Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain

Shower curtain might not be the most important thing in your house but, as evidenced by these photos, they can be a nice and functional decorative element. In case you are on the lookout for something like that, try out the designs that have been prepared for people like you.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 4

A touch of luxury in the bathroom, everyone wants to feel like a king, even when showering. This luxury fabric shower curtain consists of two panels, in silver color with glitter decorations. Glitters shines and protects.

Vegas Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain, Bathroom Accessories, 70" X 72", Burgundy, Brown, and Gold

Fabric-based shower curtain designed to bring a modern touch of luxury into your home. The curtain comes with a superb wine read finish and additional intricate detailing that makes it really stand out. You also get a wide range of sizes to pick from.

Whale shower curtain feather gray 1

Whale Shower Curtain Feather Gray
This whale shower curtain will help you create a whimsical bathroom decor. Enchanting for both children and adults, it will help you start the day with enthusiasm. Has the standard length.

Vegas brown luxury fabric shower curtain bathroom accessories 70 x

Vegas Brown Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain Bathroom Accessories 70 X 72
Bathroom accessory that provides privacy and protects bathrooms from moisture and water from the shower. This simple looking, luxurious shower curtain is finished in brown color that matches any bathroom decor.

Gold fabric shower curtain

A glam shower curtain of waterproof nylon-polyester blend with gold metallic shine and a sheer overlay with a fine intricate floral pattern alternately with plain vertical stripes. It has reinforced hems, rhombic grommets, can be machine washed.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 34

Superb shower curtain with a modern luxurious appeal that will completely transform your entire bathroom. The curtain comes in a unique glossy golden shade for that stunning show of elegance. It works great in a modern bathroom and should go a long way in accessorizing the entire room.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 4

High-quality luxurious shower curtain that’s super large for your large shower. The piece is built from strong fabrics and comes with a beautiful combination of neutral colors, including light cream and brown. You also get beautiful patterns all over for that modern look.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 33

Well-designed luxurious shower curtain featuring a superb combination of bold colors and a stunning pattern. The curtain is extra-large too and should add impeccable vibrant appeal to your bathroom. It will also combine well with the other décor accessories you have in there.

Gold sequin shower curtain

Dobby gold fabric shower curtain with 12 hoos. Do you think it's a good idea to have your shower curtain in gold? Well, it works for me. I really like the idea of mixing two colors- gold and white! SImple and charming.

Metallic silver shower curtain

Excellent fabric shower curtain designed to resist water and last for a long time. The curtain is finished in white and comes with superb touches of yellow and neutral gray to complete its stunning motif. It’s a great modern piece for the modern bathroom.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 36

High-quality luxurious shower curtain made from high-end and water-resistant fabrics. The curtain is finished in white and comes accentuated with intricate touches of black imprints for impeccable style. It measures 72 x 72 inches, making it large enough for any bathroom.

Luxury fabric shower curtains 1

Regal Damask Flocked Velvet Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain Brown & Black - Shower Curtains

Luxury fabric shower curtain 3

Luxury Bird Sketch Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury fabric shower curtain 2

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Luxury fabric shower curtain 14

Istanbul Blue Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain by M.Style

Design of tropical shower curtains fabric shower curtains with fabric

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Luxury fabric shower curtain 35

Best of Year 2014: Products and Materials Winners | Awards | Interior Design

Confetti shower curtain fabric shower curtains luxury fabric shower curtain

Confetti Shower Curtain, Fabric Shower Curtains, Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain $47.95 Free Shipping

Stripe border shower curtain stone white platinum

Stripe Border Shower Curtain Stone White Platinum
Among the many advantages - an important role is the simplicity of assembly - everything takes just a few moments. This west elm shower curtain has a minimalist style presented in white, topped with black stripes at the bottom and sophisticated tassels.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 5

Creative Bath Contessa Damask Burgundy Ruby Crimson Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain - Shower Curtains

Luxury fabric shower curtain 17

Simplicity at its finest – a shower curtain does not have to be fancy and vibrant to look great. Take a look at this one, very minimalistic, traditional design, bound to nicely match a traditional bathroom.

