French Linen Curtains


For the softest, silkiest linen curtains, French linen is the way to go. They are delicate yet strong and come in several lovely styles to suit any curtain desires. Add a portion of the French decorative scene to your home with French linen curtains. Take a look through our collection and see if we just might have the French linen curtains for you.

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Our Picks

2 x tab top french country cotton linen

2 x tab top french country cotton linen

Enchant your living room with this 2 x tab top French country linen crochet lace curtain panel. Made of cotton with striking design and beautiful, floral embellishemnts, the panel can really make a difference in the appearance of your home decor.

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French linen curtains 1

These French linen curtains are in my master bedroom, and my husband and I couldn't be happier with the look and feel of it. They've got the floral pattern and light, structure, which is easy to care for.

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French curtains

Amazing decoration for windows that crave for feminine French accents. Those linen curtains, beautifully laced and delicate, are embellished with floral pattern of blooming flowers and smal leaves. Machine-washable.

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French linen curtains

Made of linen curtains for the window is an excellent way to subtle window décor ideal for any interior design. A beautiful bow at the bottom and soft white colors captivate, and the interior remains bright and cozy.

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Lace Window Curtain, French Crochet Window Panels, Pair Cotton Crochet Curtains 49 inch by 66 inch Cream

Opt for this French crochet window panel for your interior and allow yourself to actually surrender to the beauty of this handmade piece. It will ensure a boost of rustic charm and appeal in your space and shield your room from the light.

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Off white lace fabric retro embroidered

Off white lace fabric retro embroidered

French linen curtains. These here are white and beautifully finished. We’re sure it took plenty of time and hard work to decorate them in such a spectacular way. There is nothing like linen curtains to add an ethereal, rich vibe to an interior.

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Country french curtains

These French linen curtains are a bit heavier than usual, perhaps because they are extra long. The mysterious, dim colour makes them especially appropriate for luxurious, grand mansions, where they can introduce a bit of drama.

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Greige curtains

An aesthetic vintage linen half curtain in beiges with white. It features stylised embroidered monograms (letters B and R) near the central part, delicate floral designs along edges and a darker bottom edge. It looks great with white side drapes.

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French drapery

Very beautiful window curtain inspired of vintage style. This element is made of delicate, bright velvet and decorated of floral, natural pattern. This type of decoration made every interior more cozy and stylish.

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Very french beautiful linen voile curtain panel with embroidery

Very French. Beautiful linen voile curtain panel with embroidery ...

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French Linen Curtains

Buying Guide

Curtains are a great investment; they can give your room a whole new personality. Although linen is a very soft and subtle fabric, it is extremely durable which is why interior designers prefer it for custom made curtains because it hangs so well. If you are considering buying some French linen curtains, here is a guide to help you.

No matter what type, style, or design of curtain you buy, there are always going to be four header types to consider:

  • Tab top: These curtains are made with large loops on the top which allow the pole to thread through. They create even folds making the curtains hang well.
  • Pencil pleat: Pencil pleat curtains are perhaps the most difficult to attach, they involve fixing small hooks into the header tape and then hanging them with rings from a track pole.
  • Eyelet: Eyelet curtains are also known as ring top curtains. They are made with metal eyelets on the crest of the curtain. The pole is placed through these holes to hang the curtains.
  • Slot top: You will also hear slot top referred to as rod pocket; these curtains are placed directly onto the pole. The desired amount of gather is created by ruffling the curtains along the pole.

French linen curtain generally fall into three categories:

  • Short and sweet: As the name suggests they are not full-length French linen curtains, they only cover the bottom half of the window and are tied at the middle with the material of your choice.
  • Classic pleats: They are long and drapy providing a combination of style and decoration.
  • Loop the loop: Perfect for the country style look; these French linen curtains have a simple tie top design, they look great whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom or shed retreat.

  • Patterned fabric. French linen curtains are always going to look good; however, there are certain things you will need to think about when it comes to patterned fabric. You want to make sure that they look good when the curtains are opened as well as closed. You should also keep in mind that certain colors like red, orange and yellow will fade when exposed to the sunlight for long periods.
  • The pole. The curtain pole might seem insignificant in comparison to the curtains, but it is equally as important. Make sure you choose one that will suit the style of your home. You might choose a plain pole and decorative curtains or vice versa.
  • No lining. Linen curtains are unlined and they typically look best when combined with a blind
  • Measurements. Curtains are such an important part of the décor that you want to make sure they fit properly. Use a measuring tape to measure the width and length of your window area.

French linen curtains look fabulous no matter which windows they are gracing, so now you know what to do, measure up and get shopping!

Best Ideas

Hydrangea Adjustable Window Tie-Up Shade

Hydrangea Adjustable Window Tie-Up Shade

This charming adjustable tie-up window shade is a wonderful detail any interior decor. Made of artificial linen is subtly decorated and gives the interior a gentle character. Perfect for windows in the living room or bedroom.

Tab top french country cotton linen crochet lace curtain panel

... Tab Top French Country Cotton Linen Crochet Lace Curtain Panel 008

Tab top french country style cotton linen crochet lace curtain

... Tab Top French Country Style Cotton Linen Crochet Lace Curtain

Curtain curtains french linen sheer window type curtains vendor

... curtain curtains french linen sheer window type curtains vendor

French kitchen curtains

Designed in a lovely French style and bathed in pure white, those linen drapes are, simply, exquisite in their appearance. The drapes beautifully emphasize bedroom windows, are easy to hang and machine-washable.

French print curtains

Do a header of linen layers, un hemmed and barely ruffled. Tea dye the linen or use different textures to highlight the layers

French curtains design

Opt for these amaizng pleated draperies for your interior that sport the french linen finish and a cream, neutral tone of the fabric to really compliment your interior and make it shine through with style.

French lace kitchen curtains

French linen curtains – no better way to decorate your windows, especially during spring or summer. These ethereal curtains will add some dramatic, mysterious atmosphere to your living room, without overwhelming it.

White cottage dresser 3

I've got a romantic, clean and restful bedroom, so I was looking for more additions. I found these French country cottage linen curtains. They brings a lot of charm into my room.

66 for pair 2 x french country provincial linen crochet

66 for pair, 2 x French Country Provincial Linen Crochet Lace Curtain ...

Linen curtains french country chic cottage ruffle valance

Linen Curtains French Country Chic Cottage Ruffle Valance ...

Exclusive fabrics signature french linen curtain panel

Exclusive Fabrics Signature French Linen Curtain Panel ...

French linen chambray tassel blackout window curtain holli

French Linen Chambray Tassel Blackout Window Curtain Holli ...

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