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You have a lovely home that is tailored very specifically to your style and love of classical architecture. The last thing you want is something to disturb the aesthetics and for you to help with this, we offer vintage doorstops. These fit very well into an older style and will not change the look of the space in a way but is jarring and antagonistic to your design scheme.

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Antique cast iron door stops vintage cast iron english setter

Antique Cast Iron Door Stops | Vintage Cast Iron English Setter Door Stop

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Antique iron door stops

These handmade, heavy-duty doorstops will be an ideal vintage accent to one's decor. They shall add charm and warmth to your space, embodying the best features of the rustic style.

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Vintage door stop cast iron industrial

Vintage door stop cast iron industrial

That's the strangest doorstop I have ever seen. Made of iron, which is finally covered with rust. The delicate floral motives on the bottom part, could be really beautiful if someone repaint it in white.

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Cast iron cow doorstop

Heavily distressed bull dog door stop. Definitely falls on the vintage side. This antique door stop is cast in heavy duty iron, the surface lost its original bronze finish (may be refreshed or left as it is).

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Cast iron iron vintage door stop

Cast iron iron vintage door stop

The devil in the details - but there is nothing to fear because this object is not a tool of torture but an antique iron, covered in a special way with rust, which today is a vintage doorstop, very characteristic for industrial style.

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Antique doorstops

Here is a unique cast iron little girl door stop suitable for every type of door. It’s designed as a cute small girl holding her doll. The door stopper has a late 20th-century design with a perfect antique look. It’s made of hand-painted cast iron.

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Vintage cast iron metal 2 cats kittens door stop

Vintage cast iron metal 2 cats kittens door stop

With a such a lovely vintage door stop with two cats, any decor can be elevated into another level. They have got the antique distressed finish and cast iron construction. add it into the living room and enjoy a beauty accent.

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Vintage door stops

With this amazing and truly charming Mutt and His Bone themed door stop your interior will surely look more fun and appealing, while you can still sit back and enjoy your new-found practicality.

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Antique door stop

As a bird associated with Aphrodite, it is a symbol of love. In Hinduism, a swan, in tandem with goose, forms a symbol of perfect unity. This bronze vintage door stopper represents a dignified swan and we also associate with perfection.

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Vintage door stop 2

Solid and decorative element used in different rooms. This practical door stop looks like a basket with flowers. It provides protection from impact damage for both doors and walls. It also improves aesthetics of indoors.

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Best Ideas

Handcrafted Model Ships MD-832 Rustic Iron Turtle Door Stop 11 in. Decorative Accent

Decorative rustic doorstop with three highly-detailed turtles of dwindling size, standing one on each other. The finish of this iron doorstop is solid brown, so the rustic look is additionally accented.

Iwgac Home Indoor Decorative Squirrel Cast Iron Door Stop

Rustic, distressed doorstop with squirrel. The unique bronze finish of a cast iron construction showcases a stylish texture. The squirrel seats and its tail is spread flat on a floor for balance. It's eating nuts, perhaps.

IWGAC 0184S-02054A Bird & Rabbit Cast Iron Door Stop

Double set of door stops, with bird and rabbit sculptures atop heavy duty door wedges made from cast iron. The pieces sport rustic finish for an even more handsome look. They are quite small but efficient.

Iwgac Home Decorative Cast Iron Black Cat Door Stop

This black cat bows its back gracefully; with such a door stop the whole room gets a vibe of uniqueness and a drop of mystery maybe! The accessory is made of cast iron, it's finished all black. The cat stands on a rectangular pedestal base.

Vintage cast iron farm horse door stop

Vintage Cast Iron Farm Horse Door Stop

Cast Iron Bathing Beauties Doorstop New Marked Fish Retro Hubley

Doorstep featuring very original design resembling two women with an umbrella. Additionally, the item features handpainted finish and construction made of cast iron. It's vintage look adds a lot of originality.

Antique metal door stops

If you have problem with door which close by itself, this cast iron door stop can be solution. It is not only solid and useful, it is great decoration of your interior too - it looks like little black cat.

Cast Iron Flower Basket Door Wedge Doorstop

This kind of element is a decorative and functional product. It is a door stop that features a flower basket stylization. It is made of durable, impact resistant materials and it is designed for an outdoor use.

Dutch girl door stop

Dutch Girl Door Stop

Hubley door stops 3

A door stop that features both decorative and functional roles. This cast iron element looks very nice and protects walls and doors from impact damage. Its solid construction is also resistant to impact damage.

Antique sandstone door stop small medium large

Antique Sandstone Door Stop (Small-Medium-Large)

I love this doorstop try to find uncles silver horse

I love this doorstop! Try to find Uncles silver horse in storage boxes to make a similar one welding on a handle, then get out the spray paint!

Door stops antique image search results for vintage door stops

door stops antique | ... image search results for vintage door stops repinned from let s stop

Rustic Cast Iron Starfish Door Stop 11" - Vintage Nautical Decor - Beach Living Room Decorating Ideas - Beach Bedroom Decorating

This door stop is not only fairly solid and durable, as it is crafted of cast iron, but it also enhances a decor with a cute detailing, perfect for nautical themed interiors! Express your love for the sea-faring lifestyle with this cute piece.