Cottage Victorian Shower Curtain

Are you a fan of Victorian accessories? What about a shower curtain which will introduce a bit of such aesthetics into the interior? I've gathered some great products below. Just take a look and find a practical, easy to maintain cottage Victorian shower curtain among hundreds of eye-catching designs.

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Cottage victorian shower curtain 2

Romantic shower curtain that brings a dash of cottage Victorian style to a well-appointed bathroom. Net lace with embroidered pink roses nails the essence of the style. Can do in shabby chic bathroom too.

Simply shabby chic shower curtain hooks

This lovely, subtle shower curtain represents a cottage, Victorian style. Drape your bathroom with stylish, vintage vibe. The set includes 2 panels with rod pockets at the top, attached valance, and a pair of matching tiebacks.

Cottage victorian shower curtain 1

This bathroom shower curtain embodies a typical cottage style. Deriving from victorian epoque, it shall enchant all shabby chic enthusiasts, especially when looking at the beautifully designed embroidery.

So romantic and elegant

So romantic and elegant♥

Simply shabby chic shower curtain 1

A textile cottage victorian shower curtain is usually covered with a special substance preventing the passage of water - this is also the case with this romantic curtain full of frills and delicate pink flowers in the cottage style.

Victorian shower curtains bathroom

Simply shabby chic with cherry blossom pattern fabric shower curtain. Super cottage/ victorian style. It looks like straight from these old wooden idyll houses somewhere far away in a country side.

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