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Having a few extra fans in your home can be a blessing. But when those fans add a retro touch to your decor, they can be a fun way to accent your home and cool it at the same time. Our collection of retro floor fans are very on spec with the more common fans seen in old movies set in the fifties, and work just as well as they did back then. Take a look.

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Updated 23/01/2023
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Antique Floor Fan

Antique Floor Fan

Star Fans

What We Like: Oscillating feature

What We Don’t Like: No quiet feature

Not So Good For: Nighttime use

Perfect For: Hands-free multidirectional airflow

This vintage standing fan is inspired by a camera stand, using tripod legs to achieve the look. The fan is adjustable in the stand, the height, and can tilt to direct airflow that has 3 speed settings. With an oscillating feature, the fan is perfect for hands-free multidirectional airflow.

The fan’s detailed design adds an artistic touch to a space—style in an industrial space with gray decor and dark flooring to match the style of the fan. Use the fan as a decor piece in a modern home with other vintage accessories like a vintage brass lamp to balance vintage and modern aesthetics.  

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Vintage Floor Fan

Vintage Floor Fan


What We Like: Quiet setting

What We Don’t Like: Lower CFM of 295 cubic feet/minute

Not So Good For: Large open rooms

Perfect For: Daytime and nighttime use

This vintage floor fan embodies the iconic retro design. The fan provides whole-room air circulation with an adjustable stand and adjustable tilt feature. Adjust the full-action pivot head to change the direction of airflow while choosing between three different speed settings.

The fan uses twin air cones and a deep-pitched propeller that compresses air to move it further. Use the quiet setting for minimal noise or nighttime use. The retro fan features a classic design that can be a statement piece in modern-style rooms or be used to emphasize a vintage-style room.

$95.67 $109.99

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Retro Floor Fan

Retro Floor Fan


What We Like: CFM of 613 cubic feet/minute

What We Don’t Like: No oscillating feature

Not So Good For: Automatically changing air direction

Perfect For: High air movement rate

This pedestal fan has an adjustable base and adjustable height so that you can make manual adjustments to direct airflow. The fan uses a special airflow design called Vortex Action to create strong fan power. The high CFM of this fan circulates all the air in the room for optimal cooling results in 3 different speeds.

The vintage aluminum fan can be a subtle addition to the corner of a bedroom or be added to a plush rug to create a decorative display.

$229.49 $289.99

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Industrial Retro Style Floor Fan

Industrial Retro Style Floor Fan


What We Like: Fully adjustable with locks

What We Don’t Like: Assembly required

Not So Good For: Minimalist spaces

Perfect For: Easy cleaning

If you’re looking for stylish floor fans that are functional, this oscillating pedestal fan is adjustable. With quick-turn leg locks on the upright legs, you can adjust the fan’s height and tilting angle to change the direction of airflow. Cleaning is quick with the fan head that is easy to take apart.

The fan has 3 speeds and a quiet setting that is perfect for nighttime use. Aim the fan towards a bed on quiet mode to create a soft breeze that won’t disrupt your sleep. Pair the stainless steel fan with an industrial color scheme of muted grays and deep tones, or add the fan to a modern space to use as a statement piece.  

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Modern pedestal fan

Modern pedestal fan

This height-adjustable vintage standing fan reaches up to 52” in height. Its all-metal construction makes it a stylish but versatile option. As well as working with different decor styles, it can match your existing accents and metal finishes.  

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Designer Floor Fan

Designer Floor Fan

Red Barrel Studio®

What We Like: Non-slip base, portable

What We Don’t Like: Large size

Not So Good For: Small rooms or dorms

Perfect For: Moving between different rooms

This lightweight floor fan adapts to fit various airflow needs, with an adjustable stand and tilting feature that lets you direct air and change the fan’s height. The fan has 3 speed settings, and there is a quiet setting so that the fan still offers comfortable airflow without interrupting activities like watching TV or sleeping.

The lightweight fan is portable so that it can move between different rooms in the house easily. The non-slip base prevents it from being knocked over even when lightly bumped. The fan comes in stainless steel and copper finishes that can add a vintage touch to a room while still being easy to style with other modern decor.

$91.99 $135

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Versatile retro standing fan

Versatile retro standing fan

OceanAire HomeGoods

This retro pedestal fan comes in three charming finishes: white, oil-rubbed bronze, and painted gold. It’s height adjustable and includes 3 speeds. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to move it around the house. However, it doesn’t oscillate.

$71.16 $99.99

Designer Advice:

Pedestal fans are primarily functional items. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to complement your decor or make a statement. A handy trick is to match your existing palette. For instance, this model’s neutral options would work in most rooms. The golden finish, on the other hand, is guaranteed to become an eye-catching accent.

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Premium retro pedestal fan

Premium retro pedestal fan


This retro pedestal fan is designed to look like an artist’s easel. Its wooden base will make it a breeze to match your existing finishes. As for perks, it spoils you with 3 speeds, 90-degree oscillation, and incredibly customizable features.

