Bathroom Window Shower Curtains

Showers, especially hot showers, cause steam, which causes humidity, and that moisture can get deep into the fibers of a typical curtain. The answer is simple: bathroom window shower curtains. A cleavor design, these curtains are made out of the same material as your normal shower curtain, and can be easily whipped dry. With many ideas to enhance your bathroom windows, see this collection.

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Valea Home Waffle Weave Textured Bathroom Window Curtains Water Repellent Short Curtains Window Covering Half Window Curtains Kitchen Tiers 36 inch Length, Navy Blue, Set of 2

Valea Home Waffle Weave Textured Bathroom Window Curtains Water Repellent Short Curtains Window Covering Half Window Curtains Kitchen Tiers 36 inch Length, Navy Blue, Set of 2
Keep your shower private and your curtains dry with this waffle weave set of short curtains. The set comes with two panel tiers with a 2” high rod pocket. Water rolls right off this water repellent material so you don’t have to worry about mold in your shower window curtains.

Grey Short Curtains for Gray Small Window 45 inch Water Repellent Waffle-Weave Textured Window Drapes Kitchen Curtains 2 Panels

Grey Short Curtains for Gray Small Window 45 inch Water Repellent Waffle-Weave Textured Window Drapes Kitchen Curtains 2 Panels
These short, water repellent curtains are perfect for a small shower window that is 45” high. Available in 9 different colors you’re guaranteed to find a shade to complement your bathroom decor. The waffle weave texture and water repellent properties make this perfect for keeping your shower time private without retaining moisture.

Madison Starlite Deluxe Swag Shower Bathroom Window Curtain, Hunter Green

Madison Starlite Deluxe Swag Shower Bathroom Window Curtain, Hunter Green
These luxury bathroom window curtains are jacquard, dark green material that will give your bathroom a royal makeover. Tieback ties and hooks are included for easy installation and the panels are made from 100% polyester, so you can purchase the matching shower curtain to give your bathroom a cohesive look.

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain - Bathroom Curtain Grey Tie Up Shade for Small Window, Window Valance Balloon Blind (Rod Pocket Panel, 46 inches W x 63 inches L)

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain - Bathroom Curtain Grey Tie Up Shade for Small Window, Window Valance Balloon Blind (Rod Pocket Panel, 46 inches W x 63 inches L)
This thermal grey insulated blackout curtain gives you the privacy you need in the shower. Crafted from 100% polyester, this curtain features ties so you can allow light in when you’re not showering. These curtains come in more than 10 colors and are easy to maintain. They’re machines washable in cold water, you should tumble dry and iron for best results.

Coral aqua gray shower curtain flowers

Coral aqua gray shower curtain flowers
A beautiful shower curtain that offers privacy while taking a shower and it will also be a pretty decoration of your bathroom. It features a stunning, flowery pattern in a nice combination of aqua, grey, and orange colors.

"Window" Vinyl Shower Curtain

"Window" Vinyl Shower Curtain
This stylish and extremely practical shower curtain is made of durable and waterproof vinyl. It has a transparent upper part, by giving a little light inside the shower. The whole thing is universal for any decor.

Shower curtain custom monogram

Shower curtain custom monogram
Personalized bathroom decor flower burst shower curtain. Cool pattern of coral aqua gray shades. Personally I would also use it as comfy beach towel, becuase it's so cute. I also like small legs of this bathtube.

Our advice Buying Guide

In addition to being an essential element in every bathroom, bathroom window shower curtains are a way of adding a decorative touch to the space as well. For some, decorating the bathroom can pose a challenge. Therefore, picking the right window shower curtains makes all the difference when styling this area. Because there are endless options available, it can be difficult to make selections that are functional and difficult if you're unsure what you want. We're going to go over some essential details to help narrow your focus.

What are the benefits of waterproof bathroom window shower curtains?

