anchors and screws provided to get the optimal load-bearing capacity as specified by the manufacturer.

Why would I need custom shower curtain rods?

Custom shower curtain rods allow you more freedom in the way you decorate. Not all homes are built alike—and there might be some types of homes that feature bath or shower stalls that just don’t comfortably fit with most standard-issue shower curtain rods.

In addition, if you’re opting for a fancier shower curtain or would like a curved shower curtain to give yourself more room in the shower, you might need a custom rod!

This can also be a great option if you’ve just built a custom shower in a nonstandard space, such as in a corner, or outside.


Custom ikat chevron shower curtain any

Custom ikat chevron shower curtain any
A beautiful shower curtain that will ginger up your bathroom. It is characterized by an exotic, geometrical pattern in a yellow color with a blue accent. The curtain is a top quality fabric, which will quickly dry.

Custom shower curtain rods 4

This neo-angle shower rod will let you enjoy your intimate moments in a jacuzzi or corner bathtub. Mounted on the ceiling, this 3-piece rod will bring functionality and privacy.

Custom shower curtain rods 32

Ceiling mounted curtain shower rods designed to bring a dash of modern flair into your home. The curtain rods also feature a superb stainless-steel finish, with a little gloss, for incredible stylish appeal. They work great with a wide range of curtains too.

Custom shower rods

Easy & affordable DIY project of a custom shower curtain rod, crafted from an electrical conduit (galvanized & custom bended) for an original industrial feel. Here paired with white subway bathroom tiles.

Custom shower curtain rods 3

Minimalist shower curtain rods designed from metal and finished in a recessed industrial black shade. The rods are also fitted with mounting hardware and should be installed on ceilings for the best outcome. They are designed to hold all kinds of shower curtains without any problem.

Custom shower curtain rods 1

Looking to add privacy in your bathroom with a curtain? Well, consider these stunning custom-made shower curtain rods first. The rods are constructed from metal for long-lasting service and they feature that impressive chrome-plated finish for immense modern appeal and style.

Custom shower curtain rods 2

Ultra-modern shower curtain rod with a thick metal tube construction for longevity. The rod also comes with beautiful curves that make it easier to install different types of curtains. It’s finished in a superb powder coat for water resistance and impeccable style.

Shower rods custom ceiling shower curtain rods 1

Shower Rods: Custom Ceiling Shower Curtain Rods

Odd shaped shower curtain rods

High-end shower curtain rods constructed from sturdy and long-lasting steel. These rods have a farmhouse-inspired charm to them but they are super strong and would work with all types of curtains. You are also free to customize them with whatever colors you want.

Custom made shower rods

Why not go for custom made shower curtain rods, if your bathroom is just that tiniest bit more original when it comes to shape and yet you would still like to make the best out of it and provide your family with all the functionality they need?

Custom stainless steel curtain rods order one for yourself

Custom Stainless Steel Curtain Rods - Order One For Yourself

Custom shower curtain rods 5

Custom Lengthening of Crescent Rods - Up to 12" Total Extended Length

Bendable Shower Curtain Rod, Chrome Finish

Shower curtain rod lshaped custom fit

Shower Curtain Rod: Lshaped custom fit

Custom shower curtain rods

Who said that all showers need to look the same – take a look at this asymmetrical design for a custom shaped bathroom stall with a bendable shower curtain rod and a purple curtain that adds more color to the room.

Bendable shower curtain rod

Shower curtain made of waterproof fabric. It has hook holes for easy assembly. Simple form and functional design for each bathroom.

Custom made shower curtains 6

Linen shower curtain with silk rouched banding. This element of bathroom design looks very simple and attractive in any bathroom stylization. Pretty material is also resistant to wear caused by water and frequent cleaning.

Custom made shower curtains 2

Adorable design for a fresh and vibrant shower curtain for an extra-large shower space. The ceiling mounted curtain bar with a brass finish nicely complements the deep-green color of the curtain itself.

Shower Curtain Rod with Concealed Mounting

Shower Curtain Rod with Concealed Mounting

Custom made shower curtain rods

Stage for little girl's playroom, color blocked panels. This is sweet. I know my little sister would love it. (:

Trax ceiling shower rod

one day I will be able to use my curtain.. CAUSE ITS AMAZING!

Wireline Non-Hinged Shower Curtain Rod

Wireline Non-Hinged Shower Curtain Rod

The secret for getting chrome bathroom light fixtures and shower

The secret for getting chrome bathroom light fixtures and shower curtain rods clean and preventing rust.

Custom shower rod

Zenith L-Shaped Rod, White Zenith new $24/used $21

Custom shower curtain rod 3

airy white bathroom remodel with a black, clawfoot tub with a white shower curtain and a built-in custom sink cabinet with clear drawer knobs

Blue yellow shower curtain 3

Themes of folk and Moroccan clover stand out from the current trends in interior design. In this case the cotton fabric with a blue Moroccan pattern acts as a shower curtain - bringing some oriental breeze.

Barclay 4145-54-CP D Shower Rod, 54-Inch

Custom shower curtain rods 27

CurtainsMade4u - Grommet Curtain, Custom Curtains and Drapery, Fabrics from CalicoCorners

Custom shower curtain rods 7

Bay Window Curtain Rod-5/8" - Improvements

Custom shower curtain rods curved

Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub - : #RoomIdeas Shower curtain for clawfoot tub in surround design does great in accommodating privacy and decor at the same time depends on the size and

Custom shower curtain rods 16

Made from thick stainless steel, this right angle u-shaped shower curtain rod constitutes a solid and stylish amenity for your bathroom. Its black finishing makes it a versatile proposition.

Custom shower curtain rods 13

Circle Window Curtain Tracks

Peri Home Bayberry Fabric Shower Curtain Yellow Blue Green Gray Floral Design

Shower curtain for any bathroom according to taste and need. It is made of high quality cotton and decorated with floral theme. Machine washable. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers.

4 customize your bathroom decor with unique shower curtains designed

Customize your bathroom decor with unique shower curtains designed by artists around the world. Made from 100% polyester our designer shower curtains are printed in the USA and feature a 12 button-hole top for simple hanging. The easy care material allows

Custom made shower curtain

A custom made shower curtain made out of a waterproof material in a yellow color with some window curtain elements on the top, providing an elegant, traditional look which brings an elegant vibe to the bathroom.

Grey yellow shower curtain

A nice solution for an unusual touch in your bathroom. Long, ceiling-mounted shower curtain with a pretty, striped pattern. The blue colours are perfect for any bathroom, as they go well with any furniture.

Blue yellow shower curtain 1

A nice shower curtain that makes for a fun option for when you want a bit of color and fun boost for your bathroom, since it sports the blue and yellow finish of the structure and offers immense durability.

Custom shower curtain rods 26

Custom Grommet Top Curtain Panel - Grommet Curtains - Grommet Panels - Draperies & Drapery Rods - Home Accents - Home Decor - Linens & Fabrics - Custom Draperies & Tiebacks |

Cynthia rowley shower curtains

A bunch of ideas for navy and yellow bathroom design, with yellow towels, navy rugs and wall arts, yellow bathroom accessories, yellow shower curtain. Balance the two colors wisely to get a stunning effect.

Custom shower curtain rods 28

Installing custom size shower rod

Custom shower curtain rods 22

Custom Listing Charlotte Shower Curtain by HERHOUSEANDHOME

Custom shower curtain rods 29

Custom Rod Pocket Curtain Panel | Loom Decor | Loom Decor

Moen r old world bronze double curved shower rod 2

Moen® Old World Bronze Double Curved Shower Rod -