5 Best Security Door Stoppers

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Whether you are security conscious, or live in a bad neighborhood, you will absolutely want a security door stop. Easily installable, made with a simple yet solid concept in mind, these security door stops will protect you from aggressive intruders. Sleep soundly knowing you went the extra mile to protect yourself, and your family, in a safe and secure home. Many styles available.

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Updated 17/03/2023
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Best Modern
Door wedge lock

Door wedge lock


Perfect For: Modern doors with little clearance

What We Like: It’s thoughtfully designed

Add another level of security to your home with this matte stainless steel and rubber door wedge lock. The rubber bottom will protect your floors from scratches and scuffing, while the round stainless steel hook allows you to hang it on the door handle when it’s not in use.

Designer Advice:

This lock is unobtrusive and versatile. It’s great for both light pantry and fridge doors, as well as heavy duty glass office doors and external doors that face heavy winds. Its sleek and modern aesthetic lends itself well to contemporary design with monochrome shades.

What Users Say:

I'm very happy with my purchase. The floor/door stop is sleek and nice looking. Held up to today's winds!! That's a bonus.

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Top Rated
Two in one adjustable door blocker

Two in one adjustable door blocker

Security Man

Perfect For: Large sliding doors

What We Like: Its stealthy design will seamlessly blend into any environment

Strong and sturdy, this door blocker is made from high quality iron with the strength to withstand up to 350lb. of pressure. It’s adjustable to your door’s height between 22. 25"-43. 7”. It also comes with interchangeable caps that allow you to use it for both hinged doors and sliding doors, as well as an angled rubber bottom to protect your floors.

$24.98 $39.99

Designer Advice:

One of the best ways to install this door blocker is as a horizontal pressure bar. This will create a sleek look and seamlessly blend right into your sliding doors.

What Users Say:

We use the stopper on our front door, fits nice and tight, very sturdy.

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Best Value for Money
Anti break in door stop

Anti break in door stop

idh by St. Simons

Perfect For: Large, heavy-duty doors

What We Like: It’s great for all types of doors

Whether you want to keep a door closed or open, this solid brass kick stop will get the job done. It’s a professional grade stopper with a modern aesthetic and a smooth hinge mechanism, available at a reasonable price. No matter what you put in front of it, it won’t budge.

$25.15 $31

Designer Advice:

This kick stop has a very low-profile design that allows it to stay out of sight and blend into any aesthetic. Available finishes include antique copper, brass, nickel and matte black, to name but a few.

What Users Say:

Perfect piece for keeping a door open without sticking something heavy in front of it. Feels heavy and substantial. And the hinge mechanism is smooth.

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Portable Door Swing Stopper and Lock Jammer

Portable Door Swing Stopper and Lock Jammer


What we like: Award-winning design and quality build make it an excellent commercial option

What we don’t like: The bright red color and rugged design may give your home an industrial feel

This heavy-duty door stopper is designed and manufactured for commercial use and is PAS24 impact-tested. It is suitable for emergency deployment, offering adequate door support precisely when you need it. This is a reliable stopper for schools, offices, hotels, and public buildings. 

One of the key benefits of this door stopper hinge is that it can be installed and removed in seconds without using any tools. It has an emergency quick-release, ensuring it won’t get stuck. 

Weighing just 2¼ lbs., this stopper is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect security accessory for travelers. It even comes with a spacer set for adding extra strength to door frames with large gaps. 

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Heavy Duty Door Stopper Wedge

Heavy Duty Door Stopper Wedge


What we like: Rubber exterior makes it corrosion resistant and ensures it doesn’t damage your floor

What we don’t like: There must be adequate space beneath your door for a secure fit

If you’re looking for a portable alternative to a hinge pin door stop, this rubber-coated steel wedge is an excellent option for homes, offices, and hospitals. It can be moved from door to door without compromising the security level. The compact design makes it portable and discreet, so you’ll barely notice it’s there. 

The quality TPR rubber coating contains a stripe design on top with hollow sections underneath, giving it maximum resistance to movement, particularly on slippery surfaces like tiles. 