Waterproof window shower curtain give the privacy you need while showering, but also serve a decorative purpose. Therefore, selecting vinyl window curtains is a convenient option because they'll easily dry after getting wet without the worry of rot or mold occurring. In addition to being simple to install and being inexpensive, they're also easy to maintain and clean. You'll find them in a myriad of designs and colors, so matching them to the style and decor of your bathroom shouldn't be a problem.

Can I waterproof shower curtains myself?

If you'd like to use traditional curtains instead of vinyl, you can create waterproof bathroom curtains by "waterproofing" the fabric. For those who would prefer not to do this, the best way to accomplish this goal is to take the curtains to the dry cleaner, and they'll waterproof the fabric for you. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a product that will create waterproofing fabric. Read the product's instructions for how to care for the material first, which is typically washing it to rid it of any chemical treatments and avoid any fabric softeners or scented cleaners. When applying the fabric waterproofing product, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and to test a small section of the material before beginning.

How durable are different types of shower curtains?

If you purchase vinyl shower curtains for the window in your shower, these will last the longest. You’ll still need to clean them regularly to prevent soap from building up and mildew from growing. If you opt for creating waterproof curtains, they’ll need to be taken down at least once per month to be washed. In between washings, you’ll need to wipe them down to ensure there isn’t mold, mildew, or soap scum building up. The window behind the bathroom shower curtains will also need to be wiped down following each shower. Otherwise, it’ll begin growing mildew. To help with maintaining your shower curtains and the window, you can use “after shower” sprays to prevent mold from forming.

What's the the average cost of window shower curtains?

Depending on where you purchase your bathroom window shower curtains and the materials they’re made from, you’ll find the costs will vary. For example, you can find vinyl window curtains ranging from $9.99 and $39.99. If you would like to waterproof the material, costs for those curtains could range between $12.99 and $59.99.


Vinyl Window Shower Curtain

Vinyl Window Shower Curtain
It is a vinyl window shower curtain that is perfect for keeps the water in the bathtub. It has got a solid pattern, clear top, and opaque bottom. It is a great accent for your bathroom. You need to have it.

Shower curtain custom you choose colors

Shower curtain custom you choose colors
If you’re bored with your old, plain shower curtain, take a look at this beautiful, customizable one! Very modern, unique design, and the past part is that you yourself can choose the colours! Go wild with this one!

Seascape Shower Curtain

Seascape Shower Curtain
This stylish shower curtain is made from high quality polyester material. It is durable and spectacular seascape makes the bathroom takes on a beautiful nature and climate.

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain

Lola Cotton Shower Curtain
So charmingly made of cotton shower curtain is a nice style, design and colors, and with the wide range of applications. It is very versatile so well-suited to any type of interior design.

Shower window curtains shower window curtains

shower window curtains shower window curtains

Bathroom window shower curtains 1

Resembling faithfully a window shade, this bathroom shower curtain is a cleverly designed masterpiece, which will enhance the space of every modern bathroom. It is easy to assemble, rolling up completely into the holder on the ceiling.

Bathroom window shower curtains

A simple modern curtain for bathrooms with a window in a shower area. It is crafted of patternless whitish light-permeable and water-repellent fabric. It has narrow reinforced hems and moves on a rail.

Lauren Diamond Dot Water Resistant Bathroom Window Curtain By Carnation

Vinyl Water Repellent Window Curtain By Carnation

Bathroom window shower curtains

More Beautify Your Bathroom With Bathroom Window Curtains

Waterproof shower window curtain

Curtain rod designed for mounting on the ceiling. It is made of metal with chrome finish. Suitable for each standard curtain. Simple form and functional design for any interior.

Lustrous radiant durable even in tropical or moist conditions like

Lustrous, radiant, durable, even in tropical or moist conditions like a bathroom. Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters ♦ Hunter Douglas Window Treatments #chtcontest

Waterproof curtains for bathroom windows

Pomegranate Gold Bead curtains....Love them, must do one day.

