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Tub and shower mats are not just pleasing to the eye, but are also a safety measure to keep from slipping and falling whilst bathing. Below we break down the best options around so that you can have the best at your fingertips to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

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Updated 29/03/2022
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Teak Tub Shower Mat

Teak Tub Shower Mat

Union Rustic

What we like: Natural materials used

What we don’t like: Not soft to sink into

Not so great for: If you don’t like hard shower mats

Perfect for: Creating a Zen atmosphere in your bathroom

If you want to recreate the feeling of a spa on a budget, this shower mat made of teak is just the thing. Help to make a truly Zen atmosphere in your bathroom with calming candles and a touch of greenery.

The teak used is responsibly harvested, ideal if you like to do your bit for the planet. Best of all, teak is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, so you won’t have to worry about how your mat holds up. The oiled finish will shine without looking tacky. Plus, it is non-slip. This mat can be used over a sunken tub, too. 


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Seaside Tub Shower Mat

Seaside Tub Shower Mat

Millwood Pines

What we like: Extra-long to cover whole bath

What we don’t like: Strong chemical smell

Not so great for: Narrow showers

Perfect for: A beach-themed bathroom

We love the playful design of this mat, which will bring heaps of seaside charm into your bathroom. Made from 100% PVC, it’s easy to keep clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove any stains and leave it looking good as new. The plastic used is non-toxic and resistant to bacteria so no mold will grow over time.

It attaches to the base of your shower or tub via fifty-eight suction cups. The suction effect will work on both regular and non-slip surfaces. Extra-long to cover larger bathtubs, it would be a good choice if you have a child who likes to splash about. 

$17.99 $20.99

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Dotted Tub Shower Mat

Dotted Tub Shower Mat

Symple Stuff

What we like: Can be slotted together for larger mat

What we don’t like: Small size for price

Not so great for: If you want a rectangular shape

Perfect for: Modern bathrooms

The fun dotted pattern this shower mat features will bring a creative touch to any bathroom. You can choose from purple, teal, or blue, all of which are vibrant and modern. The classic square shape would suit a regular shower best, as it may look too small and out of place in a bathtub. However, you can purchase more than one square to cover additional space. Each square slots together neatly.

Not able to be machine washed, it can be cleaned with a cloth due to being made of plastic/vinyl. Non-slip and super-smooth against your bare feet, it will dry quickly to prevent any water-related smells. 

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Oval Tub Shower Mat

Oval Tub Shower Mat


What we like: Stain and odor-resistant

What we don’t like: Only one color option

Not so great for: Rectangular shaped bathtubs

Perfect for: Curved bathtubs

The oval shape of this mat is a good option if you have a curved bathtub. The more dynamic shaping will contour to the curves of your tub instead of peeling up at the edges like a square would. Made of durable vinyl, the one hundred suction cups will stop any slipping or moving.

It will also offer some relief at the beginning or end of your day. The small bubbles will gently cushion your feet and subtly massage them. Additionally, this mat has antimicrobial protection to prevent any nasty odors or stains from growing. It will also stop mold and mildew. As for cleaning, it can be machine washed. 


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Pebble Tub Shower Mat

Pebble Tub Shower Mat


What we like: Drain holes included

What we don’t like: Not odor-resistant

Not so great for: Small showers/baths

Perfect for: Using in a bath

If you’re sick of slipping when getting in and out of the shower/bath, this unique mat will help to prevent accidents. Featuring a cool and chic pebble design, it should be placed inside your shower or tub for best results. It works via securing suction cups to the surface – the strong adhesive will prevent any peeling up. However, you must have a completely smooth and flat surface for it to adhere properly.

Made from PVC, it is anti-slip. Available in eight colors, you can opt for classic black or create a seaside look with aqua blue. It is also easy to clean – just pair with some towels on a spin cycle.

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Stickley Shower Mat

Stickley Shower Mat

This bath and shower mat is uniquely crafted to help you avoid slipping or even falling in your shower and other bathroom areas. It drains out water easily. You can even place these shower mats directly over the bathroom drain. It dries fast and is even resistant to mildew and stains. It is made of PVC material and comes in a perfectly textured pattern with suction cups that ensure the mat sticks hard to the surface.