This stopper comes in a pack of five, so you can upgrade door security for multiple entryways around your home or office. 

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Satin Nickel Reinforcement Door Hinge Door Stop

Satin Nickel Reinforcement Door Hinge Door Stop

Prime-Line Products

What we like: Reinforced lock adds high security to your home

What we don’t like: Must be manually installed with screws

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, reinforced stopper that attaches to your door hinge, this is an excellent option. Built with extruded aluminum to withstand 800 lbs. of force, this stopper is capable of preventing intruders from kicking your door down. It is versatile and adjustable, making it suitable for protecting doors of all thicknesses. 

It is spring-loaded, tamper-resistant, and child-safe, ensuring it can be used in a family home. As a hinge pin door stop with 180 degrees of rotation, it doesn’t obstruct or interfere with your door’s functionality unless it’s set to the lock position.

Despite requiring manual installation using screws, this lock is easy to use and can be locked or unlocked in seconds. While it is by no means flashy, it is a strong and affordable security stopper that’s perfect for inner-city apartments and office buildings. 

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Door Stop With Built In Alarm

Door Stop With Built In Alarm


What we like: Built-in alarm alerts you if someone is interfering with your door

What we don’t like: Doesn’t offer as much resistance as other heavy-duty stoppers 

This 2-in-1 door stop alarm not only reinforces your door but also alerts you when the entryway has been breached via a 120 dB alarm. It has three adjustable sensitivity levels, allowing you to program it to the exact specifications of your door. However, you can also choose to switch off the alarm and use it as a regular door stopper.

One of the main issues with a standard door hinge with a built-in stop is that it is not adjustable. While it can add strength to a door and stop it from swinging open, it obstructs its mobility and makes it difficult to open and close.

This stop alarm solves the mobility issue as it doesn’t interfere with your door’s hinge or frame. It is lightweight, portable, and requires no installation, making it a great companion for travelers or late-night workers. 

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Stainless Steel Door Hinge Stopper

Stainless Steel Door Hinge Stopper


What we like: Heavy-duty hinge door stopper offers strong reinforcement

What we don’t like: Must be screwed into the door, leaving holes when you remove it

This stainless steel, rust-resistant hinge stop is a durable security option that reinforces heavy-duty doors for residential or commercial premises. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure it can maintain its strength and appearance year-round, allowing it to stand up to fluctuating temperatures and moisture. 

The stopper features a rubber tip protector that enhances grip, prevents the stopper from scratching the floor, and ensures the device operates quietly. 

Unlike many industrial-style security stoppers, the stainless steel finish allows this stopper to blend with a modern home. It is small and compact, meaning it doesn’t stand out awkwardly in a room.

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5 Best Security Door Stoppers

Buying Guide

If you have a door in your home that just doesn’t seem to close quite right or if you live in a neighborhood where security is an issue, then the security door stop might be just the buy for you. They come in different types and styles, some primarily concerned with stopping power, while others include an alarm system. Some of them are small enough to drop into a suitcase for use in hotel or motel rooms.

The Door Brace

A long piece of adjustable steel with a padded foot and upper fork that fits under the doorknob could be the answer for that over-zealous RA in your dorm room or to shore up the shoddy security at the only motel left in town. The rubber padding on the foot helps grip the floor without scratching and the fork holds the brace firmly in place. Excellent against forcible entry.

The Plain Old Door Stopper

While we usually think of these as holding a door open, they can also be used to help keep it closed. Think of it as passive resistance—the wedge is thin on one end and thick on the other, so when someone tries to open the door from the outside it catches on the thick wedge part. Some models have a handle to use when removing the wedge from the door.

Plain Old Wedge with an Alarm

Passive resistance isn’t always enough to prevent a problem. There is a wedge that will set off an ear-piercing alarm. The thin edge of this doorstop is a switch that can be forced under the door. Once it is in place, turn the alarm on. You can set the decibel level to go from “just wake me up” to “Wake the entire neighborhood.” Some varieties imitate the sound of sirens. Uses batteries, no installation or wiring required.


