Modern Shower Curtain

The old shower curtains of yesteryear are old hat. It is time for something a little more contemporary. It is time for a modern shower curtain. Shower curtains have always had two functions. To keep water in the tub, and to showcase your personal style. These do the same, but with a more updated ideal, giving your shower a very hip appearance.

Best Products

Tender falls shower curtain modern shower curtains

Tender falls shower curtain modern shower curtains
Contemporary shower curtain decorated with interesting pattern. It is made of fabric and fitted with hook holes. Elegant design for each home.

Modern Marrakesh Shower Curtain

Modern Marrakesh Shower Curtain
If you're looking for some stylish and intriguing decorations for your bathroom, this amazing and unique shower curtain might be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

Polyester Shower Curtain

Polyester Shower Curtain
Stylish shower curtain made of durable polyester fabric, featuring water repellent construction with ruffled texture, solid hook holes, and reinforced stitching for added durability. Easy to wash and dry.

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain
If you are looking for variety to the decor of your bathroom, this stylish shower curtain may be all you need. Interesting colors and floral motifs are ideal for many types of interiors.

Modern shower curtain 2

Barn styled hardware suitable for bathroom applications. These metal elements can be used with different types of shower doors. They are pretty and very solid. This hardware is resistant to moisture and rust.

Modern shower curtain 1

A minimalist modern shower curtain manufactured of resilient water-repellent fabric in a patternless light grey shade. It has reinforced edges, top and bottom hems and hook holes. It can be machine washed.

Modern shower curtain 8

Shower curtain for modern bathroom indoors. This element of design is finished in neutral white color that looks great in any design. Its materials are resistant to moisture and many other forms of wear.

Our advice Buying Guide

What style shower curtain should I choose?

You should choose a style of modern shower curtain that matches the décor style of your bathroom. To maintain a consistent look, you can start by scouting for a model that complements your existing palette: this could either be a modern shower curtain in a more neutral primal color, the brightest accent hue, or a combination of the two.

You could also look for a pattern or theme that you already have in your bathroom, whether that’s a specific shape, polka dots, or the print of a recognizable item.

What type of shower curtain is best?

The modern shower curtain in your bathroom serves as a focal point for the area’s decorative theme. The style of your shower curtain is important, but you also want to make sure you choose the right material.

Aside from the pattern, your curtain’s fabric is an essential factor in choosing the right type of curtain. The most common curtain materials are cotton and vinyl. Cotton curtains work with most shower liners and are light and airy. Vinyl curtains are cheaper than cotton and are water repellent, so you don’t have to deal with mildew.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right type of shower curtain is to look at the top treatment. Some curtains have tiny holes for the shower curtain rings, but others have much larger holes with grommets or eyelets, designed for threading the shower rod directly through with no hooks.

Consider both the fabric and top treatment when deciding on the best type of shower curtain for your bathroom.

How often should you wash shower curtains?

In order to make sure that your modern shower curtain holds up well over time and that your bathroom remains clean and hygienic, it’s a good idea to target washing your shower curtain once a month. If this isn’t possible, try to wash it at least every three months. This will ensure that soap scum and bacteria doesn’t have the chance to build up, and will extend the life of your shower curtain. It will also make your bathing or showering experience much more fun and clean in the short-term!


Modern shower curtain 38

Get a little privacy in your shower and add more class to your bathroom with these modern and high-quality fabric curtains. The curtains are finished in white to match your bathroom and their durable design will deliver outstanding longevity in the long run.

Modern shower curtain 24

High-quality and extra-durable shower curtain with a modern and luxurious appeal. Constructed from top of the line fabrics, this shower curtain comes in a nice white shade that goes well with tiling and other bathroom accessories. It’s also easy to clean and should last for a long time.

Shower accessories shelf

Smoothly forged in the wall, this hole serves as a stylish shelf for shower accessories. Ideal to keep your bath toiletries, it corresponds well with the sophisticated, designer character of the whole shower cabin.

Modern shower curtain 5

Multi-color triangles look very good on these shower curtains that match modern indoors. They are not only attractive, but also very useful, because they protect the whole bathroom from damage caused by water.

Modern shower curtain 21

High-end and extra-large modern shower curtain designed to provide privacy even without a shower screen. These curtains are finished in a nice gray neutral shade that will match up to the walls and tiling in your bathroom. They are also super easy to clean and maintain.

Modern shower curtain 16

Give your bathroom the ultimate revamp with this super modern shower curtain. Made from high-quality fabrics, the curtain comes in a superb neutral two-tone finish that includes a dash of white and touches of light brown. It’s also going to last for years even with regular use.

Small master bathroom ideas on a budget

small master bathroom ideas on a budget

Modern shower curtain 9


Modern shower curtain 23

Tara Bernerd's London Apartment / Wall-to-wall travertine makes a hotel-worthy moment in Bernerd's ultra-luxe bathroom

Modern shower curtain 20

More Modern Shower Curtain Finds for a Stylish Powder Room

Modern shower curtain 43

a little laboratory-like, but i like the minimalistic look. I probably would have gone with a glass divider between sink and shower, but i like the hint of separation with the step down into shower. cool.

Modern shower curtain 18

This shower curtain features laser cut circles hand-stitched onto the curtain for a 3-D effect that creates a modern chic look. The beige curtain is 100-percent polyester and machine

Modern shower curtain 12

i like the grey shower curtain and rug, not to mention the whole "new meets old" vibe of this bathroom.

Modern shower curtain 40

Another great example of subway tiling and gold hardware that is modern (not the outdated version of gold hardware!)

Anzu Shower Curtain

Anzu Shower Curtain

Modern shower curtain 11

Love the floor tiles #bathroom tiles, shower, vanity, mirror, faucets, sanitaryware, #interiordesign, mosaics, modern, jacuzzi, bathtub, tempered glass, washbasins, shower panels #decorating

Modern shower curtain 3

pretty shower curtain. could easily DIY this with fabric from the store.