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Square Shower Mat

Square Shower Mat

This is a shower mat made of plastic vinyl in a clean looking semi-permanent hue. It comes in a square shape of 21 by 21 inches and a height of 0.25 inches. The shower mat lies flat on your shower drain and comes with circular cut-outs to drain out water easily. It is also machine washable and air-dried for easy maintenance. It also comes with more than 80 suction cups on the reverse side to keep it in place and make it slip-resistant.

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Cloud Shower Mat

Cloud Shower Mat

This is a perfect cloud-shaped shower mat designed to give you a safe and reliable grip and a soothing feel on your tired feet. The mat features hydrophobic fibers that drain off water easily, eliminate the risk of stagnant water, reduce drying time, and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. It comes in a clean clear color and is also odor-resistant. This is a perfect bathtub and shower mat for bathrooms with non-textured surfaces.

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LeLand Bubble Bath Mat

LeLand Bubble Bath Mat

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, this simple-looking but stylishly designed bubble bath mat comes with hundreds of small cushioning bubbles that will luxuriously massage your tired feet for ultimate relaxation. The bubble bath mat is made of durable PVC vinyl material with over 100 suction cups for perfect and reliable slip resistance in your bathroom. They also provide antimicrobial protection which prevents the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew.

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Meryl Shower Mat

Meryl Shower Mat

Here is an anti-slip bathtub and shower mat designed for optimum comfort and safety in your bathroom. It is a vinyl slip-resistant mat with suction cups that adhere to the floor and prevent bathroom slips and falls. It gives you a reliable and secure footing while bathing. The bath mats come in different sizes ranging from small to medium and large sizes. They are made from strong PVC material which is easy to wash and maintain.

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Non Skid Shower Mat

Non Skid Shower Mat

This is a luxurious pebble shower mat made of soft and durable PVC material. It is mold and mildew resistant too. The mat has a unique design that looks and feels like real pebbles under your feet. It features skid-resistant suction cups that attach to non-patterned surfaces firmly for optimal safety. It is a beautiful non-skid bathtub mat with an edgy style that adds a modern look and feel to your bathroom.

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Shower Mat

Shower Mat

Are you looking for beautifully designed shower mats for your bathrooms? Look no further than this beautifully textured bathtub and shower mats. They are available in square dimensions of 22 by 22 inches. The shower mats allow water to drain away easily, have a beautiful texture. Lay flat and nice on the floor, and help you to add enough traction in the shower to avoid slips and falls. They are also designed to blend perfectly with your bathroom decor.

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Vinyl Bath Mat

Vinyl Bath Mat

If you are looking for a large bath or shower mat, this vinyl bath mat is a perfect choice for you. It is bigger than standard bath mats by over 30%, which means more coverage, more comfort, and better slip-resistance in your bathroom. The bath mat is made of durable plastic vinyl with more than 100 suction cups for better non-slip traction. It is also quite easy to clean. You can machine wash the mat or just clean it and hang it to dry.

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Longbridge Sea of Circles Bath Mat

Longbridge Sea of Circles Bath Mat

Here is an attractive bath and shower mat to complement the clean looks of your bathroom and provide you with a comfortable and luxurious experience in your bathroom. The bath mat is made of long-lasting plastic vinyl material and features over 100 suction cups to secure the mat on non-textured surfaces. The suction cups also provide reliable slip-resistance and additional safety in your bathroom. It has a beautiful circle shape that blends perfectly with your bathroom décor.

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Best Tub & Shower Mats

Buying Guide

A notable bathtub and shower mat can brighten up the entire bathroom while keeping your feet cozy and toasty! But most importantly, they protect you from slipping on the wet floors.

If you're shopping for new tub and shower mats for your powder room, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of choices. But don't worry, we have done all the work for you: in this guide, you'll find exact how to choose the best mats that are comfortable, stylish, and highly functional.

Whether you're buying a mat for your shower or tub, it can be easy to shop on looks alone, but it's critical to consider material, safety, suction, and more. Read on to learn more about these factors:

Shape and Size

If you're buying a mat for your bathtub, you need something that will fit the shape of your tub. Tub mats come in many different shapes, like oval, rectangular, and square.

Measure your tub and then pick a mat that will easily fit your tub floor and cover it fully.

Foot Traction

If your main goal for buying a bath mat is to prevent slips, consider PVC or rubber mats. These have lightly textured surfaces that help feet get a solid grip and avoid fall accidents.

In fact, when a PVC or rubber mat gets wet, it become even better at gripping the feet. If you have small children or elderly family members who will be using this bathroom, these traction mats can be invaluable.