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Portable vintage pedestal fan

Portable vintage pedestal fan


Showcasing a pink shade that’s delightfully retro, this customizable fan is a real game-changer. It can be charged through a USB port and used for up to 14 hours. You can regulate its height, choose among 4 speeds, and let it rotate 180 degrees.

Designer Advice:

Rechargeable fans are a practical idea if you could do with some extra breeze both at home and on the go. Because they’re foldable and don’t involve plug sockets, they can be used when camping or on holiday. At the same time, this colorful model will make a decorative statement in your home whenever you bring it out.

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Classic pedestal fan

Classic pedestal fan

This fan has 4 speed settings (including an eco-mode) and three types of wind. It comes with a remote control, so you won’t even have to get up from your sofa or bed to tweak its settings! It also has a timer, is height-adjustable, and oscillates. 

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Retro Floor Fans

Buying Guide

No matter how effective your air conditioner is, floor fans can help to circulate the air in any room and keep you comfortable. Unlike ceiling fans, a floor fan can be moved anywhere you want to get the perfect airflow for your needs.

When it comes to choosing the right fan, how can you be sure you’re getting the right type for your space? Read on to discover some helpful tips about choosing floor fans that will inspire you to find the perfect fan for your home.

Just like any other product, not all floor fans are the same when it comes to the different features that are available. The more options you have to choose from, the more versatile your fan will be.

  • Ideally, you want to find a fan that includes an adjustable base so you can alter the height to suit your specific needs.
  • An adjustable fan head at the top is another great feature so you can angle the fan in any direction. If the fan is stationary, you won’t have the flexibility to change the direction of air to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • You’ll also want to pick a floor fan that has adjustable speeds in case you just need a gentle breeze rather than a rapid monsoon of air, or vice versa on hot days.
  • A unit with an oscillating fan head is the perfect choice for most spaces. These floor fans are designed to slowly move from side-to-side, keeping the air flowing in a consistent way that makes any room much more comfortable.
  • If possible, try to find a floor fan that includes a remote-control feature. This will make life much easier, particularly if you’re using the fan in a nursery or office where you can’t always get up to make the necessary adjustments. The remote should include the option to change the fan’s speed and direction, and it may also include an automatic shutoff feature.
  • Some high-quality fans come with an ultrasonic humidifier that sends tiny droplets of water in the air and ensures better cooling.

If you have a small spare bedroom or a home office, you may not need a massive floor fan. Make sure the size of the fan you choose is in proportion to the size of the room.

A tall tower-style floor fan looks attractive and works quite well in small rooms where it can be placed in one corner. A box floor fan is the least versatile choice since these fans only point the air in one direction and can’t be adjusted in terms of height or angle.

Consider the CFM of the fan you're interested in, which stands for cubic feet per minute. This measurement will determine how much time it takes for the fan to circulate air through a room.

There are online calculators that can help you determine the right CMF for your room. But to get an estimate of how many minutes the air will take to travel through your entire room, divide the cubic foot number of your room by the CFM of the fan, like in the following example:

Remember that the greater the CFM, the more air your fan will move. A higher number is best for larger rooms, while a lower CFM may work better for smaller spaces. Most fan manufacturers will include the CFM rating in their product specs and on the packaging so you can decide what works best for you.

As a general rule of thumb, you want the fan to take not more than five minutes to circulate air through a room; less than three minutes is ideal. For a 2,000 cubic feet room, the perfect CFM rating would be 670 or higher.

  • If you have children in the home, look for floor fans that have small grids on the front grille so that little fingers can’t get inside and end up becoming injured.
  • Your floor fan should also include a heavy, sturdy base so it won’t tip over easily.
  • All fans should have the proper plug with grounding to avoid the risk of fire.
  • The outer case of the fan should be made of thick, durable plastic or metal whenever possible.
  • If you’re in search of flexibility, ensure that your new floor fan is easy to move around. Many newer models include wheels on the base or a handle on top of the fan so you can easily maneuver them anywhere you need to.
  • You’ll also want to choose a floor fan that runs quietly so it doesn’t disturb you while working or disrupt sleeping family members during the night. If you're particularly concerned with noise level, try to find a fan with as low decibel (dB) rating as possible. Fans that produce sound from 40 to 52 dB are considered quiet.

Besides the option of an oscillating fan head and adjustable speeds, there are a few other crucial qualities to look for in a floor fan. First, you want to make sure that the fan is easy to clean. The blades of your fan will easily pick up dust which can start to look unsightly rather quickly. Some fans allow you to remove the front grille for easy cleaning. Of course, you may also want your new floor fan to look attractive in the home, which is why there are so many options available today. Classic white and black plastic fans are still popular, but newer fan designs feature colored metal and fun, retro-inspired designs. The slender tower fans are another popular choice that’s more pleasing to the eye. Their compact size and sleek aesthetic look great in contemporary homes or office spaces.