Luxury lion eyes fabric shower curtain

Luxury Lion Eyes Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury fabric shower curtain 16

Kassatex Hampton Stripe Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain Classic Black & White Kassatex

Jack 19 98 possible master bath shower and bedroom curtain

Jack -$19.98 - possible master bath shower and bedroom curtain

Tahari home luxurious fabric shower curtain milan scroll silver and

Tahari Home Luxurious Fabric Shower Curtain-Milan Scroll- Silver and White-72" X 72" Tahari Home

Luxury fabric shower curtain 15

Capello Cream & Brown Damask Scroll Faux Silk Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain Saturday Knight

West elm shower curtain 14

Signature West Elm shower curtain with navy pattern on semi-transparent white fabric. The geometric print is in fact a merging of the timeless herringbone and chevron patterns. Graceful in mixing and matching!

Luxury fabric shower curtain 13


Luxury fabric shower curtain

Modern tri-color shower curtain. It is made of water-proof material, which protect you from slopping water outside shower cubicle. It s grey and pink and has thick white stripe and it is hanged on silver-plated cornice.

Trellis shower curtain

Trellis Shower Curtain
Modern look for an oriental shower curtain with a Moroccan-styled pattern on the whole surface, made out of black shapes on a white background which nicely complements the bathroom mat mate in a similar fashion.

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Zen floral black gray burgundy white quality luxury fabric shower

Zen Floral Black Gray Burgundy White Quality Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain New
Luxurious element of bathroom design. This shower curtain made of fabric features a nice floral print finished in red, black and gray colors on a neutral white pattern. This curtain provides good protection from water.

Painted Botanical Fabric Shower Curtain

Painted Botanical Fabric Shower Curtain

West elm shower curtain 9

If you are fan of classic elegance, this shower curtain will be very good choice! It has grey and white stripes. Due to its simplicity, this type of curtain will be fit to every type or interior, especially bright, minimalistic bathroom.

Use your shower curtain to create the illusion of height

Use your shower curtain to create the illusion of height in your bathroom and infuse your shower with a touch of luxury. Hang your curtain rod near the ceiling for more drama -- just make sure the curtain brushes the floor. You can use a curtain panel ins

Buena Vista Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain

Buena Vista Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain

Spa waffle fabric shower curtain 2

Minimalistic approach to a simple and monochrome shower curtain made out of a white waffle fabric which gives it a unique look. The curtain is fitted with a waterproof lining on the inside to make sure it doesn’t leak.

Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain
If you want a nice piece that will protect your bathroom floor and help you avoid the clutter, this decorative shower curtain will surely do the trick, keeping the water in the shower and accentuating the decor beautifully.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 26

Tahari Vendome Medallion Paisley Luxury Fabric Shower Curtain In Shades Of Rust, Red, Brown, & Coral On White

Burlap shower curtain with bullion fringe

Shower curtain in traditional form. It is completely made of fabric. Application in any bathroom according to taste and need.

Pink 84 long gypsy shabby chic ruffled fabric shower curtain

Pink 84" Long Gypsy Shabby Chic Ruffled Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury fabric shower curtain 30

Pink Ruffled Shabby Shower Curtains or how to deal with a pink bath tub gracefully

Paris Fabric Shower Curtain

Paris Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury fabric shower curtain 29

Melody 72-Inch x 72-Inch Shower Curtain in Taupe - $39.99 - nice neutral color and pattern

Delano Fabric Shower Curtain

Delano Fabric Shower Curtain

Luxury fabric shower curtain 8


Hotel collection landon 72 inch x 72 inch fabric shower

Hotel Collection Landon 72-Inch X 72-Inch Fabric Shower Curtain - Ultimate Luxury Landon

West elm shower curtains 1

Shower curtain made of waterproof fabric and finished with sophisticated pattern. Includes hook holes for easy mounting on the rod. Application in any bathroom according to taste and need.

Luxury fabric shower curtain 9

Lush Decor Twinkle Red Shower Curtain - Transform your humble bathroom into a luxurious spa by hanging this eye-catching red shower curtain. The ripples of soft fabric add elegance to the powder room, while the rows of black sequins make you

Luxury fabric shower curtain 10

Bathe like a star in luxurious glitz and glamour with a Twinkle pink shower curtain. This shower curtain glitters stylishly with rows of sequins.