Suction Cups

Every quality bath mat has suction cups that keep it firmly in place to further protect against sliding and slipping. If you have elderly members in the house, choose a bath mat with suction cups to ensure they won't lose their balance in the bathroom.

If the bottom of your tub is lined with tile or has a textured form, non-slip shower strips will be a better option for you than a bath mat.


If comfort is as critical to you as safety, then choose a cushioned mat that offers added comfort with every step you take. Rubber bath mats are known to be most cushioned but you can choose a PVC mat with soft bubbles on its surface for extra padding.

Drain Holes

Whatever shower or tub mat you choose, make sure it has drainage holes to prevent pooling and allow smooth water flow.

Another function of drain holes is that they prevent the buildup of mildew and mold, letting the bath mat dry completely without any effort. You can either choose a mat with several small holes over the entire surface, or you can choose one with a single large hole that's designed to be positioned right over a drain.

If you want a mat to use inside your shower and/or tub, then a PVC or rubber mat is the way to go. But if you're looking for bath mats outside your shower or tub, there are several options:

  • Cotton mats provide a soft, lavish sensation, and they are exceptionally durable. They absorb water well and self-dry very quickly. Also, they are machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about cleaning them manually. On the down side, they are relatively thin (not much cushion) and quite expensive.

  • Chenille mats work incredibly well in absorbing water and collecting dust, so you can also use them to wipe off dust and dirt from shoes. They certainly have a super luxurious feel, unfortunately, they don't offer much slip-resistance.

  • Bamboo mats will appeal to people who prefer to stand on a solid surface or follow a minimal-green-stylish décor for their homes. Bamboo mats are not only ecologically-sustainable but they are almost indestructible as well. But remember, bamboo is a type of wood, which means a bamboo mat requires drying after each use and regular cleaning, otherwise it can develop mold.

  • Memory foam mats are perfect for people who suffer from chronic body aches as they offer an ergonomic platform targeted at relieving joint and muscle pain in your feet and legs. If you're looking for a mat that provides exceptional standing comfort and water absorbency, plus they are machine washable, you'll love a memory foam bath mat.

  • Microfiber bath mats are the most popular options today because a) they are very affordable, and b) they have unbeatable moisture absorbency. If you're looking for a no-nonsense shower mat that is durable and self-drying, pick this one.

How you maintain your tub or shower mat will determine its overall lifespan. With a few simple tips shared below, you can extend the life of your mats significantly:

  • Hang the mat over the tub or shower door after each use. This will help it dry very quickly.

  • Wash your bath mats every week if you have a large family, as too much water accumulation can lead to mildew over time.

  • Wash your mats twice a month if only one or two people use the bathroom. 

  • Follow the suggested wash instructions mentioned on the care labels of your mat. 

  • Shake the mat out and wipe down any rubber or mesh backing before you place it in the washer.

  • Wash the mats on a gentle cycle with cold water, and then hang them outside to dry or tumble dry on low.

  • If you have a rubber mat, either clean it manually with a water and bleach solution, or place it in a washing machine with some other sturdy items (like your towels). But never place these mats in the dryer; just hang them to air dry.

Safety is key when it comes to choosing the best bath mats for your bathroom. Both rubber and non-slip bath mats can help prevent slips and falls, but there are some inherent differences in how they work:

  • Rubber bath mats: These are placed inside the bath tub or shower and they adhere to the tub/shower floor via suction cups. If you're always worrying about you, your children or an elderly family member slipping inside the shower stall or the tub, use a rubber bath mat.

  • Non-slip bath mats: Non-slip bath mats are meant to be used outside the bath rub or shower. These mats have a non-slip backing of rubber or mesh that keeps them firmly glued to the surface of the bathroom.

The best non-slip bath mats are the ones that have a really thick piece of rubber fixed to the back as they will be less likely to skid.

Don't have enough time to read the whole saga shared above? Here's a quick rundown of this post:

  • PVC or rubber mats are best to use inside the tub, as they provide 100% safety against slips and falls.
  • If you're looking for a mat for outside of your tub or shower, you can choose from cotton, microfiber, chenille, bamboo, and memory foam.
  • Cotton and chenille bath mats are most luxurious and expensive - perfect for that spa-like feeling.
  • If you're on a strict budget, buy a microfiber bath mat for its durability, anti-slippage, and water absorbency.
  • Wash and clean your bath mats at least once a week - even if they are "anti-bacterial".