Choosing floor fans for your home doesn’t have to be a complicated process as long as you know what you want and what to look for. Before you commit to a new floor fan, consider these final tips and thoughts when you make your decision:

  • Look for floor fans that have versatility in their design such as adjustable speeds, a rotating fan head, and remote control for the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Make sure you choose a floor fan that will cool down the entire room and that it fits properly within your chosen space.
  • Tall tower fans and colorful new designs will make your floor fan look more attractive than many of the classic, older styles.
  • Ensure that the fan is safe to operate and features a front grille that kid’s hands and fingers cannot get into. Read the safety instructions and tips carefully so you’re operating the fan in the correct way.
  • Read customer reviews and check out several models of floor fans so you can be sure that you’re getting the level of cool air and airflow you need to stay comfortable.

Best Ideas

Retro always need fans

retro. always need fans.

479 luminaire vintage electric filagree floor fan


Retro floor fan 3

The set of two floor fans made of metal. Both equipped with the telescoping leg, which allows you to fit the fan's height to your special needs. It is good to buy such one on the summer opening to avoid the uncomfortable warmth at home.

Fanimation old havana antique floor fan

Fanimation Old Havana Antique Floor Fan

Retro floor fans 2

A cool retro electric standing fan featuring a tall foldable tripod base of wood finished in browns. It has a metal wire casing with a bronze finish, a 5-arm black blade and is equipped with a 3-speed rotary switch.

Retro floor fans 24

Vintage Art Deco floor fan -this is rad!!! || via Olde Good Things

Fanimation torrento floor standing fan for deck a fan for

Fanimation Torrento Floor Standing Fan for Deck A fan for all seasons. Enjoy the sunshine with this free-standing wet location rated fan. Next to your chaise lounge, to the pool, in your patio table in place of your umbrella or anywhere you need a cool b

Retro oscillating fan 4

An oscillating fan in a cool retro design. It features a wooden stand in a form of three tall posts. The fan itself is a nice, vintage construction that will not only move the air during hot summer days, but it will also be a nice decoration.

Retro floor fans 1

... baby blue vintage metal floor standing fan in working condition

Retro floor fans

If you are an enthusiast of retro decor, this chromed retro fan shall appeal to you. Beautifully finished, sleek and sturdy construction, which can withstand the test of time.

Retro 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Retro 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Made from primary aluminum material with an elegant brushed nickel finish, this practical pedestal floor fan showcases a non-slip round base with three 16" high-performance blades. Adjustable tilt enables you point fan to exact area you need cooled. 85° smooth oscillation provides for broader coverage areas, with the quiet settings and 60-decibel noise level ascertaining noiseless operation. Can move an impressive 1532 CFM. Frequently clean by wiping with a dry cloth to prevent excess dirt build-up.


16" Oscillating Floor Fan

16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Crafted from steel material with hardwood legs, this powerful floor fan showcases a stylish tripod design. Adjustable height permits tweaking to fit into your space, with the adjustable tilts enabling you to direct the fan to where you want to be cooled. Has 0.8 horsepower, which gives out sufficient air even at the lowest speeds. Measures 55.8" in its maximum height. Clean built-up dirt every two or three weeks for an aesthetically pleasing surface and smooth motor running.

Creager 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Creager 16" Oscillating Floor Fan

Upgrade your living space with this portable standing floor fan. The adjustable height setting lets you tailor it to suit your own space. Four plastic blades move air softly, creating calming, soothing white noise perfect for when sleeping. Moves a whopping 6,800 CFM at its highest speed, which is sufficient enough to cool your whole room. Uses 45 watts of energy, thus, efficient. Using this fan outdoors is highly discouraged.

Vintage style floor fan

Vintage Style Floor Fan

Home vintage swirl floor and table fan

Home / Vintage Swirl Floor and Table Fan

Retro fan singapore

If your heart aches for vintage designs, this retro floor fan delivers. Its dark pewter finish blends delectably with cherry wood floors and deep dark gray walls, and fits in terms of style to a modern sideboard that's also there.

Retro floor fans 3

Vintage Swirl Floor Fan

Retro pedestal fan 1

A slightly primitive and industrial stool with a stark, metal base and a simple, wooden seat with a small backrest. The chair is accompanied by an old-fashioned floor fan. The room has a minimalist and rustic look.

Retro floor fans 27

Vintage Retro Industrial Turquoise Blue Floor Fan WORKS

Vintage fan eskimo large square window table floor

Vintage Fan Eskimo large Square window, table, floor ...

54 5 brown driftwood rustic finished vintage styled floor

54.5" Brown Driftwood Rustic Finished Vintage Styled Floor ...

Pedestal floor fan orange metal retro floorstanding

Pedestal Floor Fan Orange Metal Retro Floorstanding ...

Vintage retro mid century emerson 74646 am 3 spd hassock

Vintage RETRO Mid Century EMERSON 74646 AM 3-spd HASSOCK ...

The decor friendly otto wooden fan wooden fan retro fan

The Decor Friendly Otto Wooden Fan | Wooden fan, Retro fan ...