Round Shower Curtain Rod

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For washing off before going into the pool or after sunbathing, we give you the round shower curtain rod. Two items in one, this rounded pipe is not only the conduit to the shower head, it also acts as the rod for a privacy curtain. There are also round rods just for the curtains that circle an existing shower head. Put one outside and it's great for washing off after a dirty work day.

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Naiture Brass 32" Round Shower Curtain Rod Chrome Finish

Naiture Brass 32" Round Shower Curtain Rod Chrome Finish

Perfect for a compact shower-over-bath in a retro style bathroom, you can match the rod to your decor with the choice of chrome or polished brass finishes. Measuring 32” in diameter and including three 36” heavy-duty ceiling supports, this item offers the pinnacle of style and safety for your bathroom.

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Circular shower curtain rod

Circular Shower Curtain Rod

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Target round rod for shower curtain 1

Target round rod for shower curtain

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Buy shower curved curtain rod - Source shower curved curtain rod

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Elegant Extra Long Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom: Small Wood Tub With Long Curtain On Wood Floor White Tile Wall And Wood Framed Window

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Quadrant shower curtain rail

Maybe one day I'll have the little, secluded house (with history). Until then, I'll have fun envisioning eclectic weirdness in my dream home (a porcelain tub with a round shower curtain).

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Outdoor shower curtain rod

Shower Curtain Rods Round | 10861 transitional-shower-curtain-rods

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Shower curtain rods round

interesting use of a small round shower rod and curtain

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Round Shower Curtain Rod

Buying Guide

What size shower curtain do I need for a curved rod?

The size shower curtain needed for a curved rod will not differ from that needed for a regular straight rod. Standard shower curtains measure 70” x 70” and work for curved rods as well.

Round shower curtain rods create more space, up to 33% more, for you as you shower, keeping your skin from touching the curtain. While this makes it feel more spacious, it doesn’t require more curtain to adequately cover the shower area. No special type of curtain is required to pair with a curved rod.

However, if you prefer additional slack in your shower curtain, go for an extra wide version of a shower curtain.

To determine the basic size for your shower curtain, first measure shower rod height from the tub floor to the top of the rod. Next, measure the length of the tub and add 12” to get the standard curtain length. Add an additional 2” - 3” in width to create the extra slack if desired.

Can you use a regular shower curtain on a curved rod?

If you have a round shower curtain rod and a regular shower curtain, you should be aware that you can use them together; however, your regularly-sized shower curtain may not be long enough (as your round shower curtain rod will, very simply, be longer than a straight one for the same space would be). To get the best coverage, purchase a longer shower curtain made for a round rod. However, in a pinch, you can use a regular size.

Will a round shower curtain work around a bathtub?

A round shower curtain rod works well around a freestanding bathtub. These shower curtains protect the floor and walls of your bathroom on all sides, allowing you to enjoy a shower in your freestanding tub. If your tub is a soaker tub, primarily intended for bathing, you can still enjoy the privacy that a round shower curtain provides.  

To mount round rods, center the rod by positioning the arc in alignment with the tub’s edge. Mount the rod 2” above the height of the shower curtain. For example, install a rod 74” from the floor to fit a standard 72” shower curtain.

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