Blue Brown Shower Curtain

For the blue and brown color scheme you picked out for your bathroom, have you had trouble finding the right shower curtain? If so, we have a surprise for you. Yes, it is a collection of blue and brown shower curtains. Now you can finish your bathroom decor with that last missing piece. Take a look at all our blue and brown shower curtains in this collection.

Best Products

Allium blue and grey printed cotton curtain panel

Allium blue and grey printed cotton curtain panel
A charming shower curtain that features a beautiful, flowery pattern in soft colors of green and brown on a white background. The curtain will be a nice accent of any bathroom, giving it a rustic touch.

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain
So charmingly made of cotton shower curtain is a nice style, design and colors, and with the wide range of applications. It is very versatile so well-suited to any type of interior design.

Edmon chocolate 72 inch shower curtain

Edmon chocolate 72 inch shower curtain
Very attractive shower curtain in classic brown color. This background is paired with a nice multi-color pattern. The curtain is made of materials that are resistant to moisture, water and other factors that are able to cause damage.

Trinity Shower Curtain

Trinity Shower Curtain
This shower curtain has got a stripes pattern and it keeps the water in the bathtube. If you looking for colorful shower curtain you need to buy this one. It is perfect for your bathroom.

Cotton Paisley Shower Curtain

Cotton Paisley Shower Curtain
Shower curtain designed for residential and commercial use. It is made from cotton. Machine washable. Sophisticated pattern gives a positive touch to any bathroom. The use according to taste and needs.

Lisa Argyropoulos Snowfall Shower Curtain

Lisa Argyropoulos Snowfall Shower Curtain
Nice to the eye shower curtain made of resistant woven polyester with a novelty winter and snow design in shades of blue, grey and green with shiny white spots. It has white backing and reinforced buttonholes.

Brown and blue shower curtain

What a nice, very colourful shower pattern for a small, cosy bathroom. Gives the room a nice touch if you have no natural light coming into it. Sure to give it a fresh, unique look with its vibrant design.

Our advice Buying Guide

The combination of blue and brown is great for bathrooms as it makes it look more sophisticated and stylish. Try considering the addition of a blue and brown shower curtain in your shower area as it won’t just keep water where it’s supposed to be in your bathroom, but it will also give the space a boost in the aesthetics department.

What are the best shower curtain materials?

Shower curtains come in various types of materials from vinyl and fabric to silk, linen, and plastic. The material that’s right for your bathroom will depend on the reason why you’re getting a blue and brown shower curtain.

For example, you may want to finally put a stop at the flow of water. If so, then a vinyl shower curtain would be your best choice as it’s very heavy. The problem with vinyl is it’s quite difficult to wash.

Silk and linen, on the other hand, are used inside more formal bathrooms like master bathrooms and guest bathrooms.

For shower curtains that consist of fiber, they’re easy to wash and lightweight, which means they're great options for the bathrooms of kids.

What are some different types of shower curtains?

  • Extra Wide - An extra wide shower curtain is great if you have a rectangular rod or L-shaped rod that’s hanging over your tub from the ceiling. It will offer you with additional coverage or even engulf the entire tub to ensure you don’t have wet floors or step in a squishy bath mat. A non-synthetic material like linen or cotton is best paired with a liner that’s also extra wide to prevent the curtain from absorbing moisture.
  • Hookless - A hookless shower curtain is the best choice for a bathroom that has a modern style with a ceiling track curtain rod. It has built-in grommets so your curtain slips over the rod easily for a unique, seamless look aside from ridding you of having to purchase additional curtain rings. A hookless curtain is a contemporary styled bathroom essential and it may even come with its own liner for added convenience.
  • Decorative - A decorative shower curtain is great as you’ll really be able to spruce up that bathroom of yours. It's also a great idea if you use your bathtub more often than your shower. A decorative shower curtain with colors blue and brown consists of a high-quality fabric like rayon or faux silk. It may even have hand-stitched embellishments, lace borders, and intricate patterns. Just don’t be fooled by decorative shower curtains as they’re fully functional! However, you need to pair them with liners that repel water. If you get a quality liner, then you can definitely add the decorative curtain in a high-traffic bathroom.

Do I need a shower curtain liner?

The purpose of a shower curtain liner and the reason why it’s necessary is because it protects a curtain from getting wet; thus, it keeps your curtain dry and your floors as well! If you want to ensure your liner is kept in place while you are taking a bath, choose one with a magnetic bottom. It's a useful feature that you wouldn’t want to pass up on.


Abstract curls teal brown shower curtain

Abstract curls teal brown Shower Curtain

Blue brown shower curtain 2

Featuring steel blue and brown stripes, this beautiful shower curtain constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to add traditional charm and warmth known from the best cottage decors.

Blue brown shower curtain 6

Natural looking shower curtain with blue, brown and yellow calming colors. Its floral pattern looks very good on a white background and brings some natural accents into the bathroom. This curtain includes durable metal mounting hooks.

Turquoise and brown shower curtain

Neutral shower curtain featuring a beautiful dark brown background that’s neatly finished with a series of sky blue flower motifs to complete this visually appealing piece. The curtain looks super modern too and its excellent durability will last you for years.

Blue brown shower curtain 5

Superb neutral shower curtain designed to balance out the bold colors in your bathroom. Constructed from long-lasting water-resistant materials, the curtain is finished with stunning patterns of blue and brown for that amazing stylish look.

Light blue shower curtain

Set of bathroom accessories consisting of shower curtain and rugs in various sizes. It is made of fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and elegant look.