Not all doors work well with either the brace or the wedge. When you encounter such a door, the Doorjammer just might do the job. It won’t sound the alarm, but it does have some serious stopping power. A little foot slips under the door, and a rubberized backing cushions a tall brace made of metal. Adjust Doorjammer with a little thumbscrew at the back of the unit for a good, tight fit that will prevent even someone with a passkey from entering your room while you are sleeping.

Defender Security U 11126 Door Reinforcement Lock

If your home locks are becoming worn and you are concerned about intruders, an easy backup lock is the Defender Security U 11126 Door Reinforcement Lock. It attaches with four screws to the inside of your doorframe. In most instances, it won’t even require chiseling into the doorframe – something that could happen with a tight-fitting door. The big disadvantage is that is can only be used from inside the house – but that is also true of the wedges and the brace.

Best Ideas

Security door stop 1

This security doorstop provides a perfect accent for your corridor or entryway. Its solid brass finish will not only effectively protect your walls from scratching, but also provide an elegant appeal.

Buddybar Door Jammer

This functional door jammer is going to keep your door properly and firmly blocked. With its impressive design, effective usage, and powder coated steel construction, the jammer is the sturdiest door blocker on the market, today.

Security door brace the ongard onguard prevents burglaries home

Security Door Brace. The OnGARD OnGUARD Prevents Burglaries & Home ...

Security door brace

Security for your home - the most important. This is the award-winning multiple times the strongest door brace. This security door stop will save you from any bruglars. Its permanently mounted to the floor and has universal black color.

Security door stop

Find peace of mind by preventing unwanted intrusions into your room and provides peace of mind. This lightweight portable, discreet and highly effective security device is an ideal solution for lone female or male business professionals, students, travele

Door stopper security

Door stop alarm for security purposes. This small device block doors and prevents opening them by unquthorized people. This product features a small size, simple controls and attractive, neutral gray finish.

Only Foot Semi-auto Kick Down Door Stop,stopper ,No Need to Use Your Hands,heavy Duty

If your door is continually closing on you, you may want to check this effective, heavy duty door stop. Made of zinc & nickel plated metal, the door stop is easy to install, and has 1 functional leg with a non-marring cap to protect your floor.

Security door stoppers

Family Security Protection of God / Stop + Door Magnetic Alert D

Surestop security door stop

Surestop Security Door Stop

Security door stop 7

Wedge this under your hotel room door for extra security. If someone tries to open the door an alarm sounds!

KES HDS300-5 Heavy Duty Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Antique Bronze

A high quality element that has got a functional character. It is a door stoop made of metal that is ready for heavy-duty service. Its antique finish increases the level of interior aesthetics. This door stop can be installed on the floor or wall.

National Hardware V811 Door Stop/Lock in Brass

This kind of element is a special product responsible for stopping and locking doors in the house. Thanks to this kind of stop, doors will not hit any piece of furniture or wall. This is a solid product that is made of steel.

Door security wedge

Super Door Stop Alarm Retail $15.00, your cost $9.99

Home security door brace

Streetwise Super Door Stop Alarm - As Seen on TV

Door security stop

Besides a camera system from Infinity Security Solutions, there are some good ol' fashion tricks you can use to protect your home or business: a security door wedge. Great to use when traveling, too! (Door Stop Alarm With Adjustable Sensitivity)

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

It is a magnetic door stop and holder that is made of steel and is available in many color options to choose. It is a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, bathroom and more.

Security door stop 9

Schlage Home Security - Solid Brass Door Stop in antique pewter

Mabis Healthcare Inc. Security Door Stop Alarm

Mabis Healthcare Inc. Security Door Stop Alarm

It is a very functional piece of equipment that can be used as a door alarm. It sounds when the door is open, so it can protect the house or it will help to take care of the people with a wandering tendency.

Door barricade night lockdown 1 door floor plate

Door Barricade | Night Lockdown 1 | Door Floor Plate

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Secure portable door stoppers portable door jammer

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First watch security 190 degree wide angle vintage bronze

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Door stop security bar the lakeside collection

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