Vinyl window curtain

Good idea for small windows to have privacy and a simple look without blinds or curtains

Bathroom window shower curtains 2

Love this shower

Beautify your bathroom with bathroom window curtains previous next

... beautify your bathroom with bathroom window curtains previous next

Vinyl window curtains for bathrooms

No sew! How to make any curtain into a shower curtain! @jenna_burger is a smarty pants!

Carnation Home Fashions Polyester Fabric Bathroom Window Curtain, White, 36''x54""

Roll up shower curtain

Love the open shower, that only half the wall is glass and the top is open! Finally a shower that is not a giant fishbowl

Waterproof curtain for shower window

Contemporary setup for a narrow bathroom with a tall ceiling and plank walls. The subtle, pastel blue paint of the cabinets goes nicely with the marble surfaces, further complemented by the additional greenery on them.

Bathroom window curtains waterproof

A house we are considering as open tiled showers similar to this. The tile is brown (not gray) and it (thankfully) has no window right there at the shower! I love the idea of an open tiled shower! No glass to keep clean, no curtain driving you crazy!

Curtain for window in shower

Window Treatments Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 7

Bathroom window in shower

Easy No-Sew Curtains. Turn any fabric into cute chic curtains. No sewing required!

Home o bath o shower curtains o bathroom window curtains

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Bathroom window shower curtains 13

A shower curtain DIY made from an Ikea Throw blanket. Love the look. It gives me an idea.. I have a lot of old crochet table cloth my grandma made years ago. I'll try using one of them as s shower curtain.

Bathroom window shower curtains 5

I do not need any more curtains but I might be inspired to knock a hole in the wall for this one.

Carnation Home Fashions Vinyl Bathroom Window Curtain, Bone, 45" x 36"

Bathroom shower curtain ideas to beautify your bathroom 1

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

Bathroom window shower curtains 10

Set of modern artistic furniture intended to the bathroom. It is composed of minimalistic mirror, sink with golf-plated taps built-in marble desktop and spacious shower cabin surrounded by transparent glass.

Shower curtains bed bath and beyond

This coral shower curtain makes a stylish addition to almost every kind of bathroom decor. Subtle, smooth design, combining different tones of red, pink, beige and white will bring elegance and class to the space.

Coral shower curtain 1

This coral shower curtain might be a great addition to all summer residences. If you want to add a bit of the sunny, positive vibe into your interiors, then consider this one.

Vinyl window curtains

Jedi Craft Girl: Jedi Craft Girl Tutorials Many different tutorials

Beauty window bathroom curtains design with soft gray white and

Beauty Window Bathroom Curtains Design with Soft Gray White and Yellow ...

Coral shower curtain 2

Shower curtain for any bathroom according to taste and need. It is made of fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Coral and gray shower curtain

Why nont customize your bathroom decor with these unique shower curtains that are made entirely out of polyester and offer the 12 button-hole top for easier hanging as well as the easy to care structure.

Bathroom window shower curtains 4

Martha Stewart Collection Falling Petals Shower Curtain: I'm sure this could be done as a DIY project. Maybe use a sheer window curtain and sew petal shaped pieces of fabric by hand. You'd have to use a curtain liner to prevent water from coming through

Wisteria Shower Curtain

Wisteria Shower Curtain

Window treatments for bathroom window in shower

A Vision to Remember-Curved Shower Cornice Board I love the way this looks - but would it cut out light in the shower?

Waterproof bathroom window curtains

DIY Curtains Projects for Your Home Decoration - Ombre curtains

Coral and grey shower curtain

Now I know what I miss in my life... What a gorgeous design of a shower curtain: these colors! Coral pink meets aqua blue. The pattern looks like sparkles in water drops. Ideal for mermaid themed bathroom!

Coral shower curtain

Waterproof and elegant shower curtain. It is coral and has white pattern and blue strip. It prevent slushin water on the all bathroom. It will be flawless for girl student flat od modern guest house near sea.

Bathroom window shower curtains 16

How to make a girly ruffled shower curtain - Quick and easy steps included!

Vinyl bathroom window curtains

Shower Curtain - from ceiling to floor, dressed like a window, hide the rod - looks much better - love the stools too.