Victorian Shower Curtains

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Shower curtains may seem dull, but a Victorian shower curtain will make your bathroom elegant. Often decorated with lace, flowers, or other pretty details inspired by the Victorian period, Victorian shower curtains will transform your bathroom, no matter its size. Our design experts have picked out some of the best Victorian shower curtains below to turn your bathroom into a calm and relaxing oasis you’ll love. 

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Updated 07/11/2022
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Lined Victorian Shower Curtain

Lined Victorian Shower Curtain

August Grove®

Available in white or beige, this shower curtain is made from 100% polyester. Machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about marks and stains building up, it features a lace pattern split into lines and is embellished with flowers.

$25.99 $37.99

Designer Advice:

We recommend opting for the beige finish option with this curtain. The beige will show marks less easily than the white, making it a good option if you have pets or children. Pair with a tiled floor in a soft taupe or beige shade for a warm look, and finish the look with a vase of flowers on the windowsill.

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Antique Victorian Lace Shower Curtain

Antique Victorian Lace Shower Curtain

Astoria Grand

You can choose from a white or ecru finish with this shower curtain. Crafted from lace and polyester, it has 12 hook holes. The pattern features lace work at the top and bottom with small polka dots in-between. Conveniently, it can be machine washed.

$41.99 $42

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Cascading Victorian Shower Curtain

Cascading Victorian Shower Curtain

Rosdorf Park

Starting from the top with a valance, this curtain cascades down for an elegant look. You can choose from a white, black, ivory, or golden linen finish, all of which are made of 100% polyester. The pattern features classic English roses.

$22.99 $52.99

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Neutral Victorian Lace Shower Curtain

Neutral Victorian Lace Shower Curtain

One Allium Way®

This lace shower curtain is made from durable polyester and can also be ironed to get rid of any pesky wrinkles. Its design features blue and cream flowers and cream lace detail at the top and bottom.

$34.99 $51.99

Designer Advice:

Effortlessly feminine, this shower curtain’s pattern is timeless. The beige color would look beautiful paired with a light blue accent wall. A blue wall will also bring out the color of the blue flower motif. Place some sheer white curtains in front of your window to finish the look and give you extra privacy.

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Delicate Victorian Style Shower Curtain

Delicate Victorian Style Shower Curtain

Ophelia & Co.

Made from polyester that’s mildew-resistant to prevent any unpleasant smells, this shower curtain may look delicate, but it is anything like that. It has reinforced woven curtain holes for added strength. The pattern features several floral motifs of varying shapes and sizes.

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Diamond Cottage Style Shower Curtain

Diamond Cottage Style Shower Curtain

Ophelia & Co.

This curtain’s main feature is its diamond embroidery and a ruffled design. Made from polyester, it has a stitch-reinforced hem. The grommets are rust-resistant, too. It is available in blush, gray, white, or ivory. Dry cleaning is the recommended cleaning method.

$36.99 $85

Designer Advice:

A bathmat with a similar diamond pattern would look great and help accentuate the pattern. To bring some color into your bathroom, a distressed light wood table or shelving would fit the theme whilst adding extra storage. Depending on where your bath or shower is located, a soft green accent wall would look amazing and bring some French inspiration to your bathroom.

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Victorian Shower Curtains

Buying Guide

Cottage Victorian shower curtains are essential elements to Victorian styled bathrooms with tubs or shower stalls. Whether you plan on updating your bathroom décor or you simply need something that’s reliable in repelling moisture and keeping water off the bathroom tiles, the ideal or even the best shower curtain for you is one that’s both attractive and functional.

To narrow down your excellent options online and help you choose the cottage Victorian shower curtain that addresses your specific needs, check out our quick guide below.

The patterns and designs that reflect the cottage Victorian style are limited ONLY by your imagination. The online market has with it a massive collection of incredible cottage Victorian shower curtains so it can be hard to determine which one is best for your home. The key is to visualize your favorite pieces when they’re added inside your bathroom. The one that gets you excited and inspired to use your tub and bathroom is the shower curtain that you should get.

Color is one of the important factors that need to be considered when choosing a cottage Victorian shower curtain. Whatever color you will go for should either match your wall or floor’s color or contrast the room’s color palette. By doing so, you will have a bathroom that has a coordinated look. For the wow factor, decide to go with an Ombre wherein a bright color gradually fades into a dark one.

Contrary to what people believe, shower curtains are not made of plastic – at least some of them. The other common types of materials used in making cottage Victorian shower curtains are linen cloth, hemp, polyester, and vinyl. Hemp, polyester, and linen cloth fall under the special category that’s known as the “cloth shower curtains.” They all scream elegance even from afar. With these materials, you will make your bathroom look superb regardless of whether they’re plain white. What's more, they are incredibly easy to wash with the ability to resist mildew.

As for plastic and vinyl, they are great materials if you want various design options. They are often used for printing patterns and images as they are easier to imprint onto compared with cloth.

The size of your shower curtain in relation to the bathroom you’re outfitting is also incredibly important to consider. If you make the mistake of getting the shower curtain that’s too long, you can expect your bathroom to look shabby. Water will also trickle to the floor. If it’s too short, you’ll be getting a shabby feeling plus it will not be able to give you privacy. In order to get the right size, take rough measurements before going out on a hunt for a cottage Victorian shower curtain.

All the factors that we’ve mentioned are simple rules that will make it easier to select the shower curtain that’s right for your space. Remember that don’t settle for plain textures if they aren’t made with incredible materials. We suggest you explore the world of bathroom décor instead of choosing the first product that you see.

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