Dachshund Door Stop


This collections consists of… dogs. That is to say, dog figures which many dog lovers might find interesting. What is more, these dogs are not only nice and pretty but also serve as door stops. You can choose from different figures in different postures. The only issue here is what will your pets say?

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Our Picks

Dachshund door stop 4

A cute and funny doorstop created for an oudoor and indoor use. It features a charming figure of a black and brown dog, which looks very realistic. It will be a humorous and eye-catching accent of your room.

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Sausage dog door stop

Max the Dachshund will keep your doors open during holiday parties so guest (and dogs!) can roam freely between rooms!

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Dachshund door stop 19

Is not this the sweetest dachshund figure ever? This may be your new door stop - in very vintage style and great, deep brown color, with chestnut trim. As always,dog will not only be your faithful companion,in maintaining the door,but the great decoration,too.

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Zombie door stop

A fantabulous door stop that will keep your door in place and never go hungry. The doorstop is shaped like a dachshund that stands on a flat base for stability, designed of durable metal in distressed brown finish.

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Dachshund door stopi would love to make this is there

Dachshund Door StopI would love to make this,is there a pattern?

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Doorstops - Dachshund Door Stop - Cast Iron Dog Doorstop

Dachshund door stop crafted of cast iron with black finish. Highly detailed, sporting lightly distressed finish, it looks fine and provides a decorous accent in addition to propping the door open. Great!

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Dachshund door stop 1

Vintage Cast Iron Dachsund Boot Scraper, Wiener Dog Statue, Doxie Door Stop

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Dachshund door stop 7

Dachshund Doorstop

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Dachshund dog iron door stop heavy 3 three tier cutest

Dachshund Dog Iron Door Stop Heavy 3 Three Tier Cutest Dachshund Dogs Statue | eBay

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Cast iron dachshund door stop

Vintage Dachshund Boot Scraper Doorstop (LG) Mom got me a variation of this for my 24th birthday!

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Best Ideas

Dachshund door stop 17

A bit like the one @Nikki Sims has - gorgeous!

DEMDACO Dachshund Statue/Doorstop

Doorstop resembling dachshund, which additionally features collar made of faux leather. It's made of high quality durable metal and has beautiful shape. It's a great idea for a gift for any dog lover.

Dachshund Door Stop Dachshund Ds13

It is an adorable dachshund door stop that has got a solid construction and it fits perfectly to any style and décor. If you looking for a beautiful door stop, you need to choose this one.

Lulu Decor, Cute Dachshund Dog Door Stopper, Doggie Door Stop (Black & Brown)

A very attractive dog figurine is an interesting decorative element of this functional product. It is a special door stop that protects walls and furniture from doors. It is made of very durable materials, so it will work very well for many years.

Dachshund door stop 6

Dachshund Dog Door Stop

Doxie door stops

doxie door stops

Dachshund door stop

Anthropologie Door Stop Dachshund Dog Home New heavy pet iron kitchen pet

Dachshund door stop 14

woof, woof!

Dooby the Dachshund Cast Iron Doorstop Statuary

Add style and beauty to your home with this amazing iron doorstop with dachshund shape. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks in your home. You need to have it.

Cast Iron Dachshund Doorstop

A decorative and functional element in the house. This door stop has got a very attractive dog stylization. It is made of cast iron, so it is resistant to damage and wear. The overall size of this product is 5"H x 8"L x 3.5"W.

Unusual and creative designs of a door stop

Unusual and Creative Designs of a Door Stop -

Buy dachshund dog door stop wedge resin approx 19cmx10cm h

Buy Dachshund Dog Door Stop Wedge Resin Approx 19cmx10cm H ...

Vintage homco collectibles dachshund door stop ebth 2

Vintage HomCo Collectibles Dachshund Door Stop | EBTH

Rare vintage dachshund hubley dog bank cast iron door 1

RARE Vintage DACHSHUND Hubley? DOG BANK Cast Iron DOOR ...