Aqua blue shower curtain

Shower curtain with light blue and dark brown accents. This element of bathroom equipment is durable and looks very attractive in any design. It provides privacy and protects bathroom from water and moisture.

Kohls shower curtains

Colorful design for a vibrant shower curtain with a gorgeous floral design on a light-brown background. The abundance of different colors, combining green, blue and yellow provide for a natural and fresh appearance.

Farley Tree Fabric Shower Curtain w/ blue bird print Reinforced buttonhole header

Blue aqua chartreuse sienna new home garden bath shower curtains

... Blue Aqua Chartreuse Sienna NEW Home & Garden Bath Shower Curtains

White and brown shower curtain

Bathroom Colors: Blue and Brown

Brown and green shower curtains

This is the shower curtain for after the renovations to the "blue" bathroom.

Sailboat shower curtain 10

Aesthetic shower curtain with a small sailboat pattern. Its white and light blue finish plays decorative role and matches many interior stylizations. Its standard size fits most types and sizes of shower rods.

Chocolate brown shower curtain 1

Oriental, exotic design for a stylish and classy shower curtain with a unique, gorgeous pattern in two alternating colors. The shower curtain depicts a striped pattern of a combination of chocolate brown and deep blue shades.

Black and brown shower curtain

brown bathroom and tree curtain @Jean Orsborn...this would be so cool cut tree design out in vinyl and put on glass shower door...

Fabric shower curtains view all fabric shower curtains flo blue

fabric shower curtains view all fabric shower curtains flo blue brown ...

Blue and brown shower curtain

Love the towel storage idea!! and ironically it's the same colors as our bathroom - blue, green & brown

Cocoa Flower Shower Curtain

Cocoa Flower Shower Curtain

Bacova Guild Fresh Flannel Shower Curtain, 70 by 72-Inch, Plaid

Teal and brown shower curtain

PERI Tahiti Tile Aqua Blue,Teal, Green, Brown Moroccan Shower Curtain #Peri #Tahititile

Brown and blue bathroom

Creative Bath Mystique Shower Curtain - the start of the blue and brown tranquil guest bathroom

Sailboat shower curtain 7

Adding a funky vibe to the space, this sailboat shower curtain constitutes a colourful mosaic. Appreciated both by children and adults, this 100% polyester curtain has the standard length.

Iveta Abolina Shower Curtain

Iveta Abolina Shower Curtain

Royal Garden Shower Curtain

Royal Garden Shower Curtain

Peri shower curtain

Lush Decor Cocoa Flower Blue/Brown Shower Curtain

Green and brown shower curtain

Love the shower curtain makes those boring tubs look nicer

French blue brown shower curtain in damask pattern sized 72

French Blue & Brown Shower Curtain in Damask Pattern sized 72" x 72"

Brown and tan shower curtain

I LOVE this shower curtain. It would be so fun to pull wall and accent colors from the more vibrant hues.

Sailboat shower curtain 2

Stop neglecting bathroom decor - this beautiful waterproof shower curtain bring a fresh new feel to an overlooked space. This bathroom curtains feature crisp and colorful prints on the front, with a white reverse side.

Sailboat shower curtain 21

Cute and colorful design for a vibrant shower curtain with various and different depictions of cute and adorable sailboats. The sailboats come in a variety of different colors, providing a fresh and adorable detail.

Shower curtain green and brown

guest bath maybe... - Lush Decor Terra Shower Curtain, Blue/Chocolate

Wisteria blue aqua floral bathroom shower curtain set

Wisteria Blue/ Aqua Floral Bathroom Shower Curtain Set ...

Blue brown shower curtain 3

blue & brown shower curtain

Park B. Smith Peony Shower Curtain, Black/White

The elegant shower curtain covered with the floral pattern. Water repellent, so there is no need to buy the extra liner. It is mold and allergy resistant, with metal grommets for added support, and has a weighted bottom. Machine washable and fast drying too.

New York Yankees Sidelines Team Color Shower Curtain

Such shower curtain is a real treat for the sports fan. Sensational Team colors and symbols let you enjoy the game even while bathing. Made of polyester jersey are durable and easy to clean.

Chocolate brown teal blue toile fabric shower curtain fleur de

Chocolate Brown & Teal Blue Toile Fabric Shower Curtain Fleur De Lis

Sailboat shower curtain 5

Short of ideas for recycled shower curtains? Try this sail themed curtain. Acutally, it's smartly made of recycled sail cloth. So it's waterproof, you can't doubt it. White sail sports a blue number on it. The curtain is 100% unique.

Blue brown shower curtain 1

Fabric shower curtain finished in attractive color that look very good among other elements of bathroom equipment. This curtain features durable metal hooks that provide reliable mounting to a horizontal metal beam.

Curtains what do you think of this fabric mom perfect


What do you think of this fabric Mom? Perfect with your blue chairs!

Sailboat shower curtain 22

Romantic, dreamy seaside sunset landscape is more than accurate in a bathroom decor. Here a highly detailed, artistic sailboat scene embellishes a beautiful designer shower curtain. Metal eyelets are provided.

Sailboat shower curtain 6

A gorgeous, amazing design for a nautical shower curtain with a decal made to depict the masterpiece of Claude Monet. The painted sailboat on a rural background provides the curtain with a unique, decorative look.

Sailboat curtains

Vintage shower curtain with a sailboat pattern. This white boat looks very nice with navy blue background. This material not only decorates most of bathroom stylizations, but it also provides protection from water.